slimy frasi

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Frasi con slimy (in inglese)

Its surface was dry, not slimy.
The slimy figure offered his hand.
Something slimy covered his palms.
In touch! There’s a slimy phrase.
You have a very slimy hand, there.
Neither Agent touched the slimy mess.
Yea, slimy things did crawl with legs.
Therese is saving a slimy ol’ snake.
The wrapper turned back into a slimy rag.
Tommit’s lips felt unnatural and slimy.
It glistened red and slimy in the sunlight.
She was covered in wet slimy crap and paper.
Lust, a green slimy lizard appears at the hill.
Slimy moss and condensation covered the walls.
The caress left a slimy, for lack of a better.
Ensure that a plant is not slimy or worm-eaten.
I determined that the intruders were slimy rats.
Panic sets in as a slimy material coats the ship.
Blooms of purple slimy stuff floated in the puddles.
He reached out his slimy hand willing me to take it.
It didn’t sting, it just felt slimy, slightly warm.
There is a slimy trail by the cabin door over there.
I would never say the governor was a slimy fuck bag.
And his fish pond became a slimy frog-breeding hazard.
Emory grabbed the jawbone, heavy and slimy in his hand.
The soil was full of worms that were wiggling and slimy.
It was all covered with slimy stuff and blood and Ashi.
Nereus plunged into the water and turned into a slimy eel.
It was so slimy and ugly I decided to rub my face against.
It's slimy, but he doesn't care as he takes her hand again.
A slimy hand grabbed Kevin’s ankle and he turned around fast.
It changes from a bright operating room to a dark, slimy room.
Bad smelling and slimy to touch, they can be used as fish bait.
His gift was blowing huge fart balls that were green and slimy.
It seems as if the Black Land has became a slimy, writhing mass.
The smell nauseated him, as well as the slimy, mess under hisfeet.
A pair of long, slimy tongues came out and probed around in the dirt.
Slimy, dark olive skin, caked with boils and swelling ulcers, glinted.
A long slimy tongue slipped out from between long sharp razor like teeth.
Actually Gollum lived on a slimy island of rock in the middle of the lake.

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