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    1. Til Thom reported, she didn't need to interact with the other ship, she could devote herself to other investigations of this communication system

    2. Ten short minutes each day—so very little time to devote to Yoga, but how rich will be the rewards, so rich that I feel convinced that many of you will soon want to get up even earlier to devote yet more time to this healthful study

    3. "She says I am neglecting her because of the time I devote to my goals

    4. Devote one or more pages to each item and write about the inner and outer factors that stand between you and the things you want

    5. “But it must be from lack of trying because I really don’t devote as much effort to it as I should

    6. He would have to devote much more attention to Kemberra, and his paper trail would have to be read

    7. But it is also the most fulfilling line of a work a man can devote himself to

    8. Kulai has given up his position at the Kassikan to devote full time to the shipping business

    9. "I'm glad I don't have to devote three

    10. feeding the poor so they could devote themselves to two things:

    11. to worry about being pursued, and could devote all his

    12. If a lie would save the life of the person you love most on earth while being convinced it would have no adverse effect on anybody else, would you express it? If the answer is no I am not sure you can differentiate good and bad and I beg you to devote more efforts to understand the extraordinary lesson life is trying to teach you

    13. We will devote an entire section of this book later on to driving traffic

    14. matters, devote 4:30 pm to 5:00 pm (when things begin to wind

    15. To come closer to God, Jesus said that you should devote yourself to Him with all of your heart, mind, and soul

    16. All you need to understand is that you should devote your entire being to God

    17. They beg for their daily rice and devote themselves to meditation

    18. You should devote a special part of every day to prayer

    19. Upon my return I decided to devote the remaining daylight to placing the other cannon up on an elevated ledge, and once this was accomplished, I called it a day

    20. During the next 50 years, Panin would devote up to 18 hours a day painstakingly counting letters, numbers, sentences and syllables and performing calculations to mathematical problems and then recording his findings in hand-written notes

    21. By then I knew what I wanted to do, but I couldn’t devote my energy to doing the things that I liked full-time because I had to have steady employment to be able to take care of Johnny

    22. "So we had to devote ourselves to the duties of the table; and Patty,

    23. There were other interests that involved her deeply, even on an emotional level, any of which she would rather devote her time than international drug smuggling

    24. In my US history college courses I have to devote an entire lecture to pointing out all the obvious problems with these theories, mostly based on bad science

    25. Truman made Carlos promise that he would devote himself more to his work, particularly at the loading docks, where his presence and authority needed to appear routinely – that was all that was required of him, and he did an excellent job of it, although he needed prodding

    26. If that is you, why be a partisan party follower? Why makes excuses for wrongs done by those you once voted for? Why devote yourself to any political party, except to hold its feet to the fire and live up to higher principle? Why would any such person of good heart and intentions focus on fluff and ephemera like “leadership qualities” and supposed statesmanship? Why focus on anything but whether people will live or die because of wars threatened or prolonged or avoided or ended, or policies or politics that inflict or relieve human suffering? Why care about anything but these concerns?

    27. If they don’t like it, they can move further back, or devote a lot of precious time and resources to countermeasures

    28. The humidity and heat of the place was overwhelming though; Amonas had expressed the sound opinion that they should devote most of their time and effort into simply staying alive for the time being

    29. Herr Bergheim wanted his boys to devote their time to their farm work, and used that as an excuse for them not to accept invitations to join

    30. It does help a great deal when going to war to not have to devote precious time on finding the right chair, serving the proper tea and using the protocol-bound appellations of rank and office all the time,” the General said while easing up on his chair, his body assuming a more relaxed position

    31. Colling informed Sergeant Ferguson that Major Brumerson had relieved him from his interpreter’s duties, and that he would have more time to devote to his responsibilities at headquarters, but asked if he could continue to serve as Miss Hamilton’s driver on the Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays she would need to be driven to Camp 146

    32. We will devote a full section to Quality Brushing

    33. Once again we will devote a full section to “Dealing with clenching/grinding (bruxism)”

    34. “The name of a many-sided movement in the 1st and 2nd centuries of the Christian era which combined the mythology and symbolism of several pagan religions with the teachings of Christ…had two characteristic features: a metaphysical dualism of matter and spirit whose origins are to be found in the physical dualism of darkness and light in the Parsic (or Persian) religion; and a doctrine of redemption, by which those who devote themselves to gnosis, or a higher knowledge, may proceed from the former to the latter realm…Much of Gnostic literature was falsely ascribed to such authors as the disciples of Jesus, Jewish prophets, heroes of antiquity, or imaginary personages…With the decline of the pagan religions around the time of Christ, a conscious movement to syncretize (attempt to smoothly unite) all religions was in progress…In the early years of Christianity, only loose boundaries were formed between the Church and contemporary cults; the syncretic movement did not exclude the new faith, nor did Christianity fail to absorb elements of foreign beliefs

    35. It’s your choice and privilege to be part of putting an end to codependency and devote your life to this or redirect your meditations to business or any other thing you desire

    36. something, devote study time to a subject, pursue a hobby or cast a restraining force on runaway thought

    37. international relations, was convinced by one of his most trusted cabinet secretaries, Henry Knox, to devote attention to the Indian question

    38. Elena: The Council and the kings should be busy with the preparation of the celebration, that way they shall devote less time to observing what is happening around them

    39. As a result, they neglect to devote the proper amount of

    40. While Robert’s condition disintegrated with alarming conse quences, Roger had to devote his attention to other matters as well

    41. 28 Notwithstanding no devoted thing, that a man shall devote to the Lord of all that he has, both of man and beast, and of the field of his possession, shall be sold or redeemed: every devoted thing is most holy to the Lord

    42. As an adult he had a choice to make, either to continue living the grand life, enjoying his status as prince of the royal household and the pleasures it offered or devote himself and his life to God

    43. 28 Notwithstanding no devoted thing, that a man shall devote unto the LORD of all that he hath, both of man and beast, and of

    44. His soul was renewed, and he had the faith he needed to serve the Lord and devote his life to Him

    45. If He did, I’d convert to Catholicism or Protestantism or whatever the real one was and just devote my life to wandering around towns and preaching about God

    46. ” In the will my father said, “I believe that this would tend to encourage such employees to devote their best efforts to the improvement of the company and the enhancement of the value of its stock

    47. "Those who have never searched for the truth nor investigated the nature of the Divinity but have simply believed when they devote themselves to and become mixed up with business and wealth and heathen friendships and many other actions of this world do not perceive the parables of Divinity; for their minds are darkened by these actions and they are corrupted and become dried up

    48. devote a lot of time and energy to managing their condition through

    49. clean--would I want to do it with other girls or would I devote the

    50. For a long time we have had to devote all our resources to the struggle against the hssswwx

    1. worship, and be devoted to Him with all your heart

    2. all of which David devoted to her making without care or thought for his own state

    3. The lack of true devoted leadership is a horrible price to pay for the decline in the

    4. They were devoted to Joris and I daresay they’ll transfer to JJ very fast … especially as he’s so clearly a member of the family … but if he wants to use his musical skill, there’d be outlets for that

    5. of a thick periodical devoted to the aspirational

    6. In a chapter devoted to complaints of the respiratory tract one would expect that most of the exercises would be breathing ones and so they are

    7. The next chapter is devoted to this subject

    8. He bought Terry and his mother a beautiful mock Georgian mansion in one of the better parts of Cheshire, while he devoted himself to furthering Terry's interests from a penthouse flat in the city centre

    9. As a man who has devoted his whole life to the

    10. using the Emotion Code on animals that I’ve devoted

    11. one of the better parts of Cheshire, while he devoted himself to

    12. She could tell he worked out, but wasn’t devoted to it

    13. He’s still tall and slim and must have been quite a stunner when he was a young man … that said, he was devoted to my mother and devastated when she died

    14. Francois was generally devoted to his work, but there were

    15. Kaitlyn assisted the twins in each of their chores and after two weeks of the visit, Titania and Hipolyta were her avowed and devoted sisters

    16. him had devoted their entire lives to, and that he dreaded

    17. There was plenty of time to work on the signals problem, and with little else to do, she often devoted herself to it

    18. efforts, branching out to neighboring cities and creating a website devoted totally

    19. She was single mindedly devoted to Alan and nothing else by now, she would examine the faces the software said might be Alan

    20. They were devoted to romantic and sexual adventure, entertainment and participatory sports

    21. have to have a fair-faced wife to be devoted to her, do

    22. early apostles devoted themselves to only two things: prayer and

    23. The morning’s service was devoted to blessing

    24. devoted to his flock and behaved as if someone was

    25. Her immediate attention was devoted to the system state in the joined vessel

    26. devoted himself to the church

    27. Here, the monks were totally devoted to prayer,

    28. he/she has one – whether he/she is devoted or

    29. The ultimate measure used to rate your performance refers essentially to the efforts devoted to complete your task and takes into account the talents you were afforded when you were born

    30. vital part of one’s stay at IIT and has devoted his life to it and it

    31. On herds devoted to the god of day;

    32. fiancé, fiancée), if the partner is devoted to

    33. Sales page content is so critical we’ve devoted all of chapter 12 to it

    34. devoted to this man

    35. devoted to their principles

    36. When you give great customer care, you will create devoted customers

    37. They’re both devoted to their pleasures,

    38. "Here speaks a man with a devoted wife," he said, jabbing the drumstick into the air to punctuate his speech, "an adoring family, and a position which affords him the respect of the district, invites the jealousy of his inferiors and provides for a most comfortable mode of living indeed

    39. My wife is devoted, though she often chooses to express this as disapproval of some of my more innocent habits

    40. To be truly devoted, we have to be humble

    41. As a devoted person, your focus should be on God and away from yourself

    42. If it wasn't for the fact that all this artistry was devoted to the science of killing people, it could have been backstage at a Rolling Stones gig

    43. As Jeslin said, the Thane “is devoted t’ Flarow, an’ yet there is much ah Whesler ’n ’im

    44. In the earlier periods of the monarchy, the clergy of France appear to have been as much devoted to the pope as those of any other country

    45. One of history’s greatest scientists and mathematicians, Sir Isaac Newton, devoted more of his time in the late 1600s and early 1700s to the study of the Bible, than to that of science

    46. He was so devoted to this task that his health frequently suffered as a result

    47. This phenomenon was first discovered in the 1200s AD by rabbis who had devoted their lives to the preservation of the original texts contained in the Bible

    48. I have a life too and at the moment none of it is devoted to me

    49. Some years ago, I attended a seminar devoted to the subject

    50. The search for mad Alit’aren throughout the region had been unsuccessful, despite the arrest of three mortal Apprentices – Devoted – who were causing mischief in a town close to the capital

    1. he now devotes his energies to the fine arts

    2. Whoever devotes himself to these and is able to hold fast by their works shall have his dwelling in the tower with the saints of God

    3. ” He who forgets himself utterly, and devotes his life wholly to the

    4. The fact that Paul devotes this entire section to prove the

    5. She devotes her energies to tracking down pirates, slavers and traffickers in contraband

    6. The subject of link building is a huge one in there are many resources devotes to just this topic alone because of the on-going benefit that one gets from having high search engine rankings

    7. A woman devotes years to a career; then the economy shifts, leaving her unemployed

    8. bones with,” and so he religiously devotes a part of his firmly in the earth, but that he may rise eÉÉiÉxrÉ ÌWû kÉëÑuÉÉå qÉ×irÉÑkÉëÑïuÉÇ eÉlqÉ qÉ×iÉxrÉ cÉ |

    9. is left with nothing to do and nothing to achieve, and yet he devotes

    10. Whereas one devotes himself to the deed after a thorough appraisal of

    11. “Possessing this strengthened faith, the worshipper devotes

    12. shipper devotes himself with renewed vigour to the adoration of some

    13. So, if man seizes this life, he will earn a great win, whereas if he devotes himself to this life and to its garnish, he will lose a great loss

    14. man devotes himself to, it is God who stands behind the object of his ad-

    15. It is important to understand why Homer devotes the first chapters of the Odyssey to Telemachus, Ulysses’ son

    16. The guide-book devotes several animated pages to this Jagdschloss, or shooting lodge

    17. devotes the most amount of space

    18. And indeed, the individual who devotes himself to

    19. Or the occupation to which he devotes himself may be of an opposite kind, and he may have the other sort of lameness

    20. He lives with his family in Texas, where he devotes much of his spare time to helping disabled veterans

    21. In reply to this, the Persian, who knew the MEMOIRS as thoroughly as if he had written them himself, observed that I should find the explanation of the whole business if I would just recollect the few lines which Moncharmin devotes to the ghost in the second part aforesaid

    22. Even the Financial Times, which devotes more pages than the others to share prices, can show only part of the list actually quoted

    23. “An individual who devotes a couple of hours a week in the evening, at most, trying to compete with institutions that have armies of people out there? It just doesn’t make sense

    24. During that summer Nekhludoff experienced that exaltation which youth comes to know not by the teaching of others, but when it naturally begins to recognize the beauty and importance of life, and man's serious place in it; when it sees the possibility of infinite perfection of which the world is capable, and devotes itself to that endeavor, not only with the hope, but with a full conviction of reaching that perfection which it imagines possible

    25. He affirms his faith in the principles of fraternity, humanity, justice, and political science, and yet the oppression of the working-class is an indispensable factor in his daily life, and he constantly employs it to attain his own ends in spite of his principles; and he not only lives in this manner, but he devotes all his energies to maintain a system which is directly opposed to all his beliefs

    26. But the man who devotes his life to the acknowledgment and practice of the truth revealed to him unites himself with the source of universal life, and accomplishes, not personal, individual acts, that depend on the conditions of time and space, but acts that have no causes, but are in themselves causes of all else, and have an endless and unlimited significance

    27. If a man gives to others all his labour, has not enough to eat, has to send his little children from home to work hard, leaves the land, and devotes all his life to a hated and unnecessary task, which happens before our own eyes in the world (which we term civilized because we ourselves live in it), then we may certainly say that he does so only because not to do so would be equivalent to loss of life

    28. However low a lost woman may be, if she consciously devotes herself to bearing children, she does the best and highest work of life in fulfilling the will of God, and she has no superior

    29. And the position of such a man, both in his external and internal conditions, will be more happy than that of the man who devotes his life to the acquisition of property

    30. The rest of the book turns upon the revenge which Constance, undisciplined as she is by nobler inspirations, devotes her life and fortune to wreaking upon Greyhurst, and its sensational consummation

    1. There was a long pause, finally Thom said, "I've been devoting a lot of time to it

    2. “We think he’s contacted several of the same people we have and we think he is devoting a suspicious amount of energy to this after so much time

    3. It was suspicious that he was devoting as much effort to this as he was

    4. matter, 'Philippe is devoting all his energies to recovering

    5. He was thus forced to take on another part-time job as a salesman in a big furniture store and eventually had to give up real estate altogether, now devoting himself to long hours six or even seven days a week talking up the benefits of purchasing sofas, dining room sets, and other household items to his potential customers

    6. Most Americans considered the Mormon War a failure, devoting US troops to a minor issue when they could have been used to stop bloodshed in Kansas

    7. Not so in the increasingly suspicious mind of Stalin, who in the late 1940s was devoting 13

    8. By devoting some time each week to monitoring your Twitter searches, you will definitely discover opportunities to add to the conversation, and effectively promote your services by offering to help

    9. Our calculations establish that it is a virtual certainty that at this very moment at least ninety thousand are actively trying to find a way to assassinate you, at least four thousand will be devoting everything they have to the effort, and at least three hundred of those will be persons of great power

    10. In addition, when students come to visit the program or the class, they might want to consider devoting part of a face-to-face meeting with admissions staff to the topic of preparing for admission to the program

    11. ‘I think that given the choice I would be devoting my time of worship to those who imprisoned him, as they are obviously the ones with the true power,’ she added quickly, noticing that she had judged his contempt of Lord Hadrak correctly

    12. the service of others, devoting your strength, your thought, your enthusiasm

    13. actually succeeded, but only at the expense of devoting an hour' s strenuous

    14. Room service provided his meals and a bottle of tequila and Chris went nowhere and did nothing more than laze around the room, devoting his time to thinking through his problems

    15. higher business to which he is devoting himself

    16. the whole world, devoting Himself to that part of it which lies in the higher

    17. But when we mistakenly assume that the picture of reality painted in our mind, is the underlying reality, we find ourselves presented with a very difficult question regarding consciousness: How does conscious experience arise or emerge from matter? This is the so-called ‗Hard Question‘ to which many scientists and philosophers are currently devoting considerable time and attention

    18. Instead, the super affiliate will diversify their operating strategies to include affiliate opportunities that provide a quick turnaround while still devoting time to nurturing one that will require more time but will ultimately yield big results

    19. As they wrapped up for the day, Artemus reminded them that tomorrow they would be devoting their attention to capital appropriations

    20. The other showed him standing before a press conference announcing that he was moving the research department of D’Netics to the UK and would be devoting it entirely toward stem cell research

    21. But you're an intelligent woman, and I can't imagine you devoting your life to astrology unless there was something to it

    22. After devoting her test of patience,

    23. It has committed itself to devoting increased resources to their development

    24. Sheikho, reached fifty years of age he turned fully to devoting himself in spirit and time to guiding people towards God: leading their spirits into His Presence under his distinguished direction and the superior knowledge God revealed to him

    25. Na Serin had become the center for scholars, some of them devoting their whole lives to their craft

    26. Without having had any of the joys of Siegfried--I can't think Dolly would mutter a name in her sleep that wasn't her husband's--she has spent these years of war cheerfully accepting the results of him, devoting herself to the forlorn and stranded German widow, spending her life, and what substance she has, in keeping her company in the dreary pensions of a neutral country, unable either to take her home to England or to leave her where she is by herself

    27. 'It would almost seem,' said Charlotte, fixing me with angry eyes,--'it would really almost seem that there is no use whatever in devoting one's life to one's fellow-creatures

    28. After devoting some effort to trying to get the house ready to sell, I found that I had some free time and wanted to get back on track with my volunteer job

    29. protracted sabbatical would soon end, and that devoting himself to spreading his knowledge

    30. He studied for thelaw and practised it in Madrid, but irregularly, devoting most 264of his time to

    31. Do historians ever try to explain why all of this endless brutality even happened? How many even bother to explain it? Most of them simply notice it… in a few lines… while devoting all the rest of their books to recounting how the winners killed the unimportant losers

    32. When they embark on a vessel, they pray to God, devoting their faith to Him; but once He has delivered them safely to land, they attribute partners to Him

    33. When waves, like canopies, cover them, they call upon God, devoting their religion to Him

    34. They stand around Garibaldi, the impassioned patriotic pantheist, * and see with delight the Italian Government confiscating the rich heritage of the Church, while devoting its plundered wealth to the armaments of war, and to secular education

    35. And my Illinois fields, and my Kansas fields, and my fields of Missouri, The Continent, devoting the whole identity without reserving an atom, Pour in! whelm that which asks, which sings, with all and the yield of all, Fusing and holding, claiming, devouring the whole,

    36. The scientific celebrities, forgetting their mollusks and glacial periods, gossiped about art, while devoting themselves to oysters and ices with characteristic energy; the young musician, who was charming the city like a second Orpheus, talked horses; and the specimen of the British nobility present happened to be the most ordinary man of the party

    37. I cannot feel that I have done my duty as humble historian of the March family, without devoting at least one chapter to the two most precious and important members of it

    38. As Heyward, however, no longer expected that rescue which time and distance now rendered so improbable, he regarded these little peculiarities with an eye devoid of interest, devoting himself entirely to the comfort and condolence of his feebler companions

    39. "Do you intend devoting it to charitable purposes, then?" pursued the notary

    40. Hilton Cubitt I only know that I have heard she recovered entirely, and that she still remains a widow, devoting her whole life to the care of the poor and to the administration of her husband's estate

    41. It never occurred to me that one day I would be devoting my life to this cause

    42. Then she stepped in, saw the possibilities of a fine man in the wreck, took her chance in marrying him though she might have had the pick of a dozen, and, by devoting her life to it, brought him back to manhood and decency

    43. freedom than she had ever felt before, even pouring out her joy at the thought of devoting herself to him, and of learning how she might best share and further all his great ends

    44. It was a proof of the force with which certain characteristics in Dorothea impressed those around her, that her husband, with all his jealousy and suspicion, had gathered implicit trust in the integrity of her promises, and her power of devoting herself to her idea of the right and best

    45. on a more biting accent, till it seemed a low cry—"who shall be my accuser? Not men whose own lives are unchristian, nay, scandalous—not men who themselves use low instruments to carry out their ends—whose profession is a tissue of chicanery—who have been spending their income on their own sensual enjoyments, while I have been devoting mine to advance the best objects with regard to this life and the next

    46. “Then why do you continue in this Pyrate Round?” I wisht to know, for I had Visions of retiring upon Lancelot’s Gold and devoting myself to Poetry and Belinda—when Lancelot should help me find her!

    47. ) And a logical reason for devoting thought to this question would arise precisely from the fact that the stock has long been selling considerably below its liquidating value

    48. Rampling yesterday, “James is perfectly well and is attending a private school in Europe, where he is devoting himself to his studies

    49. What Ramona learned from that doll—the pleasure of devoting one’s life to another—she’s since applied to her mother, who perhaps has not been entirely wronged by those little chattering robots, training wheels for human devotion

    50. She is doing her penance for the grief she caused her mother while devoting herself to her toy

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