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    1. Calling all writers! National newspapers usually allot a section to

    2. This will help you to allot a time for test some modules

    3. We were all looking around the different stores in the town, which was a grand total of five before we went to into the last store Gemma quickly went into the drug store saying she needed something for the kids and went in with Lilly as I and Kate went into the last store which looked allot posher than the others

    4. This man was gaunt, very poor, and toothless and at the age of 55 he looked allot older

    5. around allot quicker and his pulzled face faded into a smile

    6. At the onset of your strength-training program, allot only 2-4 days a week for muscle training

    7. It is best if you could allot a time each week, which you would spend in your garden, and sit back on your favorite chair

    8. Which is exactly what is happening when we come together, place a name on our gathering, form committees and business meetings, allot a certain time and day for so called worship, send our preacher/pastor to school to learn how, take up money, and maybe even charter our organization

    9. My wife is going to miss her brother allot

    10. He talked in his sleep allot you know

    11. However there wasn't allot he knew of the poison other than it killed

    12. the saint would allot the work as he had been transferred to him

    13. Suppose a being who should be neither man nor woman, a creature wholly removed from the temptations that beset either sex, a person who could look on with absolute indifference at all our various ways of wasting life, untouched by the ambitions of man, and unstirred by the longings of woman, what would such a being think of the popular notion against which other uneasy women besides Charlotte raise their voices, that the man should never be bothered by the cares of the house and the babies, but rather go his daily round of business or pleasure precisely as he did before he had his house and his babies? I love to have the details of life arranged with fastidious justice, all its little burdens distributed with an exact fairness among those who have to carry them; and I imagine that this being, who should be rather more than man and less than god, who should understand everything and care nothing, would call it wrong to allot a double weight to the strong merely because he is strong, and would call it right that he should have his exact share, and use the strength he has left over not in carrying the burden of some weak friend who, burdenless, is still of no account in life, but in praising God, going first, and showing the others the way

    14. know your most productive hours, you can allot this time to accomplish

    15. And provide you with wealth and children, and allot for you gardens, and allot for you rivers

    16. One fine morning when it is noticed to be a serious problem and to cause hefty suffocation in the tracheal tract or irritation from within, then the sufferer has no other choice but to allot time to visit a physician in the area

    17. Thus, you need to allot a considerable amount of time for collecting and consolidating all the required documents for your income tax return

    18. Thus, we will allot $1500 per naked combination, or a total of $6000 for this position

    19. To the latter-as distinguished from village, country, provincial, or even Moscow life- we may allot Petersburg life, and especially the life of its salons

    20. allot to the bailiff of the palace "twenty sous, Tournois, for three coaches of mascarades in the cross-roads

    21. To the latter—as distinguished from village, country, provincial, or even Moscow life—we may allot Petersburg life, and especially the life of its salons

    22. What we need is to cultivate individuality; to treat the Indians as men and women, not as parts of a tribe; to allot lands in severalty, giving them titles to their homes

    1. He allots to each of us, in His providence, the very things we need, in order to bear the most fruit, as much of sunshine as we can stand, and as much of rain, as much of bitter things as we can bear, and as much of sweet

    2. Even the slave master allots time for lunch

    3. bound to accept of what Providence allots, as it pleases

    4. The OCC randomly allots assignments to brokerage firms that have short positions in the particular option that has been exercised

    5. The brokerage firm then allots the assignment notices to the short option positions its customers have using a fair assignment method

    6. He allots the imposts, taxes each person conscientiously, judges quarrels for nothing, divides inheritances without charge, pronounces sentences gratuitously; and he is obeyed, because he is a just man among simple men

    1. Under no circumstance the allotted time should be crossed

    2. We must follow all correct procedures, have PAN number allotted and include all taxable income in the Income Tax return

    3. For the Lord’s portion is His people; Jacob His allotted inheritance

    4. Despite anticipating that the sound of the water flowing past my head as I sleep in the cabin bed allotted to me would awaken memories that would prevent me sleeping, I do manage to drop off and woke to find myself in a different world; the flat lowlands have been replaced by rolling hills which, even though the plants and animals show the ubiquitous signs of malaise I have seen elsewhere, is lovely to behold

    5. If it was allowed, the discussion phase right here would have been longer than his allotted time

    6. indicates this is the necessary allotted time to transform the mind, you could

    7. He and his brother have already divvied up the spoils and he has been allotted the girl with haystack hair

    8. receive your allotted inheritance

    9. The course of human affairs, by marriage, by succession, and by alienation, necessarily deranged this original division, and frequently threw the lands which had been allotted for the maintenance of many different families, into the

    10. in the short time normally allotted for an interview

    11. For the second of these purposes, the maintenance of the forts and garrisons, an annual sum has been allotted to them by parliament, generally about £13,000

    12. It everywhere arises chiefly from some local or provincial revenue, from the rent of some landed estate, or from the interest of some sum of money, allotted and put under the management of trustees for this particular purpose, sometimes by the sovereign himself, and sometimes by some private donor

    13. If he did not raise the rate of his profit, he would be obliged to charge the whole tax upon that part of it which was allotted for the interest of money

    14. those allotted to your charge, but proving to be examples to

    15. Each traveller was allotted a horse and sat behind the patrolman as they headed for Illeander at a canter, two abreast

    16. I worked for an agency that contracted government projects financed by federal Super-Fund dollars, allotted to clean up the nation’s groundwater

    17. The time has been allotted for your cultural briefing,” said Sim

    18. Everyone else had moved without complaint to the temporary set-up allotted to them

    19. By unspoken agreement, he was allotted the less demanding task of searching the riverbank for half-sunken boats

    20. A woman’s voice speaking German said that Colling’s allotted time had nearly expired, and Colling told his mother he would have to cut the call short

    21. But as our allotted time gets shorter, the value of time seems to go up proportionately

    22. Colling had been allotted a place on the last Air Force C-47 to leave Hamburg that day

    23. 00 windfall from Lani allotted him to use up the spare change he had in

    24. This compromise has led to hierarchies of allowed behavior allotted to certain members that seems to have enhanced the security, as well as the opportunity to learn, for all

    25. About half of us made it back in the allotted time, but the “banquet” turned out to be a very ordinary soup and some of the local bread

    26. Therefore, we would be assigned our subordinates and would have to see that they completed the ordered exercises in the allotted time or join them in their punishment

    27. I think my family has used up its allotted competence to rule

    28. As to letting you go, I always thought my time with you was borrowed and I accepted as much as was allotted me

    29. allotted food for the day

    30. It came to pass, while we were keeping paradise, that we kept each of the portions allotted to him by God; And I was keeping in my lot the south and west; And the devil went into the lot of Adam where were the male wild beasts, since God parted to us the wild beasts, and had given all the males to your father, and all the females He gave to me, and each of us watched his own; And the Devil spoke to the Serpent, saying, Arise, come to me, and I shall tell you a thing in which you may be of service; Then the Serpent came to him, and the Devil said to him, I hear that you are more sagacious than all the wild beasts, and I have come to make your acquaintance; and I have found you greater than all the wild beasts, and they associate with you; notwithstanding, you do reverence to one far inferior

    31. the allotted time and that all the items on the agenda are discussed

    32. I had lied about not looking for an apartment while home on previous weekends, so I was out of there in the allotted hour

    33. It came to pass while we were keeping paradise that we kept each of the portions allotted to him by God; And I was keeping in my lot the south and west; And the devil went into the lot of Adam where were the male wild beasts since God parted to us the wild beasts and had given all the males to your father and all the females He gave to me and each of us watched his own; And the Devil spoke to the Serpent saying Arise come to me and I shall tell you a thing in which you may be of service; Then the Serpent came to him and the Devil said to him I hear that you are more sagacious than all the wild beasts and I have come to make your acquaintance; and I have found you greater than all the wild beasts and they associate with you; notwithstanding you do reverence to one far inferior

    34. In less than the time expected, and using only one-half the small portion of water that had been allotted to the work, it was finished

    35. in order, he tried to convince them, to stay within the allotted time frame given to them

    36. that had been allotted to the work, it was finished

    37. The Congressman had allotted three days for his trip; one day to visit four major bases to meet with the troops (his heads-up TWX had specif�ic�ally requested he meet with lads from Wisconsin since he had an election coming up in the fall); one day to tour Saigon and receive a one hour briefing from General Westmoreland; and one day to rest up, shop, and attend an embassy function in his honor

    38. Eight was channeling as I was driving on a curvy highway that passes through government land allotted to Los Alamos when we noticed a giant microwave dish pointed skyward a mile or so ahead of us

    39. In Vietnam, he was seeing a series of local, wing-level commanders trying to fight the portion of the war they had been allotted without a sense of unity in some overall grand plan

    40. And, at that, the portion of the war they had been allotted was mostly controlled tactically and strategically by unknown persons of dubious ability situated over the horizon in lofty offices more attuned to political than military realities

    41. Great boulders had been ripped from their allotted places and tumbled downwards, some strewing the long line of the path as it snaked to earth, blocking any way back there might ever have been

    42. Funding that was allotted for

    43. From one ancestor he made all nations to inhabit the whole earth, and he allotted

    44. The Canadian’s enthusiasm caused him to always exceed the allotted times for his presentations, running well into the times allotted for breaks

    45. Unsatisfied with what you were allotted

    46. His allotted tenure at the

    47. and royal class, once my father’s allotted quarters was

    48. It was the final week of the time allotted to them by Sam to complete their investigation

    49. the mountain and into base camp in the allotted time

    50. Harriot voice) “Ready, Steady… TEACH!”, they are to work with their allotted learning

    1. Then his eye was caught by the anger in the Lincoln ranks: lots of pointing and shouting and blame allotting

    2. The Saxons took over the largest house, allotting a modest-sized barn to the uptime men

    3. After allotting the correct amount of chips and retrieving the cut cards, he added, “Jokers wild?”

    4. wipe out a substantial amount of debt, while allotting the difference between the two

    5. Banks are, therefore, advised to initiate steps for allotting UCIC to all

    6. The central authorities were allotting scant food to Ofuna, but this wasn’t the half of it

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