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Frasi con disable (in inglese)

  1. We have to disable it here.
  2. We are going to disable it: 1.
  3. To lose the use of any one would disable us.
  4. That part I'll disable as soon as we get in.
  5. The Germans disable the harbor installations.

  6. The decoy had failed to disable the battleship.
  7. The security people insisted that I disable it.
  8. So why not disable functions that are not needed.
  9. It won't stop unless you – I disable the collector.
  10. No forced entry other than to disable the security system.
  11. Your mates use arrows and spears to disable the dragon as.
  12. He turned off SATCOM, but could not disable all communications.
  13. I didn't add an option to disable it in the program,' Stazl admitted.
  14. Instead, he chose to disable her with an attack to her shielded head.
  15. If anyone had the know-how to disable an in-system virus it would be he.

  16. Short and his men out of the way he sent one of his own men to disable Mr.
  17. Ash could have told them she was planning to disable the capsule’s siren.
  18. We can use the Disruptor missiles to disable the ships and not destroy them.
  19. She managed to disable the sound that would have woken up the entire neighborhood.
  20. He could even wish the bracelet away or disable the computer system or end his life.
  21. Not if you turn off the safety protocols and disable that function, Jurak said.
  22. The missile really could disable the ship without destroying it or killing its crew.
  23. Manage screen is used to enable, disable, uninstall extensions that are installed in.
  24. Striking the collarbone with adequate force will break it and disable your opponent.
  25. That would disable him; but he has one knee, and good part of the other left, you know.

  26. Jack then used the new programs on his PDA to disable nearly all the security in the bank.
  27. It took a little while to bring it up to par, and I had to disable some alarms on the suit.
  28. Another way to speed up Windows boot by a few seconds is to disable a feature called GUI boot.
  29. These aircraft were much more effective and more capable to sink or disable the German ships.
  30. It is not possible to disable all hair follicles at the same time for the reasons stated above.
  31. Besides, it can consume quite a bit of system resources, so it’s not a bad idea to disable it.
  32. Since I have not been able to disable it from here then the contingency plan will have to be enacted.
  33. Still, for the next level he’d switch his device to emit a strong EM pulse to disable the monitors.
  34. If we managed to disable or destroy the Vanguard, those frigates will arrive with all guns blazing.
  35. Obviously, the first thing we have to do is disable this tower and put the phasors out of operation.
  36. She also speculated Max could disable the rescue helicopter, steal both boats and sink one out to sea.
  37. Without consciously thinking, Max grabbed Barclay’s phone and ripped the flip cover off to disable it.
  38. I was about to disable the last one when Sigma escaped from Zia and occupied the antenna’s circuits.
  39. They knew how to disable and maim, would kill on his orders, and showed no mercy to themselves or others.
  40. He worried that if he became too happy, it would defang his angst and disable his ability to write music.
  41. She wanted me to install it in order to track the Anchor Management should Sergei disable the transponder.
  42. I ask if you have recording technology that you disable their recording and broadcast features at this time.
  43. Moving to the dry, warm climate of Egypt helped, but she still has frequent flares that disable her for days.
  44. I would scramble up the Masts to cut away the Rigging, and disable the Prey, making good her speedy Surrender.
  45. Slicky had intel that no one would be home in the mansion, and we were able to successfully disable the alarms.
  46. Legion had warned that hell had its own share of powerful witches, and that they would try to disable her quickly.
  47. One of the missiles was targeted at each of the other ships, and while they hit their targets, did not disable them.
  48. Our newest addition in that battle was the Disruptor which allowed us to disable enemy ships without destroying them.
  49. To gain an advantage, Short sent one of his men to the harbor with instructions to disable the boat Malenkov had hired.
  50. Change the option Hide on overlay click, to Disable, and leave the rest of the options by default and click Save Changes.
  51. This could not disable the android, but it could mess up its skin enough to attract even more notice than it did already.
  52. Disable NetBIOS through your network connection settings on your Ethernet adapter or disable the ports used by NetBIOS:.
  53. That delay made our helicopter an easier target for the enemy, who then managed to disable it with mortars and machine guns.
  54. She had no weapons other than her eating knife, which would just about cut through a baked hare, but would hardly disable a man.
  55. This is an Excel worksheet with complete instructions; however when you open it, it will ask if you want to disable the macros.
  56. Of course, you also lose if my players succeed in a blow or spell that would kill or disable you if the exercise was real combat.
  57. He was the only line crew chief in the entire fleet that figured out how to disable the software limits placed on the reactors.
  58. They needed undercover agents to infiltrate key positions in the elite guard of the tower, and they needed to disable the scents.
  59. By then, it was too late to cut through its shields and disable its engines, given the weak firepower of the corvettes and sentry ships.
  60. My terror, as I lay there, of falling ill, and being unfitted for tomorrow, was so besetting, that I wonder it did not disable me of itself.
  61. Disruptor missiles with which to disable the defense system is correct, we probably interrupted the assault between the first and second waves.
  62. Cara grins at him, and explains, If I touched you with this stunner right now, it would be extremely painful, and then it would disable you.
  63. The pupils had been excised to disable the automatic piggyback feed to URhomeland Special Security that is the principle intention of all GOV eyes.
  64. We have orders from every admiral in the military and every controller at Intel Wing to track down Raidan and try to disable his ship for capture.
  65. If even one in ten of those possible saboteurs made it ashore, they could potentially disable some of the defense platforms before being neutralized.
  66. Max had been contemplating ways to disable the bracelets, but was now glad he had not tampered with them and attracted unwanted attention from security.
  67. On 2 November 1988, Morris released his worm, which went on to disable roughly 10% of all computers connected to the internet – around 60,000 machines.
  68. Being 60 or so is all in the mind, nothing happens to man or woman psychologically or physiologically, so suddenly as to sexually disable them overnight.
  69. If you want, you can disable the default bridging by opening the Properties dialog box for the IP folder and clearing the Bridge All Site Links check box.
  70. We will also disable the "Time Synchronization" VM Integration Service so that the virtual machine does not sync its clock with the time set on the Hyper-V host.
  71. This Database allows that the countries with its organizations activate or disable its activities at any moment to generate abundance and to avoid the fixed cost.
  72. The goal was to disable the reactors without detonating them, because detonating the reactors at this distance would destroy Sabrina’s ship as well as the cruiser.
  73. Once he had it well in the air, he brought it down as heavily as he could on the corner of the base of the gang-spinner, hoping to bend some actuators enough to disable it.
  74. So, if you are a careful person and/or if you have an antivirus like Auslogics Antivirus that includes anti-phishing protection, it makes sense to disable SmartScreen Filter.
  75. You can nearly always disable the adapter by going through the system BIOS, by manipulating a switch or jumper on the motherboard, or simply by installing a NIC into a bus slot.
  76. By the end of the second hour of the confrontation, Rashi had burned out a dozen Disruptor missiles chasing the swirling ships before he was able to disable the first destroyer.
  77. Now that we have more than one to work with, is there a way we could disable all of them at one time without spraying the entire complex and half the hillside in the process?
  78. Holding the pistol in a double-handed grip, Terry aimed at a spot just below the rotor blades, hoping to disable the helicopter, but before he could fire the bushes behind him rustled.
  79. By destroying selected power line towers in long stretches of wire, they could disable the grid and minimize the difficulty of repair once the planet was turned over to the Federation.
  80. They were grouped fairly close to one another and he hoped that the spread from the gun would be sufficient to disable more than one with the first shot, leaving time to shoot the third.
  81. Unbeknownst to the machine, Rafe had not only taught himself Argos’ programming language – which was ancient and long since dead – but he also found a way to disable the computer with it.
  82. When the organizations disable its activities, they turn available all its resources in the market and when they activate its activities, they incorporate the resources that need to execute its tasks.
  83. One of her biggest dreams was to disable the Great Beast, but she knew it would be very difficult since the Great Beast was the ultimate king of the monsters, demons, and devils of Hell and he rarely left his throne in the infernal region of the universe.
  84. When you dedicate a computer to functioning as a web server, for example, and you want it to be able to service as many clients as possible, it makes sense to disable all extraneous functions, which is something that is far easier to do on a Unix system than in Windows.
  85. Dog-lovers? Hand me a scalpel and turn me loose on all who practice this barbarism and I’ll barber their behinds and ear lobes and see how they like it, fierce-looking or not! What the blankety-blank do all these puppy butchers need scary-looking dogs for, anyway? A beast with sharp teeth and powerful jaws and a built-in stupid loyalty to his or her owner can chase away or disable any bad guy just as easily with full-flopped ears and swishing tail as with stubs.
  1. That my affairs were to disabling for me to.
  2. Venomous spines on back and gills produce disabling pain.
  3. A powerful kick to the knee or groin is equally disabling.
  4. It’s not only disabling things that can increase PC speed.
  5. We wouldn’t want someone hacking in and disabling the system.
  6. Disabling its external speakers, KG wondered to what degree GD.
  7. Also one may consider disabling the preview of the fonts in the font list.
  8. Traces of over-spray from the disabling liquid had spattered back into her face.
  9. I sucked it up and pushed down the emotion that was on the verge of disabling me.
  10. Disabling split horizon should be done with care, but knowing when and where to do so.
  11. Never having been hit in the stomach before, she was taken aback by how disabling it was.
  12. She also installed software on our QComms to prevent the EDA from remotely disabling them.
  13. Use your computer’s safely remove USB device command prior to disabling USB connectivity.
  14. Again, Asperger‘s effects are considered mild in the big picture, but disabling all the same.
  15. For a small proportion of the population, the allergic reaction to cats may be quite disabling.
  16. However, your three craft went to the battle group where the crew chief was disabling the limits.
  17. Of menacing appearance, but although a bite is painful the poison is fairly mild and not disabling.
  18. Disabling a P I ship generally took multiple missile strikes or concentrated barrages of laser fire.
  19. Your masers fire their invisible, semi-collimated, monochromatic microwave beams, disabling the barrier.
  20. The Bard had picked the right city to annihilate for disabling industry but had picked the wrong city for reprisal.
  21. I reckon the attack team were responsible for disabling the security system, probably no one is aware that it’s off, yet.
  22. Getting out of the shaft without an elevator seemed the best option; disabling the other two cars seemed like time well spent.
  23. In time, the side effects of the surgery would become more troubling and more disabling to the patient than the initial illness.
  24. Now do you regret having attended the premeditated disabling of the IC? from behind her a new voice lashed her with sarcasm.
  25. He was limping home in shame and despaired of being able to contribute anything to disabling any doomsday weapon system out here.
  26. Glen made use of the distraction by sweeping his hand up, disabling Russell’s knife hand and rolling him over to switch positions.
  27. After disabling the forcefield with honoi and prying Joey out, Oleon and Lezura bound Joey by his hands and feet until they were finished putting a few crates together.
  28. They were excellent snipers, used the latest military rifles, and were proving quite efficient in disabling the hundred-ton off-road coal-mining trucks built by Caterpillar.
  29. On the Viking’s valiant attempt to catch Buddy in a crossfire, Buddy hyper jumped out of the way and the two Viking P I ships slammed into each other disabling their drives.
  30. Spirit had then directed the firing of life pods that had then smashed into the pirate ship, disabling it and allowing Tina to finish it by roasting it in the exhaust of her ship’s thermonuclear rocket engines.
  31. I felt the chair tipping backwards and although I tried to grab hold of the man in front of me to stop myself from falling backwards, the stars in front of my eyes created a storm of interference disabling my faculties.
  32. The reality is that it is the disabling of specific brain circuits while maintaining other brain operations that allow us to both experience and assimilate the experience of the unitary state and other intermediate states.
  33. And if he skewed toward the needs of those most disabled by mental illness, he came by that bias honestly: his daughter’s illness, which had inspired all the advocacy he and his wife did, was much more disabling than mine.
  34. One of the major global changes they were contemplating for the new DSM was simplifying diagnosis by viewing mental illnesses on a “spectrum” and recognizing that, when symptoms were most pronounced and disabling, all mental illnesses could be “serious” by the definition of society (and government).
  35. On the one hand, whenever the image that was now permanently burnt into his mind popped into his consciousness again - something that it did with a disabling regularity - a terrible black rage overtook him, and he could think of nothing other than tearing Conrad Hunter’s bowels from his body and making him eat them in front of him.
  36. I’d pass by (as they likely plotted ripping off my bumper or disabling my brakes), and I’d roll down the window and scream, DON’T EVEN START WITH ME, WHITEY! which, admittedly, is one of the worst things to scream in the middle of a posh Republican-stronghold neighborhood, but I had no real hope for ever fitting in and so I had already given up.
  37. The battle once begun, its very various changes,—the resistance of Hougomont; the tenacity of La Haie-Sainte; the killing of Bauduin; the disabling of Foy; the unexpected wall against which Soye's brigade was shattered; Guilleminot's fatal heedlessness when he had neither petard nor powder sacks; the miring of the batteries; the fifteen unescorted pieces overwhelmed in a hollow way by Uxbridge; the small effect of the bombs falling in the English lines, and there embedding themselves in the rain-soaked soil, and only succeeding in producing volcanoes of mud, so that the canister was turned into a splash; the uselessness of Pire's demonstration on Braine-l'Alleud; all that cavalry, fifteen squadrons, almost exterminated; the right wing of the English badly alarmed, the left wing badly cut into; Ney's strange mistake in massing, instead of echelonning the four divisions of the first corps; men delivered over to grape-shot, arranged in ranks twenty-seven deep and with a frontage of two hundred; the frightful.
  38. Would it cover only what the government called “serious mental illnesses” (a definition that was more limited in 1996 than it is today, including only schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and the most disabling clinical depression)? Would parity cover what the government called “all mental illnesses”—which, in theory, included any condition listed in the DSM (a list that was different and somewhat more limited in 1996 than it is now)? Would parity include all addictions and substance use disorders (which, in 1996, some leading mental health advocates were still claiming were not actually diseases)? Would parity cover a menu of evidence-based treatments from different caregivers in different settings that worked for different patients—the equivalent of covering surgery, medication, outpatient physical therapy, inpatient rehab, and other treatments for a knee injury—or would it mostly be parity for generic psychopharmacology, a little short-term outpatient therapy, and maybe a few days in a hospital after a suicide attempt?
  39. Remember I told you Crow intended to shaft Hawk and me, well we presented him with the ideal plan, putting him in charge of the guns and the drug was an opportunity he couldn’t resist, the plan was while I was disabling the alarms in the money box and Crow was guarding the unconscious guards Hawk was to transfer the dummy box I’d made from the truck into the panel van, in the dummy box was a small amount of explosives spring loaded, you know just a small going away present, I had made the dummy box in the work shop while they were playing about on the boat, the box looked similar to the Wilson, and it was in failing light, that helped, and of course Crow saw what he wanted to see, after finding the third dart gun under the seat I assumed Hawk also had his own agenda so after disabling the Global positional alarm I burnt a second hole and disabled the combination lock then I opened the lid put the money into the tool bags and the tools from the bags I put into the Wilson, I also added the rest of the explosive in the shape of another spring loaded explosive present for our friend Hawk then I epoxyed the lid shut.
  1. And elevator two is disabled.
  2. Eventually the ship was disabled.
  3. But even those who are disabled.
  4. The robot stomps on the disabled.
  5. The shield was completely disabled.
  6. One eight-year-old was left disabled.
  7. I have already ordered it disabled.
  8. I disabled the legs on Victoria's android.
  9. Yesterday, a disabled woman called a seat of.
  10. It was deliberately disabled and then ignored.
  11. She was learning disabled due to her birthing.
  12. Thinking disabled are vulnerable in the society.
  13. Many were permanently disabled; some were dead.
  14. And having a disabled child is so embarrassing.
  15. The disabled child may lose his/her temper at.
  16. The disabled and retired workers in the shire also.
  17. Disabled children may have interrupted sleep patterns.
  18. Whether you are terminally ill or disabled, or have.
  19. Then the disabled ship merely drifts in our direction.
  20. It did not, however, care for the physically disabled.
  21. He is disabled, but has used up all his account funds.
  22. Disabled children may be abused in one or more of the.
  23. Apparently Roger Winter has a disabled younger brother.
  24. A terrorist subdued by disabled mother of three, a 60.
  25. The mega stealers from Hannibal disabled their shields.
  26. The disabled bee flew off and landed on the lightshade.
  27. Disabled rape victims often have excessive obstacles to.
  28. We do not know how many Iraqis were injured or disabled.
  29. I have taught disabled children as well as adult learners.
  30. Thorne had the communicators disabled on both G15’s.
  31. Naturally, this will have an effect on the disabled child.
  32. Rape victims who are disabled may have additional hurdles.
  33. Its two poweful diesel engines were disabled in the storm.
  34. English as second language students to the severely disabled.
  35. I have a son who is disabled and he needs me to care for him.
  36. When Split Horizon is disabled, that will cause the neighbor.
  37. No, they have manually disabled my connections to my drives.
  38. When you haven’t disabled the heater, it warms up right away.
  39. The doctors prophesized that she would be disabled for her 265.
  40. With any luck, at first movement the elevator would be disabled.
  41. There’s a possibility that the disabled victim may be viewed as.
  42. It felt wrong, all these feeling he was having with Fern disabled.
  43. I fired at the Enterprise and disabled her and was able to escape.
  44. You disabled some of the Cardassian warships allowing the Maquis.
  45. Rosemary would emerge from the lobotomy almost completely disabled.
  46. There comes a point when even one so disabled will no longer submit.
  47. Accounts of the disabled persons with autism, cerebral palsy, mental.
  48. He thought of sparing the disabled alien but Halven flashed through.
  49. The truth is that she is a disabled girl with no home and no parents.
  50. This was a completely disabled man – and, a vile, despicable, enemy.
  51. Gathering them together, he raced up the stairs to the disabled door.
  52. So youre the disabled cop from Canada Mia has been telling me about.
  53. Since it won't work with its macros disabled, click on "Enable Macros".
  54. I fired a single missile and disabled their ship and spared their lives.
  55. Because God has let me down completely by giving me this disabled child.
  56. We’ve loaded the gear on the five newest ones and disabled the others.
  57. For, of course my being disabled could now be no longer kept out of view.
  58. Tom had been disabled years before in a work accident so he was always 67.
  59. Few freighters were armed and what defenses they had were easily disabled.
  60. Reuben and his crew had disabled the tubes hidden in the cargo containers.
  61. Routing Is Explicitly Disabled for a URL Pattern - Use the RouteCollection.
  62. Maybe the city gave you a D, for disabled, Jaden said while chuckling.
  63. They were grateful that it remained disabled but eyed it warily nonetheless.
  64. A few of her faculties were temporarily disabled and would soon be restored.
  65. One by one Yan and Jim’s nimble fingers disabled the trip wires, the years.
  66. Unfortunately, my father was declared disabled and unable to continue working.
  67. He carved them on after the war at about the time that he disabled the thing.
  68. She had disabled the auto lock, because he didn’t have to input a passcode.
  69. One patient, who was developmentally disabled, asked if she could sing a song.
  70. He also wondered what on Earth the strange disabled lads had been looking for.
  71. But instead of “God” or “Jesus” Holtser heard the word “disabled”.
  72. As their disabled aunt, Rosemary would deeply move them as children and adults.
  73. The officers that fired the four shots that disabled and ultimately.
  74. Enabling features that are disabled by default can significantly speed things up.
  75. It was because of the word disabled which cropped up again in his thoughts.
  76. Even when the downloads are disabled, there are tools anybody can use that can rip.
  77. Resources and strategies: How parents cope with the care of a disabled child.
  78. But the procedure was never meant to be used on intellectually disabled individuals.
  79. Why didn’t he eject? Could someone have disabled the ejection mechanisms, too?
  80. Our secondary cloak will be disabled for the duration of the burst, Kitara said.
  81. My mother didn’t at all like the prospect of becoming disabled for her entire life.
  82. Looking after the disabled and elderly in their homes is challenging and hard work.
  83. Freighters on the ground were disabled before they had a chance to start their engines.
  84. Nearly totally disabled, the pirate leader crumbled to the deck while shouting in pain.
  85. The public has seen or heard stories of parents having multiple disabled children even.
  86. Actually the wireless is primary and the wired is back-up and both have been disabled.
  87. By the end of the third hour, one more destroyer and a cruiser had been disabled by the.
  88. He forced himself to his feet and staggered over to the far side of his disabled cruiser.
  89. The intruder disabled some of the security cameras, and then let in the rest of his team.
  90. The disabled boy had, somehow, prompted the courage to think about the disturbing dreams.
  91. It seems that the issue of visiting their disabled sister caused tension between siblings.
  92. Suzy stares deeply into Lewis's eyes as she imagines her life living with someone disabled.
  93. Frozen in time: The disabled nine-year-old girl who will remain a child all her life.
  94. Several of Sharon’s guards struggled to push a disabled wagon to the shoulder of the road.
  95. They felt encouraged as they struggled at home to care and provide for their disabled children.
  96. The XK3 verbally berated them for pushing the limits until Armion disabled the voice processor.
  97. If they arrived at the camp before the tires failed, at least they would have disabled one vehicle.
  98. We're about to tell him to home in on Operative 4, the disabled neurode who has the ruro material.
  99. I’ve talked about the hunting trips he took disabled vets on, and tried to get beyond even that.
  100. Later news stated that the plane had turned to head west after its identification had been disabled.
  1. The most important is the command which disables the recently used commands.
  2. And it’s the ‘Bio-firewall’ that disables others from reading her mind.
  3. It reveals to us that His punishment is stern and harrowing and that nothing disables Him in this universe.
  4. It reveals to us that His Punishment is stern and harrowing, and that nothing in this universe disables Him.
  5. Weak Love disables, enfeebles to paralysis; the lovelorn wait, imprisoned in doubt, wondering how to care.
  6. For some of us, this is an occasional scenario, but for others, the constant confusion disables an otherwise productive life.
  7. Each organization only executes its task and it acts dynamicalally, without generating fixed cost, that is, activates its activities when the customer appears and it disables its tasks when market doesn’t exist.
  8. And since they are the ones making the chips, only they will have the electronic key, like a remote control that enables or disables the chip whenever they wish, so they could prevent the family from locating the child if they wanted.
  9. That part of the produce of the land which is thus necessary for enabling the farmer to continue his business, ought to be considered as a fund sacred to cultivation, which, if the landlord violates, he necessarily reduces the produce of his own land, and, in a few years, not only disables the farmer from paying this racked rent, but from paying the reasonable rent which he might otherwise have got for his land.

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