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    1. Without the blood a covenant is invalid

    2. "She would have disturbed the specimen a lot more and given us even more invalid readings

    3. ‘Yes … and?’ Kara said impatiently, fed up with being treated as some kind of invalid

    4. The test results are totally invalid

    5. It was declared invalid, obscene and indicative as to how the campaign had been conducted

    6. And it was not an invalid question either

    7. invalid; without legal force; not binding

    8. [-came, -come] to overcome an obj-ection to show an objection is invalid

    9. Still, he much preferred this over lying in bed like some kind of invalid

    10. In contract law, the provision that, should one provision of a law or contract be dismissed as invalid, no other provision shall be affected

    11. however, that, however well-intentioned, the possibility of error and invalid assumptions are always present

    12. He would need to remain close to home so he might lie down when standing or sitting became unendurable, and Caroline Steepleton wasn’t about to accept permanent conversion to Caroline LeClerc, a woman with an invalid husband to care for

    13. As such, it was invalid and she was instructed to return to San José, whereupon Caroline immediately put on the bitch

    14. He could be moved around then, Hilderich thought bitterly, albeit as if he were indeed an invalid

    15. The very concept of interaction is probably invalid in this

    16. They were devoted to their mother, who was a chronic invalid

    17. 3) Input data with any value greater than 1000 to represent third invalid input class

    18. Ever since the old pack leader died that truce has be rendered invalid, and most of the wolves now run around doing as they please

    19. Unfortunately, through misuse of the religiously healthy and positive Cursillo movement and, particularly, through the Charismatic movement with its harmful excessive use of touching and private meetings, Josie and Agatha apparently fell in love, and in the process they convinced themselves that their sacrament of matrimony was invalid, because they had “discovered” that they were lesbians and that they were meant for each other in God’s plan

    20. pointed a foreman who had the final say on which ballots were valid or invalid

    21. to the Constitution, the Court would declare them invalid, uncon-

    22. This same spirit carried him on to join the fencing team which at that time also bore a stigma which he felt was invalid, and he strived to prove that it was a sport that required skill and concentration rivaling any other athletic competition

    23. approval of the respective district council, has become invalid

    24. “Heavens, you would have thought that I was Royalty - or an invalid - the way they treat me

    25. It rendered old Reichsmarks invalid and everybody received forty new ones, now named Deutsche Mark

    26. email addresses, by helping you remove the emails that are invalid

    27. She was an invalid old woman

    28. The Nursing Sister informed him that Jenni was responding well to treatment and had passed “crisis” time – from now on she would start healing but would be an invalid still for quite some time

    29. My grandfather was an invalid for several years following the arrival

    30. opinions, economic times and excuses that are totally invalid, but easy to adopt

    31. For invalid account numbers entered, a message will print on line 24 starting in column 20 listing the invalid input

    32. mean that the date is invalid, with the following meanings:

    33. 4 - 0 is invalid for the year

    34. Otherwise we check for the 30-day months and if we have one and the day is 31, we have an invalid date

    35. will be set to 5, since the date is invalid

    36. screen(24,20) “zero is invalid for the year”

    37. field character(30) value “zero is invalid for the year”

    38. As soon as we find that a character is not in the string, we can stop the search since we know that the first name keyed is invalid

    39. Once again the space is a valid character so it will not result in an invalid name

    40. not been 0, it would have stayed whatever value it was and as you might expect it would have been 2, which indicates the name was invalid

    41. Perhaps that is what those plaques that the neuroscientists puzzle over are about – moments of false clarity frozen in the machinery of cognition, fossilized in stubborn deposits that cannot be shifted by even the utmost efforts of the invalid imagination

    42. Examples of invalid identifier names are 2things, this is spaced out and my-name

    43. The error indicated by Python tells us that the syntax of the program is invalid i

    44. What if your program had some invalid statements? This is handled by Python which raises its hands and tells you there is an error

    45. system says it is an invalid numbers

    46. However, she said that it was invalid since we ordered dinner entrees

    47. Underwood, I thank you for entertaining my wife for the evening while I am temporarily an invalid

    48. Charge Back: An invalid sale that results in the affiliate's commission being

    49. His invalid mother, part

    50. The reason for this is that it may be an invalid

    1. “I was invalided out of the army,” he resumed, his gravely voice

    2. Bert told me that Jimmy had survived but that he had been sent back to blighty and would be invalided out of the service as his wound was far to serious for him to stay in

    3. Of course he will be invalided out of the service but he will live and with time I am hoping he will recover a lot of his mobility and his mental health

    4. General Young had sickened after heroic service at Guasimas, and on the previous day, he was invalided home

    5. ” Colonel Evan Miles was told by the doctors that his life was endangered by lack of food, and that he must be invalided home

    6. When the city surrendered, he consented to be invalided home

    7. If only her big sister Melissa would stop treating her like an invalided little girl then maybe she could really go out and start to catch up on all the fun she had missed during the dialysis years

    8. They had paddled over to the Missouri shore on a log, at dusk on Saturday, landing five or six miles below the village; they had slept in the woods at the edge of the town till nearly daylight, and had then crept through back lanes and alleys and finished their sleep in the gallery of the church among a chaos of invalided benches

    9. Nikolay Vsyevolodovitch's departure the previous day and Alexey Yegorytch's absence left only five or six people in the house, all more or less invalided, so to speak

    1. on your own to look after half-wits and invalids

    2. Despite the exodus of invalids, shipped North on dirty transports supplied with hardtack, canned meat, and foul water, to become an object lesson to the American people of the effect of Cuban climate and official negligence, 4122 soldiers were on the sick list in Cuba on July 24th

    3. Especially suitable for invalids and persons of weak digestion

    4. “Hilia’s safer than anywhere, so I want you to find the least safe people in The Just Alliance; children and invalids in the most outlying and lightly defended areas, and bring them there

    5. And later on to the Bishop he remarked, in his hearty desire to have everything trim and in its proper place, the young in the fresh air, older persons at desks in studies, white faces reserved for invalids, roses blooming in the cheeks of girls, that he mustn't overwork that little daughter of his

    6. There is no danger in pauperizing a community in giving for such purposes, because such institutions relieve temporary ailments or shelter only those who are hopeless invalids

    7. Whimpering and truckling fold with powders for invalids, conformity

    8. Beth had a rapture with her mother, and then rushed up to impart the glorious news to her family of invalids, as the girls were not home

    9. The invalids improved rapidly, and Mr

    10. You would compare them, I said, to those invalids who, having no self- restraint, will not leave off their habits of intemperance?

    11. Such cases are very common, he said, with invalids of this sort

    12. Summer or winter the place was usually fairly full of what were called good-class visitors, either holidaymakers or invalids

    13. The Russian girl looked after Madame Stahl, and besides that, she was, as Kitty observed, on friendly terms with all the invalids who were seriously ill, and there were many of them at the springs, and looked after them in the most natural way

    14. It was a wet day; it had been raining all the morning, and the invalids, with their parasols, had flocked into the arcades

    15. I’m used to looking after such invalids

    16. broken by steps and gratings, making all sorts of angles, lighted here and there by lanterns similar to the night taper of invalids, the corridor through which he had approached

    17. She had washed ceilings, walls, invalids, and children

    18. The sufferings which Lady Bertram did not see had little power over her fancy; and she wrote very comfortably about agitation, and anxiety, and poor invalids, till Tom was actually conveyed to Mansfield, and her own eyes had beheld his altered appearance

    19. Thousands of corpses lay unburied, simply flung out of the houses into the yards, where the invalids also lay, forming a confused mass of sick and dead

    20. I'm used to looking after such invalids

    21. Several invalids were lingering near the low carriage, staring at the lady as though she were some curiosity

    22. "No, but for all sorts of nervous invalids

    23. It is true that he was an invalid and one must make allowances for invalids; but I must frankly confess, I never could endure Ivan Matveitch

    24. In this hospital, too, were invalids from the Disciplinary Company, a melancholy institution for bringing together soldiers of bad conduct, with a view to their correction

    25. Behind the sergeant came all the invalids, who ranked themselves in face of the convicts

    26. The "invalids" were superseded by twelve non-commissioned officers, and an arsenal superintendent

    27. Brandy was brought in as before, although we had subaltern officers now where "invalids" were before

    28. They went to market for us, just as the invalids used to, and brought the prisoners white bread, meat, anything that could be got in without too much risk

    29. Mark Ivanovitch ended by a little joke, saying that no regular salary had yet been fixed for invalids, and as he knew for a fact that their grade would be very low in the service, to his thinking anyway, their calling or condition did not promise great and substantial advantages

    30. Recall to mind the rich men and women whom you have known; are not most of them invalids? A person of that class whose physical disabilities do not oblige him to take a periodical course of hygienic and medical treatment is as rare as is an invalid among the laboring classes

    31. Give me this money, and do what you like among yourselves, but know that I shall neither protect nor maintain widows nor orphans nor invalids nor old people, nor such as have been burned out: I shall only protect the regular circulation of this money

    32. For Children, Adults and Invalids

    33. "To churches it gives universal satisfaction—for invalids it receives preference over any other

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    invalid shut-in disable handicap incapacitate sick sickly disabled infirm convalescent handicapped impaired defective erroneous wrong unconvincing groundless illogical fallacious cripple paraplegic quadriplegic