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Frasi con incapacitate (in inglese)

  1. Fear will incapacitate you.
  2. It won’t incapacitate him–too much.
  3. The blow might have hurt, but it did not incapacitate him.
  4. I cried out in pain, the agony threatening to incapacitate me.
  5. You’ll be able to incapacitate anyone for three standard hours.

  6. The soldiers accused claimed they only wanted to temporarily incapacitate.
  7. It is to incapacitate the civilizing authority of what Freud calls the super ego.
  8. If we can incapacitate or destroy them peace will once again return to our regions.
  9. I find it hard to believe that you didn’t have a chance to incapacitate the subject.
  10. Before he could cross the top of the train, he had to sneak up on, and incapacitate, a bad guy.
  11. The man, wearing a 1968, Italian suit, turned to incapacitate the scientist and technicians gathering samples.
  12. So the fugu was used to incapacitate Joey making it easier to carry or force him down the stairs and onto the coat hook.
  13. A lifetime of knowing almost nothing but pain allows her to easily forget these minor inconveniences that would incapacitate most people.
  14. At first, he'd only been trying to push them back by aiming for their legs and arms, or to incapacitate them to keep them from firing back.
  15. I reckoned I’d be able to incapacitate most of them with gunshot wounds, and then finish them off properly before they had a chance to regenerate.

  16. She needed to focus, to keep him talking and swing the conversation back around to where she wanted it, but could she risk a blackout? It would incapacitate her and let Jevan back into her head.
  17. My father's melancholy state prevents our speaking to him on any subjects, which the weakness of his mind would incapacitate him from understanding, and I am perfectly convinced that at the present time, although, he knows that his granddaughter is going to be married, M.
  1. But they can be incapacitating.
  2. Severe cleansing reactions can be incapacitating and truly painful.
  3. A fatal or incapacitating assassination would make Dick Cheney the President.
  4. Instinct and training and a deep, almost incapacitating panic cracked the ice enclosing her.
  5. The pain was almost incapacitating, but I did it, pressing my back into the wall behind me.
  6. Remembering an event called up such a flood of details that it was sometimes incapacitating.
  7. It will also prevent the Kelvan from incapacitating the crew, should you encounter them again.
  8. As quick as a cat, she scooted up, wedging her knees under Laura’s shoulders, incapacitating her.
  9. Boldly Jack got out of the car and began shooting at the thugs hitting them and incapacitating them.
  10. The pain was incapacitating, but she managed to rake her nails across his wrist, trying to free herself.
  11. Jack then withdrew his M5 and armed himself with his UMP, cocked it and ran into the fire, firing at multiple soldiers incapacitating them.
  12. So the next step was getting a statement from her doctor that her illness was so incapacitating that she was incapable of caring for her personal and financial affairs.
  13. The assassins cast their spell at the decoys, while here Lady Povon casts spells at this trio and this trio, catching them off guard and encasing them in silver energies, incapacitating them.
  14. In fact, the plague of dullardry that shadowed Europe wasn’t nearly so incapacitating in the latter half of the first millennium when Church leaders and influential statesmen such as Charlemagne rejected the.
  1. He was weak, incapacitated, debilitated.
  2. They had incapacitated the generator that.
  3. I'm not sure how the lycan incapacitated them.
  4. He instantly fell to the ground incapacitated.
  5. Instead, he was suddenly incapacitated with pain.
  6. I have just incapacitated one of their key assets.
  7. The security detail on duty was also incapacitated.
  8. Startled, but not incapacitated, the man fought back.
  9. He thought the man behind him had been incapacitated.
  10. In addition, about 10 years ago she was incapacitated.
  11. I was incapacitated, you leave your sunglasses on.
  12. Verse 5, The soldiers are incapacitated, but not killed.
  13. The Captain appears to be incapacitated, Osaka said.
  14. The commandos thought all three of us were incapacitated.
  15. Can ye look after the shop while I’m incapacitated?
  16. He said he couldn’t imagine my ever becoming incapacitated.
  17. He's incapacitated more than half of the entire Romulan fleet.
  18. Eleven others were incapacitated but received no major injuries.
  19. That’s a very long time to be incapacitated, Brian interjected.
  20. Stokes were momentarily incapacitated, giving Foster the opportunity.
  21. He was ‘forced’ to carry His cross whilst physically incapacitated.
  22. But Abraham came by and paid you while I was incapacitated, I said.
  23. Dan by the collar and repeatedly hammered the incapacitated man’s face.
  24. It also prohibits sexual acts occurring when the victim is incapacitated.
  25. Whenthe father is incapacitated, the son naturally assumes the entireburden.
  26. Marcus pointed out that Leon was incapacitated and still lying on the court.
  27. Accounts by Old & Incapacitated Persons: It is possible that with aging or.
  28. Unfortunately he contracted ‘sleeping sickness’ and now is incapacitated.
  29. In order to prevent loss of life in an illegal shooting I incapacitated Carl.
  30. Types of sick / old / incapacitated account holders: Sick / old / incapacitated.
  31. Unless they surrender, or are rendered unconscious or otherwise incapacitated.
  32. The other had no time to react before he found himself paralyzed and incapacitated.
  33. You need both hands unless it was already loaded before one of your hands became incapacitated.
  34. If two members of the faculty had been incapacitated, the president of the college must be told.
  35. Similarly incapacitated I felt when I was on top of a mountain cliff of the Himalayan ranges at.
  36. The shock to his artery had cut off the supply of blood to his brain, rendering him incapacitated.
  37. The two men remained incapacitated on the floor, but as anticipated, the two men who had wanted to.
  38. A damaged bone cells should be incapacitated immediately using whatever means you have at your disposal.
  39. I used it to teleport Admiral Sheaar and Captain Maht to our Brig, and incapacitated the SaLing’s crew.
  40. If there were, you would have incapacitated that person and be out looking for the second person already.
  41. I called on the king, but he made me wait in his hall, and conducted like a man incapacitated for hospitality.
  42. The drug he slipped Ishan would now be fully active and Ishan would be incapacitated enough for Peter to make his move.
  43. This character will be incapacitated when exposed to some condition or substance that has little or no effect on normal.
  44. He roared with pain and rage, but he was not incapacitated, and she knew she was as close to death as she had ever been.
  45. Putting this checklist in an accessible place will help others locate any of the listed items if you become incapacitated.
  46. Should he have died or been incapacitated as president, Sarah Palin could be president for at least the rest of that term.
  47. Shortly afterwards, however, Sharon is incapacitated by a massive stroke that leaves him in a persistent vegetative state.
  48. Between the two of them May-Lin and James carried the incapacitated Jenni to the lift and took her up to the pent-house level.
  49. I’ve been through this with Travis before, but never had I felt even a fraction of the pain I was in now, it incapacitated me.
  50. What racket? asked Rip as he crawled into the room, still incapacitated from the sickness of the fermented Crabbit liqueur.
  51. Wickland could see that she was not willing to readily volunteer information despite her incapacitated mental state at the moment.
  52. Came it not from a scattering mind, incapacitated to gather, associate and concentrate evidence? With him, the deathless nature of.
  53. It isn’t just the US Government waiting out there to grab a chunk of your hard earned estate when you become incapacitated or die.
  54. He learned that she was knocked off her bicycle by a passing lorry and suffered a spinal injury that incapacitated her for some time.
  55. Bush administration further incapacitated the American military by severely limiting military response so as not to offend the natives.
  56. He did enough damage that he incapacitated the driver without killing him and also severely wounding the man in the front passenger seat.
  57. Tai’s earlier report of the soporific drink clearly incapacitated those who might have resisted a tattoo, but here was a whole society.
  58. If I were to hazard a guess, I’d say that whoever these drugs belong to got them for the sole purpose of rendering someone incapacitated.
  59. I wondered how he managed to run into the wall, but I didn't have time question it or I would soon be throwing up and incapacitated for hours.
  60. Oh? Normally, Amaranthe would applaud the resolution, but having one of her few resources incapacitated for days with the shakes would not be convenient.
  61. Without it, the Pacific fleet could not have been able to operate from Pearl Harbour and the surviving warships would have been entirely immobilised and incapacitated.
  62. Or, if for any reason thought to be corporeally incapacitated for that, yet such an one would seem superlatively competent to cheer and howl on his underlings to the attack.
  63. It doesn’t ease my mind knowing that because of these psychic manifestations you incapacitated the entire Enterprise crew, stole a shuttle, and went off on a suicide mission.
  64. Their grip on me released and they both fell over stone cold, dead, as I watched the female I had incapacitated earlier pull her taloned hands out of the back of the two men’s skulls.
  65. Do you understand that? Even if I’m killed or incapacitated, in order to maintain the illusion that the Constitution is my primary ship, it’s necessary that you not act out of turn.
  66. SAHNDYRS, MAHRAK—Baron Green Mountain; Queen Sharleyan of Chisholm’s first councilor, OAR; first councilor of Chisholm within Charisian Empire, BSRA; wounded and incapacitated by terrorist attack, HFAF.
  67. Vyyn nodded soberly at that: with no system of social security or old age pensions, the people of this century depended on their children to support them once age, disease or wounds incapacitated them, making them unable to earn a living by themselves.
  68. This amendment also makes it clear that the vice president must have the same qualifications as the president, which makes sense, given that the president could become incapacitated or die at any time and the vice president would have to take his place.
  69. Rose told Coughlan that the survival of Rosemary and the loss of three of her sons is a puzzle—is a question, too—why God took three sons who were equipped and wanted to work for the government and for humanity, and left my daughter who is incapacitated.
  70. Calvin knew the Major probably had soldiers scouring the ship to recover any soldiers Pellew’s men had previously incapacitated, and he probably had men on their way to control the corridors around engineering, so his chances weren’t great—but Calvin had little choice.
  71. This does not mean we have to ‘wine and dine’ those who have offended us, or have them live on our doorstep, but means the ability to forgive others, in due course, thus extending the personal and private energy of inner peace, mercy and compassion to those who are less informed or psychologically and/or spiritually incapacitated.
  72. As soon as I entered, I hastened to change my soaked shoes and stockings; but sitting such a while at the Heights had done the mischief On the succeeding morning I was laid up, and during three weeks I remained incapacitated for attending to my duties: a calamity never experienced prior to that period, and never, I am thankful to say, since.
  73. He had spent the whole night at the Police Station in the hopes that the squad cars would be able to trace the Yellow AA van (the colour and signage had been established by an eye-witness - one of the staff of the Alliance Francaise, who was homeward bound, had seen the van leaving the break-down area and surmised that the driver of the incapacitated vehicle was being given a lift home.
  74. It was nine days later that Bunda caught the assassin climbing through my window, in the struggle that followed Bunda received several knife wounds, any one of which would have incapacitated a lesser man, the first question on my lips was how had the killer avoided the forty soldiers Jodas had assigned as guards, to get as close as my window before being apprehended showed a professionalism that obviously carried a high price.
  75. From whence came the soul-benumbing ingredients of Calvin’s Eternal Election of much of the human race to everlasting misery in a lake of fire, regardless of moral attire, choice or conduct Came it not from the gangrenes of putrescent mental sore? Came it not from a scattering mind, incapacitated to gather, associate and concentrate evidence? With him, the deathless nature of the soul was a profound reality—it was unquestionable—to doubt was to exhibit weakness.
  76. In villages which were greedy for profit and harvest, he said: Look at the people of Embrun! If, at the harvest season, the father of a family has his son away on service in the army, and his daughters at service in the town, and if he is ill and incapacitated, the cure recommends him to the prayers of the congregation; and on Sunday, after the mass, all the inhabitants of the village—men, women, and children—go to the poor man's field and do his harvesting for him, and carry his straw and his grain to his granary.
  77. If the Creator intervened in our daily lives, interfering with those gifts of consciousness, cognition and emotion, would there be any need for the ability of our being to make choices and for humans to possess the power and freedom of free will and choice? Without consciousness, cognition, emotion and freewill, wouldn’t we be incapacitated as if puppets and plastic dolls that are unable to learn from experiences, that have no feeling, that have no sense of Self? We would be inanimate, as good as dead, unable to appreciate Self and life, unable to learn and grow from Self’s and others’ mistakes.
  78. For myself I can say that since I have been a knight-errant I have become valiant, polite, generous, well-bred, magnanimous, courteous, dauntless, gentle, patient, and have learned to bear hardships, imprisonments, and enchantments; and though it be such a short time since I have seen myself shut up in a cage like a madman, I hope by the might of my arm, if heaven aid me and fortune thwart me not, to see myself king of some kingdom where I may be able to show the gratitude and generosity that dwell in my heart; for by my faith, senor, the poor man is incapacitated from showing the virtue of generosity to anyone, though he may possess it in the highest degree; and gratitude that consists of disposition only is a dead thing, just as faith without works is dead.
  1. You can do this, you can awaken or focus on these areas prior to having your awakening through a car accident, a motorcycle accident, a fall, something that incapacitates the physical, leaving the mind to not be fully controlled or encompassed and governed by the physical senses.

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