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Dispirited in una frase (in inglese)

In a dispirited.
more than a bit dispirited.
We were totally dispirited.
Although dispirited that his flying.
Too sore to move and dispirited she was.
These teachers literally feel dispirited.
Jesus stated in a sad, dispirited manner.

At those junctures, he would feel dispirited.
have gone, he was constantly tired and dispirited.
the other Orcs were both dispirited and rebellious.
to Verona in the summer of 1948, she was dispirited.
distance were indeed feeling dispirited and helpless.
He spun his wedding ring and gave a dispirited smile.
I talk, there is no strength and I sound so dispirited.
I feel distant from you, Donald said, dispirited.
She was too dispirited even to look and see who it was.
Dispirited and anxious, long hoping that to-morrow or.
By the end of the week she was dispirited and depressed.
Those coming from the south were bedraggled, dispirited,.
Because Sima Zhongtian was himself dispirited, he did not.
The troops meanwhile stood growing listless and dispirited.
As they approached the mayor spoke to them in a dispirited voice.
A broad smile reassured us that the illness had not left him dispirited.
Dispirited features stared down and across at him, puzzled by his presence.
Since her internal power had recovered, why was her speech so dispirited?.
But I’m feeling dispirited about ever recalling what happened on Saturday.
For days he had drooped about the empty chicken run, too dispirited to crow.

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blue depressed dispirited down downcast downhearted gloomy grim low listless

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