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Frasi con upset (in inglese)

  1. He was no more upset.
  2. He was very upset now.
  3. He knew she was upset.
  4. She had been so upset.
  5. She was upset at this.

  6. It will only upset him.
  7. She was upset with Him.
  8. Are you upset? I asked.
  9. It upset me at the time.
  10. She was not upset with me.
  11. I’m sorry it upset you.
  12. I'm not upset about that.
  13. I was very upset for him.
  14. My dad would be so upset.
  15. That was why I was upset.

  16. No one tried to upset me.
  17. She was upset and crying.
  18. But he is upset with you.
  19. But why was I so upset?
  20. But mother was very upset.
  21. Melody looked a bit upset.
  22. I know he would get upset.
  23. I'm not upset with you.
  24. Chrissie was so upset by.
  25. I was never angry or upset.

  26. He knew why she was upset.
  27. No one enjoys being upset.
  28. Poor Lucy seemed much upset.
  29. It had, in fact, upset him.
  30. Not only was he upset but.
  31. I was still upset, I guess.
  32. I’m very upset about this.
  33. You seem happier than upset.
  34. He must be extremely upset.
  35. I got upset with the doctors.
  36. He grinned at the upset owl.
  37. I didn’t want to upset him.
  38. Does what is said upset you?
  39. I didn’t want to upset you.
  40. That’s what upset me a bit.
  41. He was upset with me, already.
  42. Some fucker was upset, real.
  43. I didn’t mean to upset you.
  44. They seemed more upset than.
  45. It rather upset me for a bit.
  46. Only Una was seriously upset.
  47. Barron saw that she was upset.
  48. The parent noticed how upset.
  49. But I got more and more upset.
  50. Feeling upset and a bit angry.
  51. Of course, I was very upset.
  52. I would hint that I’m upset.
  53. She looked so upset and tired.
  54. We were very upset about that.
  55. I couldn’t exactly be upset.
  56. She was most upset about this.
  57. You’re just upset about Than.
  58. Manning became even more upset.
  59. Haven started to get more upset.
  60. No less upset but out of tears.
  61. He could tell that I was upset.
  62. BEE had really caused an upset.
  63. He looked as upset as she felt.
  64. Because you could upset my.
  65. He didn’t want to upset her.
  66. I can tel he was upset with me.
  67. She was clearly upset that he.
  68. There’s no need to get upset.
  69. He stood up and felt very upset.
  70. Kate was very upset for Michael.
  71. I’ve never seen her so upset.
  72. Nor did she get upset that time.
  73. I’m sorry I’ve upset you so.
  74. You're upset I've been released.
  75. He’s a bit upset over the boy.
  76. Helen did not want to upset Kate.
  77. Didn’t that upset the spouse?
  78. Was she upset about that?
  79. Mimi shook her head, still upset.
  80. It was obvious that he was upset.
  81. I could see that I had upset him.
  82. Hardly anything could upset her.
  83. What were you upset about?
  84. She's upset because I dumped her.
  85. Lottie has already upset her tea.
  86. The fever and the stomach upset.
  87. He got very upset and wanted to.
  88. Does what is not said upset you?
  89. But what's upset your brothers?
  90. He knows how upset I am with him.
  91. You arrive, you upset everything.
  92. What had she done to upset him?
  93. Frank was very upset to hear this.
  94. Sorry you have to see me upset.
  95. She wasn’t upset with these men.
  96. Is he still upset with you?
  97. The boy could see how upset he was.
  98. He told you no, and you got upset.
  99. I was more upset with the way my.
  100. Feel whether it’s calm or upset.
  1. This was most upsetting news.
  2. You're only upsetting the boy.
  3. She was intent on upsetting him.
  4. He could tell it was upsetting me.
  5. Yes, that ban's upsetting everyone.
  6. MARY3: That must have been upsetting.
  7. He leaped up, almost upsetting the.
  8. I can imagine that would be upsetting.
  9. It was very upsetting for us to even.
  10. He hates upsetting me with this stuff.
  11. All this is horribly upsetting, horribly.
  12. The only upsetting thing in her life was Oak.
  13. I hardly recognised them, it was so upsetting.
  14. Anne stood hurriedly, almost upsetting her lunch.
  15. He certainly wasn’t worried about upsetting me.
  16. I don't want you to going around upsetting anybody.
  17. Zoe had a very upsetting day and she was very angry.
  18. I don't know how to put it without upsetting us both.
  19. Most upsetting of all was the intensive questioning I.
  20. You might be upsetting your stomach with too much fruit.
  21. Eulalie’s exactions were upsetting to the tranquil mind.
  22. If it’s upsetting your friends, perhaps we can discuss it.
  23. This is all very confusing, you know, and it's upsetting me.
  24. She quickly realized her comments were upsetting her sister.
  25. I wish I could somehow convey to Dolly, without upsetting Mrs.
  26. The effect was both unsettlingly comic and rather upsetting.
  27. I can imagine it would be terribly upsetting, even devastating.
  28. It was a very awkward and upsetting scene and this used to happen.
  29. Razumihin, completely put to confusion by upsetting the table and.
  30. Hope you haven’t been upsetting anybody this time said Fred.
  31. In John 6, Jesus made a number of statements to the Jews, upsetting.
  32. These novels have been declared upsetting, and mind threatening, by.
  33. I think miss was mortally offended with me for upsetting the program.
  34. I wish I could tell her, yes! I know it would be upsetting to her, but.
  35. Ask yourself the following questions when something upsetting happens:.
  36. She had been trying not to think about it, because it was so upsetting.
  37. Andrew still had a smile on his face that was obviously upsetting to Kaya.
  38. What I found upsetting about my brother’s view was that Catholicism was.
  39. No sense upsetting her again, responding,Yes, that's the long-term scenario.
  40. Though Marilyn found the letter very upsetting, she would keep it as a memento.
  41. It’s a coke, the waitress assured him, concerned about upsetting a star.
  42. I'm sorry that we couldn't tell you in a way that would've been less upsetting.
  43. This is a bit upsetting for all of us, but must be especially so for you, Nick.
  44. Sometimes he experienced upsetting images about his grandchildren being injured or.
  46. He had been accused of purposely upsetting the natural order for no logical purpose.
  47. Now, however, the influx of light and life, dynamic life, is upsetting the apple cart.
  48. For almost three hours, we discussed a very upsetting letter he had received from her.
  49. That you can see how upsetting it is to her when you both fight about sex all the time.
  50. I do not think we need to pry into that, Kifter said, loose tongues potentially upsetting.
  51. She began to cast about the chamber, tearing up divan-covers and hangings, and upsetting vessels.
  52. The scented soap might help you with handling the body as well, as bad smells are most upsetting.
  53. She never talked about it outside the building: there was no point in upsetting the superstitious.
  54. The Army did not know that the aggression was really directed at them for upsetting all his plans.
  55. When severe, morning sickness can ruin what is supposed to be a joyous time -and doubly upsetting.
  56. And, I don‘t need him around upsetting me emotionally, because that‘s what happens every time.
  57. The meeting only succeeded in upsetting the people of Love Canal and increasing their frustrations.
  58. But perhaps back then it was to avoid upsetting literary writers who received such poor advances!.
  59. But he is such a part of me that I forget how upsetting he might be to those that do not understand.
  60. The drug dealers next door blared their music all the time so I wasn't worried about upsetting them.
  61. One thing still upsetting me, however, is that no one kept proper records of meetings or decisions.
  62. Then he hopped deftly inside, landing close to Erlandr but barely upsetting the stillness of the boat.
  63. You don’t have to tell me all this now it is obviously upsetting you and wearing you out as well.
  64. They were more focused on how upsetting their itinerary was to this young man than on the wine stains.
  65. As he cupped his nose with his hands, she threw her weight against him, upsetting his balance atop her.
  66. Making the change, whatever it is, may mean the upsetting of one or more habitual ways of going on that.
  67. Second, in these five years I have felt a lack of faith that I thought perhaps would be upsetting to you.
  68. By now, she thought, she should be used to hearing these kinds of upsetting proclamations from her mother.
  69. Alex hears what she just said and is not quite sure as to what to say, without upsetting her so says nothing.
  70. I can’t watch this! Mark declared as he abruptly stood, almost upsetting Talia from his chair’s arm.
  71. It was only when Talas told him how he was upsetting her more by being there that finally forced him to leave.
  72. And combined with the stress of the move, knowing were only a get 45 minutes for lunch really was upsetting her.
  73. He now knows where my planet is, the thought of him being able to travel using our ship technology is upsetting.
  74. Panicking, my mind jumped to the conclusion that Flin was dead and they hadn’t told me for fear of upsetting me.
  75. A small number of pre-teens and teens still wet the bed, and for these children, the problem can be quite upsetting.
  76. There was also still the real risk of upsetting Stalin whom it was feared might come to a separate peace with Hitler.
  77. Bleeding Skull stayed in close quarters, too close for the bat, but too close to the upsetting fluids covering Dawley.
  78. The child playing with the toy of many pieces faces a life experience which she/he can find confusing and even upsetting.
  79. The athletic build, cropped hair, sallow skin and cold stare, told Holland that this was a man you’d regret upsetting.
  80. You can also hear the handler shouting in the background to the criminal to f cease upsetting his dog and stop f moving.
  81. I jumped up, nearly upsetting the hot chocolate, which he quickly whipped out of my hands before it spilled on the floor.
  82. One warrior then tipped overboard, an arrow in one eye, upsetting his canoe and sending his three companions in the water.
  83. I wasn’t involved with the reactor in any way but incidents in the building where I worked close by were a bit upsetting.
  84. Eight people were killed and and many others injured, but the most upsetting pictures were of the fate of the lorry driver.
  85. In addition to upsetting the balance of power in an organization, a KM initiative can threaten both management and employees.
  86. Most of my dreams were upsetting and Alex had woken me more than once, due to whatever signs I was giving that I was dreaming.
  87. Jose shook his head; he had no intention of upsetting the judge so he unlocked the gate and allowed the two men into the yard.
  88. It maybe upsetting for some to hear me speak those words, but I have come here tonight to do just that, speak words of truth.
  89. Research also shows that when we try and push away upsetting thoughts, they are more likely to keep popping back into our minds.
  90. We’ll also look at ways that you can tell her that you aren’t being satisfied by her in bed (without hideously upsetting her).
  91. She stares at me, waiting for my response, but I’m only thinking of what I want from her, and that does not include upsetting her.
  92. How can anyone be happy that his family has been captured and exiled from their native country? It would be upsetting to most others.
  93. He was about to have a son and overreacting or storming out of the house when his child did something upsetting wasn’t going to work.
  94. My mother was also cremated at this place and it is very upsetting to realise that half of her remains are lying in a hole somewhere.
  95. I Want to Vanish was the only song that she did not want to hear again, because its implication was too upsetting for a parent.
  96. He did not dare say one word about upsetting the corrupt system of despots and rulers, and traditions his own sick culture was mired in.
  97. He had a feeling that this, whatever was upsetting her, went beyond the way Ryan had treated her but he felt it wasn't his place to ask.
  98. I listened with curiosity—for during the last few days I had heard something about Tarasevitch—shocking and upsetting in the extreme.
  99. This is because of the possibility of a cure, with surgery and treatment, and those three words are about as upsetting as, You’ve got mail.
  100. Despite my finding it incredible that a grown man would cry over my fax, I nevertheless apologized to the ACO for inadvertently upsetting Mickey.
  1. It upsets him, she says.
  2. In fact, it upsets everything.
  3. Her confirmation upsets Cass’ hungry heart.
  4. This upsets the balance between oxygen and CO2.
  5. Thus it is anger over anger that upsets the mind.
  6. She knows what will happen if she upsets things.
  7. This upsets the person who thought that they had a.
  8. Most often it’s a result of something that upsets.
  9. But other people noticed it, and that's what upsets him.
  10. You know women—a nothing upsets them, especially my wife.
  11. After one of her upsets, he asked me, How is your mate?
  12. George would have let you in, but the only thing that upsets.
  13. There’s only one thing that upsets me: He said her name with such care….
  14. We have rules, he says, and it’s clear something about this upsets him again.
  15. Seeing me cry upsets him a lot, even if it was irrational which in this case it was.
  16. And out of nowhere, here comes this young upstate senator from Illinois who upsets the.
  17. However, negative moments, negative emotional upsets were engraved in my memory in detail.
  18. If anyone upsets her in any way they will suffer consequences and believe me they will not be lenient.
  19. The next cart it upsets is that of literal interpretations of books like the Exodus, various parts of.
  20. Most now believe these little Hominids were a separate genesis that upsets the ―Out of Africa‖ theory.
  21. Argh!!! This very much upsets The Terrifying and Terrible Lord Ursa! Said The Terrifying and Terrible Lord Ursa.
  22. Use them to staunch bleeding and heal wounds, for fevers, colds and digestive upsets and other treaments as described.
  23. When Bannion digs deeper, he upsets quite a few people in organized crime along with their co-conspirators in the police force.
  24. I'm sorry if mentioning her upsets you but I think there is something you need to realize and I will not let it be pushed away.
  25. He is endowed with a certain indescribable, unexpected joviality; he upsets the composure of the shopkeeper with his wild laughter.
  26. The condemned man experiences a fear which is very terrible, but purely physical—an unconscious fear which upsets his moral nature.
  27. Friends and clients called him "Walkabout" Miller because of his erratic, hair-brained flying techniques which resulted in several nasty upsets.
  28. Small digestive upsets are relatively insignificant in survival conditions, but symptoms which suggest a more serious condition should not be ignored.
  29. It is one of the most highly researched herbs and probably the first herb to reach for in the case of mild stomach upsets caused by nervousness or hyperactivity.
  30. Digestive upsets, bowl pains from indigestion peptic ulcers, colitis (inflammation of the colon), with the symptoms of diarrhea, some times with blood and mucus.
  31. They would wake up at the same time, have the urge to go to the bathroom at the same time, suffer the same upsets in health, and they even dreamed about the same things.
  32. Revival always upsets the status quo! Now, we must understand the hurdle it was for the Jews to accept Gentiles—but this was God’s new thing and, in fact, more accurately it was God’s new man.
  33. Petra Cotes interpreted it as one more of so many upsets brought on by the bad situation, and every morning for over a year she would touch his palate with a dash of honey and give him some radish syrup.
  34. The rapidly diminishing number of plague victims, and others who had catching illnesses such as stomach upsets and poxes, went into the new building, which was officially blessed by the bishop early in the day.
  35. If he finds that a series of losses upsets him it is an easy matter to reduce the number of shares one-half or a quarter of the regular amount, or even to ten shares so that the dollars involved are no longer a factor.
  36. It has been observed that we are avoiding more and more the last two types of taste with the result that it upsets the digestive system and balance in our blood, thereby leading to a number of diseases, including cancer.
  37. She had also observed that certain kinds of illness – stomach upsets, coughs and colds, and poxes of all sorts –seemed to flare up during fairs and markets; so it seemed obvious that they were passed from one person to another by some means.
  38. Well maybe she really doesn’t remember beating that little boy Marcus up, but still, what if she ever comes to our school and one of those children there approaches her and tells her something that upsets her, then she winds up going off on that child beating the crap out of that child too, then winds up not remembering that either.
  39. When another driver does something that upsets you,.

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