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Frasi con disunited (in inglese)

1. However, the very shrewd takes delight with great glee contemplating the spectacle of a disunited and impotent Security Council.
2. In the middle of the second decade of the twenty-first century, many evangelicals find that they are disunited, hurt, angry, dispirited and confused.
3. Other forest areas may be non-contiguous or disunited, further disrupting lemur habitats and opening up the door to the introduction of invasive animal and plant species, sudden close proximity to domesticated animals, and new diseases.
4. The more people shall have to eat, the more there shall be of telegraphs, telephones, books, newspapers, journals, the more means will there be for the dissemination of discordant lies and of hypocrisy, and the more will men be disunited and, therefore, wretched, as is indeed the case at present.
5. The more men are freed from privation; the more telegraphs, telephones, books, papers, and journals there are; the more means there will be of diffusing inconsistent lies and hypocrisies, and the more disunited and consequently miserable will men become, which indeed is what we see actually taking place.
6. If there was a time when people were so disunited, when they had so little means of communication and interchange of ideas, that they could not co-operate and agree together in any common action in commerce, economics, or education without the state as a center, this want of common action exists no longer.
7. But if he is not able to prove this, he who is about to die will always have reason to fear that when the body is disunited, the soul may utterly perish ’ [eij de< μmh<, ajna>gkhn ei[nai ajei tollonta ajpoqanisqai dedie>nai uJpexei pana>pasin ajpo>lhtai].

8. If there was a time when men were so disunited among themselves and the means for a closer union and for the transmission of thought were so little worked out that they could not come to any understanding nor agree upon any common mercantile, or economical, or cultural matter without the medium of the state, there now no longer exists such a disunion.
9. Indeed, when Islam began, it seemed a strange religion, where our messenger Mohammed (cpth) set to call people whose solidarity was torn up by discords and tribalism, and they were disunited tribes and small states exploited by the greatest foreign states, and in their midst, there was a nation that showed superiority over them by what it had of the glorious past, and it implored God for victory as its sons believe that the coming of a messenger, whose name is Ahmad, (which means in Arabic the most praiser one from among the creation to Al'lah, the loftiest and more exalted one 'or: owner of the highest rank') has become imminent and by then, they shall triumph over the Arab, take their abodes and possessions, and become their masters.

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