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Frasi con disconnected (in inglese)

  1. I had the cable disconnected.
  2. He is disconnected from the.
  3. Then the phone was disconnected.
  4. Disconnected from the Main Frame.
  5. He disconnected his call in short.

  6. She felt disconnected from others.
  7. He was shaking when he disconnected.
  8. He had disconnected the GPS tracker.
  9. Before she could argue he disconnected.
  10. Probably means the hoses disconnected.
  11. She even felt disconnected from Henri.
  12. We've disconnected it now you're here.
  13. The guy probably disconnected the wires.
  14. You are feeling disconnected with others.
  15. David disconnected the call and looked up.

  16. Then time broke into disconnected segments.
  17. You have been too disconnected from others.
  18. By the time I disconnected Jon was twitching.
  19. I disconnected my CT phone when I went to MT.
  20. They have been disconnected for years now.
  21. I disconnected it and kept it inside my pocket.
  22. These three lines are disconnected and are not.
  23. She disconnected, dropped it and ran from the room.
  24. He stayed in the loft with the phone disconnected.
  25. You have been disconnected for three revolutions.

  26. The 911 service was the same thing as disconnected.
  27. The call was disconnected on her end rather abruptly.
  28. Done, Maria Glauser said, and then disconnected.
  29. Alex disconnected the call and dialed Lisa’s number.
  30. His telephone had had to be disconnected at his flat.
  31. He felt instead like he was disconnected from reality.
  32. Certain that the disconnected pipe would release his.
  33. We have disconnected ourselves from our own instincts.
  34. Is your business engaged? If not, you are disconnected.
  35. The local number was disconnected this very morning.
  36. Goodbye and good luck, and with that he disconnected.
  37. With a noticeable clank, the cab disconnected from the.
  38. Disconnected dots, hardly the fabric of a genuine voice.
  39. These characters are in varying ways disconnected from.
  40. There was a beep as she disconnected the call before Alex.
  41. He unbuckled himself from the glider and disconnected his.
  42. He soon found the electric, gas and telephone disconnected.
  43. He was disconnected from life and fighting was all he knew.
  44. First, I disconnected the rover and trailer from each other.
  45. He soon found the electric, gas, and telephone disconnected.
  46. The drones carried away the disconnected and silent CosmoTron.
  47. You’ll have it, he concluded, and disconnected the call.
  48. He immediately disconnected the call and dialed Del’s number.
  49. The inmate to the left of Kent had his cuffs disconnected from.
  50. He disconnected the line and put the headset back in his pocket.
  51. They disconnected themselves from the earth by living in trees.
  52. Esther disconnected her ship and returned to her patrol station.
  53. Yes, I tried to ring them, but their phones were disconnected.
  54. The ramp the civilians had used had been disconnected an hour ago.
  55. She said she would, murmured suitable condolences, and disconnected.
  56. The conversation was cold and disconnected and continually broke off.
  57. Often there's issues been in their life that have disconnected them.
  58. If your mind is disconnected you are connected to endangered species.
  59. Muttering these disconnected words, Rogojin began to make up the beds.
  60. Or at least, it kept his thoughts strangely disconnected from himself.
  61. Fentriss disconnected and turned to gaze at the tree with wonder in it.
  62. With that, the three men finished their conversation and disconnected.
  63. No tapes in them either, because the cameras were disconnected anyway.
  64. And before Rakesh could ask anything more, Aakash disconnected the call.
  65. It was a wordy, disconnected, frantic letter, a drunken letter in fact.
  66. If that power is disconnected, the machines stop and become motionless.
  67. It was as if some giant electrical wiring had been disconnected and I.
  68. The number you have reached has been disconnected, the phone says.
  69. Amy stayed and looked around the room, she felt disconnected and worried.
  70. Woman, depicting another disconnected, menacing figure, while in 1929 he.
  71. Now in the rushing, crushing crowd of disconnected, lonely souls, I heard.
  72. Scumble disconnected the safety chain and pulled the door a fraction wider.
  73. All who have chosen suicide felt disconnected from society — by society.
  74. Evan disconnected the call, staring at Margolis as though he might pass out.
  75. One by one, I disconnected the high-tension leads and replaced them with my.
  76. She disconnected the call but continued to hold the phone, thinking about it.
  77. Trevor disconnected the empty batteries and connected the newly charged one.
  78. Carefully, she disconnected, set the phone on the rug next to her, and stood.
  79. Disconnected from the truth for a week, it was enough to drive a person mad.
  80. The disconnected pitching of the two boats was making it hard for the gunner.
  81. Some grateful Belgian scamp disconnected it and disappeared into the crowd.
  82. He disconnected a small bag of coins from his belt and tossed it to the table.
  83. A few more seconds and he disconnected the power supply cable to the radio room.
  84. More than any previous trip, I felt almost completely disconnected from my body.
  85. She finds him disconnected and believes there is something wrong with his brain.
  86. Its gonna get tougher this time, the voice said and then disconnected the line.
  87. Finally, the screen simply read 'Done!', and he carefully disconnected the phone.
  88. Sharon agreed, and as her spirit helpers and Michelle disconnected the energetic.
  89. Colin disconnected, somehow sure that Lester had been in the blue Camry that night.
  90. The receptionist’s desk was vacant, and the phones were temporarily disconnected.
  91. His thoughts disconnected from his body, shifting out of place and falling in pieces.
  92. He fixed her with a strange, disconnected stare as though he wasn’t there with her.
  93. Nicole disconnected the call then dialed the number for the motor bike courier Gavin.
  94. As she spoke, she heard the click of the line being disconnected as the priest hung up.
  95. After Novak had disconnected from Yakovs call, he replayed the recorded conversation.
  96. A wire became unconnected that night that disconnected it, replied Linda defiantly.
  97. When the light turned green, Olsen said, Bye to Barbie and disconnected the call.
  98. Less than a week later when I tried calling her again, the phone had been disconnected.
  99. A long wait followed and a voice said the phone was either disconnected or out of range.
  100. Torbin knew that as soon as he disconnected himself he'd be easy prey for the Elusivers.
  1. The sound of a mobile disconnecting.
  2. Before disconnecting it again, though, she called.
  3. The shuttles are disconnecting from the war birds.
  4. It’s not important, she said, disconnecting the call.
  5. Practice connecting and disconnecting the plug from the socket.
  6. She flies up from the chair, disconnecting herself from the call.
  7. David then presses on the telephone button, disconnecting the line.
  8. After disconnecting the call I made it to the building in ten minutes flat.
  9. When disconnecting appliances from electrical outlets, use the plug when you.
  10. Detaching does not automatically mean disconnecting, however; although in this.
  11. Her thoughts started disconnecting alarmingly and she wondered why she felt so warm.
  12. Disconnecting from her, in that very moment, was the hardest things he had ever done.
  13. He started toward Gadai, who was disconnecting a call and slipping his phone into his pocket.
  14. Immediately upon disconnecting, Sylvia dialed her lawyer’s home number and let it ring until he answered.
  15. It has been a real pleasure working with you two – you take care added the big agent before disconnecting.
  16. Disconnecting the quick coupler from the compressor, he inserted the gas line into the end of the rubber air hose.
  17. Turning off the switch and disconnecting the electrodes the Arct orders the robot to stand two metres from the bench.
  18. It was the angelic equivalent of the mortal trick of 'hanging up' on someone and just disconnecting their communication link.
  19. In the confusion and in my panic to protect as much of me as possible, I started shedding control subsystems, disconnecting them.
  20. To project into the astral plane is only to experience all realms, or a specific dimension, through disconnecting from your physical body.
  21. Greatly criticized, Moniz was nevertheless convinced of the efficacy of slicing and disconnecting the frontal lobes from the rest of the brain.
  22. Disconnecting the call he dials again, and again with still no answer, now very worried he puts the phone onto the table and rolls a cigarette.
  23. In the aftermath of the riots the Prime Minister announced the government might look at disconnecting some online and telecommunications services.
  24. The robots began disconnecting themselves from their frames, from the buckles and wires that kept them in them, and lining up at the side of the one that had become their leader.
  25. It won’t matter whether you pull a “good” plug or a “bad” one, ‘cause they’re all connected in a mobius strip-like chain and anywhere you start the disconnecting, it will get them all.
  26. Receiving the monthly discourses will enable those who turn within to the Higher Self for their escape from hell, to have their psychic time loops removed, disconnecting them from Dominion‘s electromagnetic time loop.
  27. This apparently disconnecting self-interest – responsibility – is social disinterest – aresponsibility – by an autonomously indifferent self-occlusion derived from a schism between virtual world reward and real world thwartedness.
  28. Two hundred meters below, in the main machinery room, Shoumak, helped by his assistant engineer, finished disconnecting the matter conversion chamber and its molecular inverter tubes, then carried it into another compartment used to effect major repairs.
  29. Without any awkwardly abrupt transition or disconnecting jolts, those who begin to talk about mutual friends in the morning may easily reach a discussion of their own souls in the afternoon, and be far on the broad and easy path of sentiment by evening.
  30. When they returned to their room Shirl spread her tools on the table and began to dismantle the expensive laptop, Murray made a pot of coffee and sat and watched her doing her thing, the whole procedure was a mystery to Murray, he was totally computer illiterate and as far as altering one he would be about as much use as an ash tray on a motorbike, he was fascinated watching Shirl soldering this, disconnecting that, taking one component out and replacing it with another, very much in control of her environment.
  31. After disconnecting the call, Alex hesitated, receiver still in hand,.
  1. The Path of Splitness disconnects and splits.
  2. This creates unity in the work and eliminates disconnects.
  3. Steve disconnects the call with an angry push of a button.
  4. The clerk disconnects the line and prints a ticket behind the counter.
  5. Simon does not get the opportunity to reply as Stef disconnects the call.
  6. In a classic domino effect, pulling just the first one or two plugs disconnects all the others.
  7. By contrast, a link failure in a star internetwork disconnects one of the sites from the others completely.
  8. The stroke of our dreadful wand disconnects the ligament by which they are bound together in their distant operations.
  9. Seventy six hours later Grailem disconnects the platform from the main machine, in that seventy six hours he had learnt all of its secrets.
  10. That's what disconnects families of course, because see what happens is, when people are in that environment, they become afraid of the anger, and feelings of anger.
  11. Coming back into the lounge he disconnects the old television and puts it in the corner of the room, deciding to mount the new television he goes in search of his tools.
  12. The cmdlet shown in the following screenshot disconnects all the virtual network adapters whose switch name is InternetAccess in all the virtual machines on the local Hyper-V server:.
  13. Taking his mobile phone out of his pocket he calls again, after five rings the answer phone informs him that he is unable to answer the call and would he like to leave a message? Stef disconnects the call with an angry push of his thumb and shifts in the chair in agitation.
  14. The police is on their way? Alright, I'm on my way! The security guard disconnects and redials his walkie talkie! He then shouts into it, Calling all security calling all security! There's trouble out back! We have to get to it! The security guard and several other guards hurry off to the back as the crowd look at them stunned.

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1. Disconnect when it is not.
2. When you want to disconnect.
3. She was about to disconnect it.
4. A disconnect occurs any time that.
5. But there is a disconnect between.
6. First though, we should disconnect.
7. Disconnect when it is not necessary.
8. I didn't even 'ave ter disconnect it.
9. I could disconnect from the power grid.
10. That doesn't mean you have to disconnect.
11. When no longer needed, disconnect the cable.
12. Do not let your ego disconnect you from this.
13. She was ready to disconnect when Eric answered.
14. The heart was the most difficult to disconnect.
15. To be safe, you should disconnect the computer.
16. Where’s the disconnect? How is that possible?
17. As long as I didn't disconnect, she couldn't die.
18. I seemed unable to disconnect myself from others.
19. Reuben, can we disconnect the cargo modules and.
20. We suspect there is some sort of genetic disconnect.
21. We have endeavored to some extent to disconnect the.
22. All he had to remember was to disconnect the machine.
23. Patty sat in her place, willing herself to disconnect.
24. As you can see, there was a major disconnect in this stock.
25. As normal, I will disconnect the battery for safety reasons.
26. This disconnect can be observed in the triad relationship.
27. I love you, she said, and he heard the phone disconnect.
28. In this case, I didn't have to disconnect from my friend at all.
29. Don't disconnect a plug by pulling the wires when switch in ON.
30. Each time I would disconnect an area, there would be a hole in.
31. Disconnect the alarm switch and hit the off button to the pump.
32. The disconnect between what President Obama says and what he's.
33. I first entered the story during that disconnect, Kulai said.
34. Part of this disconnect should be attributed to the focus of the VXZ.
35. Obviously, there was a major disconnect and mispricing in this stock.
36. AS'ers tried to disconnect, but Doggie's voice remained in their heads.
37. Every pause, gap, space was comaed with crash, failure, and disconnect.
38. After you have configured the router, you can disconnect this computer.
39. The manager said, ‘But, why did you disconnect it, you stupid man?’.
40. Unit-Two, disconnect, you order verbally rather than through the link.
41. Richter, he said as he placed his finger over the disconnect button.
42. Soul brings confusion or disorder to the eye, it helps positive to disconnect.
43. You completely disconnect but are able to safely return, to your physical body.
44. Quick disconnect fittings should be installed on flexible air hoses in high fire.
45. There is a great disconnect in Chinese history, a break in the intellectual continuum.
46. What I prefer to say is that you disconnect or turn off the power you assigned to the.
47. This provides the barest impression that there is some level of disconnect or separation.
48. Feltus, Buster said curiously so that his cousin would not abruptly disconnect the call.
49. Valkenaar sees a clear disconnect between employees and leadership that allowed this to happen.
50. When you are done with the call, tap the screen and then tap Disconnect (the red dot with a handset).
51. Good, as soon as you see the staff hitting the floor, wait twenty minutes and disconnect the pipes.
52. Now I’ll fill my mouth with spit, disconnect the power plug to the monitor, and shove it in my mouth.
53. When they are ready to disconnect, they can leave the screen session like any other by typing ctrl-a d.
54. Actually, Ava said, there was a long disconnect between the time when Tdeshi was erased and I awakened.
55. You are trying to disconnect yourself from your reality by focusing on the pain that you inflicted to yourself.
56. You can no more disconnect from the universe and its inhabitants than a wave can extricate itself from the ocean.
57. Pratt then went on with many more studies showing the disconnect between temperature and carbon dioxide concentrations.
58. He himself could disconnect between friend and enemy any time he wanted, he doubted Denver's discipline would be the same.
59. No rational person can be persuaded that a philosopher suffering a toothache has a disconnect between his mind and his body.
60. Max proposed to transport the platform by helicopter, position it over the hole in the treetops, and then disconnect the line.
61. No matter what polarized extreme you look at… if you study it, you will find that there is no absolute disconnect between them.
62. This may stem from the same factors that cause implied volatility of gold to disconnect at times from the price action surrounding gold.
63. What makes a table a table? the visitor could not disconnect from that which translated her questions into answers, images, and audio.
64. Devra Davis entitled Disconnect: The Truth about Cell Phone Radiation, What the Industry Has Done to Hide It, and How to Protect Your Family.
65. She did not reply, and after a brief pause, she received a very familiar packet by now, the one she now called 'session disconnect with error'.
66. As the VIX entered a period of range-bound performance, the VXX performance appears to disconnect some from the price movements of the VIX index.
67. The time ripens when circuits of the cultural matrix that once fused moral thought to action dissolve, a few molecules at a time, and disconnect.
68. Note one other important point: the disconnect between the front-month implied volatility and the remainder of the term-structure graph in December.
69. What I prefer to say is that you disconnect or turn off the power you assigned to the hologram, like pulling the plug or turning off a light switch.
70. You may have to disconnect the cable from each of the repeaters in turn (remembering to terminate the bus properly each time) to isolate the problem.
71. Devra Davis – Disconnect: The Truth about Cell Phone Radiation, What the Industry Has Done to Hide It, and How to Protect Your Family (2010: Dutton).
72. At this time, those spirits which are now joined with one other will disconnect and become separated, and will then turn back to their pre-material states.
73. That is the ultimate goal of laughter: to disconnect you from reality; to disconnect your senses so much, that you go become completely detached from life.
74. But if you are here in LOVE to help others also gain the freedom to create love, then, please, cease recording and disconnect from anything monitored by IT.
75. In other words, it’s possible to have a disconnect between what is viewed as sharing, communications, and Knowledge Management, and the business of making money.
76. While adults can apparently absorb these images safely because by then they are numb, and can easily disconnect themselves emotionally from what they are watching.
77. Shift the derailleur on the highest number for the rear and the lowest one for the front to remove any tension in the cable and disconnect the cable at the derailleur.
78. Can’t they see how real the war experience is? It sure seems that the government has succeeded in creating a disconnect from the hard reality of killing and being killed.
79. If, as in modern tool-society, the disconnect between people, the separation is so huge that there exists no true closeness between people: then true happiness cannot exist.
80. A business that’s trading readily below its liquidation value merely illustrates to an investor that there is a deep disconnect between the underlying business and the stock market.
81. Similarly, let's look at another use case to disconnect all the virtual machine networks from a virtual switch that is available on all the virtual machines hosted on the Hyper-V host.
82. Of course one way is just to disconnect from everyone, withdraw, hide, read books, watch television, go play on a computer, disconnect, get busy, do a hobby, all kinds of ways it happens.
83. It eventually led me to see that there was a mispricing here, and that there was a major disconnect between perception and reality -- between the stock price and the intrinsic value of the business.
84. Baby Boomers are caught in the middle of an ideological disconnect having categorically rejected their parent‘s customary values as well as the conventional values embraced by their (own) children.
85. Therefore, we propose that in order to eliminate conflict, we must eliminate the disconnect among those with differences by correcting the lack of understanding that arises from ignorance with knowledge.
86. When people disconnect from each other, when they are trained to only relate abstractively, impersonally: as strangers, adversaries, as antagonists: then there can no longer be any good will between people.
87. This is, the complex interface between the ‘physical’ and spiritual at the point of ‘physical’ death, disconnect, or more precisely, their anatomical (anatomy) energy changes in structure and functions.
88. Yet even though he could regard them as friends seeing their space-suited forms didn’t have anywhere near the same visceral impact; it could almost have been that they were asleep such was the disconnect due to.
89. And at the death Self’s ‘physical’ body, this is perhaps where the complex ‘physical’ and transcendent interface between the Self’s body and the Self’s Self/ Spirit cease to exist, disconnect, depart and go their separate ways.
90. The disconnect between the upper half of our bodies and the lower half took millions of years to develop: a penis disconnected from its brain and a brain disconnected from its penis; fucking and overpopulating the Earth with too many naked apes.
91. Now, we will look at the cmdlets that can be used to manage virtual machine migration networks, and later, we will look at some examples on how you can use the Connect and Disconnect network adapter cmdlets to assign a network adapter to a virtual switch.
92. This is relatively easy to do in an environment in which all the hubs are located in the same wiring closet or data center, but if the hubs are scattered all over the site, you may have to disconnect some of the hubs temporarily to reduce the size of the collision domain to perform your tests.
93. To the cost of lost human potential and creativity, the cost in loss of choice and diversity, the cost in global environmental destruction, in saddling future generations with the horrific problems of pollution, landfills, polluted groundwater, toxic waste that cannot be recycled, the cost of future recycling, waste cleanup, the cost of all the gradual environmental degradation which takes years to be noticed, the cost of the poverty and misery of billions of human souls, the cost of comfort-addicted arrogance, smugness, the cost of the total indifference and disconnect between the rich and the poor; just to name a few aspects that must be included into the cost of anything that is manufactured and sold on a mass basis in our capitalistic system.
94. He pressed the button to disconnect the call and hurried back up to Emily's bedroom, then growled,.