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Frasi con fragmented (in inglese)

1. What happened next was fragmented.
2. In fragmented segments, he heard Dr.
3. Connection in a Fragmented World, Perigee.
4. I remember my past in a very fragmented way.
5. I heard the words, Disjointed, fragmented.
6. Familiar routine is balm to a fragmented soul.
7. This time, the synchronised shouting fragmented.

8. But you can only see me as a fragmented vision.
9. The shells fragmented as they hit the sweeper car.
10. Fragmented machines and beings littered the void.
11. The hollow bones: the decayed and fragmented bones.
12. He fragmented from birth, thrown to the winds and.
13. In the United States, our industry is highly fragmented.
14. Then there are fragmented energies that latch onto yours.
15. The land mass then fragmented due to the colossal violence.
16. It will result in chaos if used with fragmented groups or with.
17. Our bodies are owned by others; we are fragmented within our selves.
18. It was similar to the fragmented memories the other women had reported.
19. Its highly fragmented cookbook approach results in a strange mélange.
20. The trancenet has fragmented the now: all Nows, virtual and relative.
21. The picture so far was fragmented and they were hoping that the witness K.
22. But in the ears of Nangong Ping, this fragmented singing was exceptional.
23. Mind is the jewel we have but fragmented under Satan to show his ownership.
24. Their societies became more segmented, fragmented, alienated, and isolated.
25. See how fragmentation is keeping you fragmented by ignoring that each part.
26. A fragmented self can only have a certain degree of disengaged engagement, e.
27. Run-on and fragmented sentences will be very common until you correct those errors.
28. It took me several long seconds to consolidate my seemingly fragmented self and it.
29. It’s an M67 fragmented grenade, steel body, scored steel spring for fragmentation.
30. I recognized enough from my fragmented memory to know that I was looking at my parents.
31. As he tries to breathe he sucks in fragmented meat and acid tasting bile into his lungs.
32. Sensing the panic in his fragmented melody-making, I forgot my own and walked over to him.
33. After hours of fragmented sleep, his mother�s words amplified throughout him in a fretful tone.
34. The homemade cast iron grenade fragmented into thirteen pieces as the low order explosive detonated.
35. As a result, FANK forces became fragmented, isolated, and unable to lend one another mutual support.
36. The problem with civilized wisdom and enlightenment is that is it fragmented, segmented, incomplete.
37. Mass markets became fragmented and the brokering power of the large agencies diminished significantly.
38. He searched his fragmented memory of the previous few weeks for the motivation behind starting a TV show.
39. The other female also had a gunshot to the head, but the bullet was fragmented and forensically worthless.
40. It was a through and through wound, the bullet had dented the steel deck and fragmented, under the carpet.
1. Wholes accrete by fragmenting.
2. When fragmenting frames at the MAC layer, an 802.
3. Then he had to have a hit as his thoughts were fragmenting and he was getting jittery.
1. She got fragments of it.
2. The fragments of the jug.
3. Most of these fragments of.
4. I remember fragments of images.
5. Fragments of the same old creature.
6. Are these poor fragments only left.
7. We both held several fragments in our.
8. They all looked at the broken fragments.
9. Fragments that we call memories in life.
10. Fragments of glass litter the alleyways.
11. A Mind Cubism with 1000’s of fragments.
12. Just because you cannot see the fragments.
13. Dismissing all these as mere fragments of.
14. Last fragments of wheat settled back to earth.
16. Unification of fragments is really elimination.
17. Look among those fragments with care, Jacques.
18. I quote these fragments as a sample of his talk.
19. Is this the way the fragments were buried in.
20. There were two things odd about these fragments.
21. The most interesting were some lexical fragments.
22. Fragments have been reduced to the point that you.
23. Its fragments are deadly to a radius of ten meters.
24. Many of the rocks sparkled with metallic fragments.
25. The stars were scattered in fragments across the sky.
26. He felt the fragments cut his face and rip his suit.
27. Fragments of memories came to him: a burning sun, a.
28. Evidence indicates that when speeding fragments of.
29. The radio burst into bomb fragments on the roof below.
30. The quarrel exploded into flaming fragments in mid-air.
31. His disciples, Gather up the leftover fragments that.
32. We have been lucky to find as many fragments as we have.
33. He came to one of the fragments, sniffed it and tasted it.
34. The fragments will be dissimilar to the parts of the whole.
35. He gave a quick tug and the links exploded into fragments.
36. See, I only know fragments of this story, being younger.
37. Only fragments were left after the virus erased most of it.
38. Turns out the police have found bomb fragments at the scene.
39. The fragments of the broken Crabbit gavel were also swept up.
40. These fragments of nourishment served only to whet my hunger.

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A bunch of fragment white.
Your tracker must seek fragment.
Time seemed to shatter and fragment.
I share a soul fragment with Patsy.
How and why that skull fragment was.
A fragment that is associated to the.
Parts can neither fragment nor accrete.
The large fragment of earth decimates.
Even a fragment of one was a serious loss.
It's a fragment of bone, my Father's bone.
Nearby, a fragment of the doe continued to glow.
A small fragment of the wood was hanging down.
Sabbaths are a foretaste and fragment of heaven.
She fought the tears that were just a fragment away.
A fragment of the ground erects at a 45 degree angle.
A fragment that is associated to the identification.
It appears to be a fragment torn from a larger sheet.
He touched a fragment of white frosting to his mouth.
There was but a mere fragment of nature in that woman.
I believe I’ve done all I can with this fragment.
The fragment of earth that TK is perched on top of is.
This beginning shows that the piece is only a fragment.
He broke the bread and scooped the stew with a fragment.
I had a small fragment of the wood stuck in my left arm.
Douglas placed the blue glass fragment over his own eyes.
Hold this open while I get the fragment out, Chu said.
Their community was so small, it was a shame to fragment it.
One can clearly see the fragment is entering the atmosphere.
At best, the newspapers revealed a small fragment of the truth.
Ganz gently laid the fragment inside of it, and latched the case.
He pulled out a fragment of black nylon with a Nike swoosh on it.
His jaw firmed and his grip tightened on the small bone fragment.
Truman ran, leaving behind the last small fragment of his humanity.
And — something else — a small withered fragment of — skin?
It was a fragment of what recent history called The Rikandra Failure.
There was a telltale jet of hot plasma coming from that fragment also.
Cordus had decided that Williams, Zion, and Kara would enter the fragment.
Referring to a single fragment as a datagram is incorrect use of the term.
This last tiny fragment is the point of consciousness which those of us who.
I fling another shell fragment in his direction, and the soldier pulls back.

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