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    1. Obviously these patterns can coexist in the same person, but there seems to be usually one dominant pattern

    2. "If we decide to enhance the individual, as has been the dominant theme on this planet for twenty centuries now, we will not evolve in that direction

    3. What on earth have you got yourself into, Sally? Dad could be pretty dominant when he wanted to be

    4. What happened was all the women unknowingly synchronized their cycles with one dominant female and all would suffer PMS and etcetera on the same day

    5. As Harry had become a dominant force in both, his decision to remain through the summer was welcomed heartily by instructors and practitioners alike

    6. She wouldn't hurry to get back into the rounds of practice and recording sessions, the arguments over why this or that word didn't quite convey the meaning and this or that riff was too twinkly or too dominant

    7. Thru a process you know as the 'alpha male' system this leads to females choosing to mate with the dominant males

    8. This made females less attracted to dominant males as a female was normally programmed to do in a mammal, and more interested in seeking a greater number of attractive partners as a male would do

    9. dominant male imposes himself by force

    10. Aggression built until I saw what was causing my dominant nature to heighten

    11. have a few dominant people within them

    12. If the country which the young soul is taking charge of is a dominant power of the world, then the implications could be far-reaching

    13. dominant species, creating incentives for species number two

    14. "You know he's become the planet's dominant species, don't

    15. It is necessary that you at least acknowledge the delusions before they become dominant

    16. He is certainly the dominant defensive football player in football

    17. The Team defense had become dominant last year and he was definitely the star

    18. This was because in the popular Army, “Armia Krajowa” (AK), which was the dominant Polish resistance movement during the Second World War in German-occupied Poland, the majority of the officers were Jewish, and that did not sit well with the Polish

    19. Self appointed Friends of the Indian, largely well off dilettantes at philanthropy, became the dominant voice in the debate over what should be the fate of Natives once forced onto reservations

    20. Within seconds he was already steadily climbing up the steep winding path that would take him between the two dominant mountain peaks, and afterwards probably on a shallow descend to the Land of God

    21. Ripping Joseph's flesh with his teeth, the Snaggle thought he'd moved into a dominant position

    22. Somehow, Brendan was dominant in the relationship, in the same way as his boss for the project, ‘Sim,’ as Hartle referred to him

    23. “A colony of the dominant civilization on the third planet, the colony is located near this star here

    24. the cold dominant and sure

    25. The Eastern (Byzantine) church’s triumph eclipsed the Western (Roman) church’s successes to such an extent that it (the Eastern church) became the dominant theological force for the three hundred years from the beginning in AD 325 to Mohammed’s challenge to it in AD 625

    26. Social dominance gives the power to access food and females, which is the dominant theme in all mythological and historical accounts of love and war

    27. Ea designed and made a dominant strategy and made His counter spell, sovereign and holy that He recited and made it subsist in the deep, spilling sleep on Apsu

    28. The dominant theory is that modern Homo sapiens came out of Africa

    29. She’d seen from the dominant adults around that her mother counted for nothing, and her older cousins had bossed her around in the usual way of children

    30. Might a chemical, on the other hand, ablate the higher controls and galvanize one’s thoughts, whether they be prurient or redeeming? It wasn’t so much a matter of the capitulation of one’s will, since one’s will was already invested in this area of dominant love

    31. of online media platforms within the country and the dominant

    32. dominant internet users in the region? Are they the

    33. The mind of the individual is the dominant force which controls the body

    34. It was called Wanka after the dominant tribe

    35. They did not seem to have any dominant organization, but were many separate subgroups that in the past had formed shifting alliances to fight among themselves

    36. Mongol seemed to be the dominant language, also, although a few odd words from the local language survived

    37. These people had lost all of their distinctness and it seemed their language was so corrupted with Mongol and Yokut (their dominant inland neighbors) that it had to be considered gone

    38. be the dominant ingredients; they send the right vibrations to the

    39. And, as the girl grew, each energy wanted to be the dominant one, the fight was consuming her from the inside

    40. It was never meant to be the dominant authority over the entire structure of government

    41. The stability of the American political system has rested on the existence of two dominant parties of moderation

    42. However, due to CNG being less economical than LPG, LPG (propane) is the dominant source of rural gas

    43. With the dominant species always at

    44. Herod had done what we have seen so often in Jewish history: as ruler of a second-rate power, he used personal ties with the highest level of the dominant power in order to do something for his people

    45. Secondly, it shows that the dominant

    46. The first is that the Jewish community of Holland had enough respect for the dominant Christian majority to want to avoid unnecessary

    47. Since this ideology was the dominant ideology of the powerful Boston mercantile elite, it deserves some attention

    48. Protestantism was the dominant religion in the U

    49. dominant population, but the children of the slaves would speak the common language

    50. socially dominant elements obtained the support of numbers by organizing poor masses to do their bidding

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    dominant dominant allele predominant prevailing prevalent rife commanding ascendant master common controlling first important imperious authoritative lordly bossy