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    1. This works like any MF but the difference is that any time in future it can be exchanged with gold at the price prevalent at that time

    2. this type of attitude, but the most prevalent is be pride

    3. In the self-centered world that exists today, the prevalent attitude is one of coarseness, arrogance, and self-will

    4. And it isn’t any more prevalent than in the religious establishments and at the market places

    5. Instead of the usual wallpapered effect, that was very prevalent, elsewhere

    6. By eight she and Beth were standing in the kitchen surrounded by concerned faces, Crystal's fear was more than prevalent; it seemed everyone feared what was rolling their way

    7. When asked, fitness experts mention 4 prevalent myths that are widely believed, but

    8. Though the word charity isn’t used in Hindu writings, the premise of giving and aiding others is prevalent within the Rig Veda, Thirukkural, Bhagawad Gita,

    9. She mentioned her concern with the pagan practices so prevalent in the Babylonian culture

    10. This paradigm is prevalent in the corporate sector of many countries

    11. Sand concrete that does not contain coarse aggregate is prevalent type of the concrete

    12. They came as both humans and ern, but they seemed more prevalent in the humans, and so every man that came against the wall was shown special attention from the defenders

    13. “So’s the air,” coughed Jenny, finding the atmosphere in the shaft barely breathable, fumes from the fire still prevalent

    14. An author wrote an article, he called the prevalent attitude, the malaise of the country prior to its end, a cancer of complacency

    15. It is further just as important to recognise the absence of “design” when dealing with a subject where chaos or randomness is prevalent

    16. This tendency is becoming more and more prevalent today

    17. The section above highlights a number of issues especially prevalent in today’s circumstances:

    18. This is the most prevalent type of golfer, and these players can usually be found playing in couples and foursomes

    19. Dangerous snakes were also more prevalent in the East now that I think about it

    20. Flanked on all sides by the guards that had become so prevalent of late, most badgers kept their gaze lowered

    21. Wiping the rain from his face, he wished he could wipe away the memories that had so suddenly arisen from nowhere when Karla had taken him into her mouth - dark memories that in the end always sought him out, memories that had become more prevalent lately, memories that refused to be stilled

    22. Most prevalent among those considered as heretics were the Gnostics who were quite ruthlessly suppressed

    23. Indeed, it is very prevalent across many traditions of Protestantism where people are frequently told by the clergy what they “must” believe and do, otherwise

    24. It could even be more prevalent, given the current political climate

    25. Might it be that the depth John had to peer into his vision for the merest of an understanding was what caused him to couch his interpretation of temptation in the idol-worshiping sexuality more akin to his day and in prior times, a kind of parabolic reference to the sort of temptation that might be prevalent in a future that he was grossly ill-equipped to envision?

    26. The lynx is more prevalent in Canada but has been found in the US

    27. Cock-fighting is a popular gambling sport, prevalent in the rural areas, but it is outlawed in Bangkok

    28. to the front entrance of the club with more prevalent things on his mind; finding

    29. FSDD is one of the most prevalent female sexual

    30. They were both short and rather stocky (one more so that the other) with darkish skin and the large hooked noses so prevalent locally

    31. education is the most widely prevalent aspect that most people are aware of, perhaps the only benchmark of education that most people recognize

    32. Where is this headed: In an area of our nation where hedonistic attitudes are prevalent --- the San Francisco’s Bay area of California --- the media reports:

    33. His theory, prevalent in the nineteenth century, stated that the price or “value” of an item has two components

    34. circumstances, she succumbed to the infantile Leftism that was as prevalent as the

    35. Both male and female predators are prevalent,

    36. Here his kingship is in view, and thus his role as builder is a prevalent motif

    37. The main prevalent issues of the migrants" families are in fact, the main issue on

    38. Neurosis and the alienation of the masses are too prevalent today, with

    39. pollution is one of the causes for headaches to become so prevalent

    40. out from the scene by the other prevalent genres and be forced into a hiding of

    41. Tofu is a poor man’s snack, but that also makes it prevalent

    42. misinformation on the market and personally committed to finding the secrets to permanent fat loss and fitness that were hidden in all of the hype and sensationalism all to prevalent in the industry

    43. Alcoholism and spousal abuse is prevalent

    44. But, on the other hand, you need to understand that the lengthy process has also weeded out the illegal “Russian Bride” scams that had been more prevalent in the past

    45. All of these views are quite prevalent, but so is resistance to them

    46. There is a certain compulsion prevalent amongst a

    47. the most prevalent type, and the second the arithmetic average

    48. This disposition is as prevalent among the young as it is amongst the elderly

    49. Gāndhiji was a good observer of the all different kinds of governments that were prevalent in his time and before that

    50. “But wait! Such thoughts are common ones, are prevalent in thine own time

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