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    1. prevailing rate of inflation

    2. Amidst all the revolutions which faction has ever occasioned in the government of Amsterdam, the prevailing party has at no time accused their predecessors of infidelity in the administration of the bank

    3. emotions or prevailing attitudes are consciously and

    4. with them will consist of world events and prevailing

    5. The prevailing conditions today do not fully support these requirements and therefore our bodies are no longer able to survive as long as they used to, during the antediluvian age

    6. These are two powerful concepts that are used in prevailing prayers

    7. Why not? Once again we come back to the prevailing racist mentality that the white man always knows better

    8. Police bashing has become the prevailing custom in many of our urban centers despite the heroic efforts of the many brave men and women who routinely place their lives on the line each and every day protecting law-abiding citizens

    9. What this conclusion means to an Army who is predominantly Christian and finding itself in a prevailing Muslim country today you can imagine for yourself

    10. Addendum to the above: (Consumer) Demand remains the (one) prevailing constant

    11. Machiavelli correctly argued that internal revolutions that seek to transform a society‘s social and political cultural must (necessarily) retain that society‘s material forms in order to convey a semblance of continuity without seemingly undermining their essential character, notwithstanding its altering of prevailing customs and practices that would otherwise promote resentment among its citizens

    12. Addendum to the above: Every generation is influenced in part by the prevailing customs of its time; challenging the formal

    13. Its elasticity renders the Constitution a ―living‖ organism subject to contemporary interpretations or (the) prevailing temper (moral climate) of modern times

    14. He placed little faith in the efficacy of legal and social institutions as potential forces for promoting (attitudinal) change that (otherwise) required a voluntary change of ―heart‖ in order to eliminate the prevailing social injustices directed against the poorer classes at that time

    15. Therefore, a commitment to (true) friendship, setting aside such differences for the moment, requires that our differences produce (a) plausible effect, that does not (necessarily) imply acceptance, however, without compromising either individual‘s prevailing sentiments

    16. What we are witnessing today, however, especially in the more wretched urban environments, is a conspicuous absence of purposeful ―genius‖ attributable less to inherent factors than the prevailing influence of a McDonald‘s-like mentality that seems to promote the lowest forms of culture that baser designs have to offer

    17. Besides, his record on Abortion speaks for itself! I suppose my real concern, however, centers on prevailing liberal/secularist sentiments portraying Christians as unsuitable candidates for the Supreme Court, or any other higher court for that matter, lest their religious viewpoints should otherwise color an (objective) interpretation of the law

    18. Prevailing attitudes of this sort have become increasingly common in an age where ―organic relationships‖

    19. Notwithstanding our human shortcomings, however, how far should any society be expected to tolerate, for ―unity‘s sake‖, irreconcilable moral and ethical misconduct that is quickly gaining momentum within political circles? Who remains accountable for the unseemly actions of our public officials who seem unwilling or unable to reform themselves, if not the Conscience of the American People? In what manner does that society continue supporting notions of unity in view of prevailing (double) standards that falsely qualify appearances as uncharacteristic or unimportant? In what manner does that society achieve consistency between public and private matters where

    20. Prevailing wisdom, I suppose, informed the 157

    21. Spotlights bathed them in bright light contrasting the prevailing gloom throughout the bar, broken only by the pale glow of candles under ruby-red glass

    22. Those in the new system would be given credit for their past contributions (at the prevailing interest rate of 1

    23. The schools at Riverside, California and Carlisle, Pennsylvania were construed to convert the Indians into members of the prevailing culture

    24. They were shorter than the northern tribes, but from the looks of things they had also adopted the prevailing housing and customs along the coast

    25. There was a book about the sea and the currents and prevailing winds

    26. Hartmann: And the prevailing winds and the prevailing ocean currents take water from

    27. 4 A fierce battle then took place; and the men of Antiochus prevailing,

    28. Moreover, the bid and offer spreads prevailing at the time

    29. 37 And also on account of their brother Benjamin they consoled themselves for the loss of his brother Joseph; what will they then do for him when they see the hand of any people prevailing over them, for his sake?

    30. Faced with Roger’s inability and unwillingness to initiate a costly legal battle in favor of the prevailing sentiment, Kent left so resentful of his father that he has not been heard from since, and Robert fell into a depression that worsened as time went on, to the point that he had to be hospitalized some time later

    31. understanding of the prevailing conditions are essential to a

    32. The $2k proceeds from sale of our house—at huge loss due to prevailing 14% mortgage rates—were deposited into a state insured S&L which then went bankrupt

    33. Attuned for the moment to the prevailing political tide, Babeuf found employment within the revolutionary

    34. Paul’s vision was for Christian churches to be planted throughout the Mediterranean basin, but how that was achieved was not set in stone and the method was adaptable and changed to fit the prevailing circumstances

    35. Royalty, the nobility, and the townspeople added elements colored by their own interests to the prevailing temper, but always merging with one or other of the two aspects of the Church attitude

    36. Rather, the prevailing philosophy of today's voluntary simplicity movement is not to live without possessions or to live in frugality, but to slow down and live a more balanced, deliberate, and thoughtful life

    37. 37 And also on account of their brother Benjamin they consoled themselves for the loss of his brother Joseph; what will they then do for him when they see the hand of any people prevailing over them for his sake?

    38. campaign a historic moment and emphasized the urgency to go against prevailing

    39. 4 A fierce battle then took place; and the men of Antiochus prevailing Arsinoe continually went up and down the ranks and with dishevelled hair with tears and entreaties begged the soldiers to fight manfully for themselves their children and wives; and promised that if they proved conquerors she would give them two mina? of gold apiece

    40. knows the specific cause of migraine prodromes, the prevailing theory

    41. Whitefish Bay, at the southeastern end of Lake Superior, was invariably a congested area because the shallow bay allowed rapid ice formations that grew into ice jams which traveled unimpeded over the vast East-West-bearing lake at the head of the prevailing westerly winds

    42. The response tally was due to the large number of fishing and recreational vessels which operate out of the ports of Bayfield and Ashland, and the severe weather conditions caused by the prevailing westerly winds coming unimpeded across the Lake (“USCG Station Bayfield,” 1995)

    43. the specific cause of migraine prodromes, the prevailing theory is that they are part of neurochemical

    44. I"ve had maps made of the prevailing world wind currents and

    45. They could be moved into position and reach high up into prevailing wind currents to spread PAX over vast areas

    46. He couldn't help but think it must have eroded significantly over the thousands of years since the last ice age, particularly if weather patterns had differed from present-day prevailing westerlies

    47. when some of this same minority agrees with prevailing discreditable opinions, they are then

    48. media and allusions, the contradictions, the hypocrisy and the absurdity behind prevailing

    49. marketing tax deductions you are entitled to have as per the prevailing tax law of

    50. Conditions of the twentieth century, prevailing in both religion and human governments, are so different from those prevailing in Jesus' day that it was indeed difficult to adapt the Master's teachings at Urmia to the problems of the kingdom of God and the kingdoms of men as these world functions are existent in the twentieth century

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    dominant predominant prevailing prevalent rife effectual efficacious influential successful superior widespread popular accepted rampant