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Frasi con downward (in inglese)

  1. They then drifted downward to.
  2. Repeat the upward and downward.
  3. Mac was in a sharp downward spiral.
  4. The downward movement should be a.
  5. The ball of fire thundered downward.

  6. Tim glanced downward at the pavement.
  7. This resembles Downward Facing Dog.
  8. Sue caressed her hand downward and.
  9. Her eyes darted downward and widened.
  10. I’m spinning and spinning downward.
  11. In this the downward movement is not.
  12. There is downward pressure on earnings.
  13. Conan scarcely wasted a downward glance.
  14. The lever started downward in its track.
  15. Mabeuf had continued his downward course.

  16. The downward motion never seemed to stop.
  17. She swung her dagger in a downward strike.
  18. Attitude of Analyst Where Trend Is Downward.
  19. His hand dragged hers in a downward sweep.
  20. The ripple moved steadily downward as the.
  21. Yet as the feline Daitya floated downward.
  22. The men inside were still shooting downward.
  23. Something was pulling these objects downward.
  24. The convent stopped him on that downward path.
  25. There he halted, panting, and stared downward.

  26. Their attention was focused downward, not up.
  27. This started the downward movement of educa-.
  28. Olin saw the man's head jerk suddenly downward.
  29. Upward arpeggio and downward octave with turn.
  30. Adjusting the mirror downward, he stared at a.
  31. There was a sudden, noticeable downward shift.
  32. Use your strength to control the downward motion.
  33. This will put downward pressure on the put price.
  34. Staff knowing the restaurant on a downward slope.
  35. Nozroth, let us move downward from this school.
  36. Price is obviously moving in a downward direction.
  37. Downward he fell with a hard smack into the water.
  38. His eyes were to be directed downward at all times.
  39. He stared downward at the white ground, mouth agape.
  40. He cleaved downward at my head, but I wasn’t there.
  41. There is harm in my mother’s continuing downward.
  42. By people following the downward path of destruction.
  43. Once the moving average turns downward by at least 0.
  44. They spiraled downward to hold council in their tower.
  45. It ceased at a steep flight of steps leading downward.
  46. The seer looked downward at an angle into Doc’s face.
  47. They fled through a group of tunnels leading downward.
  48. Kerim Shah nocked an arrow and sent it singing downward.
  49. It was a very long tunnel, with a steep downward grade.
  50. The ultimate result of these interactions is a downward.
  51. The new indicator will now display a downward bias.
  52. Allowing the eyes to rest in a soft downward gaze has an.
  53. The UFO begins to come up the bridge while facing downward.
  54. I soared downward and perched myself on Raziel's shoulders.
  55. After trying everywhere else from the White House downward.
  56. No sound interferes with his meticulously descent downward.
  57. Mr Dedalus, twisting his nose, frowned downward and said:.
  58. A surge in oil prices can place downward pressure on stocks.
  59. With his downward course the tower of the church rose into.
  60. A downward trend line is drawn where the prices are falling.
  61. Then, he looked downward to see the wall that was before him.
  62. And about two hours after that, another downward test occurs.
  63. Without her, Natasha believed, Marilyn would spiral downward.
  64. Her downward stare sees Cass’ boots appear next to her feet.
  65. If the price falls the trader simply rides the downward trend.
  66. That route will just go in a downward spiral towards blame and.
  67. Christine’s downward slide on the guilt train abruptly halted.
  68. Sometimes the end of a downward trend is determined by a price.
  69. When she went home that night, things spiraled further downward.
  70. If both hands are pointing down, the response is a downward arc.
  71. The converse is true for a trend which is downward in direction.
  72. The truck crossed the pass and the downward stretch went quickly.
  73. She was shocked to realize that they were indeed moving downward.
  74. While the short-term price direction was downward, RSI moved up.
  75. Scorching pillars begat a sheet of fallout that wafted downward.
  76. As my eyes drift downward at their clothes, the oily sludge is.
  77. Hortmuller's right hand clutching the derringer flopped downward.
  78. Yet somehow, he continued downward, half-slipping, half-gripping.
  79. In a down trend, fear increases with each tick downward in price.
  80. I said I bet he’s called everyone from the White House downward.
  81. Bring the hands downward in a striking movement to the centre of.
  82. Rory had started to doze, when the downward movement of the plane.
  83. With a short, downward pull; draw down about five to eight inches.
  84. These upward and downward motions of the mind cease only after the.
  85. Both were trending downward after the stock reached the $200 price.
  86. When the market makes a violent move downward, two things happen:.
  87. The downward reversal of the slow EMA marks the end of the uptrend.
  88. The plane was coasting downward with a sickening, unrelenting pull.
  89. The whales submerged downward into the crystal clear water with us.
  90. They exited the cavern and continued their precarious hike downward.
  91. As part of its downward move, GTU had a large down gap on August 23.
  92. The beak, hooked slightly downward at the end, was strong and sharp.
  93. Uptrend lines are upward sloping, and downtrend lines slope downward.
  94. You have him inverted falling downward toward the bottom of the pool.
  95. Then Zach stood over the priest‘s body and pointed the gun downward.
  96. His eye followed the individual droplet downward, catching it head on.
  97. It was hand held with two eye pieces, and a scanner than went downward.
  98. B: At this point, the second downward closing bar, the trade is working.
  99. However, the stock reversed the downward momentum by the end of the day.
  100. The floor slanted slightly downward and was worn smooth as by many feet.

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