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Frasi con downwards (in inglese)

  1. Zach pointed his thumb downwards.
  2. It led downwards into the bowels.
  3. She looked downwards, to the left.
  4. The lift started moving downwards.
  5. The UFO continues to cruise downwards.

  6. The ground slopes slightly downwards.
  7. The rough roadway still led downwards.
  8. When prices break downwards through a.
  9. He started counting from five downwards.
  10. She glanced downwards at Joseph's feet.
  11. I walked to the window and peered downwards.
  12. His stomach lurched as he plunged downwards.
  13. He bounded downwards into the black, smoky hall.
  14. Moving downwards on the back the colour lightens.
  15. Without warning the path began to spiral downwards.

  16. Sharply pull the firing string vertically downwards.
  17. The victim, a short, stubby man, lay face downwards.
  18. Lie face downwards on your mat with your chin on the.
  19. From her waist downwards she wore a big dark-blue apron.
  20. The nut 2 moves 18 vertically downwards via the arm 12.
  21. Before reaching the top, he turned downwards to Phillip.
  22. Lie face downwards, chin touching the floor, hands along.
  23. Sophia leaned against the wall and slid her back, downwards.
  24. He swayed, slipped, and slithered downwards with a wailing cry.
  25. The mad doctor continues to cut downwards to his upper abdomen.

  26. While inhaling deeply through the nose, and pressing downwards.
  27. Overnight the price gaps downwards to open the next day at 5100.
  28. The ship continues to head downwards, gradually increasing speed.
  29. It is that I am nothing! Suddenly— He swung his arm downwards.
  30. He had to figure out how to shoot downwards towards that stupid.
  31. She opened her eyes and saw him glance downwards and to his left.
  32. But it has revised downwards its estimate for South Africa from 2.
  33. He lifted the trapdoor, revealing old stone stairs leading downwards.
  34. Instruct the patient to pull their shoulders backwards and downwards.
  35. Mass is achieved by stopping and preventing further downwards motion.
  36. She ran toward a staircase that led downwards to an ornate front-door.
  37. They stood there, looking downwards, their faces shining with delight.
  38. Looking down, he watched his fallen enemy tumbling downwards, downwards.
  39. Apostle Peter, martyrdom by crucifixion at Rome with his head downwards.
  40. A man in a greatcoat lay face downwards; dead drunk, across the pavement.
  41. Ensure that you push downwards without dragging the fork across the putty.
  42. Marco swings his right arm forward near the horizontal shield and downwards.
  43. They have a dozen tentacles that stretch downwards and resemble an umbrella.
  44. At the moment your dog jumps, give a short sharp snap downwards on the leash.
  45. Do not look backwards or downwards – in mastering, you always move forward.
  46. With a shriek, Justine disappeared downwards, and a second later, I fell, too.
  47. He headed downwards; the on-board systems guided him through optimum re-entry.
  48. Bubbles of the shark’s blood float downwards from the octopuses in the clouds.
  49. The white hands of the black man swung downwards, as if he were a bird taking off.
  50. With that, the snow-raven plunges downwards, lands between himself and the scribe.
  51. Soon it lead downwards, into what turned out to be a palace of some sort, half-.
  52. We decided to plummet downwards for a while, still locked in a scissors maneuver.
  53. She stroked her body from the shoulders downwards, across the breasts and to the.
  54. The UFO continues to float downwards with these sharks continuing to bite and pull.
  55. Missed! shouted Dólokhov, and he lay helplessly, face downwards on the snow.
  56. I walked over to him, pushed his shoulders downwards and said, Jamie, calm down.
  57. It is as if the twilight under endless trees were flowing downwards from the hills.
  58. Adjusting annual returns downwards as well would be to account for inflation twice.
  59. Is that in America? I have heard that people there walk with their heads downwards.
  60. Ria climbed downwards, searching between the cores around her for some sign of Peter.
  61. And the fire of corruption is spreading visibly, hourly, working from above downwards.
  62. Position the patient in standing facing downwards on the first step of a set of stairs.
  63. Keeping it pointed downwards at the floor, she stared back at the two Southerners still up.
  64. A worn wooden stairway led downwards and he gingerly descended the few steps to the bottom.
  65. His pursuers snatched the pot out of his hands, and threw him into the cask, head downwards.
  66. If the line crosses downwards it is called a ‘dead cross’ and presages a gloomy outlook.
  67. He leapt silently at the Lammas Lord, rock in his hand flailing in a determined arc downwards.
  68. Jaden continues downwards and he sees seaweed, plants, sand and dirt covering the ocean floor.
  69. Their retinas scanned, a green LED light came on and the lift started to move downwards again.
  70. Pong chooses his moment then once again a flick of the wrist brings the chain looping downwards.
  71. Yeah, just lift it up above his head and hit downwards with all your might! It’s easy!.
  72. Remember, dear boy,’ and he drew Pierre’s arm downwards, ‘it is simply a misunderstanding.
  73. Remember, dear boy, and he drew Pierre’s arm downwards, it is simply a misunderstanding.
  74. Or, have your eyes open – but have them only slightly open, gazing downwards without focusing.
  75. The Smith machine is a barbell that is constrained to move only vertically upwards and downwards.
  76. Well, my dear? said Prince Vasíli, taking her hand and bending it downwards as was his habit.
  77. Who do you belong to, pup? I asked as I stretched my hand out, palm downwards, for it to sniff.
  78. He bent it downwards and propped her head up with his hand so that she could take it into her mouth.
  79. Let me deal with the steering lock, Max, and he directed a shot downwards, smashing the mechanism.
  80. As before, her aim was true and her saliva struck his left cheek before tracing a slow journey downwards.
  81. Hearing these words, Sophia shifted her eyes even more, downwards, wrestling with the dragons in her mind.
  82. He could only stare at the choppy blue waters below, while the plane started to eventually nose downwards.
  83. The shark heading downwards still has tentacles wrapped around its body and is now bleeding from its back.
  84. Now she could see more of the earth below and developed a stiff neck through constantly peering downwards.
  85. The sharks on the tail lose their grip and spin in circles from the ship’s powerful downwards tidal wake.
  86. But he still held her, and, letting his glance fall from her face downwards, he said, Now, listen to this.
  87. My gaze kept sliding downwards to his hands, resting on the table, fingers absently tapping on the surface.
  88. Blackthorn's loss of grip caused them both to slide head first downwards and Oak knew he had to take a risk.
  89. Lenar was headed downwards, which was a bit puzzling until Garcia saw the phaser floating downwards as well.
  90. If everything is heading downwards, a little delay might mean that you purchased that stock a little cheaper.
  91. From an instinct Simon couldn’t fathom, he brought the silver carving downwards and laid it against her neck.
  92. These plunged downwards through the unstrengthened deck, as straight as arrows, as if cutting through cardboard.
  93. Fallen, did slide downwards along hallway, and the ceiling tilting at me so I grasped at doors as I passed them.
  94. I writhed in face downwards, and found myself looking straight into the terrible eyes and yawning jaws of the cat.
  95. The hideous comedy of the marriage market has been a stock topic with novelists from Thackeray downwards; but Mr.
  96. There was a smell of naphthalin as she sank downwards, a smell of careful warfare carried on incessantly with moth.
  97. It probably goes without saying that from now on you should only brief up the chain of command, and not downwards.
  98. A storm cloud of grey and black, centred with crimson, swung around and he was sucked downwards through a long tunnel.
  99. Also it oughtn't to begin, she considered, at its topmost height and accordingly not be able to move except downwards.
  100. The day hardened in colour, the light coming in at the barndoors upwards from the snow instead of downwards from the sky.

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