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Downward in a sentence

On its downward.
It moved, downward.
and led him downward.
And he stabbed downward.
65 when the downward.
On the downward spike,.
He waved a hand downward.

The brothers sail downward.
Facing downward, she fell.
Li-en gazed shyly downward.
Then moving downward from.
The tunnels sloped downward.
scroll that pointed downward.
79 when both the downward.
downward, followed by the nose.
downward with Kokuryu still in.
They then drifted downward to.
Endlessly freefalling downward.
Repeat the upward and downward.
of a downward trend is too great.
spiraling downward into her loins.
the downward trendline and a.
downward pressure on their prices.
96 aIer crossing the downward.
Mac was in a sharp downward spiral.
the plane out of the downward spin.
The downward movement should be a.
The ball of fire thundered downward.
attempt to escape the downward fall.
downward trend in the ratio can be.
Tim glanced downward at the pavement.

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Synonyms for downward

down downward downwardly downwards