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    1. Washes of blue light drench the rendered stonework of the shops and banks on Bideford High Street

    2. When Laino and his men were then out of sight, the others would move into the rank’s tents and drench all kinds of clothes, blankets, tent canvas, and packs with a mixture of mud, flour, crushed valerian leaves, and last, but not least, garlic which would take the men a long, long time to wash out again

    3. "Is this the welcome you give strangers? By Crom, I'll drench these hangings in blood!"

    4. Another handicap for Holland was steering into the wind, which caused spray to drench the lenses of the British range finders

    5. Or they would drench our cell, mattress and clothes at two in the morning, in

    6. perches above the forest floor, drench themselves in animal sent

    7. After this, drench the site thoroughly with water

    8. “ Did you know that Mars employed this very scent to woo and win the love of his life, Venus? ” He helped me step into the peace and tranquility of the fragrant water and removed his golden helmet, using it as a dipper to drench my body

    9. then directed Rose to drench the sheet strips and wring

    10. The Kravenas fought back and blood started to drench the terrain

    1. nightmare, the bedclothes drenched and bitten through, there was a new, steel, flat

    2. He sat there drenched with a silly grin on his face

    3. ‘Do you remember when I found her, Mum? She was drenched and so cold

    4. Everywhere mothers hid with their babes behind smoke drenched

    5. Soon he was drenched, but still he waited

    6. Sweat drenched his back and

    7. The burst as slight as it was, removed his hat immediately, and drenched his face

    8. I was drenched and sand blasted

    9. The pulleys squealed, and though drenched in grease, a wisp of smoke arose as the axle and bearings ground against one another

    10. Though drenched in his own blood, none of his injuries were mortal

    1. “subterraneous cathedral” with its capricious and dazzling formations of columns and drenches, stalactites and stalagmites that spread out in glorious disorder and make of that labyrinth a true fairy landscape

    2. The water drenches him

    3. The blood of the martyrs drenches and waters the soil of North Korea

    4. "I can't behave tolerantly when he maintains in my presence and before other people that the government purposely drenches the people with vodka in order to brutalise them, and so keep them from revolution

    1. Soap Drenching: You can check for grubs by placing a can that has be

    2. Cold stormy clouds roiled in the sky, drenching the

    3. The Fixer drops a bottle of weed killer, drenching

    4. came in, but it rose at least six inches in a mat er of minutes, drenching the

    5. Water dripped on the boy, drenching him from head to toe

    6. choking blanket of ash, was now showing greenery here and there, where the drenching rain

    7. Thinking the old man was literally barking mad and the terrier was too frightened to move I bounded up, copped a drenching from a wave, and carried the startled hound back to its master

    8. ‘I don’t think you appreciate the seriousness of the situation,’ the man with the green gloves whispered menacingly, standing on the bed astride her and casually drenching her in the urine he’d been desperate to offload since entering the house

    9. He was overweight, had too many chins, smiled too much, had clammy hands and, despite a drenching of cologne, smelled sour

    10. Their contents splattered every surface of the larder, drenching the wight in a spray of wine, milk, olive oil and vinegar

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