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    1. Washes of blue light drench the rendered stonework of the shops and banks on Bideford High Street

    2. When Laino and his men were then out of sight, the others would move into the rank’s tents and drench all kinds of clothes, blankets, tent canvas, and packs with a mixture of mud, flour, crushed valerian leaves, and last, but not least, garlic which would take the men a long, long time to wash out again

    3. "Is this the welcome you give strangers? By Crom, I'll drench these hangings in blood!"

    4. Another handicap for Holland was steering into the wind, which caused spray to drench the lenses of the British range finders

    5. Or they would drench our cell, mattress and clothes at two in the morning, in

    6. perches above the forest floor, drench themselves in animal sent

    7. After this, drench the site thoroughly with water

    8. “ Did you know that Mars employed this very scent to woo and win the love of his life, Venus? ” He helped me step into the peace and tranquility of the fragrant water and removed his golden helmet, using it as a dipper to drench my body

    9. then directed Rose to drench the sheet strips and wring

    10. The Kravenas fought back and blood started to drench the terrain

    11. Gorgeous clouds of the sunset! drench with your splendor me, or the

    12. So Joe starts telling the citizen about the foot and mouth disease and the cattle traders and taking action in the matter and the citizen sending them all to the rightabout and Bloom coming out with his sheepdip for the scab and a hoose drench for coughing calves and the guaranteed remedy for timber tongue

    13. Tomorrow he would drop several tons of rubble into each hole, and drench the rubble with mortar, forming a massive, immovable foundation

    14. Sometimes, a whitecap would drench the patch before it dried, and he’d have to begin again

    15. ’Twas thus with an aching Heart that I watch’d the Gutter-Spouts drench the unwary Pedestrians who ran along, hugging the Wall, or, if they were jostl’d away from it, cov’ring their Heads as best they could with their Cloaks, for in those Days no Man would use an oil’d Umbrella for Fear of being thought Mollyish

    16. He was the only man in all of Dublin I saw in the downpours and drizzles who stood by the hour alone with the drench mizzling his ears, threading his ash-red hair, plastering it over his skull, rivuleting his eyebrows, and washing over the coal-black insect lenses of the glasses on his rain-pearled nose

    17. In bed, wishing for the merest dog to hold for lack of human company, hugging the sheets, burying his head, then rising full to the silent air, the dark air, the storm gone, the rain shut, and a silence that spread in whispers as the last drench melted into the trembling soil

    18. A drench of electricity prickled from the sere music-box tines of the ancient stubbled cheeks

    19. They dragged the hose to drench the shingles, to wash the silver, flood the evil mercury paint away

    20. *In Sperm-whalemen with any considerable quantity of oil on board, it is a regular semiweekly duty to conduct a hose into the hold, and drench the casks with sea-water; which afterwards, at varying intervals, is removed by the ship's pumps

    21. They will cast down temples and drench the earth with blood

    1. nightmare, the bedclothes drenched and bitten through, there was a new, steel, flat

    2. He sat there drenched with a silly grin on his face

    3. ‘Do you remember when I found her, Mum? She was drenched and so cold

    4. Everywhere mothers hid with their babes behind smoke drenched

    5. Soon he was drenched, but still he waited

    6. Sweat drenched his back and

    7. The burst as slight as it was, removed his hat immediately, and drenched his face

    8. I was drenched and sand blasted

    9. The pulleys squealed, and though drenched in grease, a wisp of smoke arose as the axle and bearings ground against one another

    10. Though drenched in his own blood, none of his injuries were mortal

    11. She fell to the blackened earth, her long fingers sinking into the blood drenched soil

    12. I assure you, the feverish one is drenched with sweat and other one is still

    13. Radhaswamy drenched in soda with horror on his face but I

    14. Drenched prophet, smiling with the words:

    15. Drenched with yet more guilt, I whispered an idea to Father

    16. She's drenched in spit

    17. “Our esteemed king had a very disturbing dream the other night, from which he awoke fearful and drenched in sweat

    18. Once drenched in blood and now stiff and brown, only some of the note’s writing was legible

    19. Nerissa came awake, drenched in cold sweat

    20. The two were drenched from the heavy rain, walking through the streets of the city of Ussermis

    21. bouncing over rapids and getting drenched when they pass under waterfalls

    22. Out of the southwest, a massive wave appeared from the depths of the sea and smacked the ship with such force that everyone on deck was knocked over and drenched with heavy, salty water

    23. Saddest of all were Porge and Dumpus, who clung to each other and drenched themselves with tears, still in disbelief that their best friend Bosco wouldn’t be coming home

    24. So congested was the trail that darkness supervened before many regiments had advanced at all, and at midnight the drenched troops lay down in the muddy road and rested on their arms until daybreak

    25. The man cried out and McKee jumped as his face was unexpectedly drenched in a warm liquid

    26. His breathing had already returned to normal, but sweat bathed his skin and drenched his hair and clothing

    27. His face was drenched with sweat

    28. Every piece of electronic equipment was situated near the bottom of the companionway ladder, making it a certainty that corrosive saltwater drenched it all

    29. Norman lifted up the steel cage and began to walk forward onto a dark drenched concrete expanse of a garage

    30. Their fur was drenched in the smells of green moss and mud

    31. She woke up drenched in sweat and threw her blanket away

    32. Drenched with sweat and with labored breathing they continued, the one mostly retreating, the other receiving additional cuts for his boldness

    33. Everyone was drenched to the bone

    34. As her breathing returned to normal, she lowered her Beretta and slumped herself against a large wooden chair, drenched in sweat and dirt

    35. For a second or two, others couldn’t understand what I was trying to convey to them until there reached someone on the doorsteps with his shirt drenched in blood and a kitchen knife which was stabbed straight into his chest

    36. Her voice was drenched in excitement

    37. A bitter wind tore through her drenched clothes and Seko trembled uncontrollably

    38. drenched through, it was only a short distance and it seemed

    39. saliva drenched his face before it finally realised that humans could be a tasty alternative to a Pongwart and less dangerous too

    40. beasts into an almost maniacal state, drenched them with incense and wine, and decked them with frightful instruments

    41. Instead, I landed hard against the basin, my Sylvester & Tweety towel covering me nearly slipping of my drenched body onto the ground, with my head in the sink

    42. As my tears drenched my Boston apartment’s tiled floors with increasing puddles of my blood, I could hear my brother scarping my study chair against the hard surface, sighing as he made himself comfortable, seating himself in my chair as he waited patiently for me to refrain from crying

    43. Monica's eyes opened and she looked at the two men in drenched jogging suits

    44. "Why do you think that girl jumped into the river?" asked Bill, as he tugged on his drenched top

    45. This time, my painfully aroused and drenched sex took him in a whole lot more greedily

    46. A fairy drenched in the glow of tomorrow

    47. A drenched Hani then returns to the crypt

    48. I woke up at 6am the day of my departure drenched in sweat, with the realization that I, too, was an alcoholic and had been one for many years

    49. The force of his body turned on the water spigot, and he was drenched from head to toe in 12 degree weather

    50. Have drenched the earth with blood

    1. “subterraneous cathedral” with its capricious and dazzling formations of columns and drenches, stalactites and stalagmites that spread out in glorious disorder and make of that labyrinth a true fairy landscape

    2. The water drenches him

    3. The blood of the martyrs drenches and waters the soil of North Korea

    4. "I can't behave tolerantly when he maintains in my presence and before other people that the government purposely drenches the people with vodka in order to brutalise them, and so keep them from revolution

    1. Soap Drenching: You can check for grubs by placing a can that has be

    2. Cold stormy clouds roiled in the sky, drenching the

    3. The Fixer drops a bottle of weed killer, drenching

    4. came in, but it rose at least six inches in a mat er of minutes, drenching the

    5. Water dripped on the boy, drenching him from head to toe

    6. choking blanket of ash, was now showing greenery here and there, where the drenching rain

    7. Thinking the old man was literally barking mad and the terrier was too frightened to move I bounded up, copped a drenching from a wave, and carried the startled hound back to its master

    8. ‘I don’t think you appreciate the seriousness of the situation,’ the man with the green gloves whispered menacingly, standing on the bed astride her and casually drenching her in the urine he’d been desperate to offload since entering the house

    9. He was overweight, had too many chins, smiled too much, had clammy hands and, despite a drenching of cologne, smelled sour

    10. Their contents splattered every surface of the larder, drenching the wight in a spray of wine, milk, olive oil and vinegar

    11. Water came to her from all the directions drenching her in two seconds but by then she had already let out a scream and was running out of it she almost fell at one point but managed to stay steady until she got to the main room where she found a slightly older woman was standing turned to face her

    12. He was also not comfortable with her being close to him when he was drenching with sweat

    13. Bebida, lying on the room’s floor, is drenching wet and short of breath

    14. Shortly before the concert, the rains dropped from the heavens, drenching the audience, especially those without umbrellas

    15. They finally all settled down and sat together on the same giant boulder, directly above Ken, completely oblivious of the surf spray drenching them, all silent, all totally lost for words in their bewilderment of their great personal loss

    16. the crimson rivers seemed to be pouring from his head, drenching his

    17. more damp, but Jil wasn’t affected by the drenching

    18. “I’m just tired,” Garcia said, stepping directly into the shower and drenching himself

    19. drenching at least a dozen unsuspecting victims

    20. under tarpaulin’s hoping they’d stand up to the drenching rain

    21. out shyly, blinking in the drenching blaze of the TV lights as they were

    22. Blood stained his white shirt and quickly spread drenching his shirt

    23. She landed in the salty water, drenching her from the waist down

    24. That is why thorough drenching of the lawn in not

    25. Spray thickly, drenching the plant

    26. There had been three drenching practises as they were bobbed from just beneath the surface to above it, and this was the first take

    27. They commanded the skies, bringing rain that poured down, drenching the forest and quenching the fire he brought

    28. He stops a moment to listen to the dripping coming from the rooftops, drenching the cobblestone below

    29. Tears the size of moth balls were streaming down the Oogie’s face, flowing over its cheeks and drenching the hair on its face

    30. I wanted to see how they were getting on after their drenching; and as I stood looking at them in the calm light, the fence at the back of them sodden into dark greens and blacks that showed up every leaf and lovely loose wet flower, a robin came and sat on the fence near me and began to sing

    31. The rain pummeled down, drenching her

    32. The sound of the buzzer filled the air and Bohdan and two guards entered the E R Cara was surprised to see Bohdan again, and shocked to see the blood drenching the top of his jumpsuit

    33. Kiera’s tent had blocked the moisture from getting to her, but it didn’t stop the cold, and it certainly didn’t stop from drenching her as she opened the tent door

    34. Oddly enough though, he could romp freely in a storm in any climate and escape with little more than a drenching

    35. Jacob laughed as he took a mouthful, held it until he coughed, drenching his tongue

    36. Salt spray kicked up and splattered his tunic, but he took no notice of the cold seawater that was drenching him as he thought back to the night before at the captain’s meeting on the fleet’s flagship

    37. Kyle gasped when the cold water from the wash bucket was suddenly thrown at his back, drenching him

    38. Sarcasm drenching every word

    39. If the soil is sandy or light, keep drenching the plant with a liquid feeder to boost growth

    40. Now she remembered the little umbrella, which she had forgotten to take in her hurry to be off, but regret was unavailing, and nothing could be done but borrow one or submit to to a drenching

    41. The cemetery was deserted under the drenching cold rain

    42. A drenching of that violence, he tells me, sans blague, has sent more than one luckless fellow in good earnest posthaste to another world

    43. The drenching of the police cadets and the near brawl with the Yugoslavians are documented in the journals and mentioned in Newell (105)

    44. For Louie, all of the attention was drenching, a great noise, overpowering

    45. Only then he suddenly awoke to the fact that he had been wrong about the weather and the rain was drenching his hay

    46. Serpuhovskoy went into the house to the bathroom to wash his hands and found Vronsky there; Vronsky was drenching his head with water

    47. They’d clung stubbornly to the line of the West Black Sand River, flowing out of the Gyrdahn Marshes to the Daivyn, high and brown, laced with furrows of yellow foam as the drenching rains filled it to overflowing

    48. The raw, drenching chill was worse, more enervating, than a fiercer, harder cold might have been

    49. seas on the dark heads of the hills in fine drenching rain

    50. And now a drenching rain poured down and the rising hurricane drove it in sheets along the ground

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