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Frasi con edit (in inglese)

1. Next step, is to edit.
2. To edit a cell type e.
3. You may also have to edit.
4. On TV (as I edit this book).
5. That, and how to edit the files.
6. Click the icon to edit the module.
7. This opens the Edit Calendar screen.

8. Unlock only cells you may want to edit.
9. To create and edit a document, a pro-.
10. I knew I needed to edit it and shorten.
11. At that time edit required page use the.
12. Select cell B6, edit the formula to read.
13. Just choose the appropriate item to edit it.
14. Feel free to edit what they write so that it.
15. Edit your choice of words and avoid complexity.
16. When the edit window opens as shown in Figure 7.
17. What part of the video did they edit out?
18. Decandolle, in the French Flora, (2d edit, of 1815.
19. You can save time finding the items you need to edit.
20. Aim to delete some points, edit them or aggregate them.
21. It was the one question he asked me to later edit out.
22. Audacity and Skype can be used to create and edit podcasts.
23. She had begun to edit out the last line of her usual tirade.
24. Go to "wp-includes" folder and edit the "default-constants.
25. A new modal window will appear for you to edit your profile.
26. This will let you edit each voice separately at the end of.
27. We can edit footage to inject more excitement into the feud.
28. This file needs to be writable to edit Global Configuration.
29. Special thanks to Candy McCracken for helping edit this book.
30. Click the "edit project" button to enter our keywords and URL.
31. The same thing happened when I tried to edit a Word document.
32. Under this tab you will see the size, border and advanced edit.
33. One volunteer was going to edit the 2005 book but was too busy.
34. To edit the audio recording I use some software called Audacity.
35. It lets you edit the elements, show, or hide items as you want.
36. What does Jeremy Taylor, in his book on the Real Presence (edit.
37. Tons of songs that she needed to edit, improve or just rehearse.
38. Open the word processor then either use [Ctrl] V or Edit, Paste.
39. This is gold! smiled Jim, Find someone who can edit video.
40. This will allow you to be more practical when you edit your letter.
41. Then, copy columns B, C, D, and E into the clipboard and then Edit.
42. In the Edit Event screen, scroll to the bottom and tap Delete Event.
43. This will allow you to be more objective you when you edit your letter.
44. He knew he was a long way from the authorization to edit the grant list.
45. Edit – this allow you to modify selected module based on your requirement.
46. With any module, you can select it to Edit, Change position, Unpublish, etc.
47. You can tell which can be edited after you tap Edit because they are darker.
48. Later you can edit it if you need to, or transcribe it as the base for a text.
49. Your site should already have an About page, so just click on that and edit it.
50. She will edit, clip and paste until all she needs to say and share is complete.
51. In that way the interviewee's can edit or redo the roast till they're satisfied.
52. You will always need some method to edit users yourself from within an application.
53. One thing you should keep in mind is that while you can edit many aspects of your.
54. Edit and add ;C:\Python23 (without the quotes) to the end of what is already there.
55. It only took me an hour to edit this all together, so forgive the glitches, please.
56. It had a touch screen and one of those applications where you could edit your photos.
57. This link contains the shells and shortcuts with which you can edit Unix-based items.
58. If you edit the video substantially, and come up with a video that is better, make it.
59. In an email shortly after this book went into its final edit cycle, Stallman says he.
60. You may not, however, edit it, extract content from it or offer it for sale in any way.
61. To use these programs to edit your video, you will need to transfer the video from your.
62. Boundaries are illusions, products not of reality but of the way we map and edit reality.
63. Most of the files I had – Excel or Word – I could open and edit, but a few I couldn’t.
64. We would like to edit our Lord’s Words and abbreviate them with a softer less harsh reality.
65. Well I had no trouble reading it but I couldn’t edit it, even after he sent another version.
66. In the top text box, edit the name as you would edit other text on the iPhone (see Chapter 2).
67. To change or delete a radio station you have created, tap Edit on the left of the My Stations heading.
68. Bill Flanagan, Alex Coletti, and I huddled together to edit my script down to the essential questions.
69. Edit and prepare for transmission at once the video data you have, to be sent in top priority to Langley.
70. In this section, we will look at creating functionality to do just that: to update and edit user details.
71. For Version 6 or higher, go to the Edit Menu, select Preferences, then choose the Smoothing Option and chose.
72. The user can circle between the various options by using F4 Function key while in the edit mode of the formula.
73. To enter a number or a formula navigate to the cell you want to edit and use = followed by the number or formula.
74. I didn’t know everything yet myself, and considering what I did know, I had to edit my comments with compassion.
75. He volunteered, initially, to edit my work with the goal of finding an author who may want to collaborate with me.
76. A photographer still had to look at his work to edit it, and often as not a really nice shot didn’t make the paper.
77. From here she was able to open a remote window into that veron store and edit out that hardware indirect in her invocation.
78. Use the steps in the Rearrange, Edit, and Delete Bookmarks section earlier to move the desired bookmarks to the new folder.
79. In some systems you can merely go into edit mode in the file and enter a simple command and your file will be in a different order.
80. Desa would rather just scrape up a copper and go to a studio, spend the day, do a couple takes, an edit and maybe some touch-up takes.
81. For more info on this, login to your Member area, find the "Content Management" link on the left hand menu, then click on "Edit Website.
82. Write tweets that are no more than 100-120 characters so that users will not be forced to edit your SEO-ready keywords when they retweet.
83. Under the section Shortcodes, you want to select and copy the first short code, than go to Pages, find the Testimonials page and click on Edit.
84. I have a neural implant which facilitates the recording of my dreams directly to a computer where I can later edit the audio visual information.
85. So, user number 1 is being edited using the edit function in the users controller--that seems simple enough and I'm sure you're familiar with it.
86. All you have to do is edit some phrases for individuality in case the interviewers would bump in to each other and compare the notes they received.
87. When I start a writing session, I don't move forward into the book, I go back in the manuscript to cover the previous session's output and edit it.
88. You must get into the habit of constantly analysing what you write and ultimately edit it, which is where you may be required to murder your babies.
89. Open Contacts, locate the contact you want to change, as described in the previous section, and tap Edit in the upper-right corner of the contact page.
90. This plugin allows you to add and edit a Heading for your Posts, Pages and Custom Post Types, different from the Title (which is used in the navigation).
91. In this case, you would create a guide or questionnaire, give it to each person you are interviewing to complete and then you simply edit the collected.
92. I also have to mention that the author needs to edit the book more than once because there are certain errors that other people won’t and can’t possibly catch.
93. It was the same tone he’d used with Claire in the alley, the same sinister drawl she’d heard on the speakers before Paul could edit his voice into a stranger’s.
94. It is a simple matter to highlight ‘select all’ from clicking Edit in the top left hand side of your browser then right click somewhere on the text then select copy.
95. NOTE The icons at the bottom of the Music screen can be rearranged according to what you use most often by tapping More | Edit and dragging the icons to where you want them.
96. Disharmony only takes place when religion has been skewed due to ignorance or ill intention of the people who document and edit the teachings, and not by error of its source.
97. But when she took down the pictures from that fall to edit them, the dozens of photos she’d pinned to the slack length of clothesline on her wall, they, too, were reminders.
98. Farah hesitated only briefly: she still had Nancy’s satellite link unit under key at the hotel and she would have ample time afterwards to edit or censor her video recording.
99. The current monitoring logs of all the logic all his programs ran in had to be edited, then he had to edit out the current traces that process took manually, before he could close.
100. The items on your Bookmarks list are displayed in the order you added them, with the name you left them with, but you can move them to a new location, edit their names, and delete them.
1. Her editing was most helpful.
2. IS without re-writing or editing).
3. We do this by editing the file pom.
4. There is time for editing these later.
5. We'll be editing the following files:.
6. The art is in the editing, not the writing.
7. It’s Sunday as I am editing this chapter.
8. Then a second round of professional editing.
9. Don't worry about editing, that comes later.
10. Karen for the editing and James for the cover.
11. Opens the editing screen for the selected item.
12. On editing user has replaced this value with 1500.
13. Thank you for your partnership and gifted editing.
14. I told her about Denika Smallwood editing my book.
15. This should be the first step in editing the images.
16. I could hardly look at it again when we were editing.
17. I told my father the whole story without any editing or.
18. Rewriting and editing drafts wherever and whenever I could.
19. This is what increases the demand of the photo editing and.
20. This is very hard to do when editing someone else’s work.
21. Activation of the writing and editing programs of Microsoft.
22. Polly - thanks for all the hours of editing & valuable input.
23. And Krista Marino, for an editing job that defies description.
24. Creates a new item and opens the editing screen for this item.
25. Priced at just $299, it’s a pretty awesome piece of editing.
26. His office staff had been editing all the Dominex patient files.
27. Crosby had used his editing program to move closer for this shot.
28. Cook, and modified by my own editing, clarification, and comments.
29. Stephen’s energies had been absorbed in editing Simeon’s book.
30. Lilac Digital is another eminent name in the field of photo editing.
31. Google Docs allows sharing(viewing and/or editing) documents online.
32. He was prolific when he got going, and had trouble editing his ideas.
33. I have to admit that I did a bit of editing in this program back when.
34. Registry editing should be done only after a complete registry backup.
35. At the very end of the book-publishing process, after all copy editing.
36. An idea, a good proposal, and 2 years of writing and 6 months of editing.
37. New Hampshire, and once more, that same dumb tool of editing was applied.
38. This is easy to accomplish with video editing software and is a good idea.
39. Where pronunciation is tricky you should consider editing the offending.
40. The same three panels came up on the screen with the editing options below.
41. Provides a way to create PDF files for free, with full editing capabilities.
42. As there is no copy editing with a poetry book and they tend to have a low.
43. But you must remember that editing the registry manually is never 100% safe.
44. With modules that are checked in, you can check them in before editing them.
45. Killer’ editing and will shortly put it all together as the finished product.
46. I spent weekends typing it then eventually sent it off for professional editing.
47. Included in the price of this service, our professional editing team will check.
48. O’Keefe, more used to concise reporting, not just editing, picked up the story.
49. And that young scalawag of a Joe Vickers is editing the _Journal_ in his absence.
50. For example the very term Photo Editing is being competed by over 25,900,000.
51. FCPX as the option of choice since it is now slowly growing into an editing standard.
52. In a bid to catch up with this changing trend, an increasing number of photo editing.
53. Compare short interest data for two popular stocks on the day I'm editing this chapter.
54. Amer Photorestoration is making a splash in the image editing industry by topping the.
55. Bruce, had, for some time, pressed me to undertake the editing of a Journal of Science.
56. In this particular case, I thought it would be better to do the editing part separately.
57. The point about branding your video with video editing software is that you want to be.
58. If you want to capture the hottest trend of the image editing industry, you should try.
59. Adobe Premiere Elements is a fantastic way to get your feet wet in the realm of editing.
60. Pricing is the most important factor in online industry as well as in the photo editing.
61. Now, thanks to this editing mistake, we see that verses 1:18 and 1:20 should read as follows:.
62. I mentioned editing previously, but there is another type of editing that drives artists crazy.
63. Revelation, as presented in the New Testament, is a fraudulent editing of an earlier Hebrew text.
64. Adds links to navigate to the next and previous posts when editing a post in the WordPress admin.
65. I told her about Denika Smallwood editing my book and sending it back to me in utter perfection.
66. With very little editing I submitted it to Dark Recesses, and it ironically became my first sale.
67. These ancient scribes also failed to properly coordinate editing changes made in one part of the.
68. She hung up the phone and slumped at her desk, where she’d been editing a Guggenheim application.
69. In editing this book, I made the conscious decision to keep Luca’s voice as intact as possible.
70. Clipping Images is an image editing company, which has mainly targeted keywords that are associated.
71. Occasional editing was done to assist in clarifying his answers, definitely not to change the meaning.
72. In the course of editing an image for production, a dozen or more versions may be created, for example.
73. A preliminary version may often be posted for suggestion, comment and editing by those who wish to do so.
74. She used the red pen for editing and the pink highlighter for keeping track of what she’d already read.
75. He also recorded the page set-up and all other editing quirks used by that obsessively neat letter writer.
76. Shared authoring tools include common word processing programs, graphics programs, and sound editing utilities.
77. Instead of the Internal banners section in your sites editing interface you will have the separate page.
78. Wait until the file appears within the blue editing area – it resembles a sine wav screen or there about (Fig 28).
79. Your content editing skills might need to be used very quickly–you should be ready to drop some material in the middle.
80. It would already take an editing genius to make a coherent story out of the amputated bits left from his original script.
81. From there, it is easy to develop and refine your creations efficiently, with simple but powerful and accurate editing tools.
82. She recalled working on papers until the wee hours of the morning, editing them over and over until every word was just right.
83. She is a book idea machine like no one else and devoted many days to reading, editing, rereading and reediting the manuscript.
84. We are now trying to release all our eBooks one year in advance of the official release dates, leaving time for better editing.
85. As you have just proven to yourself, editing the registry and using Group Policy is not all that hard once you know what you are doing.
86. When I finish editing and hit new territory for the next scene or chapter, I'm warmed up, fully into the story, and ideas are flowing.
87. Heaphy did a great job editing, Satchel Paige And Company: Essays On The Kansas City Monarchs, Their Greatest Star And The Negro Leagues.
88. Cindy Santos was back in the Channel 8 News studio on Princess Street at 1:09 PM, editing a script for an update of Dale Smite’s murder.
89. Importantly, the very night of our testimony, we did telecast the tapes in a three-hour-long programme without editing out any relevant information.
90. Thanks to the editing, as far as the members of public were concerned Diamond Head Crater got on stage and seconds later the gates of hell were opened.
91. This is one type of editing, but there is another that bothers artists: the process that is done by television stations before a movie is shown on the screen.
92. Now, this is where most authors thank all those who were instrumental in bringing his work to the point of publishing, with the editing, polishing the text, etc.
93. Granted, some fancy editing would have to be done to replace the look of abject terror on Derrick's face with a look of tormented longing, but that could be done.
94. There were days when My Leader, for all his talent for massaging actors into shapes and editing their shadows into recognizable parades, could not help me, nor I him.
95. I am indebted to her for her suggestions for revision, for the care she took with reading and editing during what turned out to be the very last week of her pregnancy.
96. Final film editing should be completed in about a week and, if your review of the draft version is favorable, we could release publicly the film in less than two weeks.
97. Rajan said, ‘I’ve already put this option before the four editors but they insisted on charging the sum as half as an advance and remaining on completion of the editing.
98. If you have an existing website and are offering services that are related to photo editing, you should create a sub domain dedicated to photo editing service as oppose to.
99. If there is a problem with volume, if something isn't in tune with the audio or if there are other issues with your video, you can use editing tools to correct these errors.
100. Not wanting to dive into more research, I pull up the drafts I have written so far and go through them editing the information and tweaking the grammar so that it reads better.
1. Edited by the ITRC staff.
2. Compiled and edited by V.
3. To that end edited clips of the.
4. The tape had obviously been edited.
5. He sees it edited by a definite set of.
6. Click on the item you edited in the past.
7. It won’t be edited, John had said.
8. Edited with introduction by Louise Ropes.
9. I meticulously edited the entire book with.
10. Let’s start by reading his review (edited):.
11. Very interesting once it’s edited and inserted.
12. I recommend the Companion Bible edited by Bullinger.
13. Dead would be deleted and edited out of all backups.
14. Encyclopedia of the World’s Religions, edited by R.
15. She let the mouse hover over the one labeled EDITED.
16. This recollection has been edited and approved as an.
17. Verses that have been edited are clearly labeled as.
18. The super Mac to upload edited footage to the Internet.
19. She had to relate an edited version of the whole thing.
20. These were the mundane details that Paul had edited out.
21. Over the next nine years, he produced 19 works and edited.
22. Another pause that would have to be edited before air time.
23. Next we write the users edited information to the database.
24. Kevin had quickly drawn a sketch and edited it as Saul spoke.
25. The New Penguin Handbook of Living Religions, edited by John R.
26. Once the sheet is protected, only unlocked cells can be edited.
27. NOTE Only playlists that you create on the iPhone can be edited.
28. It was a shame that it was edited out in the mastering process.
29. Okay, get the video edited and set this up by the end of today.
30. This information can then be recorded, edited if needed, and then.
31. Liapunov, a Young Poet, Library of Leo Tolstoi, edited by P.
32. Here is article as it stands, currently being edited in London, so.
33. The news was always heavily edited to fit the rhythms of the music.
34. Wisdom of the Sadhu / Teachings of Sundar Singh, edited by Kim Comer.
35. Paths to the Heart / Sufism and the Christian East, edited by James S.
36. We have studied, and edited and crafted our news so you will be informed.
37. For the success of any web site, a well written and well edited content.
38. HTML can be easily edited once it is created, as the computer language is.
39. What follows is an edited and abridged version of our four-hour conversation.
40. You can tell which can be edited after you tap Edit because they are darker.
41. Notes can be edited like any other text that has been entered into the iPhone.
42. She had told Sam an edited version of what had happened between her and Ralph.
43. The opening dance was followed by a short scene change that would be edited out.
44. Having recorded and edited your audio, the next step is for you to publish your.
45. What follows is an edited and abridged version of our nearly four-hour interview.
46. I will have all my work including the one you are reading edited professionally and.
47. Ancient History to the Present, edited by Geoffrey Parriner Published by Facts on File Inc.
48. One of the best features of a Linux (or Unix) file is that it can be edited while it is open.
49. Claire realized that this was the edited version, the one Paul had sent out to his customers.
50. Verses that have been edited are clearly labeled as (reconstructed) next to the verse.
51. I was used to politicians occasionally ringing up, asking for negative stories to be edited out.
52. We went ahead and aired the programme that night but ensured we edited out any personal attacks.
53. The book is not linguistically edited and there might be a lot of linguistic errors within the pages.
54. The episode was later edited, ending there with a cut to Niki singing, supported by the band, and for.
55. Did she really want to see whatever highly edited piece of internet gossip her sister had sent to her?
56. I’m the one who edited his textbook and found the mistakes! I’m the one who should teach the lab!.
57. THE RAINBOW; with which is incorporated OUR HOPE, a Monthly Periodical devoted to Eschatology, edited by Dr.
58. The edited gist of Stephan’s article read: ‘South Africa now employs more staff than the private sector.
59. It’s all for intermediate/high-intermediate learners, but text can be edited and simplified for lower levels.
60. In the rather boring, much too long and too technical 2007 treatise, The Manhattan Project, edited by Cynthia C.
61. How the national news is edited and presented or suppressed dramatically affects the economy and public confidence.
62. Corwin told him the story, carefully edited but enough to know that the boy was the Dragon and the Dragon was gone.
63. Besides all the examples that use the word fulfillment, here's an edited list to give you a feel for what I found….
64. It turned out she couldn’t find the condensed milk (whatever condensed milk is – milk that’s been edited down?).
65. She still spent an hour or two a day at mail, reporting results (strongly edited of course) and asking for small talk.
66. The Spiral Path / Explorations into Women’s Spirituality, edited by Theresa King Published by Yes International 1992.
67. Add to that the fact that the Bible was translated, often badly, many times and rewritten or edited along the centuries.
68. The interviews were live so his crude comment could not be bleeped out, though in later news programmes they were edited.
69. I edited it a little to help explain things more, and took out some things that happened that were really personal to me.
70. Whoever she filmed, pretty much acted out what they wanted, the only place Kaha’s script entered was when she edited it.
71. Daniel then proceeded to tell Elijah a carefully edited version of his story, right up to the moment they were now sharing.
72. Alexandra told Eve everything that was happening to her, and Eve gave Alexandra a carefully edited version of her own life.
73. This session will be simulcast throughout the Academy and then later rebroadcast in edited form on the Constant News Channel.
74. Counterpoint (book 1 of series) is being edited to contain the best of Fire Ice (book 2 of series) and form just the one book.
75. After her initial telephone conversation with her former sorority sister, Reuben prepared a carefully edited version of her story.
76. This intention was carried out by Tolstoi, at least in regard to Resurrection, which he gave to the publication Niva, edited by A.
77. Brooke's pen went off into a little speech which it had lately reported for that imperfectly edited organ the Middlemarch Pioneer.
78. In this concisely edited collection of satsang talks and dialogues, Nirmala welcomes whatever arises within the field of experience.
79. For example, a text document can be authored in Microsoft Word, allowing the document to be easily edited by someone with access to it.
80. He is a 25-year veteran of BusinessWeek and has written and edited articles on everything from stock market crises to trading scandals.
81. Benjamin Graham: The Memoirs of the Dean of Wall Street (New York: McGraw-Hill, 1996) edited and with an introduction by Seymour Chatman.
82. Pugh, Reading the Proletarians—Thirty Years Later, in The Thirties: Fiction, Poetry, Drama, edited by Warren French (Deland, Fla.
83. Between the two of them, they edited a tape recording of Carla’s voice and mine, to sound as if we were having sex in the back of a car.
84. That Roy had the stamina and concentration to perform for nearly three hours makes the standard of the edited show all the more remarkable.
85. So, user number 1 is being edited using the edit function in the users controller--that seems simple enough and I'm sure you're familiar with it.
86. To be ready for anything let Elena Ivanovna buy to-morrow the Encyclopædia edited by Andrey Kraevsky, that she may be able to converse on any topic.
87. The beginning of the story as it was written by Tolstoi, is printed in his collected works (see the full collection of works by Tolstoi, edited by P.
88. The video scenes to be added to what we already had from the previous parts of her mission have been selected and the sound is being edited as we speak.
89. The era of being punked has evolved into the uploading of photoshopped, CGed and edited Utube retaliations against all who might have ired us in any way.
90. Alwyn had edited the plays, conflating bit parts and merely referring to scenes such as the English Court and the murder of Lady MacDuff and her children.
91. Not having seen the finished, edited product yet, she genuinely enjoyed the movie, even more so while experiencing Mike’s and Ingrid’s reactions to it.
92. The welder-bot hardware recorder log had to be re-written with all that edited out, then the current monitoring tracks those actions made had to be fixed up.
93. The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is a very unevenly edited book and contains many passages that simply seemed toits editors like a good idea at the time.
94. He also is a financial author and editor, having contributed to Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities magazine and edited several books for John Wiley and Sons.
95. I am reproducing (edited) comments from my daily market report that show the evolution of my thought process and the risk management plan at different points in the move.
96. These informal notes of Andrew's were subsequently edited, amended, altered, and added to until they made up a fairly consecutive narrative of the Master's life on earth.
97. Former South African Police Force Commissioner General Johan van der Merwe is the patron of the magazine and it is edited by Brigadier Hennie Heymans who started it in 2008.
98. The current monitoring logs of all the logic all his programs ran in had to be edited, then he had to edit out the current traces that process took manually, before he could close.
99. Although Rahdgyrz had never crossed swords with the Imperial Charisian Navy himself, he’d read Father Greyghor Searose’s heavily edited report on the Battle of the Markovian Sea.
100. This is, slightly edited, more or less what I say to John, hoping that the result will be that every uncomprehending organizer will now finally understand what makes his client impatient.
1. Reviews and edits information.
2. When a User edits a file, Joomla change the file’s status to Checked Out.
3. Which Kate edits, I add, hoping to steer the conversation away from me.
4. That calculation edits the Statements of Cash Flow by adjusting the "Cash Flow from Operations" section.
5. Do not make any edits to the code that your vendor has provided, paste it carefully and as it was provided to you, following their directions.
6. This MarketWatch story was a column by Mark Hulbert, who edits the Hulbert Financial Digest, a newsletter that tracks the recommendations and market performance of financial newsletters.
7. There was no complete take in which all the elements were in agreement, but that first solo had set such a high standard that we started to examine the different passes and discovered that just two edits yielded a complete story, with Chet fluttering around the final lines in a Spanish mode.

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