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Frasi con delete (in inglese)

  1. Had to delete a story today.
  2. Click on the Delete button.
  3. Delete the 376 promotional copy.
  4. I'll delete it on one condition.
  5. Rewind, delete, erase and forget.

  6. Pick it up, drop it in, delete it.
  7. This is the text you need to delete.
  8. I will delete all of you in the end.
  9. You can delete unwanted material on.
  10. You can delete it over dinner tonight.
  11. Use the "delete" option -- early and often.
  12. I hung up, not bothering to delete anything.
  13. Tap Delete Event a second time to confirm it.
  14. Maybe I can hack into the site and delete it.
  15. These you should delete from your watch list.

  16. You can also let tr delete a group of characters.
  17. I delete the random data and search for a solution.
  18. Don't delete them, move them to another computer file.
  19. Aim to delete some points, edit them or aggregate them.
  20. Delete a (k) and try another possible choice for a (k).
  21. Currently, the delete file utility has no undo support.
  22. We can also delete those where time [is] not supplied.
  23. To start, you’ll have to delete your book, obviously.
  24. I inherently knew that my two associates would delete.
  25. Delete the code and repeat the process for all three buttons.

  26. Just assure me Jack that you will delete any call records.
  27. Re-upload the track by replacing the old file and delete any.
  28. To delete a calendar created within Calendar, follow these steps:.
  29. Notice that we delete the WAR files and the deployment directories.
  30. Four told me he would delete the recording of me breaking the glass.
  31. You can also delete a video or share it with others in various ways.
  32. But, he still can’t manipulate or delete the events in the RAM.
  33. In the Edit Event screen, scroll to the bottom and tap Delete Event.
  34. I apologize and I would appreciate if you would delete it immediately.
  35. We can delete key/value pairs using our old friend - the del statement.
  36. Are you sure you want to delete these files? the computer message reads.
  37. If it's too painful to simply hit the Delete key, cut the material and.
  38. NOTE You can only rename and delete albums that you create on the iPhone.
  39. Nothing in his inbox or trash, but Bianca forgot to delete his sent items.
  40. And after the tears stopped leaking out of my eyes, I hit the delete key.
  41. You need to delete these nameservers – and replace with the nameservers.
  42. Use the dictionary built-in methods to add, delete and modify the persons.
  43. A window popped up and asked, Are you sure you want to delete this e-mail?
  44. Note that you can add fields to the spreadsheet and delete them as applicable.
  45. Change, change, no delete that, computer, try reversing the coupling energy.
  46. Scott stayed up watching TV, and I’d forgotten to delete my browser history.
  47. You can click on the site name and be able to change or even delete that site.
  48. Under Temporary Internet Files, there is a button that says, Delete Cookies.
  49. Thinking of it, delete that last part: no need to give information to the enemy.
  50. You can also delete the unnecessary items from your grocery list to avoid waste.
  51. You can delete a mail account–related calendar by, in essence, turning it off.
  52. If your conscience gets the better of you, you can delete your at job with atrm.
  53. Once this step is completed – you can then delete the zipped file folder.
  54. He wanted to delete the program, but the Defense Department wouldn’t—.
  55. This will delete the data in there which we believe constitutes a serious threat to.
  56. Alternatively, you can tap Delete Station and then tap Delete to remove the station.
  57. This is because Gmail allows you to archive a message as well as to delete it.
  58. Then let them delete also the words that he or she imagines might offend someone else.
  59. That's how the delete utility was implemented; there is just a delete_file() function.
  60. What you want to do is delete the first two Nameservers that are in the first two boxes.
  61. What we really need is a method to delete some of the people who designed this software.
  62. Now simply highlight everything in the folder by pressing Ctrl+A and hit the Delete key.
  63. If an application fills up /var and you delete the open log file, /var will still be full.
  64. However, the server does not actually delete the message until it enters the update state.
  65. You can delete a tweet unless anyone has retweeted it, in which case it becomes permanent.
  66. Since it was too late to hit the delete button, nine months later the blessed virus appeared.
  67. Something American history books carefully delete from the history of 1638 in Massachusetts.
  68. Some panels will actually delete your account, if you are not active in a certain time frame.
  69. As in adding calendars, you can delete them either from mail accounts or from Calendar itself.
  70. NOTE You can also delete an email message in the Inbox by swiping across it and tapping Trash.
  71. The techies at the clone-lab would take care to delete any bad memories relating to his death.
  72. The best thing to do here is to start from scratch and delete all the cookies on your computer.
  73. Delete that picture, right here in front of me, if you're any kind of gentleman, and then leave.
  74. We have to delete this part of the record from John's mind, so Rone doesn't eat us for breakfast.
  75. The following command will delete 100 virtual machines that had the prefix VM in front of them:.
  76. He almost had to because the tech who did this could not delete his account without being noticed.
  77. A close below the lower trendline negates the coiled spring, and so we delete it from our watch list.
  78. Storing user profiles on a server does not delete them from the workstation from which they originated.
  79. To change or delete a radio station you have created, tap Edit on the left of the My Stations heading.
  80. I could always hit 3 and delete it mid-message, but there might be a quiz on the material later.
  81. Once it is in your browser, simply delete the symbol and type in another one to check the full list:.
  82. The best thing since the iPad Air 2/3/4/5/6/7 (delete as appropriate depending on when you read this).
  83. She was about to delete the last message from an address she didn’t know when the headline caught her eye.
  84. When we print an error message, as stated earlier, we have to make sure that we don’t delete it too soon.
  85. Deborah came to me in a bit of a state asking if I could delete 1 of her diary entries and I told her I would.
  86. He doesn’t delete his browsing history, she thought as she scrolled down the list of recently viewed websites.
  87. Then follow along with the service and delete your membership with the safelists that are no longer recommended.
  88. While the pictures are still inside the camera, it is not wise to delete them yet, especially if you are unsure.
  89. You have a file that you want to delete, so you go through the procedure to get rid of it by pressing the delete key.
  90. Once a month, I delete a few that just seem to have lost interest or didn’t see the rewards for all that extra time.
  91. Therefore, it is best to transfer the photos to your computer first, before selecting the ones that you want to delete.
  92. There you will find the HELP video, and a practice area where you can enter some default data and then later delete it.
  93. If you hadn’t been in there, he probably would have tried to get into the server room and delete it from there, also.
  94. It will load the delete confirmation form, validate the input, and pass data to the model for deletion from the database.
  95. Sighing deeply, he shook his head and lowered the mobile, thumb already halfway to the delete button - but then hesitated.
  96. If you wish, you can delete a message while it is selected by tapping the Delete icon at the bottom-center of the screen.
  97. If the record can be deleted, we delete it and add an appropriate record to the next number file, with an indicator of d.
  98. But, actually, I did manage to somehow delete half of my icons, so if you could help me out there I’d appreciate it.
  99. His supervisor got an email from her supervisor, telling her they must delete all traces of the correspondence immediately.
  100. I can’t halt the instruction, and the commands are coming in faster than I can delete them: Breathe! Breathe! BREATHE!.
  1. Deleting most of them after I heard who they were from.
  2. Deleting a file is a single function, instead of a class.
  3. But at the same time, I wouldn’t hesitate in deleting.
  4. Deleting a virtual machine is relatively simple with PowerShell.
  5. The D of CRUD is used for deleting rows of data in a database table.
  6. I recommend deleting Browsing & Download History, Cookies, and Cache.
  7. With a few minutes of adding and deleting, she came up with the answer.
  8. It would be speeded up by the deleting of Cinderella from our consciousness.
  9. Your profiles will look much less spammy, and the chances of the admins deleting.
  10. The Ghoul could not recall him deleting the message from the deleted e mail folder.
  11. You may just as well have the separation of the mail and look at them all before deleting.
  12. The twelve men swayed and coughed, deleting their smiles and settling in for a long speech.
  13. Archiving is an intermediate step between placing an item in a normal folder and deleting it.
  14. This happens because deleting obsolete entries leaves blank bits of space within the registry.
  15. Puller stared down at this part of the message for another moment or two before deleting it all.
  16. Ultimately, the quality of your life comes down to what information you are deleting at any given moment.
  17. The only setup necessary is the adding, deleting, renaming, and rearranging of lists, and there is only one setting to consider.
  18. So I created modified versions simply by deleting all but the constant term in the numerator of the Butterworth transfer response.
  19. If the event is repeated, you will have a choice of deleting the current event only or this and all future repetitions of the event.
  20. The Process and Thread Manager is responsible for creating and deleting the process objects that enable software to run on a Windows system.
  21. Say the copy member contains all the code for reading, writing, deleting and rewriting records to a file but you only need to read the records.
  22. Once in the program we may not give them the chance to delete the record but there would be another program for deleting closed or unwanted accounts.
  23. Creating, deleting, starting, or stopping a virtual machine is one of the most repetitive tasks that a Hyper-V administrator needs to perform, but with PowerShell, all these tasks can be scripted and made simpler to execute.
  24. On that day you take a snapshot of your portfolio, adding up the subtotals for each type of investment, plugging them into the top row of the spreadsheet, and deleting all the extraneous formulas and estimates in the process.
  25. Before closing down at the end of his session Mark decided to clean up the desktop He had a tidy mind and wanted his computer the same way, so he spent several minutes customising the screen to his tastes and deleting unwanted items.
  26. If, for example, an administrator modifies a profile on the server by deleting certain shortcuts, these changes will likely have no effect because those shortcuts still exist on the workstation and copying the server profile to the workstation drive does not delete them.
  27. Each institution keeps its actual practices and policies and methods and rationales secret… and gives the Public a whitewashed, simplistic set of lies… carefully deleting their own corruptions so people have the mistaken impression that all of these institutions are legal, above-board, ethical, moral, etc… All because knowledge is not shared, because it is kept secret.
  1. Then he deleted the file.
  2. The images have been deleted.
  3. He deleted each one when he.
  4. Pioneer 2 has been deleted.
  5. He quickly deleted all of them.
  6. Your files could’ve been deleted.
  7. All the other data has been deleted.
  8. But even you said they had been deleted.
  9. The important components will not be deleted.
  10. GOD will be deleted off the pages, out of the.
  11. And what if he has deleted it? Punk asked.
  12. Blake deleted the message and scratched his head.
  13. With a steady thumb she deleted Landon's number.
  14. This is not part of the book and will be deleted.
  15. Inaccurate information must be corrected or deleted.
  16. Dead would be deleted and edited out of all backups.
  17. Also, I deleted her messages as soon as I read them.
  18. Those who deleted the email without even opening it.
  19. Any witnesses would have to be deleted, even a cop/s.
  20. Then she deleted anyone who posted about weight loss.
  21. After the cookies are deleted, go to Privacy, Advanced.
  22. I just read this and almost deleted most of the passage.
  23. Unlike computer memory, which can be deleted and the.
  24. This also had no date at the bottom, so Robert deleted it.
  25. Deleted tables may be provided so the trigger can see all.
  26. You can visit her website at (deleted for the same reason).
  27. At best this kind of post wil be deleted by the monitors….
  28. Page 221, duplicated the deleted (slaves and the women).
  29. She hit the backspace key until the last sentence was deleted.
  30. And he would’ve deleted me if the Army hadn’t stopped him.
  31. Smith read the message again and deleted it as Webber had asked.
  32. If the note is deleted, why is it still visible on my monitor?
  33. She quickly deleted the wild sex scene with Max in the hotel room.
  34. It is like a word deleted and replaced in this text on my computer.
  35. The stuff you copied was almost everything they had already deleted.
  36. When a file is deleted, the inode is just unlinked from the filename.
  37. I included how a past Pope deleted the Second Commandment that forbids.
  38. He then deleted both the e mail and the file the reports were stored on.
  39. Many deleted their wallets when they were done playing with the software.
  40. The data that was being recovered from deleted files was a complete mess.
  41. Luckily, I’m able to retrieve more than half of the deleted information.
  42. We trust the file won’t get deleted by mistake, but accidents do happen.
  43. He deleted the message on her machine, so she would never know what happened.
  44. He bit his lip, shook his head and deleted the last work and then carried on.
  45. He deleted all three without listening to anything more than the introduction.
  46. Well, had is the operative word because one of my co-workers deleted it there.
  47. He deleted the third, the fourth, and the sixth numbers from his temporary list.
  48. And I have no control over which yesterdays I keep and which ones get deleted.
  49. Have you checked the recycle bin to see if they were accidentally deleted?
  50. In some of the oldest deleted areas he kept a mind he simply called the key-forger.
  51. The Ghoul could not recall him deleting the message from the deleted e mail folder.
  52. Katy glanced at her phone, I deleted all of his, but I do still have all of mine.
  53. That is, all old software will be deleted by the system and a re-install will occur.
  54. Any data in those positions on the line when this command is executed will be deleted.
  55. I blocked all my porn sites and deleted all my sex videos and exotic photos from my sites.
  56. I can see that a large file, presumably connected to other computers, was deleted recently.
  57. This is not part of the book and will be deleted when the book goes into Author Copy Stage.
  58. In doing this you might find that Uncle Leo emailed you but it was deleted instantaneously.
  59. In the perfect world, temporary files would be deleted automatically when the programs close.
  60. Sergienko (published by Okto, 1911), from which by order of the Moscow Court it was deleted.
  61. We also print the record that has been deleted on a report with all the fields on the record.
  62. Affirmation #228: Pay Attention! It is official…you have been deleted out of my life forever!.
  63. The unfortunate thing is that I got this blog deleted or removed by word press for reasons I did.
  64. There were also some other things that were deleted from Minto’s own memory, she continued.
  65. I’m running the same tests on her, but once I’ve deleted the others you’ll watch her die too.
  66. Some of the information has holes in it, sections that were deleted that your backup didn’t cover.
  67. The easiest way to decrease your PST file is to clear the Deleted Items folder (Trash in Thunderbird).
  68. There were a couple cushions that she was pretty sure he had deleted years ago that she deleted again.
  69. Minto has deleted the events from his own memory? He has done so once before installing the RAM in him.
  70. All the information on his encrypted email program had been carefully deleted, just as they had agreed.
  71. My memory doesn’t say that, Cleo said, when Garnet asked, Said, he deleted some of his memories.
  72. He had watched as Brad Friedman had sent the reports to the unknown e mail address and then deleted the e mail.
  73. I could care less right now if he deleted every folder and file and smashed the thing into a million pieces.
  74. Theo deleted the first message in his phone as he drove north on the M12 towards Dublin and then called Mirielle.
  75. What the average person called 'dead and buried' was deleted from the current environment and the logic recycled.
  76. I should have deleted it immediately but then again, why throw away something as beautiful and exciting as that?
  77. Ship’s logs were either not customary by the captain of this vessel, or they have been deleted – very odd.
  78. Then you won't mind the fact that I deleted it from your phone and also the copy you saved to your cloud storage.
  79. Jose's my database of information, and you're a file that is about to be deleted, unless you do exactly what I say.
  80. To begin with, someone in his great intelligence deleted the purchase order software from the computer at the office.
  81. Panicked, I grabbed a bottle of correcting fluid, excused myself from class and deleted ‘Singing Cup…Richard Stone.
  82. Cleo thought for a while and said, He was a scientist and have had his memories altered or deleted or whatever it is.
  83. If the record can be deleted, we delete it and add an appropriate record to the next number file, with an indicator of d.
  84. After doing that, all those that you have not selected should be deleted, so that you can save more room for future photos.
  85. What would that mean? If his veron grants were intercepted and his account deleted, few would miss him or know he was gone.
  86. Alternatively you could open the Deleted Items folder, press Ctrl+A to highlight all messages and then press Del to delete them.
  87. What is it that Minto deleted from his memory, anyway? I mean, did he mention it in his second letter?, she asked fascinated.
  88. It's not who is my neighbor, but who am I a neighbor to? and she was gone as suddenly as if she had been deleted or erased.
  89. A lot of it was classified beyond even my clearances, and some of the files seemed to have been deleted, because there were gaps.
  90. I should have deleted it, but then again, I don’t believe in accidents and I don't believe in throwing away golden opportunities.
  91. Whoever deleted it, he thought had not been very thorough, so perhaps there was no mystery and it was not that important after all.
  92. On occasion, the new recipe of the month turned out to be one that was already there, so eventually I deleted the lesser of the two.
  93. Now, they are finding out that the entire period of Hitler's regime has been mostly whitewashed and deleted from their history books.
  94. We can confirm that a large file, or at least something big, had recently been deleted, and we haven’t been able to restore it.
  95. Now I can have all of the email collected in one software and I can see on one screen, what needs to stay and what needs to be deleted.
  96. I heard tiny zzzt sounds as my thoughts about James, my memories of him, every second we’d spent together, were systematically deleted.
  97. In most cases, you can safely exclude these files from a backup because they would only be automatically deleted at a later time anyway.
  98. To do that, simply right-click on the Deleted Items folder in Outlook or the Trash folder in Thunderbird and select the relevant option.
  99. And if by some off chance he had downloaded the movie by mistake, he would’ve deleted the file rather than storing it in his Work folder.
  100. At this point if someone deleted the record with account number equal to 15, the next number file would have two records, looking like this:.
  1. It deletes all the value of variables from.
  2. The tr command is typically used to translate characters, but with the -d option it deletes characters.
  3. The following example deletes all the snapshots of the virtual machine, TestVM, that are older than 90 days:.
  4. This example deletes the the first seven lines since "#" matches the first line and "^$" matches the seventh line.
  5. Let us suppose the data base analyst accidentally deletes the file while we’re in the middle of changing the record.
  6. As acknowledgments arrive from the receiver, the sender deletes the segments that have been acknowledged from the queue.
  7. It deletes the mind’s old codependent programming software and allows our adult programming software to take its place.
  8. The clean target deletes the intermediate files created by the compile and the output common JAR file, which is the output of this project.
  9. The example shown in the following screenshot deletes all the snapshots of the virtual machine, TestVM, whose names start with Experiment:.
  10. Standard & Poor’s periodically adds and deletes stocks from the index, incurring distributions as the fund rearranges its portfolio accordingly.
  11. If the server successfully deletes all of the marked messages, it transmits a +OK reply to the client and proceeds to terminate the TCP connection.
  12. After entering the update state, the server deletes all of the messages that have been marked for deletion and releases its exclusive hold on the client’s mailbox.

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