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Edit in a sentence

1. Next step, is to edit.
2. To edit a cell type e.
3. You may also have to edit.
4. On TV (as I edit this book).
5. That, and how to edit the files.
6. Click the icon to edit the module.
7. This opens the Edit Calendar screen.

8. Unlock only cells you may want to edit.
9. To create and edit a document, a pro-.
10. I knew I needed to edit it and shorten.
11. At that time edit required page use the.
12. Select cell B6, edit the formula to read.
13. Just choose the appropriate item to edit it.
14. Feel free to edit what they write so that it.
15. When the edit window opens as shown in Figure 7.
16. Edit your choice of words and avoid complexity.
17. What part of the video did they edit out?
18. Decandolle, in the French Flora, (2d edit, of 1815.
19. You can save time finding the items you need to edit.
20. It was the one question he asked me to later edit out.
21. Aim to delete some points, edit them or aggregate them.
22. Audacity and Skype can be used to create and edit podcasts.
23. She had begun to edit out the last line of her usual tirade.
24. Go to "wp-includes" folder and edit the "default-constants.
25. This will let you edit each voice separately at the end of.
26. This file needs to be writable to edit Global Configuration.
27. A new modal window will appear for you to edit your profile.
28. We can edit footage to inject more excitement into the feud.
29. Special thanks to Candy McCracken for helping edit this book.
30. The same thing happened when I tried to edit a Word document.
31. Click the "edit project" button to enter our keywords and URL.
32. Under this tab you will see the size, border and advanced edit.
33. It lets you edit the elements, show, or hide items as you want.
34. One volunteer was going to edit the 2005 book but was too busy.
35. To edit the audio recording I use some software called Audacity.
36. Open the word processor then either use [Ctrl] V or Edit, Paste.
37. Tons of songs that she needed to edit, improve or just rehearse.
38. What does Jeremy Taylor, in his book on the Real Presence (edit.
39. This is gold! smiled Jim, Find someone who can edit video.
40. This will allow you to be more practical when you edit your letter.
1. Her editing was most helpful.
2. IS without re-writing or editing).
3. We do this by editing the file pom.
4. There is time for editing these later.
5. We'll be editing the following files:.
6. The art is in the editing, not the writing.
7. It’s Sunday as I am editing this chapter.
8. Then a second round of professional editing.
9. Don't worry about editing, that comes later.
10. Karen for the editing and James for the cover.
11. Opens the editing screen for the selected item.
12. On editing user has replaced this value with 1500.
13. Thank you for your partnership and gifted editing.
14. I told her about Denika Smallwood editing my book.
15. This should be the first step in editing the images.
16. I could hardly look at it again when we were editing.
17. I told my father the whole story without any editing or.
18. Rewriting and editing drafts wherever and whenever I could.
19. Polly - thanks for all the hours of editing & valuable input.
20. This is very hard to do when editing someone else’s work.
21. Activation of the writing and editing programs of Microsoft.
22. This is what increases the demand of the photo editing and.
23. And Krista Marino, for an editing job that defies description.
24. Priced at just $299, it’s a pretty awesome piece of editing.
25. Creates a new item and opens the editing screen for this item.
26. His office staff had been editing all the Dominex patient files.
27. Crosby had used his editing program to move closer for this shot.
28. Cook, and modified by my own editing, clarification, and comments.
29. Stephen’s energies had been absorbed in editing Simeon’s book.
30. Lilac Digital is another eminent name in the field of photo editing.
31. Google Docs allows sharing(viewing and/or editing) documents online.
32. He was prolific when he got going, and had trouble editing his ideas.
33. I have to admit that I did a bit of editing in this program back when.
34. Registry editing should be done only after a complete registry backup.
35. At the very end of the book-publishing process, after all copy editing.
36. An idea, a good proposal, and 2 years of writing and 6 months of editing.
37. New Hampshire, and once more, that same dumb tool of editing was applied.
38. This is easy to accomplish with video editing software and is a good idea.
39. Where pronunciation is tricky you should consider editing the offending.
40. The same three panels came up on the screen with the editing options below.
1. Edited by the ITRC staff.
2. Compiled and edited by V.
3. To that end edited clips of the.
4. The tape had obviously been edited.
5. He sees it edited by a definite set of.
6. Click on the item you edited in the past.
7. It won’t be edited, John had said.
8. Edited with introduction by Louise Ropes.
9. I meticulously edited the entire book with.
10. Let’s start by reading his review (edited):.
11. Very interesting once it’s edited and inserted.
12. I recommend the Companion Bible edited by Bullinger.
13. She let the mouse hover over the one labeled EDITED.
14. Dead would be deleted and edited out of all backups.
15. Encyclopedia of the World’s Religions, edited by R.
16. This recollection has been edited and approved as an.
17. Verses that have been edited are clearly labeled as.
18. She had to relate an edited version of the whole thing.
19. The super Mac to upload edited footage to the Internet.
20. These were the mundane details that Paul had edited out.
21. Next we write the users edited information to the database.
22. Another pause that would have to be edited before air time.
23. Over the next nine years, he produced 19 works and edited.
24. Kevin had quickly drawn a sketch and edited it as Saul spoke.
25. Once the sheet is protected, only unlocked cells can be edited.
26. The New Penguin Handbook of Living Religions, edited by John R.
27. NOTE Only playlists that you create on the iPhone can be edited.
28. It was a shame that it was edited out in the mastering process.
29. Okay, get the video edited and set this up by the end of today.
30. Liapunov, a Young Poet, Library of Leo Tolstoi, edited by P.
31. This information can then be recorded, edited if needed, and then.
32. The news was always heavily edited to fit the rhythms of the music.
33. Here is article as it stands, currently being edited in London, so.
34. Paths to the Heart / Sufism and the Christian East, edited by James S.
35. Wisdom of the Sadhu / Teachings of Sundar Singh, edited by Kim Comer.
36. For the success of any web site, a well written and well edited content.
37. We have studied, and edited and crafted our news so you will be informed.
38. HTML can be easily edited once it is created, as the computer language is.
39. You can tell which can be edited after you tap Edit because they are darker.
40. What follows is an edited and abridged version of our four-hour conversation.
1. Reviews and edits information.
2. When a User edits a file, Joomla change the file’s status to Checked Out.
3. Which Kate edits, I add, hoping to steer the conversation away from me.
4. That calculation edits the Statements of Cash Flow by adjusting the "Cash Flow from Operations" section.
5. Do not make any edits to the code that your vendor has provided, paste it carefully and as it was provided to you, following their directions.
6. This MarketWatch story was a column by Mark Hulbert, who edits the Hulbert Financial Digest, a newsletter that tracks the recommendations and market performance of financial newsletters.
7. There was no complete take in which all the elements were in agreement, but that first solo had set such a high standard that we started to examine the different passes and discovered that just two edits yielded a complete story, with Chet fluttering around the final lines in a Spanish mode.

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