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    1. I wonder: Which could be worse? One of my favorite people, though I"ve never met him, Mark Alexander, editor of the Patriot Post, had the following to say about Obama in a recent editorial

    2. Paul had scanned only front-page articles and any other editorial text contained in each issue of the paper

    3. I would like to express my gratitude to The Journal News of Westchester and Rockland Counties for its interest in the many letters I have submitted to its editorial department over the years and for allowing me an opportunity to express my viewpoints

    4. ‘We can change the penalties with a stroke of the legislative pen,’ as the words of a recent editorial went

    5. “What are you working on?” asked Purvis, slipping back into the deferential mode he affected to the older, more mature members of the editorial staff

    6. Of all the newspaper editorial staff, he used the phone least and had the quietest space

    7. “The really great part is the editorial,” I pointed out

    8. SM, the chief pathologist in the hospital where I practiced, upon reading an editorial I had written for a medical bulletin, told me that I’d “missed my calling

    9. A 2003 editorial in Nature Biotechnology argues that legislation regulating development of higher forms of life

    10. ” Arkes points out that views such as those expressed in the quoted editorial, arguing against science being constrained by “moral and ethical definitions,” are themselves “a moral judgment in behalf of a research unconstrained by moral judgments

    11. Today he is a free-lance commercial editorial photographer

    12. Assistant editorial page editor at the Wall Street Journal, Daniel Henninger, observes that in the 2008 election the Democrats’ oft stated intent to change the economic policies of “the last eight years” of the Bush administration is but a hint of their real intentions

    13. The Washington Times editorial page editor Tony Blankley terms the Democratic Party’s reaction to the Iraq war

    14. The National Post newspaper ran an editorial stating that Alcock

    15. Act ties the hands of the Executive branch when it comes to saving tax-payers money, Representative Christopher Cox wrote an editorial in ‘Investo’s Business Daily’ dated May 10, 1995

    16. In the editorial he revealed the following information:

    17. His editorial policy was to be “in line with the Conservative Democrats of the South

    18. In 1938, Arthur hired a man named Charles Merz as editor of the Editorial Page

    19. I only hope that someday we may Both Feel the pure happiness it can bring Until then, stay just as you are… The poems I wrote, like the one above, were published fairly regularly in the Raleigh News & Observer on the editorial page under the heading todAy’s nC poeM

    20. I was prepared as a writer and creative thinker, and quite unprepared to handle statistical formulas that would take up a paragraph in a New York Times editorial

    21. The emphasis is not on the editorial part

    22. He supported editorial autonomy and encouraged his editors to maintain each paper’s local identity and image, from typeface to editorial content

    23. Headquarters supplies market research, pointers on salesmanship, and capital for improvements in facilities, but says little about editorial viewpoints, program choices, or how news should be covered

    24. His headquarters staff provided leadership, motivation and financial guidance and capital but rarely, if ever, interfered with editorial viewpoints and content

    25. As he told Gaither during his interview for the Tulsa Tribune: The fear among some people that chain newspapers will “control” the news or dictate editorial positions is completely unjustified

    26. Pops did hire professionals to critique his newspapers but did not have an overall editorial director because he felt that would tend to stereotype them

    27. Park gives you,” Evans said, “as a general manager, guidelines where money is concerned, but as for editorial directions he leaves that to the local people

    28. He gave me no editorial direction whatsoever

    29. And former Senator Sam Ervin, one of the three trustees of the News Herald in Morganton, said he thought the decision to sell it to Park in 1978 was the secret of Roy Park’s success—that he allowed the local newspaper to determine how it presents the news and editorial opinions

    30. Going through the notes and memos my father wrote to me, I came across one to which he attached an editorial from the North Carolina Leader

    31. This editorial is in defense of those called workaholics

    32. I got a kick out of the comment from my contact in tracking down permission to reprint the editorial

    33. I was an editorial assistant for eight years

    34. But this can only be true if you were under the assumption that your “right” is the most conducive to goodness; without God to assure you that it is, you’re doing nothing more than throwing caution to the wind, or rather, to the editorial board of The Washington Post

    35. Murphy had to do an editorial about that

    36. Naval Institute editorial board member and legislative director for Congressman John N

    37. 27 Thomas Sowell, in an editorial in The Press-Telegram, Long Beach, California, June 19, 2003, p

    38. ∗ This editorial was used as a guideline for the opening session of the IV European Congress on Humanistic

    39. He kept screaming as he stomped back up to Editorial

    40. “Itś an editorial scoop, yes thatś what we have, a nice editorial scoop for the editor,” finished Clarity

    41. publisher's standpoint, the marketing considerations, especially on non-fiction, now often outweigh the editorial ones

    42. It's a remarkable advantage for e-authors--to have a completely objective, randomly selected group of readers who freely offer what amounts to great editorial advice, even if it's sometimes hard to hear

    43. My book "Mommy, May I?" spent some time making the rounds with the editorial staff at Harpers a few years ago with them suggesting a man's name for the author

    44. His name was Brian McClune and he had previously been involved in an editorial position in a local newspaper in his native County Clare in Ireland

    45. Arthur Brisbane, one of the greatest editorial writers of this century, said: "To win the favor of the public, tel them something they already know—and they'l agree

    46. is confined to the editorial page

    47. 1987, and was on the editorial board of Tạp Chí Thơ and

    48. Sometimes he could hardly recognize his work as the editorial staff corrected and changed the article

    49. I was forty years old when Editorial

    50. its editorial needs and requirements

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