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    1. Different types of bacterial composition will occur throughout the composting process

    2. being a Christian-Satanist are set forth in this book as is the composition of

    3. You have, by the way thoroughly impressed our literature and composition professors

    4. He’d found many other observatories that had noted their presence and geometry but none that had analyzed their composition

    5. Rent, it is to be observed, therefore, enters into the composition of the price of commodities in a different way from wages and profit

    6. " In the composition of this statute, the legislature itself seems to have been as negligent as the copiers were in the transcription of the other

    7. To humans, all these principles and notions are raw material they may and can use to alter the composition of the universe they lives in but, for the sake of this explanation, it must be considered man never "created" anything

    8. What is that force that attracted all the particles required to build men? How come they were free to be used in our composition and why will they, one day, part from us and join another organism? Why has the elusive intelligence that presided over our formation made us temporal? Is it a “use and discard” concept as some thinks of? Why does that powerful force that firmly held billions of particles together give up after 50, 70 or 100 years? Why does that force keep an interest in our organism only while it is living as a human being abandoning us afterwards?

    9. I know only the rudiments of composition

    10. Durability of concrete in the terms of influence of aggressive environment is provided by application of concrete with a high density, by use initial components with the proper chemical composition and application at a necessity the special measures of concrete's defense (application of isolating materials, admixtures etc

    11. admixture, its storage, batching, change of the composition of concrete mixture, etc

    12. Along with ordinary coarse aggregate concrete, in construction are also used types of concrete which differ from their structural peculiarities, composition and properties

    13. All types of mineral binders from which Portland cement is the basic one can be used in the composition with wood aggregates

    14. Slag and fly ash materials with different intensity harden in normal conditions and at steam curing depending on their mineralogical composition, chemical composition and active phases content, fineness, type and concentration of activator

    15. Physical and mechanical properties of slag-alkaline concrete can vary with wide range by selecting raw materials, varying concrete mix composition and applying different technological processes

    16. English wool, cannot be even so mixed with Spanish wool, as to enter into the composition without spoiling and degrading, in some degree, the fabric of the cloth

    17. ‘I am permitted to give information on the positions, composition and habitat of all the bodies within this galaxy

    18. And, in the end, the civil magistrate will find that he has dearly paid for his intended frugality, in saving a fixed establishment for the priests ; and that, in reality, the most decent and advantageous composition, which he can make with the spiritual guides, is to bribe their indolence, by assigning stated salaries to their profession, and rendering it superfluous for them to be farther active, than merely to prevent their flock from straying in quest of new pastors

    19. We may, for example, be able to analyse the composition of the atmosphere from an air bubble that was trapped in amber found today

    20. We would only be able to obtain certain facts from the composition of the air that was trapped in that bubble and nothing else

    21. managed to come together in a composition

    22. This is just another example of numeric structure found in the Bible, but it is a level higher than the actual compositional structure of the text, but it is nevertheless fully integrated and fully dependent on the structural composition

    23. Dark energy in its simplest formulation takes the form of the cosmological constant term in Einstein‘s field equations of general relativity, but its composition and mechanism are unknown and, more generally, the details of its equation of state and relationship with the Standard Model of particle physics continue to be investigated both observationally and theoretically

    24. The ozone molecules have specific properties that are impacted by gravity, the electromagnetic field that is generated by the Earth, as well as the current composition of the atmosphere

    25. This has been confirmed by tests, which were conducted on fossilised tree wax or amber that had trapped air bubbles in it, where it was found that the air, contained in these bubbles, had about 50% additional oxygen in its composition

    26. By a feudal law, the vassal could not alienate without the consent of his superior, who generally extorted a fine or composition on granting it

    27. With the layer of water above the atmosphere removed, a weaker magnetic field and new water to landmass ratio on the surface of the planet, affecting gas composition, air pressure and an altered level of protection against cosmic radiation, the previous conditions on Earth would be changed forever and forgotten over time

    28. Either on account of this composition, however, or for other reasons, it is not near so common to malt as to brew for private use

    29. It is difficult to imagine any equitable reason, why those who either brew or distil for private use should not be subject to a composition of the same kind

    30. A greater revenue than what is at present drawn from all the heavy taxes upon malt, beer, and ale, might be raised, it has frequently been said, by a much lighter tax upon malt; the opportunities of defrauding the revenue being much greater in a brewery than in a malt-house ; and those who brew for private use being exempted from all duties or composition for duties, which is not the case with those who malt for private use

    31. An acquaintance of mine recently expressed some concern over the (potential) appointment of a practicing Baptist likely to influence the ideological composition of the Court, thereby overturning hard-fought legal battles like the (omnipresent) Roe v

    32. I could have correctly reminded this gentleman that former president James Earl Carter, who as president, influenced the ideological composition of our nation‘s federal courts, was a professed ―born-again Christian‖, a Baptist, but why trouble ourselves with such ―minor‖ details

    33. (local type of oxen) is used to till the land which, in its present composition due to the closeness to the sea, renders as impractical the use of modern technology like the tractor

    34. The composition of its population of 3

    35. These inevitably resulted in higher land prices and rents, as well as a change in the composition of the town as richer people have increasingly outbid others for Boulder housing

    36. discourses, literary composition, the chaturmaas sites and so on

    37. itinerary, discourses, literary composition, the chaturmaas sites and so

    38. See the following example of composition of a Coordenational Structure through specific

    39. If they balked, they got a chance to write a composition, and if they still balked they mysteriously disappeared from Chorus

    40. With its discovery, Marsh and Butler, at Berkeley, California went back over their decade-long collection of search data, and when they expanded their ideas about orbits, size, and composition, they found several planets they overlooked hidden in their trove

    41. I do not wish to bore you with the composition of the bone, but you may find the following information interesting:16

    42. Calcium Oxide has a melting point of 2572 °C, however calcium oxide is not a true composition of the human bone, but we need to consider the temperature of the crematorium oven, operating between 870 °C and 980 °C, and in some cases heated to 1150 °C

    43. Some bones will have dark carbon stains and this is normally caused by the use of cancer medication which is alleged to alter the bone composition

    44. nized by virtue of their instruments’ pitch and tone, and if they were not in sync with the maestro and one another, the result would be pure cacophony instead of a melodious composition

    45. I pulled out another and began my composition on cat Obake, without any idea that all my research would amount to nothing

    46. “Hey Akito! When you made me write that composition on wolf Obake, the textbook said that the organization made a truce with them not to attack humans

    47. the chemical composition of sperm and egg, he cannot create it in a

    48. Hanson found in his 20 years of experience in the State University system that it fails to emphasize grammar, composition skills, oral presentation, history, literature, music, or art

    49. The composition of the U

    50. Analyses of Democratic Party composition and tactics is offered by William Kristol, editor of The Weekly Standard, after the presidential elections of 2000 and 2004

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