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    1. The information which is available to you in this book, is passed along with the understanding that we are always responsible for our actions, we must not upset the balance of our delicate ecosystem, nor endanger ourselves

    2. endanger the rights and freedoms of individuals, but we should

    3. But those exertions of the natural liberty of a few individuals, which might endanger the security of the whole society, are, and ought to be, restrained by the laws of all governments ; of the most free, as well as or the most despotical

    4. National animosity, at that particular time, aimed at the very same object which the most deliberate wisdom would have recommended, the diminution of the naval power of Holland, the only naval power which could endanger the security of England

    5. Tell me about this traitor whose trying to escape with secrets that might endanger our country

    6. wrote that it is better to leave a prize so disabled and injured as to be formidable enough to endanger the navigation of the ocean

    7. Being close to him now could only endanger them both

    8. wisely as their Leaders or we can endanger them simply because we haven’t put in the

    9. requests and we may soon not be able to even enter our national forests for fear that we might endanger

    10. endanger human, they will more scaremongering, his hold on pedestals

    11. We would not want to endanger anyone needlessly,” was my reply

    12. Just as she knew that she had to leave, that she could not endanger these who had given so much for her

    13. Roger became concerned that in such a political climate, someone like him, born in Spain and traveling with a United States passport, would endanger his family

    14. to happen and to not endanger anyone by telling

    15. “She is with child and the stress would endanger the baby

    16. “If it is a simulation, they must behave as if their combat here is real, including being sure that their struggle does not endanger any of the many innocents spectating here

    17. There was no way he would endanger that many lives by letting a werewolf run loose, but he had to pretend he might—because he wanted the werewolf's information

    18. ‘I have no reason to like him, but I would never endanger my reputation by picking a fight with him

    19. Realising that he too would be asked to explain his involvement, he decided to contact London for advice, as he was not prepared to divulge anything that would endanger his cover – Marianne now knew about his secret life, but would keep the knowledge to herself

    20. He had proposed bringing in an American Detective Agency that specialised in the handling of kidnap cases, but this James had politely refused for the time being, saying that this could possibly further endanger his wife’s life

    21. Peter belonged with the other apostles, who had been specifically warned not to endanger their lives during these times of the trial and crucifixion of their Master

    22. “As an officer she could be assigned to a task that did not endanger others

    23. I wouldn’t want to endanger another innocent girl

    24. “You lied to her! Ziven would never endanger the children!”

    25. “Fiona, you’ll endanger the baby

    26. Jamie knew Billy would not have locked the access without reason, and he definitely would not have locked it at access he felt would endanger her

    27. You would never do anything to endanger him, would you?” Jamie didn’t know why she would ask, John had not said anything to make her feel he was a threat, but she wanted to know and hoped he would tell her the truth

    28. The Elite could have taken them back but Riz felt it was previous to the new government, and was more of the people’s need for closure than a Continent matter and he would not ask the Elite to take the time and endanger themselves to satisfy the need

    29. Laura would never normally endanger children

    30. ‘’Probably, but her argument that any action by that time police or other time traveler coming to this century could endanger the existence of that 34th Century 424

    31. Even if you need to have grass, stay away from the sprays that endanger people, pets and the land

    32. She knows the true value of history and has no reason to hurt the Imperium, as long as the Imperium does not engage in acts that would endanger the integrity of history

    33. is a message of hope for you, but also one of caution: do not take precipitous actions now that could endanger you or others around you

    34. If we do nothing about Falun Gong, it would surely endanger our life in four aspects

    35. For self-burning, if lucky enough, it will endanger one's life, if not, it will kill him or her

    36. Thus, while I truly hope that you will be able to resolve your differences by peaceful means from now on, the Time Patrol will not hesitate to act decisively in the future against anyone, and I say anyone, who will endanger peace again

    37. Bank lending on personal real estate will be set for long term growth as will appraisals so that the market cannot inflate too quickly to endanger another collapse in the housing industry

    38. ambitions of many men who had served the Crown loyally for years and endanger the well-laid plans of the organization that intended to draw the war to a swift, decisive close as soon as possible

    39. The utmost discretion on this subject is also required, as any security leak could endanger the convoy

    40. � He sincerily hoped that his report would not endanger her

    41. � Sensing that he would only endanger the lives of his airmen, Kesselring let his pistol drop and raised his hands above his head, imitated by Osterkamp, who slowly walked out of his office

    42. The safety of these individuals relied not only upon the engineers who designed the buildings and the contractors who developed them, but also upon the man or woman who was in the position of watching closely for any irregularities or violations that would endanger lives

    43. Distractions while driving was an issue that he had long found annoying, and he was often critical of others for allowing themselves to endanger the lives of everyone on the road simply because they were trying to do two things at once


    45. ‘’And you would also endanger the shipment by starting a fight on this ship

    46. and the damage to come will not endanger

    47. and could endanger others

    48. endanger the life of any of its crew

    49. It made no sense to endanger a valuable friendship by suddenly freaking out and calling her a witch

    50. While she still wasn’t sure what to do about Stefan’s offer, she was definitely not going to endanger her mom’s recovery by discussing it with her

    1. Whoever splits wood may be endangered thereby

    2. Its ‘shade-grown’ coffee farms are home to endangered wildlife

    3. Like what are called the fundamental laws of some monarchies, they might frequently hinder the security of thousands from being endangered by the caprice or extravagance of one man

    4. Where the security of the magistrate, though supported by the principal people of the country, is endangered by every popular discontent; where a small tumult is capable of bringing about in a few hours a great revolution, the whole authority of government must be employed to suppress and punish every murmur and complaint against it

    5. At first the PT Sergeant was puzzled and then he became upset at my not telling him that I was hurt, and after five minutes of telling me and everyone else within a mile that only “Communists and longhaired liberals are so stupid in trying to do PT while injured, and besides, by doing so I endangered my buddies who were not gypsies and therefore could not sense that I was hurt and look after me

    6. ” Colonel Evan Miles was told by the doctors that his life was endangered by lack of food, and that he must be invalided home

    7. One of them had given birth to a stillborn, but since she had had a difficult delivery that endangered her life, she remained in the hospital for observation

    8. Competitive global economies and (outsourcing) designs for cheaper labor have rendered this demographic group an endangered species

    9. However, she felt too endangered to emerge from the cave and seek a wolf alone, in case someone discovered her walking

    10. Thus Kennedy needlessly endangered the entire world just to avoid being seen as weak

    11. endangered the livelihood of not only the cannery workers, but

    12. “At first this union met no resistance, but as the effectiveness of the Church began to be endangered by a multiplicity of beliefs and the encroachment of foreign influences, the Church Fathers branded Gnosticism as heretical…Evidence points to Samaria as an early center of Gnosticism, which probably existed there before the year 30 BC” (Americana, vol

    13. One of the laws enacted by our Congress was the Endangered Species Act

    14. groups coupled with liberal judges using the Endangered Species Act have prevented the cleanup of our

    15. There are over 1300 endangered species on the list to be protected by the ESA and less than 47 have

    16. new items to be included on the list of endangered species

    17. Earlier in the year the EPA determined that the delta smelt was endangered and the U

    18. designated as an endangered species as well as 4

    19. Eight Delhi Sands flies on the endangered list were discovered near the construction site of a hospital in

    20. beltway could have endangered several species (including the bald eagle) but the ESA bureaucrats

    21. The latest action is to declare the polar bear as an endangered species in spite of their substantial increase in population over the past 20 years

    22. and easiest way to do that is to rescind the Endangered Species Act

    23. Has all of this led us to a point where our very nation is endangered? Let"s look at our financial

    24. There were good reasons the birds became endangered and those reasons cannot be rolled back

    25. He got wind of his own endangered status after the war, although he had no idea what he had done

    26. upcoming water wars, the erosion of the coral reefs, the endangered ozone layer, lost species, urban sprawl, sustainable growth, and so on

    27. 9 Whoever removes stones shall be hurt by them; and he who cuts wood shall be endangered by it

    28. Fence: Freedom of the Spirit endangered by being encircled and surrounded; self-control; security; tradition that hinders; lines or areas separating

    29. A bureaucratic determination that the spotted owl is an endangered species shuts down whole industries and towns related to timber harvesting in the Pacific Northwest

    30. The capacity for thought and clear analysis is the truly endangered species in today’s warped environment of the mind

    31. Thinking itself is the endangered species needing protection from extinction

    32. ” I said, had he stayed he would’ve potentially endangered me and blown his own plan

    33. It runs the risk of becoming, however, a compromised geological place, endangered by hard-hearted tourism and the merciless waves of the sea

    34. Josie’s behavior endangered and impaired many lives

    35. The Endangered Species Act has been used to stop logging, to reduce the production of farm produce, to stop building a dam, to interfere with the construction of hospitals and other buildings, has added significant costs to road construction and has prevented people from control and use of their own property

    36. The Endangered Species Act is administered by the Environmental protection Agency

    37. As the reader finds out the ―stupid ― things that the EPA has done concerning endangered species there will be a question of ―why‖

    38. As ridiculous as that sounds there is no other logical explanation as we will see as we look at endangered species

    39. The Endangered Species Act (ESA) was amended in 1973 to ―require that species be listed ‗without reference to possible economic or other impacts‘ ‖and was going to preserve species that would be lost due to various factors – mostly people who did not care about such things

    40. The environmental groups coupled with liberal judges using the Endangered Species Act have prevented the cleanup of our forest land which has led to the destruction of much of our forests by fire

    41. There are over 1300 endangered species on the list to be protected by the ESA and less than 47 have been protected to the point where they can be removed from the list which leads to the conclusion that the act is not effective in protecting those species

    42. Eight Delhi Sands flies on the endangered list were discovered near the construction site of a hospital in Colton ,CA and forced the hospital to move the construction about 300 feet at a cost of $300 million and a fly preserve was established at a cost of $4

    43. In order to have it listed as an endangered species six Forest Service biologists planted samples of lynx hair on rubbing posts in three forests to show that the lynx inhabited those forests

    44. Construction of the new Woodrow Wilson Bridge which would ease traffic flow around the Washington beltway could have endangered several species

    45. The latest action is to declare the polar bear as an endangered specie in spite of their substantial increase in population over the past 20

    46. Fish and Wildlife Service or the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration before undertaking any actions that could affect an endangered species

    47. People are of greater importance than endangered species and we need to remove our federal bureaucrats from imposing their concerns about bugs, critters and insects on us

    48. The environment is not endangered by a plant that does not exist

    49. Repeal the Endangered Species Acts and void all of the rules and regulations issued for them

    50. With the Endangered Species Act rescinded and the Environmental Protection Agency abolished that should allow the states to allow logging, drilling for oil, mining coal, mining shale for oil, constructing nuclear power plants and oil refineries and fixing our energy problems

    1. Some showers wandered around offering occasional relief but endangering them with a few sparks of lightening

    2. I must have planned a dozen ways to damage that menace but most of them meant endangering his innocent passengers

    3. "Is there anything more you can tell me about yourself without endangering Alan, like where you live and what you're about?"

    4. What was she hiding, what was happening, and who was endangering her? Who were these nameless, faceless monsters in the dark?

    5. I find it quite troubling whenever an (activist) judge eagerly concedes the legal ―rights‖ of a terrorist (at the risk of endangering the lives of law-abiding citizens) who would otherwise nullify, without pause, the very laws that he or she conveniently utilizes for his or her own (legal) advantage

    6. The doctor, who returned every few hours to check on Fela, hinted to me that if the fever had not broken by tomorrow he would consider operating on her and removing her breasts so that the infection would not spread throughout her body, thus endangering her life

    7. It has been oftentimes argued in some environmental circles that the extinction of any species, whether animal or plant, would trigger an ecological chain of events endangering Nature‘s ‖precarious‖ equilibrium

    8. Unless you are sure to overcome the kidnappers resisting is endangering your life

    9. And the kicker to the story – the kid wanted to sue us for endangering his pathetic life

    10. Good heavens, Adam, endangering her child to protect herself from some perceived harm from a police officer, and then striking the officer

    11. After about ten blocks we managed to run six stop signs and a red light without seriously endangering the public

    12. easily and that contain high amounts of LDL cholesterol) then we are endangering our

    13. Stopford because they claimed he was endangering their lives while trying to

    14. The problem was that the actual Soviet cables could not be referred to without endangering the whole Venona Project

    15. He warned that both “the radical fringes of youthful society and their counterparts” on the extreme right are endangering America’s free universities

    16. Though the simulacrums and their equipment are Illusions, their blows, missiles and spells affect each other exactly as they would in true combat, and are perceived by the contestants as real, without truly endangering them, or the audience, or the facilities

    17. He slew one out of every four demons on Kellaran in his first day in the fight, every one that he could kill without endangering his people or ours, and by then there were millions of demons

    18. Myserrah scoured the City, endangering its security, to enlarge his troop far beyond what the vizier had authorized, bringing it to the size of a corps in anticipation of the march ahead

    19. Myserrah scoured the City, endangering its security, to enlarge his troop far beyond what the

    20. “As you know, this woman,” he nods towards Simon’s mother, but her head is bowed so she doesn’t see the gesture, “this woman has committed acts of perfidy among you, endangering both your good reputations and the innocence of your souls

    21. My ‘protests’ salved my conscience without endangering either privacy or health, and confirmed my ability to manipulate people

    22. It's when we don't follow the directions, for instance when pain is intense and we take a few more pills or take them closer together, that we are endangering our health

    23. In Malabo, capital of Equatorial Guinea, a further 20 mercenaries, including a well-known South African arms dealer, were being held for trial, charged with: “attempting to assassinate a Head of State – illegal possession of arms and explosives - terrorism – endangering the public and treason

    24. endangering? Is it associated with feelings of

    25. These are people’s lives you’re endangering! Women and children! Have you no remorse? No conscience? I will not be a party to this!”

    26. man the rope, and even though the fear of endangering Carmen was in his

    27. Her missiles could have reached the 21’s for a while, but using them would have meant endangering the P I’s and Escorts

    28. They recommended that the reactor and drive module be disconnected from the rest of Elizabeth and towed to a distant location where maintenance robots could work on it without endangering the remainder of the station

    29. If she wasn’t with her father, Jeff would have to make another plan, do something, anything to get her back without endangering Ashley

    30. passage of time leads to deterioration of what’s needed for these seniors to keep driving and not endangering themselves and others

    31. In 2007, voters in Oregon overturned a law that would have given free reign to developers and timber companies, endangering important habitat across the state

    32. Send these other people away while we discuss this sensitive issue,” she demanded as she made a gentle but authoritative brushing motion with her hand as a dismissal to the others, especially the stable boy, who listened intently to the conversation as it unfolded and who would undoubtedly spread the word of her beliefs, thereby endangering the investigation if Terence was indeed guilty as she suspected

    33. I linked up with The One and learned from him that he had decided to destroy them for grossly endangering the whole of Humanity’s history

    34. That nationalism is endangering the livelihoods of billions of people and hurting the economies of dozens of countries that have nothing to do with these islands and couldn’t care less to whom they belonged

    35. At the end of the meal, Brander asked, “I don’t suppose you could get rid of Malenkov and his men without endangering my family?”

    36. If he was seen in Viktor’s company in the port, that could be enough to raise suspicions in the minds of either the port authorities or of Spanish customs officials, thus endangering the precious and very costly weapons shipment he had just received

    37. In the last year of his life, he decided on how best to warn the world of his daughter‘s prophecies without endangering them or bringing shame onto his own family

    38. We intend to keep hunting there, but in a selective manner and at night, both to avoid endangering the herds by excessive hunting and to avoid scaring or antagonizing the locals, who will be left in peace by us

    39. Already, I felt responsible for endangering innocent others and I thought back to Jade, Auggie, Merlin and his sister and the sinister men in black that had visited me before I fled

    40. You can’t even as much as breathe her air without risking endangering yourself

    41. With the tree behind Stefan, Rave couldn’t get to him without endangering her, and she knew he’d never risk that

    42. that he could be exposed, endangering his own life

    43. realized he would be endangering their lives as well as his own

    44. All were charged with arson, endangering lives, and manslaughter

    45. Even Felix could now use a weapon without endangering himself and those around him

    46. Hopefully they didn’t lose all respect for me sitting out here alone in the dark, an action that was endangering all of us as we still were in enemy territory

    47. So it�s best for you to give your prospective date as much information about yourself as possible, without endangering yourself

    48. Camilla was uneasy at this, dreading lest it might prove the means of endangering her honour, and asked whether her intrigue had gone beyond words, and she with little shame and much effrontery said it had; for certain it is that ladies' imprudences make servants shameless, who, when they see their mistresses make a false step, think nothing of going astray themselves, or of its being known

    49. Perhaps, too, the natural and instinctive love of life made me wish to avoid endangering my own

    50. Meanwhile, with the way he was driving, he was endangering other people’s lives

    1. Thus they feel they have nothing to lose which endangers my hostage

    2. This also endangers my hostage

    3. “What if he endangers his family by such a stand

    4. On April 2, 2010 the EPA tightened water quality standards that could severely limit future coal mining operations throughout Appalachia, while mining industry officials said the change was unfair and endangers jobs

    5. Given how dangerous our enemies obviously are, traveling with a large group is a bad plan that unnecessarily endangers our traveling companions

    6. They say it endangers Stavka

    7. � Someone should remind Miss Laplante of her proper place and status before she endangers more men by running around the front lines

    8. Such illness as a false word which is to tell lies which endangers and harms others

    9. It is vain to deny that the honest belief of misery to last through eternity upon all the unsaved—as long as the Necessary Being shall endure—also endangers the faith of every thoughtful Christian who accepts it

    10. Try to put the fire out first—but if that is not practicable remove the car from the building, before it further endangers life and property

    11. “No, ’Toine; I see nothing that endangers my rose pearl

    12. The person who is to make the search is an officer of some standing; he is only to take seamen who are British subjects, excluding thereby, not merely our citizens, but all foreigners; and he is not to take even British seamen, if, by it, he destroys the crew, or endangers the vessel

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