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Frasi con hazard (in inglese)

  1. It was a fire hazard.
  2. There is no health hazard.
  3. I can't even hazard a guess.
  4. Gold wouldn’t be a hazard.
  5. She must be a hazard to others.

  6. That hazard shall not be thine.
  7. I’d hazard a guess that the.
  8. Venganga for relief from the hazard.
  9. But that’s an occupational hazard.
  10. That sheriff next door was a hazard.
  11. Nobody was willing to hazard a guess.
  12. A hazard! Most often the quality of the.
  13. Unaware of leaving this hazard behind, the.
  14. The Hazard of Tardy Adjustment of Price Value.
  15. Although I'll hazard a guess that's not the.

  16. I would hazard a guess that I’m just under.
  17. Cherrie takes her turn at surveying the hazard.
  18. Hazard was a pitiful excuse for a human being.
  19. Its external hazard is ever infinitely smaller.
  20. Please, will you stop? It’s a fire hazard.
  21. If I had to hazard a guess I would say Eretz.
  22. He couldn’t even hazard a guess at this stage.
  23. Dirty fittings can leak and create a fire hazard.
  24. We are troubled by all these moral hazard attacks.
  25. I hazard to say that the price is at best fragile.

  26. Hazard found him an unsatisfactory pupil that day.
  27. Youre not listening to all that health hazard.
  28. That's an occupational hazard with cargo like this.
  29. But then the crossbowmen encountered another hazard.
  30. In fact, he specifically indicated that the hazard.
  31. The car flashed its hazard lights for three seconds.
  32. Choking Hazard: The projects described in this book.
  33. Hazard says that he is destined to a brilliant career.
  34. And his fish pond became a slimy frog-breeding hazard.
  35. There is another very real hazard: stops should not be.
  36. Because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing.
  37. As far as I was concerned all three are a health hazard.
  38. She wanted those hands on her, but therein lay a hazard.
  39. She would have been a hazard to others in a regular unit.
  40. Avalanches are a serious hazard in all high mountain regions.
  41. Malaysians know it instinctively the purpose of hazard lights.
  42. And she would have been less of a hazard as an officer?
  43. Let him indulge his passions since it may be done without hazard.
  44. The hazard level is comparable to that of handling boiling water.
  45. The hazard of the weak expansion joint, made it almost mandatory.
  46. Won’t it be a hazard to the rest of the convoy? Rose asked.
  47. Were I to hazard a guess, said Branan, I believe we would.
  48. Every safety precaution is taken to ensure that fire is not a hazard.
  49. It was the one door that Musafir thought would not be much of a hazard.
  50. It is important that merely being a hazard to oneself is not good enough.
  51. Putting the lights that were still working into hazard mode I got out to.
  52. Guards shall be so designed that they do not create an accident hazard in.
  53. I"ll hazard a guess that the term means what the hell we"re not looking for.
  54. Dashwood feared to hazard any remark, and ventured not to offer consolation.
  55. Where the queen gained the knowledge of them I dare not even hazard a guess.
  56. Open wounds are always a hazard because of the risk of infection by bacteria.
  57. Do not let your father drive on a major highway! He is a hazard on the road.
  58. By switching ON the hazard light, the driver reserves the right to park exactly.
  59. His own volition drove him to hazard duels and take on missions that would make.
  60. I would hazard a guess that at this moment Chambers is furious with Young Falstaff.
  61. It came back; and then, without any fixed plan or direction, wandered about at hazard.
  62. Did he hazard his immortal soul; and his soul, which cannot die came nigh unto death.
  63. He hated driving at night in the rain, at least in the snow, you could see the hazard.
  64. We agreed that his remaining many days in his present hazard was not to be thought of.
  65. Debts, hazard, and diamonds caused Lombardo's death with a final act from Malfred Ash.
  66. On Memorial Day, we should be pretty sure of ourselves before we hazard a trip down it.
  67. Why, now, blow wind, swell billow and swim bark! The storm is up and all is on the hazard!.
  68. Unable to even hazard a guess of how old it was, they opened the door to take a peep inside.
  69. A significant amount would survive the fall and create a hazard for the planet’s citizens.
  70. Because high levels of DBPs are considered a health hazard in drinking water, Drinking Water.
  71. There was one additional hazard for Kylie’s friends when staying with us, and that was Mrs.
  72. He walked at hazard, not knowing which way to turn out of the hut, to the right or to the left.
  73. From the intensity of her words, I can hazard a pretty good guess as to who this woman might be.
  74. Of course, where she had grown up, being pretty was a hazard and being beautiful was life threatening.
  75. To see a hazard in your dream suggests that you need to exercise caution in some aspect of your life.
  76. Judging by the curvature of the writing, I would almost hazard a guess that they were written by a woman.
  77. The Mordasof people were less than useless for advice, they were all far too frightened to hazard a word.
  78. Adventure: A possibility; a risk; to try by chance; a possible hazard; that of which one has no direction.
  79. She was on her way to the great costume ball of the season, and forced from South a hazard at her masquerade.
  80. Switching off the ignition, she turned on the hazard lights and punched the station’s number into her phone.
  81. The answer, however reluctant, is given with hazard warning lights and the whine of a transmission in reverse.
  82. Did he hazard his immortal soul; and his soul, which cannot die came nigh unto death even if it could not die?
  83. I have no disposition, sir, to hazard the interest of my country in a conflict so undefined, so interminable!.
  84. He had come back, to save a citizen's life, and to bear his testimony, at whatever personal hazard, to the truth.
  85. Perhaps that was the purpose of the whole visit? Calvin honestly couldn't hazard a guess yet one way or the other.
  86. Jones grinned, It could be any one of several but if I was to hazard a guess then George Riley would be my first.
  87. I have secur’d—I cannot tell you how—a two-masted Brig, the Hazard, which is anchor’d off the Isle of Wight.
  88. These are not terms adopted at hazard; they have reference to a state of things existing anterior to the constitution.
  89. Had been a hazard, in fact, as long as she had lived there, and that went back to the time when he really was a sheriff.
  90. It is a non-evolving vicious cycle of ecological destruction that has not even been considered to be an ecological hazard.
  91. But unwilling to hazard the responsibility, she let me in, and presently brought the sharp message that I was to come up.
  92. Leesa suspected Rave could easily navigate the darkness of the copse, but the twisted roots would present a hazard for her.
  93. However, until we determine the true condition of the ship, we are concerned that it could be a hazard here in the shipyard.
  94. Occupational hazard, Proud smiled at Smith, like I said, he was in the middle of some very sensitive undercover work.
  95. It is Defarge whom you see here, who, at the hazard of his life, darted out before the horses, with the petition in his hand.
  96. Hazard, she suggested that there should be a border-to-border high trail winding down the heights of our western mountains.
  97. It was typical of the speculator to ignore so obvious a hazard and typical also that he suffered a large loss for his carelessness.
  98. He’s not himself this morning … I try not to fuss over him, but I’d hazard a guess that he didn’t get much sleep last night.
  99. Being carried on abroad on the ocean, (for I am speaking of foreign commerce,) it is subject to annoyance, interruption, and hazard.
  100. The blame for these management shortcomings seems not to be on moral hazard, but rather incompetence and a follow-the-herd mentality.
  1. Philippians 2:30 Because for the work of Christ he came nigh unto death, hazarding his.
  2. My master glanced towards the passage, and signed me to fetch the men: he had no intention of hazarding a personal encounter.
  3. Ford leaped to his rescue, hazarding counterpoint the surrealism of the underlying metaphor of the… er… Hefloundered too, but Arthur was ready again.
  4. On the campaign, he was always ready to lead a sortie or raiding party, hazarding his life, never pausing to balance risks against benefits like a Kingsbridge merchant.
  5. Philippians 2:30 Because for the work of Christ he came nigh unto death, hazarding his life [life-soul-psukee] to supply that which was lacking in your service toward me.
  6. It is the easiest and most natural way in which the state can recompense them for hazarding a dangerous and expensive experiment, of which the public is afterwards to reap the benefit.
  7. If peace be the first object, every act which can irritate the maritime States ought to be avoided, because the prevailing disposition of these will generally be sufficient to keep the Government from hazarding any hostile measures.
  8. Without such extraordinary encouragement, the poor traders of such poor countries would probably never have thought of hazarding their small capitals in so very distant and uncertain an adventure as the trade to the East Indies must naturally have appeared to them.
  9. A fine, even of twenty pounds, besides, though it may not, perhaps, be sufficient to discourage any man from entering into the Turkey trade, with an intention to continue in it, may be enough to discourage a speculative merchant from hazarding a single adventure in it.
  10. Your committee have no hesitation in hazarding the opinion that in a case like this, between A and B, before an intelligent and upright, and equitable judge, the claim would be most undoubtedly sanctioned, as not coming within the spirit, although it may fall within the strict letter of the act of limitation.
  11. Was I to remain a Member of Lancelot’s Band and travel with the Merry Men, robbing Coaches and hazarding my Neck in the Noose? I’d not play Decoy again and shiver naked in the Road for him, but should I travel with the Band as a proper Cut-Purse, or should I make my Escape in London and continue to seek my Fortune?
  12. So far as my conduct is concerned, before I can consent to the prosecution of the war, in the manner contemplated, I must be convinced that the objects in controversy are not only just, but of sufficient importance in their practical effect on the community to justify such an experiment, and not attainable in any other way; that there is a reasonable probability that such a war will secure to us those objects; and that we are not endangering the greater good, to obtain an exemption from the lesser evil; hazarding certain great rights, to secure others of far inferior importance.
  1. When the footman left I hazarded a glance at Jacob.
  2. In our previous edition we hazarded a single example (p.
  3. As it was, however, she only hazarded a hint, and the hint was lost.
  4. Silas have hazarded their PSUKEE [lives] for the name of our Lord Jesus.
  5. Now recalling what he'd taken scant notice of before, he hazarded a guess that.
  6. A compromise suggestion based on some study of actual exhibits may be hazarded, viz.
  7. Why didn’t you tell me Tamara was dead, Matty? I hazarded a glance at his eyes.
  8. Thither, then, the scout proceeded, like a prudent general, who was about to feel the advanced positions of his enemy, before he hazarded the main attack.
  9. He’d hardly hazarded to think about her—the biological origin of himself—and could not recall having ever considered her welfare to any great extent.
  10. Now and then I hazarded some remark to break the monotony of the journey, but the colonel answered only in monosyllables, and the conversation soon flagged.
  11. Olin hazarded a guess, You’re telling me that we can’t see Raka’s code because we are looking at the wrong side of the page in the illustrated manuscript?
  12. But when at last with a timid glance she hazarded the question: ‘Was there perhaps something you disliked about Veslovsky?’—it all burst out, and he told her all.
  13. Disconcerted, I impetuously hazarded Brandy as the answer, when it should have been Whisky; but really I think it was wonderful to have got even so near the right answer as Brandy.
  14. No man could maintain his power a moment after having hazarded the public safety by making an experiment, the effect of which could not be foreseen, and may be productive of such disastrous consequences.
  15. His own possessions, safety, life, he would have hazarded for Lucie and her child, without a moment's demur; but the great trust he held was not his own, and as to that business charge he was a strict man of business.
  16. These sacrifices will not be much longer hazarded, unless indeed she is deluded into a belief that she has sufficient influence, in this country, to excite disaffection and insurrection, and thereby remove the cause of pressure.
  17. Danglars hazarded a look on both sides of the road, and perceived monuments of a singular form, and his mind now recalled all the details Morcerf had related, and comparing them with his own situation, he felt sure that he must be on the Appian Way.
  18. If they had asked me any more questions, I should undoubtedly have betrayed myself, for I was even then on the point of mentioning that there was a balloon in the yard, and should have hazarded the statement but for my invention being divided between that phenomenon and a bear in the brewery.
  19. His readiness, however, in agreeing to dine at the Parsonage, when the general invitation was at last hazarded, after many debates and many doubts as to whether it were worth while, "because Sir Thomas seemed so ill inclined, and Lady Bertram was so indolent!" proceeded from good-breeding and goodwill alone, and had nothing to do with Mr.
  20. In estimating the claims of the army on the Government of the United States, it is worthy of remark, that the nature of the country, as well as of the enemy to be encountered, subjected the army to many extreme hardships, and equal dangers, where every thing was hazarded, and but little could be gained, except the regard of their country.
  21. But her condemnation of him did not blind her to the impropriety of their having been written at all; and she was silently grieving over the imprudence which had hazarded such unsolicited proofs of tenderness, not warranted by anything preceding, and most severely condemned by the event, when Marianne, perceiving that she had finished the letters, observed to her that they contained nothing but what any one would have written in the same situation.
  1. Or on the occupational hazards.
  3. There are four risks (hazards):.
  4. Water hazards may have some crocs.
  5. The health and hazards information.
  6. Hazards associated with computer use.
  7. Some of the hazards may be known, but.
  8. Those water hazards were nothing minor.
  9. I'll confine my remarks to hazards that.
  10. After a while, Amy hazards a glance over at.
  11. K) Potential hazards that remains uncorrected.
  12. He was one of the hazards they'd have to face.
  13. The hazards of smuggling narcotics in to prison.
  14. Hotel rooms soon became health hazards for him.
  15. First, Mr Buntline, are the several Hazards of.
  16. Senior Hazards: Naturism & Travel John Reyna life.
  17. But there are hazards that come with our progress.
  18. After a while, Amy hazards a glance over at … Loki.
  19. His hazards now were the occasional dreaming motorist.
  20. None of them dared contemplate the nuclear waste hazards.
  21. This unexpected tone must be put an end to at all hazards.
  22. The traps, the ruffs, the water hazards were a ‘crew’.
  23. Thunderstorms weren’t the only sleeping hazards to Daveda.
  24. He struggles against the unpredictable hazards facing the.
  25. It's ironic, but one of the biggest hazards of downhill skiing.
  26. One of the biggest hazards on country roads for drivers, is the.
  27. This device can greatly reduce hazards at the point of operation.
  28. Electricity is on the top ten lists of lethal hazards to painters.
  29. When you move to another environment, you meet different hazards.
  30. In reality, there are many rules that govern the cases of water hazards.
  31. Usually, water hazards are placed between the hole and the tee-off.
  32. Smoking is legal, drinking is legal, and both are major health hazards.
  33. The immediate hazards of a nuclear explosion are blast, heat and radiation.
  34. She stopped her car where it was, put on the hazards, and bawled her eyes out.
  35. From all indications, you can’t escape these hazards, no matter where you live.
  36. Senior Hazards: Naturism & Travel John Reyna message across and she made a phone call.
  37. Snow covered glaciers present crevasse fall hazards even when the slope is relatively.
  38. It was soon obvious, however, that Fermina Daza was not immune to the hazards of her class.
  39. These legends would draw them on, if only they had no time to think of the hazards as well.
  40. Senior Hazards: Naturism & Travel John Reyna The weekend stampede began about noon on Friday.
  41. He knew the hazards of travelling in the desert and there were many things that could go wrong.
  42. It guides you past the barriers and hazards and sets you on the road that is right for you….
  43. Blood and bodily fluids turn into little globules that float around to become airborne hazards.
  44. They can't see or feel clouds of poison gas, or other obvious hazards, and they can't see through.
  45. While Sut had told his tale of hazards on the trail, I’d been drawn into the folklore of the West.
  47. Wall Street Professionals and Corporate Executives Are All in the Business of Creating Moral Hazards.
  48. Rolling steadily along at forty miles per hour, both Polaski and Storme looked out for natural hazards.
  49. Senior Hazards: Naturism & Travel John Reyna not, it made a good story and a good excuse for the pilots.
  50. Children of elderly parents can play a key role by checking their parents’ homes for potential hazards.
  51. These water hazards, like the bunkers, are also considered one of the hazardous areas in the golf course.
  52. Senior Hazards: Naturism & Travel John Reyna The woman sets her cup down and ably turns her wheelchair around.
  53. But with respect to the hazards and the psychological factors involved, the two approaches differ considerably.
  54. Water hazards are typically small bodies of water that are incorporated in the golf course like ponds, lakes, etc.
  55. Senior Hazards: Naturism & Travel John Reyna I walked the guys over to the main hot spring pool beyond a large palm.
  56. He was concerned that if there were any hazards on the surface the team needed to be large enough to defend itself.
  57. So, what my suggestion for you is to drive on home slowly, with your hazards on, and just keep your dirty nose clean.
  58. This may sound a little extreme, but many people thought they knew the hazards and took their own safety for granted.
  59. The last part of the golf course is the so-called hazards or those that are considered as hazardous areas in the course.
  60. That seems wasteful and will litter the navigable areas around the planet with debris that could be hazards for decades.
  61. Many of the dead were buried in mass graves because of the health hazards and thus an accurate count could not be taken.
  62. Senior Hazards: Naturism & Travel John Reyna The Roma train station was not as crowded or hectic as I had expected, but.
  63. Senior Hazards: Naturism & Travel John Reyna She reported that, indeed, they had stopped at many towns, but her mood did.
  64. I guess the dead didn’t have to worry about little hazards like being speared by stalactites the size of booster rockets.
  65. Was it prudence? Was it respect? Was it a fear that he should deliver this name to the hazards of another memory than his own?
  66. It alerts aircraft pilots of potential hazards along a flight route or at a location that could affect the safety of the flight.
  67. You must learn to assess the hazards they present and select the best places and methods of crossing, if crossing is unavoidable.
  68. Yet there are perhaps equal hazards in sticking closely to the limits of value set by sober calculations resting on actual results.
  69. Senior Hazards: Naturism & Travel John Reyna You see what Im saying? All this production to fly a silly kite is proving that what.
  70. The most experienced climbers can still experience difficulties while climbing a mountain, which tells of the hazards of mountaineering.
  71. I somehow imagined that by drinking contaminated water for years and by eating rotten food they would have become immune to the hazards.
  72. When the tremors cease keep a watch for any obstructions and hazards: broken cables, undermined roadways or bridges which could give way.
  73. When it does, it should be for clear and essential rights alone, and it should firmly resolve to extort, at all hazards, their recognition.
  74. Instead of exhorting in a tiresome manner, parents should give their child factual information about the effects and hazards of drug addiction.
  75. Check for potential hazards such as anthills, wasp nests, or piles of rock, branches, bark or leaves that snakes or scorpions could call home.
  76. Indeed, the performance of a player that refers to his stroke and style can be curbed with many obstacles like the water hazards and the bunkers.
  77. Dryac was comparable to the prophet at the top of the mountain, a lot of hazards to get to her, but once you were there, you wanted to know and learn.
  78. But in the rare event that none of these hazards come to pass, a good year simply means that all the granaries are full and then the price drops very low.
  79. This is because once the ball has landed on the water hazards, there is a possibility that the overall performance of the player’s game will be affected.
  80. There are hazards connected with investment conclusions derived chiefly from such glimpses into the future, and not supported by presently demonstrable value.
  81. At last, when my silence had lasted so long that I began to be afraid that she would think me a stupid boy, I decided at all hazards to counteract such a notion.
  82. It requires the lure of a great ideal to drive man on in the pursuit of a goal which is beset with difficult material problems and manifold intellectual hazards.
  83. Trench-foot can develop when the feet are immersed in water for long periods, as in the boggy tundra during the summer months (see Cold climate hazards in Health).
  84. However, the rules mentioned here are the basic rules in water hazards, so it can be very useful especially to those who are planning to start their career in golf.
  85. The Grande Ecaille property was not yet equipped and in operation, and hence it was subject to the many hazards that attach to enterprises in the development stage.
  86. Hair pulled back, glasses poised at the tip of her nose, makeup removed to reveal the hazards of age—you would have imagined her as many things, anything but sloppy.
  87. In this chapter we’ll explore the difficulties and hazards, but the short answer is that deciding whether to mine bitcoins is like deciding whether or not to mine gold.
  88. Confused as his thoughts were, he was, nevertheless, capable of realizing the fact that if he did not go with her, she would go alone, and so he must go with her at all hazards.
  89. In many cases their modes of transportation were not only not necessary for the buyer, they were also inefficient, dangerous hazards on the highway and unfriendly to the planet.
  90. These hazardous areas are the most feared part of the golfers because it is assumed that if a golfer’s ball had fallen into one of the hazards, he may or may not win the game.
  91. On company standing: The experience of the past decade indicates that dominant or at least substantial size affords an element of protection against the hazards of instability.
  92. It is impossible to see how the availability of such prices can be thought of as increasing the hazards for an investor who is totally free to either ignore the market or exploit its folly.
  93. Now, now, look how the holy pilgrims ride, Clouds are their chariots, angels are their guide: Who would not here for him all hazards run, That thus provides for his when this world's done?
  94. A special degree of foresight and judgment will be needed, in order that wise individual selections may overcome the hazards inherent in the customary market level of such issues as a whole.
  95. Another good example is our own immune system that filters everything that enters the body against a list of previously identified threats and tries to attack and destroy the recognized hazards.
  96. However, there are instances wherein players use them especially when they are playing from the hazards or for a few approach shots on the course that have compactly trimmed extremes and fairways.
  97. The contamination of foods through GMO’s and toxic ingredients are so widespread that some nations ban those crops from dumping in their borders, while others require labeling to warn us of the hazards.
  98. In an earlier chapter I mentioned the environmental hazards of building bombs, but there is also danger to the planet because of the greed and blatant law violations of refineries, chemical companies and paper mills.
  99. Two problems plague traditional sources of energy, such as oil, natural gas, and coal: their increasing monetary cost and their increasing opposition from environmentalists concerned about the hazards of burning these fuels.
  100. Thus we could clearly notice that children who had been deprived out from affection since they were young would concentrate their nature over logistics and statistics very `carefullyìn order to protect themselves from hazards.

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