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Endanger в предложении (на )

  1. Fiona, you’ll endanger the baby.
  2. He would not let anything endanger him.
  3. Intent to Endanger the Morals of Children].
  4. And he knew that could endanger everything.
  5. Laura would never normally endanger children.
  6. She had no right to endanger herself like that.
  7. Then again, he hadn’t intended to endanger anyone.
  8. I wouldn’t want to endanger another innocent girl.
  9. Being close to him now could only endanger them both.
  10. Because as the death guide, I would endanger your life.
  11. The shot was aimed high as not to endanger the two hostages.
  12. She is with child and the stress would endanger the baby.
  13. You lied to her! Ziven would never endanger the children!.
  14. We would not want to endanger anyone needlessly, was my reply.
  15. So why would he endanger our relationship over a matter of faith….
  16. Master, yet who, other than Jedi, could so endanger a powerful Sith Lord.
  17. In the meantime, please do not endanger yourself by trying to approach Mr.
  18. As an officer she could be assigned to a task that did not endanger others.
  19. The ride was thrilling and terrifying, but she knew he would not endanger her.
  20. If we do nothing about Falun Gong, it would surely endanger our life in four aspects.
  21. One will endanger your liberties by conquest, and the other by wars with foreign nations.
  22. Emotion is a power to endanger liberty by being forceful into a specific state of thought.
  23. For self-burning, if lucky enough, it will endanger one's life, if not, it will kill him or her.
  24. Tell me about this traitor whose trying to escape with secrets that might endanger our country.
  25. Who is she? Daughter of the broadcasting Frenchman? Granddaughter? Why would he endanger her so?
  26. Even if you need to have grass, stay away from the sprays that endanger people, pets and the land.
  27. It made no sense to endanger a valuable friendship by suddenly freaking out and calling her a witch.
  28. To discover his presence on shore, unless after many days, would, he believed, endanger the treasure.
  29. But a man might not have one girl one night and another the next, for this would endanger the worlds.
  30. Please, make it TOP SECRET and avoid every channel of implicating us here thereby endanger our career.
  31. The utmost discretion on this subject is also required, as any security leak could endanger the convoy.
  32. Just as she knew that she had to leave, that she could not endanger these who had given so much for her.
  33. But it didn’t matter in the end, you learnt nothing that would endanger me and your MMC refused to act.
  34. They know rough water would endanger the Virgin Queen, while a storm would definitely drown this fine old lady.
  35. It would have opened a new front of conflict that would not only complicate my life but endanger my encounters with Amed.
  37. That it is safe to allow it to lick my naked body all over with its tongues, That it will not endanger me with the fevers that have deposited.
  38. Jamie knew Billy would not have locked the access without reason, and he definitely would not have locked it at access he felt would endanger her.
  39. While she still wasn’t sure what to do about Stefan’s offer, she was definitely not going to endanger her mom’s recovery by discussing it with her.
  40. The opposers of a navy, with an air of no small triumph, are called upon to show how a system of maritime power would endanger the freedom of our country.
  41. News was received at the Emperor’s quarters that very day of a fresh movement by Napoleon which might endanger the army- news subsequently found to be false.
  42. News was received at the Emperor’s quarters that very day of a fresh movement by Napoleon which might endanger the army—news subsequently found to be false.
  43. Roger became concerned that in such a political climate, someone like him, born in Spain and traveling with a United States passport, would endanger his family.
  44. There was no way he would endanger that many lives by letting a werewolf run loose, but he had to pretend he might—because he wanted the werewolf's information.
  45. Peter belonged with the other apostles, who had been specifically warned not to endanger their lives during these times of the trial and crucifixion of their Master.
  46. My coachman’s children have a species of roller sled on which they daily endanger their lives by coasting down the steep macadamized road which leads from my house.
  47. She knows the true value of history and has no reason to hurt the Imperium, as long as the Imperium does not engage in acts that would endanger the integrity of history.
  48. If it is a simulation, they must behave as if their combat here is real, including being sure that their struggle does not endanger any of the many innocents spectating here.
  49. All we have to do is do it! Those who know how will teach others, and in no time we’ll all be able to move mountains, figuratively—and even literally, if they endanger us and ours.
  50. Once, soon after he had married, a friend told him, with his wife present, that sooner or later he would have to confront a mad passion that could endanger the stability of his marriage.
  51. Bank lending on personal real estate will be set for long term growth as will appraisals so that the market cannot inflate too quickly to endanger another collapse in the housing industry.
  52. Here we are happily removed, by a wide-extended ocean, from those nations who, upon a declaration of war by us, could overrun the country with a military force, or endanger its civil institutions.
  53. This, in my mind, is unquestionably their object; and I believe the ambition of some of them is such, that, rather than be found false prophets, they would endanger the only republic in the world.
  54. When a stone wall is hit by a projectile the stone will shatter on impact and cause fracturing deeper into the wall structure, which can endanger the integrity of the whole wall from just a single direct hit.
  55. I can't contact the police, because what would they say if I told them that my mom is being held captive on an invisible island? If I involve Ashley—no—I don't want to involve Ashley and endanger her life, too.
  56. Kutuzof, the new Commander-in-Chief, was unwilling to endanger his enormous popularity, and decided to accept battle, although, as a prudent man, he was almost as strongly opposed to such a course as was his predecessor.
  57. You would never do anything to endanger him, would you? Jamie didn’t know why she would ask, John had not said anything to make her feel he was a threat, but she wanted to know and hoped he would tell her the truth.
  58. The information which is available to you in this book, is passed along with the understanding that we are always responsible for our actions, we must not upset the balance of our delicate ecosystem, nor endanger ourselves.
  59. She had been amused and irritated at the letters from Aunt Pauline and Aunt Eulalie in Charleston, horror struck at the news, forbidding the marriage, telling her it would not only ruin her social position but endanger theirs.
  60. He had proposed bringing in an American Detective Agency that specialised in the handling of kidnap cases, but this James had politely refused for the time being, saying that this could possibly further endanger his wife’s life.
  61. Distractions while driving was an issue that he had long found annoying, and he was often critical of others for allowing themselves to endanger the lives of everyone on the road simply because they were trying to do two things at once.
  62. Sir, I respect the highly honorable occupation of a merchant, but am not disposed to carry that respect so far as to give my sanction to the adoption of a measure which may jeopardize the peace, and endanger the interests of my country.
  63. Thus, while I truly hope that you will be able to resolve your differences by peaceful means from now on, the Time Patrol will not hesitate to act decisively in the future against anyone, and I say anyone, who will endanger peace again.
  64. But those exertions of the natural liberty of a few individuals, which might endanger the security of the whole society, are, and ought to be, restrained by the laws of all governments ; of the most free, as well as or the most despotical.
  65. But it does not imply a prediction that the earnings in the next seven years will average three times interest charges; it suggests only that earnings are not likely to fall so much under three times interest charges as to endanger the bonds.
  66. National animosity, at that particular time, aimed at the very same object which the most deliberate wisdom would have recommended, the diminution of the naval power of Holland, the only naval power which could endanger the security of England.
  67. The Elite could have taken them back but Riz felt it was previous to the new government, and was more of the people’s need for closure than a Continent matter and he would not ask the Elite to take the time and endanger themselves to satisfy the need.
  68. Realising that he too would be asked to explain his involvement, he decided to contact London for advice, as he was not prepared to divulge anything that would endanger his cover – Marianne now knew about his secret life, but would keep the knowledge to herself.
  69. Let me entreat you to reflect before you hazard this dangerous experiment, lest, in the adoption of this hitherto novel principle, and in its operation, you may endanger the safety, or, at least, the prosperity of our Republic, by giving its manufactories a vital stab.
  70. The safety of these individuals relied not only upon the engineers who designed the buildings and the contractors who developed them, but also upon the man or woman who was in the position of watching closely for any irregularities or violations that would endanger lives.
  71. At one moment we are told that, when it shall be completed, it will be unequal to the conquest of a petty province adjoining us, and not exceeding in population the State of Maryland; the next moment we are told that it will endanger the liberties of seven millions of freemen.
  72. And the convention did not suppose that any Congress would so far abuse these powers as to keep either a standing army in time of peace, which must endanger the liberties of the people, or a permanent navy, that would involve us in continual wars with other nations, and permanent taxes upon the people.
  73. Sir, we will no longer dwell on times past; we will now briefly notice the causes which were alleged in the manifestoes which immediately preceded the declaration of war, and what was said to be the object, and attempt to show that the bill now under consideration is unnecessary for the attainment of the original object; that it will be injurious to the militia, and may endanger the liberties of the country.
  74. The result of their efforts was that the "Spiritual Censor," a priest who probably understands art and is interested in art as much as I understand or am interested in church services, but who gets a good salary for destroying whatever is likely to displease his superiors, struck out all that seemed to him to endanger his position, and substituted his thoughts for mine wherever he considered it necessary to do so.
  75. When more than fifty strokes had been given, the peasant ceased to shriek and writhe, and the doctor, who had been educated in a government institution to serve his sovereign and his country with his scientific attainments, went up to the victim, felt his pulse, listened to his heart, and announced to the representative of authority that the man undergoing punishment had lost consciousness, and that, in accordance with the conclusions of science, to continue the punishment would endanger the victim's life.
  76. Chairman, that, at that period of their lives and servitude, in which you make them liable, if this section is retained, to be drawn from the service of their masters, that then, and only then, are they enabled and become qualified to make some remuneration for the pains and attention paid to their improvement and instruction by the worthy and industrious mechanic or manufacturer; and will you, by this unpropitious act, endanger the future happiness of the former, and withhold that just reward due to the industry of the latter? You annihilate this contract, which ought to be held, if possible, inviolate by the Government.
  77. It is impossible for us to believe that we do not know of those one hundred thousand men in Russia alone, who are always locked up in prisons and at hard labour, for the purpose of securing our property and our peace; and that we do not know of those courts, in which we ourselves take part, and which in consequence of our petitions sentence the men who assault our property or endanger our security to imprisonment, deportation, and hard labour, where the men, who are in no way worse than those who sentence them, perish and are corrupted; that we do not know that everything we have we have only because it is acquired and secured for us by means of murders and tortures.
  78. One fortune acquired by trading in the necessaries of life or in articles that tend to demoralize men, or by speculations in the stock exchange, or by the acquisition of cheap lands which subsequently rise in value by reason of the increasing needs of the people, or by the establishment of factories that endanger human health and human lives, or by rendering civil or military service to the State, or by any occupation that tends to the demoralization of mankind,—a fortune acquired in any of these ways, not only permitted, but approved by the leaders of society, when, furthermore, it is supported by a show of charity, surely demoralizes men more than millions of thefts, frauds, or robberies,—sins committed against the laws of the land and subject to judicial prosecution.
  1. You could be endangering the Dunne girl.
  2. All were charged with arson, endangering lives, and manslaughter.
  3. Stopford because they claimed he was endangering their lives while trying to.
  4. You can’t even as much as breathe her air without risking endangering yourself.
  5. Meanwhile, with the way he was driving, he was endangering other people’s lives.
  6. Unless you are sure to overcome the kidnappers resisting is endangering your life.
  7. Even Felix could now use a weapon without endangering himself and those around him.
  8. And the kicker to the story – the kid wanted to sue us for endangering his pathetic life.
  9. Myserrah scoured the City, endangering its security, to enlarge his troop far beyond what the.
  10. Perhaps, too, the natural and instinctive love of life made me wish to avoid endangering my own.
  11. Said his friend, Your labors are too unremitting, and what is worse, you are endangering your constitution.
  12. Some showers wandered around offering occasional relief but endangering them with a few sparks of lightening.
  13. We have put ourselves in a situation endangering collision with France, and almost insuring amity with England.
  14. After about ten blocks we managed to run six stop signs and a red light without seriously endangering the public.
  15. I must have planned a dozen ways to damage that menace but most of them meant endangering his innocent passengers.
  16. The problem was that the actual Soviet cables could not be referred to without endangering the whole Venona Project.
  17. With the tree behind Stefan, Rave couldn’t get to him without endangering her, and she knew he’d never risk that.
  18. Her missiles could have reached the 21’s for a while, but using them would have meant endangering the P I’s and Escorts.
  19. What was she hiding, what was happening, and who was endangering her? Who were these nameless, faceless monsters in the dark?
  20. So it�s best for you to give your prospective date as much information about yourself as possible, without endangering yourself.
  21. My ‘protests’ salved my conscience without endangering either privacy or health, and confirmed my ability to manipulate people.
  22. At the end of the meal, Brander asked, I don’t suppose you could get rid of Malenkov and his men without endangering my family?
  23. If she wasn’t with her father, Jeff would have to make another plan, do something, anything to get her back without endangering Ashley.
  24. I did not mention it because I was afraid of endangering my chance of you, darling, the great prize of my life—my Fellowship I call you.
  25. Good heavens, Adam, endangering her child to protect herself from some perceived harm from a police officer, and then striking the officer.
  26. These are people’s lives you’re endangering! Women and children! Have you no remorse? No conscience? I will not be a party to this!.
  27. I linked up with The One and learned from him that he had decided to destroy them for grossly endangering the whole of Humanity’s history.
  28. He warned that both the radical fringes of youthful society and their counterparts on the extreme right are endangering America’s free universities.
  29. In 2007, voters in Oregon overturned a law that would have given free reign to developers and timber companies, endangering important habitat across the state.
  30. This was the ability, and the inclination, through a trick in the use of the foils, to disfigure his opponent's face badly, without at all endangering his life.
  31. Hopefully they didn’t lose all respect for me sitting out here alone in the dark, an action that was endangering all of us as we still were in enemy territory.
  32. This is a wonderful idea to practice, learn and fine-tune your trading skills without endangering your hard earned cash; plus it is free which is another advantage.
  33. In the last year of his life, he decided on how best to warn the world of his daughter‘s prophecies without endangering them or bringing shame onto his own family.
  34. The Minister Plenipotentiary of His Britannic Majesty here, proposed an adjustment of the differences more immediately endangering the harmony of the two countries.
  35. It's when we don't follow the directions, for instance when pain is intense and we take a few more pills or take them closer together, that we are endangering our health.
  36. Already, I felt responsible for endangering innocent others and I thought back to Jade, Auggie, Merlin and his sister and the sinister men in black that had visited me before I fled.
  37. Myserrah scoured the City, endangering its security, to enlarge his troop far beyond what the vizier had authorized, bringing it to the size of a corps in anticipation of the march ahead.
  38. He slew one out of every four demons on Kellaran in his first day in the fight, every one that he could kill without endangering his people or ours, and by then there were millions of demons.
  39. That nationalism is endangering the livelihoods of billions of people and hurting the economies of dozens of countries that have nothing to do with these islands and couldn’t care less to whom they belonged.
  40. We intend to keep hunting there, but in a selective manner and at night, both to avoid endangering the herds by excessive hunting and to avoid scaring or antagonizing the locals, who will be left in peace by us.
  41. It has been oftentimes argued in some environmental circles that the extinction of any species, whether animal or plant, would trigger an ecological chain of events endangering Nature‘s ‖precarious‖ equilibrium.
  42. They recommended that the reactor and drive module be disconnected from the rest of Elizabeth and towed to a distant location where maintenance robots could work on it without endangering the remainder of the station.
  43. A young man, that he may be smart, provides himself with horses and an old man, fit to be his father or grandfather, is set to training them, thus endangering his very life, and the young man rides on the horse when danger is over.
  44. Take again the factory-owner, whose entire income is derived from reducing the pay of his workmen to its lowest terms, and whose whole business is carried on by forced and unnatural labor, endangering the health of generations of men.
  45. As you know, this woman, he nods towards Simon’s mother, but her head is bowed so she doesn’t see the gesture, this woman has committed acts of perfidy among you, endangering both your good reputations and the innocence of your souls.
  46. If he was seen in Viktor’s company in the port, that could be enough to raise suspicions in the minds of either the port authorities or of Spanish customs officials, thus endangering the precious and very costly weapons shipment he had just received.
  47. Though the simulacrums and their equipment are Illusions, their blows, missiles and spells affect each other exactly as they would in true combat, and are perceived by the contestants as real, without truly endangering them, or the audience, or the facilities.
  48. We are about to ascertain by actual experiment how far our Republican institutions are calculated to stand the shock of war, and whether, after foreign danger disappeared, we can again assume our peaceful attitude, without endangering the liberties of the people.
  49. The doctor, who returned every few hours to check on Fela, hinted to me that if the fever had not broken by tomorrow he would consider operating on her and removing her breasts so that the infection would not spread throughout her body, thus endangering her life.
  50. They were fighting—and possibly endangering their own privacy and careers—so that the public, and the business and political establishments, might one day see their symptoms as just one more medical problem that deserved to be covered and respected like cancer and diabetes.
  51. In Malabo, capital of Equatorial Guinea, a further 20 mercenaries, including a well-known South African arms dealer, were being held for trial, charged with: attempting to assassinate a Head of State – illegal possession of arms and explosives - terrorism – endangering the public and treason.
  52. I find it quite troubling whenever an (activist) judge eagerly concedes the legal ―rights‖ of a terrorist (at the risk of endangering the lives of law-abiding citizens) who would otherwise nullify, without pause, the very laws that he or she conveniently utilizes for his or her own (legal) advantage.
  53. Camilla was uneasy at this, dreading lest it might prove the means of endangering her honour, and asked whether her intrigue had gone beyond words, and she with little shame and much effrontery said it had; for certain it is that ladies' imprudences make servants shameless, who, when they see their mistresses make a false step, think nothing of going astray themselves, or of its being known.
  54. The third description of force worthy of consideration is, that which would be able to prevent any single vessel, of whatever metal, from endangering our whole coasting trade, blocking up our harbors, or laying under contribution our cities; a force competent to punish the insolence of the commander of any single ship, and to preserve in our own jurisdiction the inviolability of our peace and our laws.
  55. Send these other people away while we discuss this sensitive issue, she demanded as she made a gentle but authoritative brushing motion with her hand as a dismissal to the others, especially the stable boy, who listened intently to the conversation as it unfolded and who would undoubtedly spread the word of her beliefs, thereby endangering the investigation if Terence was indeed guilty as she suspected.
  56. So far as my conduct is concerned, before I can consent to the prosecution of the war, in the manner contemplated, I must be convinced that the objects in controversy are not only just, but of sufficient importance in their practical effect on the community to justify such an experiment, and not attainable in any other way; that there is a reasonable probability that such a war will secure to us those objects; and that we are not endangering the greater good, to obtain an exemption from the lesser evil; hazarding certain great rights, to secure others of far inferior importance.
  1. Endangered animal species need to.
  2. Whoever splits wood may be endangered thereby.
  3. I saw the whole of our polluted, endangered earth.
  4. Josie’s behavior endangered and impaired many lives.
  5. The causes at issue would be freedoms endangered by.
  6. That’s how you can be put on the Endangered Species list.
  7. The South China Tiger is critically endangered or you could.
  8. Socialite story as the Amis’ mission is endangered by the.
  9. Fortunately, this little bat is not endangered as I write this.
  10. I was the endangered species in the priority-banking zoo that.
  11. The Endangered Species Act has been around since the seventies.
  12. The Prince is also advocating protection for endangered species.
  13. The Mexican gray wolf is an endangered species many of them are.
  14. Polar bears are on the endangered species list? Hood asked.
  15. The IUCN regards every gibbon species in Indonesia as endangered.
  16. The environment is not endangered by a plant that does not exist.
  17. Its ‘shade-grown’ coffee farms are home to endangered wildlife.
  18. It would have endangered the MAV way too much for Lewis to allow it.
  19. If your mind is disconnected you are connected to endangered species.
  20. One of the laws enacted by our Congress was the Endangered Species Act.
  21. Maybe revealing Donald’s identity earlier would have endangered them.
  22. These were significant events because they directly endangered human life.
  23. Thinking itself is the endangered species needing protection from extinction.
  24. So Love, you were saying that we won’t be similarly endangered again?
  25. You've endangered our good Hazel interrupted him and as he did so Fiver started.
  26. The Endangered Species Act is administered by the Environmental protection Agency.
  27. Earlier in the year the EPA determined that the delta smelt was endangered and the U.
  28. The lives of those aboard will be even more endangered if these numbers are exceeded.
  29. Thus Kennedy needlessly endangered the entire world just to avoid being seen as weak.
  30. The noise of a burst from a M2 carbine then told her where her endangered comrade was.
  31. The knife would be on display at the Endangered Races fundraiser and I was to acquire it.
  32. There were good reasons the birds became endangered and those reasons cannot be rolled back.
  33. Repeal the Endangered Species Acts and void all of the rules and regulations issued for them.
  34. If it is a game, they can take cover behind the crowd, since no one will be endangered by it.
  35. They have attacked the animals at public appearances and have endangered innocent bystanders.
  36. He got wind of his own endangered status after the war, although he had no idea what he had done.
  37. This was indeed the time for men of intellect and conscience to rally round the endangered cause.
  38. Has all of this led us to a point where our very nation is endangered? Lets look at our financial.
  39. There are over 1300 endangered species on the list to be protected by the ESA and less than 47 have.
  40. Various species of fish and mammals have become extinct or endangered when dams have been constructed.
  41. Poaching and habitat destruction are the likely culprits for the Mariana fruit bat’s endangered status.
  42. Eight Delhi Sands flies on the endangered list were discovered near the construction site of a hospital in.
  43. Maybe the blue color was to prevent endangered birds from bumping into it when it's used in the rainforest.
  44. A rumour gained currency that Chichagof had occupied Minsk, and that the line of retreat was therefore endangered.
  45. As ridiculous as that sounds there is no other logical explanation as we will see as we look at endangered species.
  46. He constantly had to make sure the wind did not carry his human smell, or the whole hunt would have been endangered.
  47. Not that we would have endangered his safety by any tremendous weather—but only by a steady contrary wind, or a calm.
  48. However, she felt too endangered to emerge from the cave and seek a wolf alone, in case someone discovered her walking.
  49. The capacity for thought and clear analysis is the truly endangered species in today’s warped environment of the mind.
  50. It occurred to me as inconsistent, that, for any mastering idea, he should have endangered his freedom, and even his life.
  51. The only thing I had for me in order to avoid a long firefight that would have endangered the children was the surprise factor.
  52. His life is endangered when his hair begins to escape the confines of the hat and is noticed by the "good old boys" in the bar.
  53. The Wood Bison has not been so fortunate; in the US it has a CITES II rating, meaning it qualifies as an endangered sub-species.
  54. Yep, they want to change it so that in an emergency, a judge can ok the suppression of the Endangered Species Act, Carr said.
  55. In 2008 the IUCN Red List placed the ring-tailed lemur as Near-Threatened, but as of 2012, they have been classified as Endangered.
  56. Competitive global economies and (outsourcing) designs for cheaper labor have rendered this demographic group an endangered species.
  57. The state dinner was the key to Taj’s plan and Gadai would not let it be endangered by a single dangerously inquisitive consultant.
  58. After all, part of her mission was to boost the national prestige of the United States as long as classified secrets were not endangered.
  59. As the reader finds out the ―stupid ― things that the EPA has done concerning endangered species there will be a question of ―why‖.
  60. Under the pressure of some task that meant a great deal to him, he learned to see how his smallness, his pettiness endangered his happiness.
  61. The latest action is to declare the polar bear as an endangered specie in spite of their substantial increase in population over the past 20.
  62. It runs the risk of becoming, however, a compromised geological place, endangered by hard-hearted tourism and the merciless waves of the sea.
  63. He didn’t want to share all the details just yet of what happened to Ralph, how the eggs had been endangered by a psychopath still at large.
  64. It is bad enough to have an afternoon nap disturbed by such a passage as I’ve been forced to hear, but why should my life be endangered?
  65. Construction of the new Woodrow Wilson Bridge which would ease traffic flow around the Washington beltway could have endangered several species.
  66. He had returned when he did, on the pressing and written entreaty of a French citizen, who represented that his life was endangered by his absence.
  67. The latest action is to declare the polar bear as an endangered species in spite of their substantial increase in population over the past 20 years.
  68. Fence: Freedom of the Spirit endangered by being encircled and surrounded; self-control; security; tradition that hinders; lines or areas separating.
  69. The greater long-nosed bat was listed as endangered in 1996 by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species.
  70. Fish and Wildlife Service or the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration before undertaking any actions that could affect an endangered species.
  71. From the jungles of Africa and its endangered species, to those of the Amazon and its endangered forests, to the Arctic regions and their endangered ice.
  72. When premature sexual experience _is_ the motivating factor in sex misconduct, most careful guidance is necessary, lest the future love life be endangered.
  73. If this information leaks out to Eiess, Ailia’s and Lucia’s lives will be endangered and could lead to death, which will result in Eiess’ victory.
  74. Directly Don Pepe let it be supposed that he could be bought over, the Administrador's personal safety and the safety of his friends would become endangered.
  75. One of them had given birth to a stillborn, but since she had had a difficult delivery that endangered her life, she remained in the hospital for observation.
  76. This bat is listed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as Endangered, which means that it is at high risk for going extinct in the wild.
  77. After all, if the psychic world exists, our current worldview, which insists there is only this world, the world of physical events, would be seriously endangered.
  78. Manstein, by skilful military manoeuvering, managed to evacuate the endangered German armies which Hitler had recklessly and fatally thrust south into the Caucasus.
  79. Don Jose Avellanos had displayed in the service of the endangered Ribiera Government an organizing activity and an eloquence of which the echoes reached even Europe.
  80. Manstein, by skillful military manoeuvering, managed to evacuate the endangered German armies which Hitler had recklessly and fatally thrust south into the Caucasus.
  81. A bureaucratic determination that the spotted owl is an endangered species shuts down whole industries and towns related to timber harvesting in the Pacific Northwest.
  82. But not all of the men wanted to go for the boats, especially in company with Finn and an angry bear, even though they now could see their lives were really endangered.
  83. Please, I have not finished, she would tell me yet again, and continued to blab: Even Ben’s life is endangered right now because of his failure to defile you.
  84. He helped to make their cobs delivery easy then performing the mother role feeding milk by a drinking bottle to save the endangered species from the possibility of dying.
  85. People are of greater importance than endangered species and we need to remove our federal bureaucrats from imposing their concerns about bugs, critters and insects on us.
  86. As a result, we now believe that lemurs are probably the most endangered of any group of vertebrates, said Dr Christoph Schwitzer, Head of Research at Bristol Zoo Gardens.
  87. When it looked like your lives were endangered we ended public access to events, since viewing your deaths would have traumatized many more than merely hearing of it would.
  88. Only naval targets were to be attacked and aircraft were to return to base with their bomb loads rather than drop them near residential areas where civilians could be endangered.
  89. Like what are called the fundamental laws of some monarchies, they might frequently hinder the security of thousands from being endangered by the caprice or extravagance of one man.
  90. For the most part that meant the only cargoes stopped were stolen goods, furs from endangered animals, fissionable material being transported by unlicensed carriers, drugs and slaves.
  91. Should current behavioral trends continue, human women and children will also land on the endangered species list, putting the entire mankind division out of business in no time flat.
  92. If they discover a cure for AIDS, invent a new Cracker Jack toy, or wipe out an endangered species, it’s all equal in the eyes of God because God is blind… if he/she/it/they exist/s.
  93. In order to have it listed as an endangered species six Forest Service biologists planted samples of lynx hair on rubbing posts in three forests to show that the lynx inhabited those forests.
  94. We have now dismantled that installation, which was quite extensive and could have endangered the whole established history of Humanity if it would have been discovered prior to the 21st century.
  95. What would Europe say? They spoke with downcast eyes, as if awestruck by so terrible a catastrophe, which tarnished their glory, destroyed the fruits of their victory, and endangered their lives.
  96. The environmental groups coupled with liberal judges using the Endangered Species Act have prevented the cleanup of our forest land which has led to the destruction of much of our forests by fire.
  97. His memory had not fully returned and all he knew that these two had been embedded in his psyche as people who had endangered him before and it now appeared they were coming to cause him harm again.
  98. The Delhi Sands flower-loving fly was listed as endangered under the Endangered Species Act in 1993; it was the first fly species to be listed, and is still the only fly receiving protection under the Act.
  99. Just over 90 percent of the world's lemur species were upgraded by the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, to Critically Endangered, Endangered, or Vulnerable, with 2 species classified as Near Threatened.
  100. Many of the same people who gladly sanction abortion on demand go to great lengths to preserve the habitats of endangered creatures that are considerably less sophisticated than a nineteen-week-old human fetus.
  1. They say it endangers Stavka.
  2. This also endangers my hostage.
  3. What if he endangers his family by such a stand.
  4. No, ’Toine; I see nothing that endangers my rose pearl.
  5. Thus they feel they have nothing to lose which endangers my hostage.
  6. Such illness as a false word which is to tell lies which endangers and harms others.
  7. Try to put the fire out first—but if that is not practicable remove the car from the building, before it further endangers life and property.
  8. Given how dangerous our enemies obviously are, traveling with a large group is a bad plan that unnecessarily endangers our traveling companions.
  9. On April 2, 2010 the EPA tightened water quality standards that could severely limit future coal mining operations throughout Appalachia, while mining industry officials said the change was unfair and endangers jobs.
  10. It is vain to deny that the honest belief of misery to last through eternity upon all the unsaved—as long as the Necessary Being shall endure—also endangers the faith of every thoughtful Christian who accepts it.
  11. The person who is to make the search is an officer of some standing; he is only to take seamen who are British subjects, excluding thereby, not merely our citizens, but all foreigners; and he is not to take even British seamen, if, by it, he destroys the crew, or endangers the vessel.

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