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    1. ‘I think someone jumped to some erroneous conclusions as to why I was here

    2. Waddell was given some erroneous

    3. When this erroneous news was cabled to headquarters, the order to:

    4. To Kerry and his ilk, to be “swift-boated” means to get sandbagged or surprised by an erroneous story

    5. Angela Merici’s church, and, occasionally, to correct misconceptions or erroneous printed statements

    6. providing erroneous information to the Credit Mgr and in many cases, the bank

    7. Later, $100 was found to be missing from his wallet, and the troopers had used his cell phone next to the wallet where the summons lay, to make 3 calls, getting Heather to come back and give an erroneous statement of events

    8. Of E erroneous

    9. Of this erroneous thought

    10. Miscalculation and misunderstanding of true free enterprise is reflected in that erroneous assumption

    11. Surprisingly today, many aspects of the erroneous socialist philosophy still survive among intellectuals who teach and are paid in the public education system of our country

    12. Misunderstanding and miscalculation of true free enterprise are reflected in that erroneous assumption

    13. simply a knee-jerk reaction founded in prejudice, habit, or any one of the following erroneous reasons:-

    14. All of the above nine reasons for holding views and opinions are erroneous

    15. erroneous thought that the qualifications have been in any way reduced

    16. In his later teachings he sought to correct many erroneous Urantia views of life by narrating numerous parables which he presented in the course of his public ministry

    17. 7 "And who can challenge the attitude of Job in view of the counsel of his friends and the erroneous ideas of God which occupied his own mind? Do you not see that Job longed for a human God, that he hungered to commune with a divine Being who knows man's mortal estate and understands that the just must often suffer in innocence as a part of this first life of the long Paradise ascent? Wherefore has the Son of Man come forth from the Father to live such a life in the flesh that he will be able to comfort and succor all those who must henceforth be called upon to endure the afflictions of Job

    18. Study the Book of Job just to discover how many wrong ideas of God even good men may honestly entertain; and then note how even the painfully afflicted Job found the God of comfort and salvation in spite of such erroneous teachings

    19. But you shall not see the remainder of the Psalmist's prophecy fulfilled, for he entertained erroneous ideas about the Son of Man and his mission on earth

    20. And you cling to these erroneous concepts in spite of the reiterated declaration that my kingdom is not of this world

    21. 6 "The thing most deplorable is not merely this erroneous idea of the absolute perfection of the Scripture record and the infallibility of its teachings, but rather the confusing misinterpretation of these sacred writings by the tradition-enslaved scribes and Pharisees at Jerusalem

    22. It is wholly erroneous to suppose that faithfulness in doing one's daily work will insure the rewards of wealth

    23. Divine forgiveness is inevitable; it is inherent and inalienable in God's infinite understanding, in his perfect knowledge of all that concerns the mistaken judgment and erroneous choosing of the child

    24. 1 Although Jesus did not die this death on the cross to atone for the racial guilt of mortal man nor to provide some sort of effective approach to an otherwise offended and unforgiving God; even though the Son of Man did not offer himself as a sacrifice to appease the wrath of God and to open the way for sinful man to obtain salvation; notwithstanding that these ideas of atonement and propitiation are erroneous, nonetheless, there are significances attached to this death of Jesus on the cross which should not be overlooked

    25. At first the anomalies are ignored or rejected as erroneous

    26. Two days breezed by in following erroneous directions, getting lost in jungles and close encounters with wild animals

    27. I didn’t give up and after more effort than I should have been required to exert, I finally received a credit, wiping out the entire erroneous charge, including interest that should never have been levied in the first place

    28. I probably should have insisted that they were wrong, but I already had a lawyer and he felt it was in my best interest to go along with their erroneous ways

    29. While the Warren Commission had to take a position of disbelief of very credible witnesses to enable their erroneous conclusion, I do not

    30. In as much as from eternity there is nothing whatsoever to be practiced, there is no need to fall under the sway of erroneous methods

    31. could have been erroneous

    32. Michel, based upon the erroneous directions given to him by Doug

    33. If content is shown to be misleading or inaccurate after publication, the oversight committee will remove erroneous content and post a retraction

    34. away previous erroneous teachings: that the Antichrist, the False

    35. Self importance, ego, and emphasis on self are erroneous perceptions of the world

    36. erroneous concepts and how naïve the writer was

    37. Besides, while the culture of his tribe sanctioned polygamy, the proclivities of the war widows warranted it; and thus to measure the libido of the Arabic prophet on the Christian scale of missionary celibacy would indeed be erroneous

    38. However, it would be erroneous to misconstrue his devotion to her as a necessary evil to ensure her munificence, for he remained faithful to her memory till the very end

    39. Exaggeration is a model of unfaithfulness describing things in erroneous way

    40. has been independently created--is erroneous

    41. Church of God 7th Day Conference, you name it, they have erroneous ideas of

    42. His guide warned him of the consequences of a return to his old ways, but his low desires took told of him and he was no longer able to refrain from indulging them, and so he began a return to his erroneous ways

    43. We cannot escape from the pictures we incessantly photograph on the mind, and this photography of erroneous conceptions is exactly what is being done by the use of words when we use any form of language which is not identified with our welfare

    44. Another erroneous suggestion that she says Gwen made was when she limited her beliefs to the black race

    45. erroneous reading both of the lines of the playand the

    46. I must warn you here about possible completely erroneous Conceptions that may appear in your system of Perception that “the individual transmutational process” of the lowest (relative to the quality of all other dynamics of a NUU-VVU-Configuration) Formo-copies happens every time a certain “personality” “dies” or “is killed through violence”

    47. There, in the interior of your Subconscious, can be a hidden reason of your erroneous attitude to anything or anybody, which, in the course of time, has been constantly and unconsciously strengthened in your Self-Consciousness, influencing the formation of many of your present Conceptions that prevent you from having a more balanced and wise attitude to a certain situation

    48. this erroneous thought that they feel ashamed to ask for wealth; they try not to

    49. Our social life is a child born of this erroneous knowledge

    50. How many seekers have wasted their lives in fighting with their erroneous perceptions about God and God-realization? They have wasted all their life energies in an effort to still the mind, to annihilate the thoughts

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