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Frasi con untrue (in inglese)

  1. All of that is untrue.
  2. She knew they were untrue.
  3. Nothing can be more untrue.
  4. This turned out to be untrue.
  5. Untrue love is an abomination.

  6. Your ways they have made untrue.
  7. That assumption is relatively untrue.
  8. This was, of course, completely untrue.
  9. You know how untrue that is Melanie.
  10. She'd say something she knew to be untrue.
  11. The rumors, he’d said, were simply untrue.
  12. Naturally, much of what I told them was untrue.
  13. It was untrue to the point of being transparent.
  14. She did not want him now to say what was untrue.
  15. It's all untrue, mumbled the boy, with a grin.

  16. That was untrue, was it not? Nathanson insisted.
  17. To say Julian saw everything would be literally untrue.
  18. It is untrue that there is peak sexual pleasure after.
  19. It is your duty as Prosecutor to prove his evidence untrue.
  20. Slander is the act of spreading harmful, untrue information.
  21. The fact that it was untrue did not bother her in the least.
  22. There are two propositions—one or the other must be untrue.
  23. Later on it became clear that this was an absolutely untrue.
  24. You can also see that the following myths are simply untrue:.
  25. But then I suppose you will say that what he creates is untrue.

  26. I told you every untrue, miserable thing of which I could think.
  27. As a contractor, you hear many untrue statements from the agency.
  28. I have no hope of its being untrue, but at least I may verify it.
  29. Covenant Breaker – His word was false; his promises were untrue.
  30. The strangest and most untrue thing that can be said about Islam is.
  31. However, it is actually untrue, especially with the newer computers.
  32. FOURTH If they cannot prove that an item is NOT untrue, inaccurate, or.
  33. Both true and untrue, Pierre began; but Prince Andrew interrupted him.
  34. There would be other untrue press tidbits, as well—years of them, actually.
  35. Surely, this claim is baseless and untrue, and these two angels did not exist.
  36. But one of the most unfair and untrue claims against him is that he is racist.
  37. That was an untrue answer that you gave to this jury in this case, right?
  38. It is still useful if those sections which are glaringly untrue to you are ignored.
  39. Most of those reports were a nightmare—grotesque, cir-cumstantial, eager and untrue.
  40. Fables being based upon fallacy and untrue stories cannot withstand the test of time.
  41. This is not some false or untrue position to be assumed; it is a fact to be recognized.
  42. Both the motives for withdrawing the treatments, and the publicised effects were untrue.
  43. It was untrue to be sure, but still it was terrible, and she could not help thinking of it.
  44. This was untrue, but he passed the rumour on to his colleagues, and before long they began.
  45. She just knows he’s going to say something soothing and untrue, so she speaks before he can.
  46. Chase laughed at his obvious attempt at humor, knowing it was not an entirely untrue statement.
  47. The stories which had reached him were untrue, or the execution would not have been interrupted.
  48. Governments declare that armies are principally required for external defense; but this is untrue.
  49. I told her that someone a long time ago had said something about me that was completely untrue.
  50. Nonbizarre delusions – the kind that Lester suffered from – were at least plausible, but untrue.
  51. There are never untrue elements in my dreams, but I don’t remember Tristan telling me he loves me.
  52. Or to imply that I would have my paper print something untrue just to collect on a policy, is ballsy.
  53. In this time period, white false teachers contrived and passed on to black theologians untrue doctrine.
  54. DEATH? Many have believed what their preacher or church says and have rejected the Bible as being untrue.
  55. FOURTEEN priests were kept in the Suzdal friary prison, chiefly for having been untrue to the orthodox faith.
  56. For what is Wenceslas-Mockingbird, if not an armory for the existing order? An order both unjust and untrue.
  57. The mid to late 1980's saw many untrue rumors about Michael Jackson, some of them started by Michael himself.
  58. This charge, if proven, could lead to prosecution unless you can satisfy us that the allegations are untrue.
  59. To the untrue man, the whole universe is false,—it is impalpable,—it shrinks to nothing within his grasp.
  60. If she ever reads this story and feels calumniated, I beg her forgiveness for much of what I wrote is untrue.
  61. Evil is that which is dark and untrue, and which, when consciously embraced and willfully endorsed, becomes sin.
  62. The first part of this was obviously untrue for someone had begun to whistle ‘The Rosary,’ tunelessly, inside.
  63. The center reason is to ring the bell of the truth so that something which is accepted as true will become untrue.
  64. The defense, in its desperation, has said a couple other things that are simply untrue and need to be corrected.
  65. If we have allowed our souls to be somehow bitter or untrue, we will show that bitterness and untruth before Christ.
  66. The idea that this was the common Greek type is, I should imagine, untrue, for their portrait statues do not show it.
  67. Harmony was on the brink of explaining why that statement was both offensive and untrue when an explosion shattered the calm.
  68. All the stories about Solomon (pth) which suggest that he achieved what he achieved by use of magic are untrue and unfounded.
  69. While never encouraging you to be untrue to yourself I would suggest that you stick with the demands of the piece if you can.
  70. He gave orders that the strictest discipline should be observed, clinging to the hope that the rumour would prove to be untrue.
  71. And let him see that all my life I will be true to him and the promise I gave him, in spite of his being untrue and betraying me.
  72. Mitchell’s claim was the admonition, restrained and gentlemanly, that what Mitchell reported over national TV was simply untrue.
  73. Jesus will clarify and purify the Qur’an of all of the false and untrue explanations and sayings that have been attributed to Islam.
  74. Then I want you to tell me that you will never again listen to what I am saying to others and that what you told the others was untrue.
  75. There is a fear factor that is being disseminated across the planet that on one level is true and on another level is completely untrue.
  76. It is an untrue and misleading myth that companies seeking acquisitions—for example, Leasco—look for companies with bad managements.
  77. Know that those in the buildings were truly attacked, but those in the planes; these are not believable stories because they are untrue.
  78. Know that those in the buildings were truly attacked, but those in the planes—these are not believable stories because they are untrue.
  79. In today's English Hell has come to mean a place of eternal torment after death, and to translate hades into Hell is an untrue translation.
  80. The Commission shall after notice and opportunity for hearing deny termination of registration if it finds that the certification is untrue.
  81. In today's English Hell has come to mean a place of eternal torment after death and Hell, as a translation of hades is an untrue translation.
  82. To say, as they themselves would say, that they are acting from principle, from a conviction that the state system must be maintained, is untrue.
  83. If we can think of no escape from this difficulty, it will be better to tell him the plain truth than that he should find us out in an untrue story.
  84. John, who reclined on Jesus' right hand, leaned over and asked the Master: Who is it? We should know who it is that has proved untrue to his trust.
  85. As with death, as with all things, there are no universal truths that are true at all times for all people, a truth can be simultaneously true and untrue.
  86. As for the story invented about our master Solomon in which it is said that the jinns had been subjugated to him by use of magic, it is untrue and baseless.
  87. We must deny its obvious sense and attach to it a foreign meaning we know to be untrue, which made the Bible a profound mystery, and deceiving ourselves with it.
  88. Dismiss immediately one untrue scenario that says Christ never wanted African-American missionaries serving overseas and therefore called none to missionary service.
  89. But though Napoleon knew that de Beausset had to say something of this kind, and though in his lucid moments he knew it was untrue, he was pleased to hear it from him.
  90. Why is there so much in the Bible on death if there is no death? Many have believed what their preacher or church says, and they have rejected the Bible as being untrue.
  91. After all, had already won their sympathy by the fact that she had to work because her husband was dreadful that the poor thing should discover he had been untrue to her.
  92. But as, on the contrary, violence never really overcomes evil, and since there is another way altogether to overcome it, the assertion that violence will never cease is untrue.
  93. And it has been only because of these teeny, tiny token ideas of invented, untrue, whitewashed Good: that any culture or religion has survived and triumphed longer than others.
  94. The true beliefs – those that are congruent to reality – will hold up, but the other ones – the ones that are sometimes true, partially true or untrue – get revised or discarded.
  95. Besides, you have convinced me that you are untrue to yourselves—that you will shrink from the assertion and support of your own rights—if you will not, I am not bound to respect them, &c.
  96. Yet Officer Mohammad Amin, that man of firm, true faith was well aware of the saying of Al’lah’s Envoy: The infection is untrue, but the evil-eye is true [according to one’s worthiness].
  97. But how did that old man, alone, in opposition to the general opinion, so truly discern the importance of the people’s view of the events that in all his activity he was never once untrue to it?
  98. The point is it is only because undead evil orchestrates and reverses the perception of what is true and untrue that the most insane madman in Austria is later hailed as the wisest philosopher of that time.
  99. While the rumors of skin bleaching were untrue, Jackson’s skin was getting progressively lighter due to a medical condition that Jackson later admitted to having, and was proven true upon his autopsy, called vitiligo.
  100. A particle of matter cannot tell us that it does not feel the law of attraction or repulsion and that that law is untrue, but man, who is the subject of history, says plainly: I am free and am therefore not subject to the law.

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