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Frasi con expand (in inglese)

We need to expand our.
How to expand the tree?
I expand it into a sphere.
We have to expand the pool.
Filburn Case to expand the.
The balloons of fantasy expand.
They expand on their own power.

Ether does not shrink or expand.
Then we expand to other cities.
It did not expand human culture.
If the company needed to expand.
To expand on these three answers:.
Sacred Hearts, purify expand, and.
This is a good way to expand your.
Calculate how much they can expand.
In this regard he sought to expand.
The King wants to expand His kingdom.
Always try to expand your vocabulary.
Technologies, looking to expand the.
Polk began the war to expand slavery.
Texas A&M University to expand their.
In doing this you will expand and be.
Danny felt himself expand and contract.
See if there are ways you can expand.
Company took the opportunity to expand.
The fire wanted to expand, to consume.
These stars expand and contract in a.
TK can expand a drop of water into an.
These testimonies are meant to expand.
Most franchises do not expand so easily.
EDC has helped expand and remain in the.
PROC EXPAND uses SAS interval definitions.
Expand Your Use of the Onscreen Keyboard.
Woe to those who houses and fields expand.
Would you care to expand on that?
I have a lot of plans to expand the plan-.
The best way to expand your client base is.
Christian church neglects to expand on this.
Would you expand on what you mean by that.
Sometimes, a crystal will just expand out-.
Our world is expanding, Keith.
Jean Claude was at work expanding.
Such expanding brings about cooling.
Yes, we tried expanding the 16%.
My heart is expanding a thousand fold.
The Universe is expanding by 7(ΠΠ2).
They, after greatly expanding on the.
If it continued expanding, there was a.
If the Universe was expanding then the.
Channel lines, expanding the trend line.
Expanding space goes in terms of heating.
I was the body expanding and contracting.
The core was expanding at an alarming rate.
The web was expanding, Butterfield realized.
Ask your professor to show how an expanding.
Therefore, the mass of the expanding universe.
Plagues were expanding in biblical proportions.
This is why the universe is expanding and this.
He felt he was expanding, turning big, undeniable.
Universe is expanding and Newton’s said otherwise.
Your career is expanding greatly in the year ahead.
Knew of him but thought he was currently expanding.
I am on the edge of an expanding x-y plane pushing.
As for why the universe is expanding, give this a try.
The cosmos is fil ed with ever expanding dark energy.
Even billionaires are constantly growing and expanding.
This results in an expanding of the equator, giving a.
Of course the universe is expanding! It is separating!.
That is, by expanding the node with the best lower bound.
The pie is actually constantly expanding because wealth.
I could actually feel the energy that was expanding out.
In spite of Brazil’s large and expanding economy this.
Hubble found the Universe is expanding and Newton said.
Universe is expanding at the rate the Big Bang indicates.
I see his irises growing, the blue expanding, made more.
There was the gradual tick of expanding metal, heating up.
He now has a thriving business which is expanding rapidly.
A light, he said, the light expanding into a white.
The HBC had its beginnings in the lucrative and expanding.
Rebecca and I slithered through the now expanding crowd of.
The charm expanded into a.
The rib cage is usually expanded.
The extended sovereignty expanded U.
Revised and expanded second edition.
Summer comes with an expanded active.
The client’s awareness is expanded.
Early on it expanded its original 13.
A mind that is expanded to a new idea.
Ragusa expanded its influence over the.
They, too, had expanded north and west.
It shows both compressed and expanded.
He expanded their bureaucracy, created.
Principles of OCCOULIA (1-28): Expanded.
Because of the war, his job has expanded.
Thomas’ circle of friends had expanded.
Your mind is continually expanded with.
My mind expanded outward into the world.
Her soul expanded into prayer beside him.
These new models would include expanded.
It has also expanded into to the Dallas.
They have expanded their online services.
How I had expanded the business to offer.
This theory takes a more expanded view of.
These issues are expanded and explored next.
The flame expanded, lighting up the tunnel.
My head expanded and snapped back into place.
The Frenchman expanded his chest and made a.
If the cosmos expanded while Newton said it.
There is expanded knowledge and strength in.
The credit and debt bubble has expanded again.
Every day, the scale of my conquests expanded.
Magic really was just expanded quantum theory.
That was ten years ago and his gang expanded.
A crimson sphere expanded into a broad gateway.
At Mark’s quizzical look he expanded on that.
But Washington expanded its lead over Syracuse.
The local population had expanded somewhat at.
The beam expanded and turned into a brown mist.
It was easier since they were already expanded.
They had expanded the adjacent plant that made.
Water expands when cold, and.
When anything expands it is hot.
The Universe expands and does.
The upper body expands outwards.
Thus in the earth the seed expands.
Officer Remmit expands the image again.
A square of space expands from the void.
It expands endlessly and without any need.
His support of Israel expands his funding.
So Isaiah expands the abilities of the name.
Graham expands on this concept in Chapter 20.
If one of the stars expands so much that its.
It expands to about 3 times its size as it dries.
Take in a deep breath that expands your midsection.
The hotel’s foyer expands into a sweeping hallway.
There is so much information in there that expands.
This very letter BaM expands and spreads to the ends.
The company expands and create more job opportunities.
As the Net expands, a compelling VPP will be essential.
The inconsistent translation of I Timothy 5:17 expands.
It should also be mentioned that as space expands the.
We know that time is slowing down as the universe expands.
In turn, it expands and makes your waistline even bigger.
Accordingly, the sun as one eye also expands into (or is.
The diet changes of course as the size of the fish expands.
The crumbling sound of rock as it expands from the intense.
It still expands, and doesn't break up, even at close range.
Now your vocabulary expands and you should use it correctly.
Michael McCullough, expands on this by explaining that when.
It expands your understanding of everything in the Universe.
Reinvestment Act of 2009 expands the list to include expenses.
It teaches us a lot in life and expands our thinking capacity.
Time moves, and expands and slips away before he answers softly.
As the star expands, its outer layers become cooler, so the star.
As our universe expands out into the void, will the matter that.
As the triple-alpha process continues, the core expands, but its.
Kubrick expands on his view of the man's futile hope of salvation.
Control expands thoughts as we talk without having mythical dreams.
Furthermore, it expands and gives you more of what you don’t want.
When a business expands slowly, it can execute its plan methodically.

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