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Expand in a sentence

Expand on it.
Expand your PRLV.
So you expand it.
You need to expand.
Our horizons expand.
Expand his PlayBook.
We need to expand our.

That contract & expand.
How to expand the tree?.
expand into other markets.
, has continued to expand.
New powers should expand.
itself is forced to expand.
I expand it into a sphere.
We have to expand the pool.
Expand recycling operations.
Filburn Case to expand the.
3 The Basics of PROC EXPAND.
3 The Basics of PROC EXPAND 6.
"Can she expand it?" I asked.
1 Capabilities of PROC EXPAND.
Then we expand to other cities.
The balloons of fantasy expand.
They expand on their own power.
Ether does not shrink or expand.
expectations of them will expand.
leverage to expand his authority.
It did not expand human culture.
If the company needed to expand.
And expanding mind.
Expanding inland it.
Expanding upon these.
, and expanding globally.
Next Wave is expanding.
The universe is expanding.
Expanding Circles Of Love.
expanding use of, 24–26.
Keep expanding the process.
Is the universe expanding?.
Your business is expanding.
Her knowledge was expanding.
Human awareness is expanding.
presumably expanding in numbers.
Our world is expanding, Keith.
sun, burning, expanding the air,.
sophisticated and expanding nation.
Jean Claude was at work expanding.
Such expanding brings about cooling.
My heart is expanding a thousand fold.
Yes, we tried expanding the 16%.
petuating and expanding consciousness.
The Universe is expanding by 7(ΠΠ2).
They, after greatly expanding on the.
Channel lines, expanding the trend line.
clients and expanding my sales territory.
expanding universes with their big bangs.
They expanded the.
38 The Act expanded.
It expanded rapidly,.
wave expanded their way.
expanded to a half hour.
has expanded beyond that.
Rumors were expanded upon.
and the friendship expanded.
The charm expanded into a.
expanded on it a little here.
religion as the Empire expanded.
expanded the company into fab-.
The rib cage is usually expanded.
cold, as if his lungs had expanded.
The lump in her throat expanded,.
and expanded reality of space-time.
expanded through conscious practice.
to come in and be expanded on earth.
The extended sovereignty expanded U.
expanded on earth as it is in heaven.
aspect of ignorance on the expanded.
cope with them I expanded production.
Summer comes with an expanded active.
The client’s awareness is expanded.
(Or perhaps it expanded into my mind.
A mind that is expanded to a new idea.
expanded and shook feverishly in place.
Early on it expanded its original 13.
They, too, had expanded north and west.
expands in the air,.
The man expands there.
that expands to embrace.
It expands and uplifts.
The radial seal expands.
Karma increases and expands.
Water expands when cold, and.
When anything expands it is hot.
The Universe expands and does.
Cognition expands dramatically.
The upper body expands outwards.
water expands when it gets colder.
Officer Remmit expands the image again.
expands so use nurturing statements to.
A square of space expands from the void.
It expands endlessly and without any need.
mortal frame of the medium expands visibly.
His support of Israel expands his funding.
So Isaiah expands the abilities of the name.
Graham expands on this concept in Chapter 20.
If one of the stars expands so much that its.
It expands to about 3 times its size as it dries.
Take in a deep breath that expands your midsection.
The hotel’s foyer expands into a sweeping hallway.
There is so much information in there that expands.
The company expands and create more job opportunities.
This very letter BaM expands and spreads to the ends.
As the Net expands, a compelling VPP will be essential.
And because the star's surface area expands greatly,.
The inconsistent translation of I Timothy 5:17 expands.
It should also be mentioned that as space expands the.

Synonyms for expand

expand boom flourish thrive amplify inflate dilate elaborate enlarge expatiate expound extend