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    1. · Capital: Money raised from promoters and shareholders to start and expand the company's operational capabilities (Authorised-As per registration and increased with the approval of the share holders from time to time

    2. driving force that the Universe uses to expand and create! All

    3. It will help to extend the reach of the content you are creating, extend the number of times the content is going to be shared and will expand upon the potential audience

    4. They allowed their minds to expand on a variety of subjects, especially ESP and telepathy

    5. In this exercise the chest is allowed to expand fully during deep breathing, and it also removes stiffness of the neck and shoulders and so is a useful exercise with which to follow the Shoulderstand described in chapter four

    6. Even an artificial life form will expand in numbers to fill its niche

    7. We have to expand the pool

    8. What I want to do here is expand both senses and

    9. expand on the content of the book and is also is focussed on your

    10. “It will be beneficial, at this point, to expand upon this vision by explaining to you the inner expression of an octave

    11. She wasn't ready to expand on that thought, but he was

    12. We need to expand our

    13. Expand your expectations about how God is about to communicate with you

    14. Though none but the elves could attest to such a claim, for only in their lifespan would its radius noticeably expand

    15. In time we can expand, bring more people under rule

    16. Then, in satisfaction of their envy to expand, they attract more and more particles

    17. They expand on their own power

    18. Man has not created bad and good; justice and injustice; the desire for changes; heroes and villains; love and hate; the need to eat; the feeling of satiety; the possibilities for particles to agglutinate, reshape, transform, expand and grow into something larger or more refined

    19. Humans cannot measure it because it has the capacity to expand and retract according to one’s unique situation

    20. Once I made the money, then I could expand my team, but I still needed a team

    21. and that if you plan to expand and need them for more hours in the

    22. Bullet point the key aspects and expand on the benefits to the customer

    23. To dream that you are on a campus indicates your need to expand your thinking/knowledge and challenge yourself mentally

    24. So about a year ago we decided to expand into other ventures

    25. As we evolve and expand our awareness towards a state of Oneness we come up

    26. Then you can expand your focus to include your entire body

    27. Danny felt himself expand and contract

    28. have more opportunities to expand your lists and the

    29. - Channeled information has revealed that the present 7 chakras will expand to 12 and this will correspond to our new 12 auric layers and 12 layers/strands of DNAs, allowing the human being to reflect more of a multi-dimensional being than just a dense physical body

    30. It is effected by Gaia (the living energy called Mother Earth) to expand its capacity for higher levels of energy

    31. imaginations, we each need to expand our ability to

    32. Jean had been looking for an assistant to help her expand her little business in natural cosmetics in Dublin, and Audrey had jumped at the opportunity to get back home

    33. exploded and started to expand and grow so fast it is now billions

    34. Latin, as I can attest, will expand your vocabulary exponentially

    35. The only difference here was the amount of material and energy required to expand beyond its core system, beyond the limited space inside this underground hanger

    36. How can the same mistakes be avoided if we don't know what they are because we have recorded them wrongly? That's why my books get boring sometimes and expand on things that in truth belong to the historian, and not so much to me

    37. roof of their low house seemed to expand and rise, until it reached to

    38. It seemed to expand in size with every passing second

    39. As yet it was small, only reaching to the periphery of Brockenhurst Forest, but soon he would expand his influence to encompass all of Boddaert's Realm

    40. In the left-hand pane, expand the IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers by clicking on the + sign 3

    41. In the Device Manager, expand the IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers section

    42. For they love their revenue and seek always to expand their businesses

    43. In the left-hand pane, expand Internet Explorer and click on Connections

    44. Firefox is great for those who want to expand their browser with add-ons and want it to do more than just open pages

    45. As President, Tyler pushed for the annexation of Texas as a slave state, though the war to expand slavery would be provoked by Polk

    46. Polk fought a war with Mexico to expand slavery

    47. Polk began the war to expand slavery

    48. Polk's war, begun to take territory to expand slavery, almost guaranteed its end

    49. Ford and Carter were the only US presidents until Obama to not expand or use bio-chemical weapons

    50. What: By his principled opposition to slavery (though he felt bound by the Constitution's recognition of it) Van Buren delayed both a war of aggression with Mexico to expand slavery and the genocide of California Indians that followed

    1. His was a world of new technology, where television screens became ever bigger and where bandwidth expanded exponentially with the phases of the moon

    2. How I had expanded the business to offer

    3. and more is possible through two expanded forms of

    4. where bandwidth expanded exponentially with the phases of the

    5. The barrier of azure flames flickered and dimmed as the shiny black substance inside flexed and expanded, as if testing the limits of its prison

    6. Initially, his power limited its growth, but little by little it expanded within him

    7. With every beat of her heart the veins expanded, branching out further along the surface of her skin

    8. I guided Izzy to sing her energy into a spun web, which expanded into delicate strands she could pluck and project towards the objects in front of her

    9. “You, O king – because you have grown great and become strong, and your grandeur has increased, reaching to the heavens, and your kingdom has expanded to the extremity of the earth – you yourself are the tree

    10. Her own face began to recede as the murky star field of the Waghtnin gradually replaced the dimness around the spotlight that expanded to include her fully robed form, flanked on either side by two very large, very fearsome looking temple guardians whose tails flicked back and forth hungrily

    11. In the first few moments of creation, as the universe expanded rapidly, this super odour split into the seventeen distinct units of smell as predicted by Chuff's Table

    12. Pain pulsed throughout him, throbbing as bones expanded

    13. His skin hardened into scales, this time covering his entire expanded body

    14. On the other side of the veil, there is instead eternal bliss and an expanded sense of our existence

    15. is strength of expanded clay gravel; ρb

    16. Generally, ascended beings will also have an expanded sense of awareness and a greater level of intuition

    17. I have expanded that question over the years to include

    18. The beam expanded and turned into a brown mist

    19. He put his finger on a city- block entrance and it suddenly expanded within the metre frame, then pushed inside to see the bare-bones structure: support struts and buckycarbon nanotube side frame

    20. Subject to the full force of the expanded singularity he shot towards the mid point

    21. He touched the screen again and the box expanded to show the message “Message received – will reply soon

    22. Yet the slow-down penumbra had expanded to encompass as far as the orbit of Mars

    23. Roidon’s mind-state had now expanded to almost five terabytes, the original memory added to by the immense knowledge of the device – its observation and theoretical reasoning

    24. expanded so much that it will have swallowed up the Earth

    25. Think about the high ranking executives at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mack who earned (or embezzled) millions while, thanks to Chris Dodd in the senate and Barney Frank in the House, the two government-backed corporations were taking a nosedive due to the strict (Democrat) implementation of the Community Reinvestment Act, passed under the egregious Jimmy Carter, and expanded and implemented under the equally egregious Bill Clinton

    26. The rib cage is usually expanded

    27. In time, the business grew and expanded in both business and in

    28. He’d become familiar with every one of them over the years; the ticking of the hot water pipes as they expanded and contracted, the hum of the fridge in the kitchen, the drip of the bath tap, each one now loud in his ears

    29. The disc hovered in the air for a moment, then tilted sharply, presenting its circular face to her, its mid-section flashing and shimmering as it expanded outwards towards its circumference

    30. His successor John Tyler not only expanded slavery, he committed treason

    31. I went through the lists and dozens of notes and tried to find the notes that I had left, but the board had expanded and got so full that my notes had simply disappeared

    32. , Clinton, and GW Bush all continued and expanded Plan Colombia, even though during the 1990s and 2000s, Colombia had the worst human rights record anywhere in the Americas

    33. After Sharon had done this, her aura expanded to double in size and in brightness as she released all of the suffering

    34. As Costa Rica gave way to the political arm-twisting, so did other countries lying in cocaine’s northbound path as the field of players on both sides of the law expanded enormously

    35. The division expanded again and again, giving seniority to those already in

    36. And as our form and function change in response, we see our journey toward the ultimate love affair with new eyes, expanded vision, more comprehensive desires

    37. It was his opinion that as a result the ring flourished and even expanded its markets into the nightclubs of San José

    38. Juan was an aggressive businessman and expanded his operation steadily over the years

    39. advantages, money economies have greatly expanded and the selection of goods

    40. ” Brendan expanded with confidence in his conclusions

    41. In the last ten years, I have expanded an interest from my earlier days and am both a qualified hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner

    42. ? The words now part of the scroll was expanded over time

    43. Eventually it appears, God’s spiritual guide, the Ten Commandments, given toward the beginning of their journey, appears to have been Deuteronomically expanded into the three hundred laws that Jesus seemed to have complained about

    44. As they drew close, the Barrel flattened and expanded, and its ruffled surface resembled colourful layers of pleated cloth

    45. And the churches that all the apostles and so many, many more had given up their lives for, had grown and expanded in all the imperfection of their devotion

    46. President Wilson issued over 1800 executive orders which expanded the

    47. Chad have been stopped and the Bank"s Department of Institutional Integrity has been expanded to help

    48. The scant “clues” that we have inherited don’t allow us the pleasure of positive confirmation, but all of history succeeding that time seems to positively affirm that the “traditionalists” went on to eventual extinction, or at least their ideas did, as Man’s next best guess expanded toward the more powerful forces seen within climatic disturbances

    49. As success expanded these communities’ boundaries, they came into immediate or eventual competitive contact with one another

    50. Slowly the fund of knowledge expanded as one system of belief built upon and then eclipsed its elder

    1. Most of these you can grow yourself! We are constantly expanding this list with every printing

    2. The creation process as enunciated in our religious scriptures matches to a great extent with the evolving scientific hypothesis of Big Bang and expanding and contracting universe

    3. He also professes hopes of expanding his club internationally noting that

    4. With the internet expanding on a daily basis, the available means of communication given

    5. Not for her any serious preparations or special tactical considerations, she'd be receiving special attention from her massage therapist, expanding her mind on something exotic, receiving visitors and doing deals, safe on her boat with mindless mercenaries at her beck and call

    6. They may also help small groups with other challenges, such as training volunteers and staff or expanding the reach of the services they provide

    7. Low moans could be heard up stairs, from the wood expanding and contracting to the differing temperatures outside

    8. in Delhi, I have been thinking of expanding my operations for

    9. It’s sort of like the cockroaches in my kitchen, right? They keep expanding and expanding and expanding and with that, my cooking duties without a doubt become much more complex since it appears that I am constantly sharing my edibles with an ever greater number of non-rent-paying tenants in my abode

    10. I know that you opened an outpost in Hawksen, Flintwood, about 4 years ago, after expanding from the United States, where you have a lot of outposts

    11. The mind will find it difficult to focus on more than one sense at a time; however, if you just allow yourself to be aware of each new sense, without letting go of the other, you may find yourself expanding your mindful awareness to include each new sense as it arises

    12. There are some who believe that smells will go on expanding, gradually dissipating so that they lose all their energy, in much the same way that taste has done in a number of multi-national fast food outlets

    13. The expanding (swelling) of concrete volume occurs during continuous storage of the specimens in the water

    14. The universe is expanding

    15. The pie is actually constantly expanding because wealth

    16. value and expanding possibilities for others; but they

    17. The bubble was holding, and it was also expanding exponentially

    18. He had no way to measure the extent of the wave, although even the worse- case simulation models showed it being distorted and held back from spreading unencumbered, not being able to form its own expanding sphere

    19. On the screen they could see the profile of the vessel slowly change, expanding and morphing gradually

    20. hope was that within the expanding primary bubble they could get some decent acceleration

    21. 4 If we wanted to perform an experiment that would prove that galaxies and other celestial objects in space are in general moving away from us, how would we go about doing this? The initial thought that led people to believe that objects are moving away from Earth (and that the Universe, as a result of this, is thought to be expanding), originated when they encountered the red-shift phenomenon when viewing the majority of stars and/or galaxies

    22. In the most common models, the Universe was filled homogeneously and isotropically with an incredibly high energy density, huge temperatures and pressures, and was very rapidly expanding and cooling

    23. elders and thus can have the effect of expanding or

    24. Arawn transferred knowledge to his mind through words and images shared by the kigare during his meditation and Adem felt, that over time, his scope of perception was also expanding

    25. And yet Congress keeps on expanding into more and more fields

    26. “The poor have been used as human shields behind which the expanding welfare state can advance

    27. By then he was in charge of sales for a rapidly expanding insurance company in Florida

    28. He watched the spiral patterns as it churned out, expanding then folding in on itself

    29. As our (collective) body of shared values continue to diminish under the dynamic influence of multiculturalism and where the evolution of self-contained communities, especially in our inner cities, continues mapping their (own) chartered course, such events must inevitably give rise to expanding pockets of diverse groups who, as a rule, feel more at ease in their (own) ethnic environments perceived to be culturally and socially sympathetic to their needs contrasted by ‖homogenous‖ groups who, increasingly threatened by ―foreign‖ values that provide little, if any meaning, seek refuge of their own

    30. To him, it was inconceivable that Brockenhurst Sett could erupt into an expanding fireball, devouring all before it– that badgers would die horrible deaths, beating at flames as they sprang into life on their fur

    31. Meanwhile, future (employment) opportunities continue to look grim for the American Worker as companies are presently finding themselves in the enviable position of being able to secure their labor requirements from an expanding (global) pool of labor including such (potential) resources who are routinely flaunting our nation‘s borders

    32. It was one of SAP COIN favourite ways of expanding a more practical fatherly talk to wayward constables who carried cast-off ones around for punishment

    33. America should seriously reassess the decrepit condition of its rapidly decaying interstate highways, many of which have grown exhausted, if not (functionally) depleted from wear and tear; dysfunctional anachronisms that are seemingly unable to meet the commuter requirements of rapidly expanding populations

    34. To the Geek Girls, with their unflagging support for my expanding list of projects and enterprises

    35. Since their union, he had poured most of the family’s money and resources into expanding his properties

    36. Then a single large tear rolled from her eye and down to the end of her snout before dropping off and hitting the now calm surface of the pool with a soft plop, rippling its surface outwards in an ever expanding circle

    37. At his touch the likeness disintegrated, expanding outwards into ever widening ripples

    38. expanding in proportion to (spiritual) phenomena that becomes (increasingly) receptive to (intuitive) logic and reason, a refined (spiritual) awareness that neither compromises nor inhibits the One constant at once approachable however ―inaccessible‖ to the mind, a (seemingly) moving target within (the) reach of a receptive imagination however evading the limited scope of rational thought, whose mysteries eventually become apparent through a strengthening of Faith and Divine Trust, alone…

    39. A great emptiness expanding, to the further hardening of his heart

    40. This is the inevitable outcome of expanding global economies and the pursuit of cheaper labor abroad that has raised domestic competition to a fevered pitch

    41. How else does one explain his abysmal record on Immigration, lack of Social Security and Energy reform, reckless spending, expanding deficits (despite enjoying majorities in both Houses of Congress) while engaging the nation in a politically correct war that has clearly lost its momentum?

    42. greater importance in the foreseeable future as population growth and expanding suburbs will further strain commuter travel as well as our environment in the coming years

    43. The Confederacy went to war because they did not agree with the results of a fair election, and started the war because there was an outside chance the lawful winner, Lincoln, might somewhat restrict slavery in the future from expanding

    44. exponential demands of a growing workforce? What would the ―social/welfare costs‖ associated with an expanding under-class (we will always have the poor among us) entail? Where would the money come from? At what point would euthanasia (my friend is a faithful liberal) be considered an appropriate remedy for the unproductive /aging/sickly elements of our population? (even demi-gods aren‘t immortal)

    45. ) A Democratic state legislature majority even succeeded in 1860 in expanding Indian slavery from “orphans” and “vagrants” to virtually any Indian by forcing ten year apprenticeships on them, de facto slavery

    46. “I know it doesn’t look like it, but this place used to be very successful before the owner died and squabbles among his sons caused it to be shut,” Brian explained, expanding his arms to the emptiness of his casino

    47. The law does provide for expanding the death penalty for terrorists, but so far that has not been used

    48. We had to go about half a mile through the expanding puffs of black Archie smoke, over the enemy trenches

    49. Simon took a long expanding curve around the almost diamond-cross-sectioned hill which the road wrapped around and decided this was the moment to strike

    50. How is this possible? Easy: infinity has been expanding outwards at infinitely variable velocities since the dawn of Creation

    1. If asked to explain, scientists would probably say: “Time expands or contracts according to a number of physical factors in a define situation

    2. It expands and uplifts

    3. “So, water expands when it freezes, it could burst the tubs, we’d lose some and I don’t think we can afford to do that

    4. The inconsistent translation of I Timothy 5:17 expands

    5. Michael McCullough, expands on this by explaining that when

    6. He expands on this by explaining that the emotions of sex,

    7. up strife, and the furious man expands in transgression; man's pride shall bring him low, but honour shall uphold the humble in spirit

    8. Karma increases and expands

    9. The upper body expands outwards

    10. Most of the students wrote proofs of their beliefs using Boyle's Law (gas cools off when it expands and heats up when it is compressed) variant

    11. But this much I do know: this project, the Occidental State's project, expands on your little discovery

    12. water expands when it gets colder

    13. spending, one, time legislation that expands federal spending in

    14. A square of space expands from the void

    15. The man expands there

    16. one, darkness and light, a void that sucks in but expands, an

    17. As the name implies, this virtual needle of Force is able to penetrate most shielding both magic and mundane, and upon reaching the soft interior of the body of the foe, it expands to sufficient diameter to inflict fatal damage

    18. Interestingly enough, as the dark expanse in our classical universe expands (as scientists now predict), it would also mean that higher energy universes (which are dark or invisible from our perspective, currently) are also expanding

    19. Cognition expands dramatically

    20. than the astral body It expands and becomes brighter when its owner is

    21. As the star expands, its outer layers become cooler, so the star

    22. And because the star's surface area expands greatly,

    23. As the triple-alpha process continues, the core expands, but its

    24. If one of the stars expands so much that its

    25. His support of Israel expands his funding

    26. expands so use nurturing statements to

    27. expands all his levels of consciousness so he/she can reach

    28. embraces the neophyte as described above, and expands Himself to include

    29. the aura of the pupil, it is really the central heart of fire which so expands and includes him, for all through the ceremony of acceptance he is already far

    30. you will realize that the consciousness expands more and more, without

    31. Sometimes the individual buys a second home or renovates and expands the present one

    32. expands in the air,

    33. coach expands the client’s awareness of how to experience

    34. expands our system so that we have negative as well as positive numbers

    35. The resulting deep, unresolved past hurts keep many white and black Christian leaders divided in America while a much more powerful, reconciled witness expands in some other nations

    36. Water expands when cold, and

    37. should be pointed out that as the universe expands these dimensions also

    38. expands, the slower time will be throughout the universe

    39. expands, the slower time will be throughout the universe because space

    40. As space expands, Relativity suggests that time slows down and it does

    41. It should also be mentioned that as space expands the

    42. expands by whatever amount, then the diameter of the circle expands by

    43. We know that time is slowing down as the universe expands

    44. that he thought it would be, and he very often expands the job to fit his budget

    45. Take in a deep breath that expands your midsection

    46. gravity in a big bang that expands and redistributes matter through the universe?

    47. Furthermore, it expands and gives you more of what you don’t want

    48. Now your vocabulary expands and you should use it correctly

    49. 'Then the Universe expands until gravitational forces stop the expansion and cause the Universe to contract

    50. Sobriety diminishes, discriminates, and says no; drunkenness expands, unites, and says yes

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