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    1. Moreover, what God expect

    2. An optimistic outlook enables you to expect that good things will happen in your life

    3. You need to be able to expect yourself to do what you said you would do when you said you would do it

    4. need to expect yourself to live with integrity

    5. You also need to expect yourself to be committed

    6. From yourself, expect 100% commitment and

    7. but still He expect us to meet the standard of uprightness

    8. Keep family members and other visitors up to date on the patient's condition so they know what to expect in terms of interaction

    9. Ava had spoken with Kulai about Herndon and quite a few others, it would not be a total surprise, he would expect no less

    10. Focus on the advantages of age and expect to be as healthy as you can be

    1. "I get your point," she tried not to hiss even though she should have expected it, "but I can't go up North again

    2. Her attack hadn’t gone as she had expected, and she hadn’t thought that Scar was nearly as strong as he was

    3. He pulled his knife to slit Fox's throat, expected him to beg, but instead Fox laughed at him

    4. "I expected to be guarding the shuttlecraft this dark," he said

    5. Of course she hadn't expected to be placed in a body like this

    6. of expected someone a bit more

    7. Thicke didn't know if he was expected to answer that or not

    8. I half expected something grand, formal even, but it’s not

    9. This was not quite the welcome that Johnny had expected, but he’d come

    10. Tahlmute had clearly expected his friend at the Kassikan to be working for the other side in this dispute

    1. read about God in His word, they are not expecting

    2. I believe the reason they are not expecting it, is because

    3. He didn't seen to understand, but he wouldn't have been expecting it and Jorma's pronunciation was probably atrocious

    4. “And you want to ask me about this? Are you kidding? Are you expecting me to feel sorry for you?” Kira was not angry, exactly, but she wondered why on earth he would have come all this way to have this particular conversation with her

    5. Keep believing and expecting the supernatural acts of

    6. Had he been expecting me to lie to him?

    7. When doostEr looked at him like he was expecting more he said, "Hoping to hear there's something looking up somewhere," and that was all he would say

    8. I think back to that phone call earlier … okay so I’d been expecting another of those nasty phone calls, but even so, you’d been pleased to hear his voice, hadn’t you?

    9. She looked up expecting to see rough, serrated concrete but saw instead and

    10. She lasted until they both graduated … I think she was expecting it to go on, but they were unable to get jobs in the same town and, after about six months of living fifty miles apart, it fizzled out

    1. Lopez professes to be the only ‘Absolutely Organic’ spraying/pest specialist in the United States (at this time, even though he expects more to come out), pointing out that

    2. "And Ava expects us to start training about

    3. and know what Christ expects of the church

    4. They should also know what God expects of them once an eldership is in place

    5. He laughs to himself, anticipating her sweet response, but what she says to him isn't what he expects

    6. Since everyone expects to live indefinitely, there is a lot more incentive to think sustainably in this culture

    7. After awhile your brain expects to be stoned, so being stoned is normal to it

    8. ‘I sent one with a query to him and in his reply he says he expects to be here late afternoon

    9. Reliability Do the things which another expects of you if those

    10. Billy fully expects to be wearing his coffee within moments

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    bear carry expect gestate have a bun in the oven anticipate await look wait ask require insist on exact count contemplate hope calculate count on