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Expect in a sentence

Expect Him to do it.
I expect he died too.
I did not expect that.
But I expect that he.
He did not expect that.
I knew what to expect.
I expect her to explain.

I expect you can tell.
I did not even expect.
We expect to die in it.
He did not expect the.
It is what they expect.
Yes I expect you did.
What to Expect in Sales.
What to expect and when.
Not sure what to expect.
Then we can expect the.
I expect you would not.
I'll expect you at nine.
I was told to expect it.
In fact, they expect it.
I expect the case will.
What else can we expect?
They know what to expect.
I did not expect, indeed.
Do not expect that your.
Two will stick, I expect.
What more do you expect?
Summary of what to expect.
I don’t expect to ever.
Also expect that God will.
They did not expect defeat.
Do not expect the change-.
You couldn't expect him to.
They should expect no more.
I expect it will be a lot.
Well, what did he expect?
What more could you expect.
I couldn’t expect a drug.
Tell me what to expect!.
Not what I was expecting.
I was not expecting this.
She had been expecting it.
He was expecting a great.
He had been expecting him.
Why was I expecting this.
I was expecting this visit.
I was least expecting that.
We have been expecting you.
She had been expecting him.
I was expecting it in fact.
Half expecting to see the.
Sir, I wasn't expecting you.
We have family expecting us.
Diane was not expecting this.
When I wasn’t expecting it.
Not expecting you to, Sir.
I was expecting the air in.
Gwenda was not expecting that.
He was not expecting that.
He has been expecting you.
I wasn’t expecting you to.
We were all expecting babies.
I wasn’t expecting it to.
She was expecting my normal.
Stanley was expecting me to.
I have been expecting you.
And he's expecting a visitor.
He was not expecting anybody.
I was expecting you to sulk.
He knows we are expecting him.
He hadn't been expecting this.
Oh, no! She was expecting a no.
We have been expecting you Tom.
Not expecting and not wanting.
My friends are expecting me.
She seemed to be expecting me.
I wasn't expecting to be here.
She was not expecting the blow.
She said she was expecting us.
That is as I expected.
This is to be expected.
It was to be expected.
I expected you to be.
He had not expected it.
It is sort of expected.
He expected it to stink.
He expected it, but to.
Or am I expected to.
This is what I expected.
I suppose I expected as.
That is to be expected.
I expected the price to.
He had not expected this.
Not what he had expected.
I never expected him to.
She expected the bank to.
I had expected him to lie.
As expected the ride was.
As he had expected those.
The D went in as expected.
They said you expected it.
This is to be expected.
He expected Keller to die.
As expected, Van Den had.
Back home I was expected.
I am expected to show the.
He half expected it to be.
He had expected to see her.
They had expected a baby-.
That he would have expected.
That's to be expected, of.
I expected more of a fight.
It’s only to be expected.
They thrive on the expected.
He expected him to be dead.
As expected, it is cursory.
We expected Harry would be.
Was more than I expected.
I should have expected this.
He fully expects us to.
Life expects us to move on.
Edith expects me, you know.
I should be what she expects.
And Ken expects something else.
Of course, no one expects that.
Guess he expects me to find out.
He expects the same from us today.
The world expects America to lead.
Or maybe the professor expects.
What he expects to happen, happens.
He expects to bring him home today.
And he expects me not to be afraid.
I suppose He expects me to succeed.
He expects to maintain his family by.
Zig when the world expects you to zag.
She expects Uncle Alan home any minute.
A part of her expects nothing to happen.
That’s exactly what she expects.
Simon’s reaction is not what he expects.
The General expects and deserves the best.
God wants and what the world expects of me.
And Ava expects us to start training about.
Everyone expects you and Molly to be there.
A righteous God expects righteous attitudes.
First, Modi expects them to work long hours.
Place where one expects to find hospitality.
She’s loyal and expects me to be the same.
That expects to be revealed in rightest times.
Mr Mottram expects Lady Julia at the Ritz at 1.
She expects stares, but no one takes any notice.
He expects me to answer the phone when he calls.
So God expects you to put in the effort to learn.
He completely expects the beating that comes next.
In other words, the parent expects the child to.
Palmer expects you; so you cannot refuse to come.
Why? He expects madness to become rampant in the.
She sees Cass is not moving and expects the worse.

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