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Frasi con wait (in inglese)

  1. It is a long wait.
  2. I say! Wait a bit.
  3. But I had to wait.
  4. I had to wait and.
  5. The key is to wait.

  6. Have to wait it out.
  7. You wait on the bed.
  8. No wait, hear me out.
  9. I was going to wait.
  10. He still had to wait.
  11. Wait until I am done.
  12. The wait was with it.
  13. Wait, no one is evil.
  14. We only had to wait.
  15. But wait I hear you.

  16. Court to wait in the.
  17. One may have to wait.
  18. I had to wait until.
  19. He said wait for you.
  20. Wait here for a sec.
  21. If you can wait for.
  22. He sat down and wait.
  23. I had to wait and see.
  24. It will be a long wait.
  25. Wait a minute, hold up.

  26. But wait for them to.
  27. He would have to wait.
  28. I can’t wait to eat.
  29. I only had to wait a.
  30. You just have to wait.
  31. I can’t wait for you.
  32. You will have to wait.
  33. He would just wait now.
  34. But wait, it gets worse.
  35. You wait on a response.
  36. That will have to wait.
  37. I could wait no longer.
  38. And I meant to wait.
  39. They were told to wait.
  40. Wait for me, she wrote.
  41. He said to wait here.
  42. Then I could only wait.
  43. Dammit Lady! Wait a mi.
  44. I mean I can wait.
  45. Wait my knife! I thought.
  46. I can't wait too, mum.
  47. All I could do was wait.
  48. It wasn’t a long wait.
  49. I'd have to wait it out.
  50. Wait in silence of the.
  51. We have to wait for Zoe.
  52. No! Wait till 1:01 a.
  53. He can wait a few hours.
  54. Wait a minute, he said.
  55. I ring the bell and wait.
  56. I was first – no wait.
  57. We will wait and see.
  58. No, wait, hear me out.
  59. He would wait and watch.
  60. He could wait no longer.
  61. Wait a minute, I thought.
  62. We have to wait and see.
  63. We will wait his coming.
  64. Simply wait for a lower.
  65. I can wait in the car.
  66. Wait for it to complete.
  67. George and I could wait.
  68. Just wait and see, Mandy.
  69. Holy cow, wait a minute.
  70. We don’t have to wait.
  71. He could only wait and.
  72. We wait for your orders.
  73. It was the longest wait.
  1. It was waiting to go.
  2. And as I was waiting.
  3. He is waiting for you.
  4. I was tired of waiting.
  5. She was waiting for me.
  6. He was waiting for my.
  7. It is the waiting that.
  8. A calm sense of waiting.
  9. Bubba was waiting for me.
  10. Waiting for the guy's G.
  11. He could be waiting ages.
  12. I was waiting for you.
  13. You two will be waiting.
  14. Sorry I kept you waiting.
  15. Waiting by the South tube.
  16. He was waiting for a lull.
  17. What are you waiting for.
  18. Its mate, too, is waiting.
  19. What are we waiting for?
  20. Forrest is waiting on you.
  21. I have Jim waiting for me.
  22. She’s waiting for me now.
  23. Lucas was waiting for him.
  24. They seemed to be waiting.
  25. We will be waiting for you.
  26. I could see Bubba waiting.
  27. He’s in the waiting room.
  28. The eternal sky is waiting.
  29. The taxi was waiting below.
  30. He would be waiting for them.
  31. He’s waiting in your room.
  32. She was waiting for him to.
  33. We will be waiting for them.
  34. He told you he was waiting.
  35. There was a cruiser waiting.
  36. Her mother was waiting for.
  37. They sat in silence waiting.
  38. I’m waiting for your call.
  39. He seems to be waiting for.
  40. I have been waiting for you.
  41. We are all waiting for this.
  42. Reuben was waiting for them.
  43. I seemed to be waiting for.
  44. I sat there waiting for Tim.
  45. He was waiting for a result.
  46. Go on, He is waiting for you.
  47. I have been waiting too long.
  48. She had been waiting a long.
  49. He had been waiting for this.
  50. But she wasn't waiting for me.
  51. He could be waiting for the.
  52. When I arrived, he was waiting.
  53. The light is there — waiting.
  54. Not much waiting this morning.
  55. He turned to his call waiting.
  56. Then it can keep on waiting.
  57. She is waiting for me at home.
  58. They were there, waiting on me.
  59. We can’t keep Betty waiting.
  60. I have been waiting for this.
  61. And here we are still waiting.
  62. Eve was there waiting for them.
  63. Castle Dour was still waiting.
  64. You took a big chance waiting.
  65. The Angel was silent, waiting.
  66. Annabeth is waiting for us.
  67. What are you waiting for?
  68. We had a hot reception waiting.
  69. The angels were waiting for it.
  70. She was waiting for her moment.
  71. We have been waiting for you.
  72. But, by gods, he hated waiting.
  73. Mary is waiting for me at home.
  74. Yeah, we’re waiting for it.
  75. Unlike us we are still waiting.
  76. I was waiting for your call.
  77. Rogan crossed his arms, waiting.
  78. We are waiting for the Ring.
  79. The elders were waiting for her.
  80. I’m waiting out my final days.
  81. I think he’s waiting for her.
  82. Hurry, the master is waiting.
  83. She saw the faun waiting there.
  84. I’m waiting to hear from them.
  85. He was waiting for Zeke to land.
  86. Probably waiting for a reaction.
  87. Without waiting, he ran on ahead.
  88. We are waiting for confirmation.
  89. She’s been waiting so long.
  90. The others were waiting for her.
  91. Maybe, the police were waiting.
  92. The class falls silent, waiting.
  93. It is waiting for My command.
  94. I'll be waiting for your photos.
  95. Now come on, our bed is waiting.
  96. And whatever was waiting him in.
  97. Glenn arrived to find her waiting.
  98. Bast was waiting, her mouth agape.
  99. There is no shame in the waiting.
  100. He will be at home waiting for me.
  1. And waited in a row.
  2. He waited for a beat.
  3. I waited in bed for.
  4. I waited in my room.
  5. I waited at the door.
  6. I waited a few seconds.
  7. I waited, then went on.
  8. As she waited in her.
  9. I have waited for YOU!.
  10. They waited a bit more.
  11. So they sat and waited.
  12. She got in and waited.
  13. Frog Lake as he waited.
  14. She waited until 11 a.
  15. We waited in the house.
  16. Mary had waited for me.
  17. Now he waited for the.
  18. He waited for it to end.
  19. Then, we waited for a.
  20. The boys waited for Tim.
  21. I waited near the 268.
  22. I’m so glad I waited.
  23. I waited at the bus stop.
  24. He waited and then said.
  25. He waited for an answer.
  26. She waited a few seconds.
  27. They waited a long time.
  28. Rory waited on the patio.
  29. I waited outside for her.
  30. While we waited in the.
  31. Where it waited for her.
  32. We waited there for auto.
  33. It has to be waited out.
  34. Had he waited past his.
  35. I waited outside the door.
  36. Sophie and I had waited.
  37. And I would have waited.
  38. Siri waited to learn more.
  39. He let her go, and waited.
  40. The big man sat and waited.
  41. The longer he waited the.
  42. He had waited long enough.
  43. I have waited these hours.
  44. Mosh waited at a distance.
  45. They waited only one hour.
  46. She waited for a response.
  47. He waited for her reaction.
  48. Gertrud waited at the inn.
  49. As they waited for their.
  50. I waited at the hotel.
  51. He waited to be connected.
  52. He waited for him to move.
  53. Gomes sat back and waited.
  54. Nerissa waited for the next.
  55. He waited for the door to.
  56. Then he waited a bit longer.
  57. She waited for that truth.
  58. Both women stood and waited.
  59. She waited til he was close.
  60. I waited another half hour.
  61. Andrew waited a few minutes.
  62. Mary waited at the doorway.
  63. It seemed he waited to die.
  64. Then they waited some more.
  65. He waited, but it was tough.
  66. Ammon sat still and waited.
  67. I waited around for a while.
  68. While I waited, he phoned T.
  69. He rang the bell and waited.
  70. I anxiously waited for help.
  71. I waited while he told them.
  72. They waited for the caveats.
  73. He waited without sound as.
  74. I waited for them to strike.
  75. We waited for the ambulance.
  76. She waited until he sat down.
  77. I sat in my chair and waited.
  78. I waited a couple of seconds.
  79. She waited for him to speak.
  80. He waited for a while then.
  81. Waited For The Next Time To.
  82. But we should have waited.
  83. They waited for her to begin.
  84. Joey waited near a pawn shop.
  85. She waited for me to respond.
  86. Alice waited for a long time.
  87. Imbrahim waited for her to.
  88. They waited for another man.
  89. They waited a bit, neither.
  90. Locke waited for more words.
  91. Garcia waited for a response.
  92. I had a seat and just waited.
  93. He waited for Ross to answer.
  94. So they sat down and waited.
  95. They had waited for no more.
  96. Jean waited for her to say.
  97. We dropped anchor and waited.
  98. And, if they waited for the.
  99. I closed my mouth and waited.
  100. I waited a bit, desiring to.
  1. She waits for a while.
  2. It waits to be picked.
  3. He waits to hear voices.
  4. Yet, she waits for him.
  5. This is where she waits.
  6. He waits while you wait.
  7. He stares at John, waits.
  8. She waits for an argument.
  9. Mamua, there waits a land.
  10. He waits for the Princess.
  11. He waits, she will come—.
  12. Now, the road waits on you.
  13. She waits ten minutes more.
  14. Everything waits in the dark.
  15. The program then waits for.
  16. Maybe he waits for me there.
  17. Billy waits for another word.
  18. It waits in the far distance.
  19. So he stands there and waits.
  20. She waits for several seconds.
  21. A mystic cipher waits infolded.
  22. Waits for the host to approve.
  24. He waits as Rico turns the lock.
  25. He always waits for this moment.
  26. Billy waits for Matthews answer.
  27. Dad waits at the intersection.
  28. She bangs again and waits again.
  29. She bangs on the door and waits.
  30. She waits for me to end the day.
  31. He walks into the room and waits.
  32. Waits at the window, wearing the.
  33. Waits for the results of the scan.
  34. A tollbooth waits in the distance.
  35. Hamo waits for all that to sink in.
  36. But then He waits to be entreated.
  37. He waits for Cass to come join him.
  38. Who waits to hear your morning song.
  39. Alex waits and there is no response.
  40. It waits for us by the rowan trees.
  41. Werner waits for the child to blink.
  42. As it never waits to begin the race.
  43. The Infinite waits for you to act!.
  44. And death, inevitable, waits in hall.
  45. Leona waits for the roar to subside.
  46. And rushes not but waits to measure.
  47. However, the market waits for no one.
  48. John gets out, turns, waits for Dave.
  49. The man waits as he looks at the house.
  50. The trooper waits, takes another toke.
  51. The time has stopped, the snow waits!.
  52. Sometimes God waits for us to ask, too.
  53. He waits for me at the door of the hall.
  54. The cold domed room of the tower waits.
  55. She gives him an imperious look, waits.
  56. Alex waits to see if the fog will clear.
  57. Everyone waits silently in the darkness.
  58. Uriah waits for us just outside the door.
  59. Part of me waits for them to be scolded.
  60. Then it waits again to be soon mentioned.
  61. Pat is a waiter who waits while you wait.
  62. And it is shy, and waits to be picked up.
  63. Brandy waits alone with her hidden tears.
  64. He also serves who only stands and waits.
  65. In the meantime she waits and watches him.
  66. She waits, on fire her trembling frame—.
  67. I look up at my Lancelot, who waits for me.
  68. To his left waits the city, gray and dense.
  69. The afternoon comes as Brandy waits for him.
  70. John stands up, takes a deep breath, waits.
  71. So he waits near the door, which he could.
  72. She punches numbers into the phone and waits.
  73. And waits; and once in timeless sick surmise.
  74. He runs the luau and his sister waits tables.
  75. Is this old wisdom? He waits to hear from me.
  76. He waits endlessly to have a man turn to Him.
  77. The president waits a beat, surveying the room.
  78. There waits adventure on the road of bliss—.
  79. Davie stops by the doors and waits, listening.
  80. Where he waits for me, alive, always and again.
  81. She then sits and waits in the cab for a while.
  82. And waits upon the judgment: and what judgment.
  83. A kitchen full of debris waits down a corridor.
  84. It waits for all the rest to go, it is the last.
  85. His brow creases as he waits for me to continue.
  86. Listen up, sugar, he comes in now or he waits.
  87. It waits on the table tucked against the chimney.
  88. He waits for her to finish laughing and to speak.
  89. Davie is caught on the cusp of action, but waits.
  90. She hands Cass his cup as he eagerly waits to hear.
  91. Make me wait? GW Forrest waits for no one!.
  92. She walks over and waits for it to stop completely.
  93. She dials a number and waits for Melrose to answer.
  94. My mate has arisen and waits for you in the common.
  95. When he is finished, he steps back from her and waits.
  96. Then Tom Waits arrived to play his Vox Continental.
  97. He waits patiently behind a large gravestone, label.
  98. He waits on a wooden bench in a slowly building panic.
  99. Neither sure what waits on the other side of the door.
  100. As Sandra waits at the bus stop, a bus soon approaches.

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