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Frasi con fag (in inglese)

  1. ZOE: Who has a fag as I'm here?
  2. Simply fag out there for nothing.
  3. I said get up you fucking fag.
  4. I'm not some kind of a fag that wants a.
  5. Eli had just sat down and lit a fag saying.

  6. She poured another coffee and lit another fag.
  7. And to test, that I´m no fag, we had wild and animalistic sex.
  8. That bastard in the BMW's thrown his fag on top of the balloon.
  9. I took a drag of my fag blowing smoke out in a plume as I replied.
  10. Pupils who studied and sought approval from adults were fag wankers.
  11. He stopped me and said, Give us a fag, mate, and I'll give yer an 'orse.
  12. He looked at the ground and took another drag of his fag before he continued.
  13. Fergus pulled up where they where and decided to light his fag there and then.
  14. No thanks love I will just have the tea and a fag I am more tired than anything.
  15. It was a year afterward that I began to fag regularly for the Drayton establishment.

  16. They came in at the fag end of a tired season, dragging a load of pitiful dramatic bones.
  17. He was back in her life, along with his fag boyfriend, and Tommy didn’t understand why.
  18. It was at least forty minutes since her last fag and she was starting to get really scratchy.
  19. Have you got a thing about him? Fergus asked, puffing out his first exhalation of fag smoke.
  20. The pile of ash fell off his fag onto his knee, and he brushed it onto the floor with jaundiced fingers.
  21. At the moment though me and Bert were sat on the firing step having a chin wag and a fag when he suddenly said.
  22. I managed to force it about two thirds open as he dragged the life out of his fag and proceeded to light another.
  23. The IRA concluded, as it had been hoped they would, that Seamus or one of his colleagues must have had a fag going.
  24. Inside his head Danny’s sense of propriety shrugged its shoulders then sat in the corner with a fag and newspaper.
  25. Sebastian was the smudgy-faced fireman who, fag poking out the side of his mouth, cheerily shovelled £100 notes into the firebox.

  26. No you certainly don’t but I think we have time for a last fag and then we will get our heads down so we will be fresh tomorrow.
  27. It had been the fag end of last week when Catherine Wilson, wearing an even bigger grin that usual, had knocked on Bill Clayton’s door.
  28. He hadn’t cleaned his teeth before he’d gone to bed the night before, and his mouth tasted like an ashtray full of beer and fag ends.
  29. I tucked in with gusto and finished it faster than a plague of locusts in a cornfield then I lit a fag and sat talking to Beth for a while.
  30. I then sat back on the bed with the pillows propping me up smoking a fag and I was just finishing it off when there was a knock on the door.
  31. More amazing than fiction was his philosophy and coolness as he hailed me with, 'Cher, Darby! Got a fag? I ain't had a 'bine since Pa died.
  32. I shrugged my shoulders and lit another fag I coughed and thought these things are going to kill you but then I laughed at the absurdity of it.
  33. I had just lit a fag when I saw Lt Pearson questioning a rather befuddled prisoner I could have almost felt sorry for him then the Lieutenant said.
  34. I lit a fag and then took a good dup of the beer it tasted marvellous Beth came into the kitchen and sat with me we talked about Rosie and Beth said.
  35. Bloody hell their starting early today must be getting a touch testy over in the Hun lines, he threw his fag end away and began gathering his kit.
  36. See, he’s headed up to that copse of trees, Fergus said, pointing in the right direction with the two fingers between which his fag rested snugly.
  37. The jolting of the cart apparently jerked a little life into him, for he asked me, "Got a fag, mate?" With a struggle I lighted my one remaining cigarette.
  38. The driver’s cab was on this side of the truck and she could make out a heavyset man leaning over the oversized large steering wheel, a fag in his mouth.
  39. While he went towards her as if in a trance, with the fag burning his fingers, soon he came to his senses, and saw a man with two ice-cream cones joining her.
  40. Wade, his face pinched with suspense and fatigue, resting rather heavily on Hastings’ arm, saw Hastings, gray-drab with fag, looking about for a vehicle of some sort.
  41. I completed my meal which I really enjoyed poured another cup of tea and sitting back lit a fag I blew smoke in a plume into the air and watched as it hung in a blue cloud.
  42. I lit another fag and then suddenly it came to me I stripped a rifle sling off one of the rifles I would fasten one end of this to Sam’s wrist and then lead him behind me like a child.
  43. I took Helens letter from the table then I put my locket and ring into the envelope and sealed it I took a fag from my cigarette case lit it and gave the case and envelope to Lt Howarth.
  44. I think it can seriously affect trading decisions if you’re sitting in the midst of hundreds of old fag butts, empty bags of crisps, loads of bits of paper, newspapers and empty beer cans.
  45. I ate my breakfast and the had a fag I finished this and made my way up to bed Helen had told me that one of the other large rooms had been made up for me so I went to it and opened the door walking in.
  46. That mission was due to an aberrational but last-chance request by a marine ground FAG (Forward Air Guide) who, later, would be severely chewed by his battalion commander for calling in USAF air support.
  47. We finished our breakfast off with a fag and then washed our mess-tins and utensils then we begged some hot water off the cooks in old kerosene tins so we could have a wash and shave in relative comfort.
  48. Who’s there are you one of us if you are could you spare fag mate? I looked over and in the growing light I could see that it was three people who I knew there was Mickey Jones, Fred Hargreaves and Lt Johnny Pearson.
  49. A cross between a very disorganised refugee camp and an even more disorganised camping site, temporary washing and cooking facilities had been set up on and around the lorries, while barrels and crates had been produced from somewhere as the unshaven drivers sat despondently playing a disinterested hand of cards or sucking on their 100th fag, the remains of several days food, cigarette butts and litter around their feet.

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