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Frasi con weary (in inglese)

  1. I gave a weary sigh.
  2. I weary you with my.
  3. In his weary climb, he.
  4. I was weary but anxious.
  5. He looked up as a weary.

  6. Cook, his face was weary.
  7. She was weary of working.
  8. It made me feel sad, weary.
  9. Her mind was weary of them.
  10. Well, so be it! I am weary.
  11. His eyes were weary as he.
  12. He fastened his own weary.
  13. However, it made her weary.
  14. He suddenly felt very weary.
  15. The group was growing weary.

  16. Lay your weary head to rest.
  17. I became weary because his.
  18. But it was a weary day for me.
  19. We are weary, and dry as sand.
  20. But I at last with weary feet.
  21. A weary season was at hand—.
  22. Searching for his weary fists.
  23. His weary face dropped further.
  24. I was still weary because the.
  25. Upon the stage his weary glance.

  26. Thomas turned weary eyes to her.
  27. They rowed back nine weary miles.
  28. You are wet, and you look weary.
  29. His voice was weary, but steady.
  30. He arrived weary and sore, and.
  31. Protects his other weary fist.
  32. GWENDA WAS WEARY when she woke up.
  33. Carter was weary of the handshake.
  34. Kamil never seemed to grow weary.
  35. They looked weary, their eyes red.
  36. Weary and worn, the Heavenly King.
  37. Mind you, I was still a bit weary.
  38. Can’t ease this weary, lonely day.
  39. Has cost thee mony a weary nibble!.
  40. Here’s one more weary, lonely day.
  41. The weary footman pays no attention.
  42. After some minutes of weary thought.
  43. No rest for the weary, huh?
  44. It was a weary sound, and a sad one.
  45. Light blue eyes were dull and weary.
  46. Weary they curchycurchy under veils.
  47. He made his weary way back to the hut.
  48. The place where one never grows weary.
  49. And grant his weary bones their rest.
  50. The CSU leader let out a weary breath.
  51. The technicians exchanged weary looks.
  52. The weary tale of my unnumbered woes.
  53. O Soul, Are You Weary and Troubled?
  54. No rest for the weary, she said.
  55. He arrived there, weary and exhausted.
  56. Nurse waved him away with a weary hand.
  57. Dan closed his weary eyes and rubbed.
  58. Bit by bit, she opened her weary eyes.
  59. Still I cannot guess, though I weary.
  60. He then offered a weary but warm smile.
  61. It had been another weary day of riding.
  62. I weary you with my eternal complaints.
  63. I was weary of the conductor seeing me.
  64. Grim was his face, grey-hued and weary.
  65. He was weary, sweating and yet chilled.
  66. Let me give relief to this weary heart.
  67. Moose drew a weary hand across his brow.
  68. She has seen their weary, gloomy faces.
  69. He is weary of me and is trying not to.
  70. Why, art thou weary of this discourse?
  71. Maybe, she said with a weary smile.
  73. Her weary eyes are filled with tears—.
  74. We get so weary of the same old stories.
  75. In which the heavy and the weary weight.
  76. His voice was vexed, weary and coarse:.
  77. That continually attack your weary brain.
  78. The weary rested and the hurt were healed.
  79. Carolyn shut her weary eyes for a moment.
  80. What a welcome sight for weary travelers.
  81. Tired and weary souls it is able to liven.
  82. A familiar but weary voice could be heard.
  83. Love, does my love with weary burden fall.
  84. The once robust man was now old and weary.
  85. Loken rubbed a weary hand through his beard.
  86. Come, take her, you are weary of the Queen.
  87. He is instinctively weary of this creature.
  88. They were all thirsty, weary, and footsore.
  89. Still Bombur slept and they grew very weary.
  90. The weary glance approved of that manœuvre.
  91. Denton got up, not dazed, but a little weary.
  92. The weary footman takes the reins and weeps.
  93. Ask her, said Steve with a weary voice.
  94. The town was too weary to rebuild quite yet.
  95. He came back at night weary and unsuccessful.
  96. But all those souls who weary were and naked.
  97. Weary after two nights and turns of the day.
  98. Grow weary and oppressed! In vain the wizards.
  99. You should also be weary if she asks for money.
  100. I am weary, weary, weary--worn down by misery.
  1. What did he mean? He was so wearying.
  2. He carries the day by wearying one out.
  3. After then wearying and fatiguing myself with.
  4. As for Buck, wearying of the pursuit, he returned to the desolated camp.
  5. From the outset he was unsettled and the wear of four days of long, wearying manoeuvring showed clearly on his face.
  6. Destroy an ants' nest, and they will begin at once re-erecting it; destroy it again, and they will begin again without wearying.
  7. I’ve played all those parts, Cecil, and it’s been a wearying, worrisome thing, part of the time, with quick work and rapid changes, but it’s all over now.
  8. It would be in your best interest to return to your previous entertainment, gentlemen, this evening's 'diversion' is wearying and we would like to simply turn in for the night.
  9. I'm wearying to escape into that glorious world, and to be always there: not seeing it dimly through tears, and yearning for it through the walls of an aching heart; but really with it, and in it.
  10. I’m wearying to escape into that glorious world, and to be always there: not seeing it dimly through tears, and yearning for it through the walls of an aching heart: but really with it, and in it.
  11. God thus flung piles of gold upon this prisoner to whom gold was a matter of indifference, who longed for heaven, who lived, pious and good, in holy thoughts, succoring the unfortunate in secret, and never wearying of such deeds.
  12. But I did not succeed in wearying her : she listened all the time without interrupting me, with extraordinary and even reverent attention, so that at last I got tired of it myself and left off ; her expression was sad, however, and there was something pitiful in her face.
  13. I have no more of my story to tell you, gentlemen; whether it be an interesting or a curious one let your better judgments decide; all I can say is I would gladly have told it to you more briefly; although my fear of wearying you has made me leave out more than one circumstance.
  14. I did not call her unfeeling long; for I perceived she was in purgatory throughout the day, and wearying to find an opportunity of getting by herself, or paying a visit to Heathcliff, who had been locked up by the master: as I discovered, on endeavouring to introduce to him a private mess of victuals.
  15. After then wearying and fatiguing myself with grasping shadows, whilst that most sensible part of me disdained to content itself with less than realities, the strong yearnings, the urgent struggles of nature towards the melting relief, and the extreme self-agitations I had used to come at it, had wearied and thrown me into a kind of unquiet sleep: for, if I tossed and threw about my limbs in proportion to the distraction of my dreams, as I had reason to believe I did, a bystander could not have helped seeing all for love.
  16. Of this beauty, to which my poor feeble tongue has failed to do justice, countless princes, not only of that country, but of others, were enamoured, and among them a private gentleman, who was at the court, dared to raise his thoughts to the heaven of so great beauty, trusting to his youth, his gallant bearing, his numerous accomplishments and graces, and his quickness and readiness of wit; for I may tell your highnesses, if I am not wearying you, that he played the guitar so as to make it speak, and he was, besides, a poet and a great dancer, and he could make birdcages so well, that by making them alone he might have gained a livelihood, had he found himself reduced to utter poverty; and gifts and graces of this kind are enough to bring down a mountain, not to say a tender young girl.
  1. The King Wearied, His Movements.
  2. Injured now, the two men wearied.
  3. Third, Moses might have wearied.
  4. But Clara wearied of his flippancy.
  5. It had wearied out one's attention.
  6. Their faces were wearied and angry.
  7. God is wearied; he has punished you.
  8. He also wearied his mother very often.
  9. His mother, whom he loved, wearied of him sometimes.
  10. The new Cambodian government, wearied by continued.
  11. We are a restless, easily wearied, ever-changing people.
  12. As the wearied people marched back to their beds, those that.
  13. It was always the same story, but the stars never wearied of it.
  14. Wearied with his unusual exertion, the old man now dropped off to.
  15. No! he wearied me; he was too fond: he would live in Paris, and not.
  16. Just then a wearied, young woman appeared in the doorway and saw Anne.
  17. Do they droop and end their lesson, wearied over there beyond the seas?
  18. He aimed to keep the war going until his enemies wearied and agreed to a negotiated peace.
  19. Come to me all of you you who are wearied and bearers of bur- dens and I will give you rest.
  20. Even when wearied nature seemed demanding repose he would not seek that repose in his hammock.
  21. Therefore, being wearied with his journey, sat thus on the well: and it was about the sixth hour.
  22. But he had caught all of my revelation and it had sunk deep into him and he was wearied, and sad.
  23. But it was excusable in him, that he should forget part of an order, in his present wearied condition.
  24. Then she fell back exhausted, for these transports of vague love wearied her more than great debauchery.
  25. With a sob he laid his head on my shoulder and cried like a wearied child, whilst he shook with emotion.
  26. Riding hard, replacing his wearied horses with steeds seized from the countryside, he approaches Tarantia.
  27. That night, wearied as I was after the wonderful happenings of the day, I sat late with McArdle, the news.
  28. The troubles she has had here have wearied her, said Lydgate, breaking off again, lest he should say too much.
  29. And while it saved them from further having to contend with twin threats, he was now even more drained and wearied.
  30. But the inexplicable point, to which Fauchelevent returned constantly and over which he wearied his brain, was that M.
  31. Then, when the bull was thoroughly out of breath and wearied by this, a man came out with a sword and killed the bull.
  32. The ablest philosophers of Greece and Rome groped after truth like blind men, and wearied themselves in vain to find the door.
  33. His eyes, nose, and mouth all seemed puckered into a vacant, wearied grimace, and his arms and legs always fell into unnatural positions.
  34. He looked up at her with wearied, spiritless eyes as she gently took hold of him and lead him to one of the bedrolls to sit more comfortably.
  35. He got in it, and thoroughly wearied by so many emotions, arrived about midnight in the Rue Meslay, threw himself on his bed and slept soundly.
  36. The eyes of the old man were closed, as though the organs were wearied with having so long witnessed the selfish workings of the human passions.
  37. And yet, for all that, he was a man held in no esteem or respect in the town; for he had wearied every body out by his everlasting contradictions.
  38. So he got out of the fury of the panic, and, skirting the Edgware Road, reached Edgware about seven, fasting and wearied, but well ahead of the crowd.
  39. Finally, and still without even one glance at his face, the doctor says: "He will do! The next!" and with a wearied air he seats himself at the table.
  40. A year ago I was myself intensely miserable, because I thought I had made a mistake in entering the ministry: its uniform duties wearied me to death.
  41. Lothario replied that now he had begun he would carry on the undertaking to the end, though he perceived he was to come out of it wearied and vanquished.
  42. Talking wearied her, faces troubled her, pain claimed her for its own, and her tranquil spirit was sorrowfully perturbed by the ills that vexed her feeble flesh.
  43. What Marx said would happen: Wearied by the brotherly slaughter, the workers of the industrial countries rise in revolution and establish workers’ republics.
  44. His mind glancing back to Laure while he looked at Rosamond, he said inwardly, "Would she kill me because I wearied her?" and then, "It is the way with all women.
  45. Wearied by such desperate action, many, relishing the sudden cessation of all movement were loath to try when Moshe signaled for a quick resumption of the journey.
  46. But I am wearied of conversation with you; it is less fatiguing to destroy a walled city than it is to frame my thoughts in words a brainless barbarian can understand.
  47. Adams, and was followed up very soon afterwards by the short respite that the truce of Amiens gave to European combatants, wearied rather than satiated with slaughter.
  48. Notwithstanding the tone of wearied assurance with which these words were pronounced, Pierre, who had so long been considering his career, wished to make some suggestion.
  49. Often, when wearied by a toilsome march, I persuaded myself that I was dreaming until night should come and that I should then enjoy reality in the arms of my dearest friends.
  50. Finally, the preening matador came to dispatch the wearied beast, but not before making several indisputably brave but taunting passes of the red muletas that disguised the blade.
  51. She had been standing at the door, to prevent his going out without seeing her, until sleep, which the young cannot resist, had overpowered her frame, wearied as she was with watching.
  52. He raised time wearied eyes up to look at me, Can I help you with something? He asked tiredly in a tone of voice that signified that he meant the opposite of what he had offered.
  53. Throwing a last and lingering glance at the distant canoes, he laid aside his rifle, and, relieving the wearied Duncan, resumed the paddle, which he wielded with sinews that never tired.
  54. He no longer hesitated to be led to a spot which promised such unalloyed gratification to his wearied senses; and leaning on the arm of his companion, he entered the narrow mouth of the cave.
  55. Wearied by all they had gone through, the sodden rabbits crouched without talking, incapable of any feeling but a dull relief and without even the energy to wonder what was going to happen next.
  56. Her features, the contour of her head, which no expression of pleasure had ever altered or wearied, were like the lines of the horizon softly traced in the far distance across the tranquil lakes.
  57. For months and years you do not sleep two nights running, and often you do not sleep whole nights; walking alone to and fro, rocking in your wearied arms an ailing baby, whose sufferings tear your heart.
  58. Vronsky appreciated this desire not only to please, but to serve him, which had become the sole aim of her existence, but at the same time he wearied of the loving snares in which she tried to hold him fast.
  59. So expressive it was, of a hopeless and lost creature, that a famished traveller, wearied out by lonely wandering in a wilderness, would have remembered home and friends in such a tone before lying down to die.
  60. Still, however, Fanny was oppressed and wearied; he saw it in her looks, it could not be talked away; and attempting it no more, he led her directly, with the kind authority of a privileged guardian, into the house.
  61. She was conscious of his aim, and in her better moods endured his efforts placidly, only showing their uselessness by now and then suppressing a wearied sigh, and checking him at last with the saddest of smiles and kisses.
  62. Thèmen of my class', were heroes in the eyes of the girls, who never wearied of the exploits of òur fellows', and were frequently allowed to bask in the smiles of these great creatures, when Laurie brought them home with him.
  63. He wondered if it were a distortion of an already warped reality - It just could not be… However, it was too late as instinct took control over his wearied mind as he leapt straight into the water and hastily waded through the seawater.
  64. But he felt a little worried and wearied, perhaps with mental debate, and without waiting for the further gayeties of the horse-fair, he set out alone on his fourteen miles' journey, meaning to take it very quietly and keep his horse fresh.
  65. When a clergyman with only one curate has to give the elements of bread and wine to 300 or 400 persons, the service must necessarily be so long, that aged and delicate people are wearied, and any following service is interfered with, or prevented altogether.
  66. Old Hannah never wearied of concocting dainty dishes to tempt a capricious appetite, dropping tears as she worked, and from across the sea came little gifts and cheerful letters, seeming to bring breaths of warmth and fragrance from lands that know no winter.
  67. He could not believe his eyes! This was his wife’s glove! It meant, then, that she had found the letter which he had evidently carelessly let fall, and she had read the ridiculous sheet of paper whose words and expressions gave him now a sort of wearied nausea.
  68. The Senators and the Public Prosecutor did not smile nor triumph, but looked like people wearied, and who were thinking We have often heard the like of you; it is all in vain, and were only too glad when he stopped and ceased uselessly detaining them there.
  69. Strive, too, that in reading your story the melancholy may be moved to laughter, and the merry made merrier still; that the simple shall not be wearied, that the judicious shall admire the invention, that the grave shall not despise it, nor the wise fail to praise it.
  70. Wearied at length by their importunities, and apprehensive of irritating his captors by too stubborn a silence, the former looked about him in quest of Magua, who might interpret his answers to questions which were at each moment becoming more earnest and threatening.
  71. The fact is that the people of Northern Ireland have become wearied by long periods of conflict, by a peace process that failed to bring peace, and by various attempts at self-rule that have failed to find a satisfactory political solution to the conflicting views found within the Province.
  72. Ram Dass had been lying flat upon the slates, looking in at the skylight, when the banquet had come to its disastrous conclusion; he had been sure of the profoundness of Sara's wearied sleep; and then, with a dark lantern, he had crept into the room, while his companion remained outside and handed the things to him.
  73. When the last forkful of pork and chicken and mutton had been eaten, Scarlett hoped It was two o’clock and the sun was warm overhead, but India, wearied with the threeday preparations for the barbecue, was only too glad to remain sitting beneath the arbor, shouting remarks to a deaf old gentleman from Fayetteville.
  74. When some poor wretch, wearied with the long struggle, fell at last, a prey to his miseries, his neighbours, fully assured that all was over with him, and that he would never rise again, flung themselves upon their wretched comrade, before the breath was out of his body, and stripped him of the remnants of his clothing.
  75. But what distressed me most was to see Zoraida going on foot over that rough ground; for though I once carried her on my shoulders, she was more wearied by my weariness than rested by the rest; and so she would never again allow me to undergo the exertion, and went on very patiently and cheerfully, while I led her by the hand.
  76. Whenever the eyes of the wearied travelers rose from the decayed leaves over which they trod, his dark form was to be seen glancing among the stems of the trees in front, his head immovably fastened in a forward position, with the light plume on his crest fluttering in a current of air, made solely by the swiftness of his own motion.
  77. Some considering touch of humanity was in him; for at times like these, he usually abstained from patrolling the quarter-deck; because to his wearied mates, seeking repose within six inches of his ivory heel, such would have been the reverberating crack and din of that bony step, that their dreams would have been on the crunching teeth of sharks.
  78. The body of Jesus, once wearied with toil, oppressed with hunger and thirst, subject to every sinless infirmity common to our frail nature, requiring sustenance, and shelter, and repose, and, above all, liable to the stroke of death, now hungers no more, neither thirsts any more; and, being transformed and glorified, is removed beyond the reach of evil, or of death.
  79. Supposing this person, wearied at the inefficacy of the poison, should, as Monte Cristo intimated, have recourse to steel!—What if the count should have no time to run to her rescue!—What if her last moments were approaching, and she should never again see Morrel! When this terrible chain of ideas presented itself, Valentine was nearly persuaded to ring the bell, and call for help.
  80. Marius returned from Vernon on the third day, in the middle of the morning, descended at his grandfather's door, and, wearied by the two nights spent in the diligence, and feeling the need of repairing his loss of sleep by an hour at the swimming-school, he mounted rapidly to his chamber, took merely time enough to throw off his travelling-coat, and the black ribbon which he wore round his neck, and went off to the bath.
  81. I told Don Fernando at parting, that as I was now his, he might see me on other nights in the same way, until it should be his pleasure to let the matter become known; but, except the following night, he came no more, nor for more than a month could I catch a glimpse of him in the street or in church, while I wearied myself with watching for one; although I knew he was in the town, and almost every day went out hunting, a pastime he was very fond of.
  82. Is the married boarder less addicted to bathroom laundry work? Does she consume less gas in the front hall and the parlor? Is she not so apt to keep the wearied purveyor of her meals and lodgings from the folding bed which adorns the front drawing room with a pretense of being a curio cabinet during the day? Or is it merely that even in these strenuous days of wage-earning women, a husband seems to the mediæval-minded landlady a guarantee of payment securer than any number of salaried positions? I don’t know.
  83. After then wearying and fatiguing myself with grasping shadows, whilst that most sensible part of me disdained to content itself with less than realities, the strong yearnings, the urgent struggles of nature towards the melting relief, and the extreme self-agitations I had used to come at it, had wearied and thrown me into a kind of unquiet sleep: for, if I tossed and threw about my limbs in proportion to the distraction of my dreams, as I had reason to believe I did, a bystander could not have helped seeing all for love.
  84. She remembered how she—wearing her low necked silk dress stained with wine, a red bow in her untidy hair, wearied, weak, half tipsy, having seen her visitors off, sat down during an interval in the dancing by the piano beside the bony pianiste with the blotchy face, who played the accompaniments to the violin, and began complaining of her hard fate; and how this pianiste said that she, too, was feeling how heavy her position was and would like to change it; and how Clara suddenly came up to them; and how they all three decided to change their life.
  85. His vigour, however, did not return so soon, and I felt him more than once pushing at the door, but so little in a condition to break in, that I question whether he had the power to enter, had I held it ever so open; but this he then thought me too little acquainted with the nature of things, to have any regret or confusion about, and he-kept fatiguing himself and me for a long time, before he was in any state to resume his attacks with any prospect of success and then I breathed him so warmly, and kept him so at bay, that before he had made any sensible progress in point of penetration, he was deliciously sweated, and wearied out indeed: so that it was deep in the morning before he achieved his second let-go, about half way of entrance, I all the while crying and complaining of his prodigious vigour, and the immensity of what I appeared to suffer splitting up with.
  86. Wearied of leisure in the end,.
  87. Wearied that night we lay foil'd and sullen,.
  1. No, he wearies me.
  2. Wearies the tiny queen with heavy tune!.
  3. Lacking many of the indoor employments of the women of colder climates, time hangs heavy on their hands, idleness wearies, and they cast about for a way in which to amuse, enjoy, and distract themselves.
  4. Luke 18:2-10 There was in a city a judge who feared not God neither regarded man; and there was a widow in that city; and she came to him saying: Avenge me of my adversary and he would not for a while; but afterward he said to himself: Though I do not fear God nor regard man yet because this widow troubles me I will avenge her in case by her continual coming she wearies me; listen to what the unjust judge said; And shall not God avenge his own elect who cry day and night to Him though He bear long with them? I tell you that He will avenge them speedily.

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