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Frasi con fatigue (in inglese)

  1. In him horror and fatigue.
  2. Fatigue dropped away as a.
  3. His fatigue had passed away.
  4. His fatigue dulled his edge.
  5. His face slumped with fatigue.

  6. His face was gray with fatigue.
  7. Curiosity won out over fatigue.
  8. She no longer felt any fatigue.
  9. Fatigue would make him passive.
  10. She was tired and fatigue from.
  11. Fatigue had begun to accumulate.
  12. He slumped as fatigue overcame him.
  13. His eyes were closing with fatigue.
  14. Stress, fatigue, sleep problems and.
  15. His eyes were red rimmed with fatigue.

  16. Fatigue overcame him for a few minutes.
  17. You can’t have growth without fatigue.
  18. Fatigue is the safest sleeping draught.
  19. Hazel was far gone in emotional fatigue.
  20. I do not wish to fatigue your attention.
  21. But her fatigue had DRAFTChapter 7 123.
  22. I can hear the strain of fatigue in your.
  23. Fatigue, headaches and stomachaches were.
  24. Their main trouble was not bodily fatigue.
  25. I noticed in his eyes fatigue and sadness.

  26. You can talk to me; it does not fatigue me.
  27. Lezura explained that it was honoi fatigue.
  28. But he now complained of great fatigue and.
  29. The great brute was not yet showing fatigue.
  30. The fatigue would be too much for your aunt.
  31. It seemed as if fatigue could not affect him.
  32. Fatigue means more anxiety and less patience.
  33. Since the odor and the fatigue persisted, my.
  34. The dancers stood still, panting with fatigue.
  35. He ran from barrack to barrack without fatigue.
  36. The ladies however, showed no signs of fatigue.
  37. Fédya (as if suddenly aware of a great fatigue).
  38. Andore knew nothing of sleep or fatigue or want.
  39. They taught it was due to exhaustion and fatigue.
  40. Tears of vexation and fatigue sprang to her eyes.
  41. Soothes headache and anxiety and reduces fatigue.
  42. Weakness and fatigue are also common in this phase.
  43. What are the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome?
  44. She ate her soup sitting all crooked with fatigue.
  45. Half the fatigue was gone but I felt a little sleepy.
  46. She also mentions experiencing fatigue and headaches.
  47. His legs shook from fatigue; his sore back cried out.
  48. The anger was consumed by her fatigue – she simply.
  49. Back to the cross, where fatigue and pain overwhelms.
  50. He watched both of his ladies for any sign of fatigue.
  51. They had little or no sense of fatigue, it would seem.
  52. Their fatigue was total, their will to carry on, drained.
  53. In spite of his weakness he was not conscious of fatigue.
  54. All signs of fatigue catapulted out of Thomas’s system.
  55. There are two types of fatigue, natural and psychosomatic.
  56. The Cimmerian seemed an iron man, who never knew fatigue.
  57. That thought only made her groan in fatigue and exhaustion.
  58. Great as was the fatigue I endured, and the affection my.
  59. That done, she perceived that she was worn out with fatigue.
  60. She sank to the ground, overcome by hopelessness and fatigue.
  61. It was Minho, desperation and fatigue radiant in his shouts.
  62. She did not know she was drunk, drunk with fatigue and whisky.
  63. Other reasons for fatigue and tiredness other than pregnancy.
  64. The teams are beginning to slow the pace! Has fatigue, the.
  65. I’m sorry, Rosetti said, his voice ragged with fatigue.
  66. He finally stopped more from fatigue than its lack of movement.
  67. Maybe he was finally getting over the fatigue of fire wielding.
  68. The fatigue filled her with happiness, the feeling of a long-.
  69. Then comes two days of fatigue so intense that you feel drugged.
  70. Doug, whose face was sagging with fatigue, struggled to his feet.
  71. We were gaunt, shell-shocked, and bewildered with nerve fatigue.
  72. Green tea is one of the most effective home remedies for fatigue.
  73. Ben stepped out through the doorway, his face lined with fatigue.
  74. The adrenaline was wearing off, and fatigue had caught up to him.
  75. They can cause leg and back pain, postural problems, and fatigue.
  76. Fatigue bore so heavily upon Becky that she drowsed off to sleep.
  77. Hanor’s fatigue meant they could not ask anything more of him.
  78. Fear and fatigue again gripped everyone as the battering continued.
  79. The primary complaint was weakness, fatigue and flu like symptoms.
  80. Their arms immune to fatigue, their minds focused on one purpose.
  81. The fatigue of living is insupportable; death is sooner over with.
  82. Learn to discern the difference between laziness and true fatigue.
  83. Perhaps it was the outcome of fatigue and extra mental activities.
  84. The gloom preyed further upon him, and his head sagged with fatigue.
  85. It is believed that just a few plums a week can help battle fatigue.
  86. That’s probably just an illusion from the fatigue, Andy said.
  87. Such an admission of fatigue didn’t come easily to the proud Thorn.
  88. Glancing up at the deeply etched lines of strain and fatigue on his.
  89. Then neither is mine, Bane scoffed, fatigue catching up on him.
  90. This allows you to work out for a long time without feeling fatigue.
  91. The fatigue, too, of so long a journey, became soon no trifling evil.
  92. Keep active—but avoid fatigue and conserve energy for useful tasks.
  93. However, it's not the kind of f fatigue patients experience after a.
  94. Chu did a cursory medical exam just in case it was more than fatigue.
  95. I wanted to get beyond the leg braces, the fatigue, and the hair loss.
  96. His fatigue evaporated at once and he entered his house at a near run.
  97. Work days were at least shortened to our sense by the fatigue of work.
  98. Motive power is lost, the slightest motion producing complete fatigue.
  99. He stuffed the compact recorder into the pocket of his fatigue jacket.
  100. It's a severe, exhausting fatigue that isn't improved by bed rest and.
  1. The diocese of D—— is a fatiguing one.
  2. After then wearying and fatiguing myself with.
  3. But what a roundabout way; how fatiguing and difficult.
  4. It has been an unusually fatiguing day, a chapter of accidents.
  5. Jai had spent his entire life hauling an iron wheelbarrow back and forth; rowing was not fatiguing him as rapidly as it was Ceder.
  6. In this fatiguing position they paused to rest themselves by placing both hands on the shoulders of their companions, who seemed quite at ease.
  7. It will be shorter and not so fatiguing, though of course, as I must repeat, Alyosha took a great deal from previous conversations and added them to it.
  8. As the subtle Huron was familiar with the paths, and well knew there was no immediate danger of pursuit, their progress had been moderate, and far from fatiguing.
  9. But I am wearied of conversation with you; it is less fatiguing to destroy a walled city than it is to frame my thoughts in words a brainless barbarian can understand.
  10. After a fatiguing day spent in continual fancies, in joyful day‐dreams and tears, Pulcheria Alexandrovna was taken ill in the night and by morning she was feverish and delirious.
  11. Julius Cahn’s Official Theatrical Guide as rich and racy literature compared with these fatiguing attempts to invent impossible people, and drag them through a jungle of impossible happenings—simply because Mr.
  12. Speaker, that there is danger of fatiguing the House by recurring to documents of this sort, but my apology is a good one: those to which I refer have never been printed for the information of the members of this House, nor have the public had an opportunity of inspecting them.
  13. That she should be tired now, however, gives me no surprise; for there is nothing in the course of one's duties so fatiguing as what we have been doing this morning: seeing a great house, dawdling from one room to another, straining one's eyes and one's attention, hearing what one does not understand, admiring what one does not care for.
  14. Clay (Speaker) said he was gratified yesterday by the recommitment of this bill to a Committee of the whole House, from two considerations: one, since it afforded to him a slight relaxation from a most fatiguing situation; and the other, because it furnished him with an opportunity of presenting to the committee his sentiments upon the important topics which had been mingled in the debate.
  15. A working-man in our period, even though his work may be less fatiguing than the labor of the ancient slave, and even were he to succeed in obtaining the eight-hour system and twelve-and-sixpence a day, still has the worst of it, because he manufactures objects which he will never use or enjoy;—he is not working for himself; he works in order to gratify the luxurious and idle, to increase the wealth of the capitalist, the mill-owner, or manufacturer.
  16. After then wearying and fatiguing myself with grasping shadows, whilst that most sensible part of me disdained to content itself with less than realities, the strong yearnings, the urgent struggles of nature towards the melting relief, and the extreme self-agitations I had used to come at it, had wearied and thrown me into a kind of unquiet sleep: for, if I tossed and threw about my limbs in proportion to the distraction of my dreams, as I had reason to believe I did, a bystander could not have helped seeing all for love.
  17. His vigour, however, did not return so soon, and I felt him more than once pushing at the door, but so little in a condition to break in, that I question whether he had the power to enter, had I held it ever so open; but this he then thought me too little acquainted with the nature of things, to have any regret or confusion about, and he-kept fatiguing himself and me for a long time, before he was in any state to resume his attacks with any prospect of success and then I breathed him so warmly, and kept him so at bay, that before he had made any sensible progress in point of penetration, he was deliciously sweated, and wearied out indeed: so that it was deep in the morning before he achieved his second let-go, about half way of entrance, I all the while crying and complaining of his prodigious vigour, and the immensity of what I appeared to suffer splitting up with.
  18. On their arrival, which was about 12 o'clock, I discovered that they had only twenty pistols, and neither cutlasses nor battle axes; but on application to Generals Smyth and Hall, of the regulars and militia, I was supplied with a few arms, and General Smyth was so good, on my request, as immediately to detach fifty men from the regulars, armed with muskets; by four o'clock, in the afternoon, I had my men selected and stationed in two boats which I had previously prepared for the purpose; with those boats, fifty men in each, and under circumstances very disadvantageous, my men having had scarcely time to refresh themselves, after a fatiguing march of five hundred miles, I put off from the mouth of Buffalo creek, at one o'clock the following morning; and at three I was alongside the vessels; in about ten minutes I had the prisoners all secured, the topsails sheeted home, and the vessels under way; unfortunately the wind was not sufficiently strong to get me up against a rapid current into the lake, where I understood another armed vessel lay at anchor, and I was obliged to run down the river by the forts, under a heavy fire of round, grape, and canister, from a number of pieces of heavy ordnance, and several pieces of flying artillery; was compelled to anchor at a distance of about four hundred yards from two of their batteries.
  1. I was tired and fatigued.
  2. But you must be fatigued.
  3. This state of mind fatigued him.
  4. That horse is very much fatigued.
  5. Fatigued, she felt a pain in her.
  6. You are fatigued with your haste.
  7. Mikhail although fatigued couldn’t sleep.
  8. Everyone was fatigued at dinner that night.
  9. His body was merely fatigued and needed rest.
  10. I am a little fatigued, permit me to take a chair.
  11. She denies any pain but mentions feeling fatigued.
  12. He is ravaged and fatigued so that he can hardly write.
  13. At last I went to bed much fatigued, and slept soundly.
  14. I’m sure that you are greatly fatigued by your arduous.
  15. He was no longer talking, and he seemed very much fatigued.
  16. Paris is fatigued, and finds no trouble in digesting tabloids.
  17. At last my tiredness and fatigued helped me to get some sleep.
  18. With a fatigued voice, almost whispering, as if speaking to no.
  19. Then Hilsith emerged from the cottage, looking fatigued to the bone.
  20. Julianne was fatigued, dozing intermittently as she sat the horse alone.
  21. She felt fatigued and conflicted for having wasted so many years in school.
  22. It was a long moment after that Damien stood and flexed his fatigued muscles.
  23. The previous night’s attack had left him extremely fatigued and exhausted.
  24. Curiosity was satisfied for the time; the public was feeling almost fatigued.
  25. Continue balancing on the same leg until fatigued, then switch legs as needed.
  26. He was obviously getting more and more fatigued, and his strength was failing.
  27. Although his eyes were aching and he was physically fatigued, his mind was alert.
  28. Further afield, a fatigued and aching Juko was unimpressed with his surroundings.
  29. Were We fatigued by the first creation? But they are in doubt of a new creation.
  30. We confused him and we fatigued him and he continued to respond in a rational way.
  31. This is a common thing among people who just feel fatigued throughout the day.
  32. It happened sometimes that in the mere escape of a fatigued mind, I dozed for some.
  33. The plant is dying, and looks fatigued as the water is dissipated from the hard ground.
  34. It was evening when I arrived, much fatigued by the journey I had so often made so easily.
  35. She looked as fatigued as if she’d been running on a treadmill for the past eight hours.
  36. As for the man, he was actually so fatigued that he did not even profit by the nice white sheets.
  37. It was evident that she had shared the grief of the family, for she was pale and looked fatigued.
  38. Over the next few hours the adrenalin faded, the spring wound down, and I felt decidedly fatigued.
  39. I have been told since that the garrison of the castle of Yanina, fatigued with long service—.
  40. Chernyshev and Prince Andrew went out into the porch, where the Emperor, who looked fatigued, was.
  41. He’s fine, but he is not used to the power he has and thinks he has to be fatigued after his journey.
  42. He lay, for a moment, stretched out on this bed, without the power to make a movement, so fatigued was he.
  43. Around midnight that night, the physically fatigued bride fell into the arms of her mentally exhausted mate.
  44. Katerina Ivanovna was pale and terribly fatigued, yet at the same time in a state of hysterical excitement.
  45. I followed his advice, and after having supped, fell asleep on the bare floor, as fatigued in mind as in body.
  46. Chernýshev and Prince Andrew went out into the porch, where the Emperor, who looked fatigued, was dismounting.
  47. Calragen’s a-gettin fatigued, bless his heart, and it’s been a fair time since I rowed two oars wid one arm.
  48. When I had drawn close to Raya I said, She seems fine except for being fatigued by the ordeal she went through.
  49. Crawford could not have wished her more fatigued or more ready to sit down; but he could have wished her sister away.
  50. I rested for the remainder of the daylight in a shrubbery, being, in my enfeebled condition, too fatigued to push on.
  51. Now fatigued, the astronaut stood with arms akimbo, looking up at the sleek lines of the engineering marvel before him.
  52. The whole trip had left him weak, sleep fatigued, and a good twenty pounds lighter than was his normal, healthy weight.
  53. The desert sand was now getting to the fighters; they were becoming fatigued and began to see things that were not there.
  54. She sat opposite the elder in the conference room, her weariness blasted away with caffeine, but her mind still fatigued.
  55. Close ahead was a steel bridge and in its center two army fatigued men with automatic weapons slung from their shoulders.
  56. To feel fatigue or see others fatigued in your dream suggests that a relationship is worn out and near its ending point.
  57. They had been so long abroad, continued the elder, that they felt greatly fatigued by foreigners, who were so very prevalent.
  58. Never had Marianne been so unwilling to dance in her life, as she was that evening, and never so much fatigued by the exercise.
  59. I thanked her for her considerate choice, and as I really felt fatigued with my long journey, expressed my readiness to retire.
  60. Those who were fatigued and weak, and could not keep up with the rest of the congregation of Israel, were attacked from behind.
  61. Fatigued as I am, I will make my remarks here, in the field, lest something should hereafter escape me, which is now fresh in my recollection.
  62. The latter saw me looking; and having shaken hands, advised me to close the door, and leave him undisturbed; for the journey had fatigued him.
  63. An unclean person is universally a slothful one, one who sits by a stove, whom the sun shines on prostrate, who reposes without being fatigued.
  64. Franz anticipated his wishes by saying that the noise fatigued him, and that he should pass the next day in writing and looking over his journal.
  65. Finally, without looking once into his eyes, the doctor says, "Able-bodied! Next!" and with a fatigued expression again seats himself at the table.
  66. If things won't come, stop a minute; the eye often gets fatigued very quickly and refuses to see truly, but soon revives if rested a minute or two.
  67. The fatigued lads decided to look around and then risk eating at one of the outdoor vendors, the delicious smells had been wafting through the open bar.
  68. Olenin fired twelve times and killed five pheasants, but clambering after them through the briers he got so fatigued that he was drenched with perspiration.
  69. To save his dignity he hastened to dismiss this silent man with a solemn inclination of the head and the words, pronounced with moody, fatigued condescension—.
  70. But this was a luxury of sensation that could not endure; I became fatigued with excess of bodily exertion and sank on the damp grass in the sick impotence of despair.
  71. Sir, I am extremely exhausted already—and I presume the House are fully as fatigued with me as I am with myself—but I will endeavor to go along with my loose remarks.
  72. But reflecting, before I got into his room, which was at the back of the house and adjoined mine, that he and Startop had had a harder day than I, and were fatigued, I forbore.
  73. Though the people were destroyed by David in 1 Samuel 30, the spiritual Amalekites are continuing to attack the weak, young, elderly, and fatigued of God’s people to this day.
  74. The debate has been continued for such a length of time, and in part has been conducted with so much asperity, that the minds of all have become fatigued, and the passions of many inflamed.
  75. I am Linked to ninety-nine of the finest Draconian sorcerer-wizards, who lend me power and assistance in this, since even I would quickly become fatigued at maintaining such a pace by myself.
  76. As Francis was making his way in, the last of their group, far across the terminal building he glimpsed Ang rushing along with a carriage full of suitcases, a fatigued and worried look on his face.
  77. His beauty, at that moment augmented by his pride, was resplendent, and he was fresh and rosy after the fearful four and twenty hours which had just elapsed, as though he could no more be fatigued than wounded.
  78. It follows me around like a bad smell, like that girl I may add Harry felt fatigued, he was lucky the man hadn’t opened up the wound behind his ear, it wasn’t as tender anymore but he was still mindful of it.
  79. Even such sensations as fatigue will be faithfully reproduced, and those who can finish their semi-final bouts quickly will have the advantage of being less fatigued in the final, exactly as they would in true combat.
  80. Then, as they set out for the next day already fatigued from lack of sleep, Severus soon became convinced that they were lost as hours had passed by with nothing but the same monotonous sand dunes to mark the landscape.
  81. On arriving at the house, Morrel was not even out of breath, for love lends wings to our desires; but Barrois, who had long forgotten what it was to love, was sorely fatigued by the expedition he had been constrained to use.
  82. But there again they began to get starchy with boredom and fatigued with sameness, and were almost on the point of giving themselves up to the carnival in order to have something to do, when quite fortunately the sun went down.
  83. In between studying medicine, feeding, answering thousands of Akua’s problematic questions on vampire existences with an annoying Because the way parents do, it’s a wonder I didn’t die of complete fatigued exhaustion.
  84. Just half-an-hour before the beating of the drum, the appointed task was executed, and the prisoners returned to the convict prison fatigued, but pleased to have gained half-an-hour from the working time fixed by the regulations.
  85. When lifting a light load to failure, the smallest motor units that were initially recruited will become fatigued, producing less force or ceasing to ire completely, at which point larger motor units will be recruited to sustain the lifting movement.
  86. The man has made fifteen hundred versts [about one thousand miles] without a kopeck, for the good reason that a Suchiloff is always without money; fatigued, exhausted, he can get nothing to eat beyond the fixed rations, nothing to wear in addition to the convict uniform.
  87. She folded herself in the large chair, and leaned her head against it in fatigued quiescence, while Tantripp went away wondering at this strange contrariness in her young mistress—that just the morning when she had more of a widow's face than ever, she should have asked for her lighter mourning which she had waived before.
  88. The very sight of their room at the hotels they stayed at, with Wemyss's suitcases and clothes piled on the chairs, and the table covered with his brushes and shaving things, for he wouldn't have a dressing-room, being too natural and wholesome, he explained, to want anything separate from his own woman--the very sight of this room fatigued her.
  89. The magistrate, harassed and fatigued, had descended to the garden of his house, and in a gloomy mood, similar to that in which Tarquin lopped off the tallest poppies, he began knocking off with his cane the long and dying branches of the rose-trees, which, placed along the avenue, seemed like the spectres of the brilliant flowers which had bloomed in the past season.
  90. Fanny, fatigued and fatigued again, was thankful to accept the first invitation of going to bed; and before Betsey had finished her cry at being allowed to sit up only one hour extraordinary in honour of sister, she was off, leaving all below in confusion and noise again; the boys begging for toasted cheese, her father calling out for his rum and water, and Rebecca never where she ought to be.
  91. Quincy said (it then being half-past seven o'clock in the evening) he had not been able to take any part in the debate; that the measure which had been thus hurried, was extremely interesting to his immediate constituents, and he was very anxious to express his sentiments upon it—but he was so fatigued with the tedious sitting, that he was unable to do it this evening, and hoped the House would indulge him until to-morrow.
  92. Crawford's very cordial adieus, pass quietly away; stopping at the entrance-door, like the Lady of Branxholm Hall, "one moment and no more," to view the happy scene, and take a last look at the five or six determined couple who were still hard at work; and then, creeping slowly up the principal staircase, pursued by the ceaseless country-dance, feverish with hopes and fears, soup and negus, sore-footed and fatigued, restless and agitated, yet feeling, in spite of everything, that a ball was indeed delightful.
  93. Crawford’s very cordial adieus, pass quietly away; stopping at the entrance-door, like the Lady of Branxholm Hall, one moment and no more, to view the happy scene, and take a last look at the five or six determined couple who were still hard at work; and then, creeping slowly up the principal staircase, pursued by the ceaseless country-dance, feverish with hopes and fears, soup and negus, sore-footed and fatigued, restless and agitated, yet feeling, in spite of everything, that a ball was indeed delightful.
  1. Osbourne was stitched to his fatigues.
  2. Buttworst still had on his fatigues with the.
  3. Lochert picked out the cleanest fatigues he could find.
  4. She says a large man in fatigues was sighted in the camp.
  5. Then you have had fatigues within doors, which are worse.
  6. Her teammates’ blood soaked the knees of her combat fatigues.
  7. He was dressed in Army fatigues and boots and sat ramrod straight.
  8. Occasionally, medics in military fatigues surrounded the prisoners.
  9. Seven pulled a topographical map out of his fatigues and spread it.
  10. He came to the camp entrance in his army fatigues, boots and army cap.
  11. Instead it was a simple bald man in arctic-style fatigues swinging a.
  12. Both wore fatigues, Charmaine was still in her red mini and tee shirt.
  13. His fatigues complemented the military weapons magazine he was reading.
  14. He was wearing spotless combat fatigues as if they had just been pressed.
  15. The Colonel wore immaculate pressed and starched olive drab USAF fatigues.
  16. The man in charge wore a full set of fatigues and even sported a red beret.
  17. It's not hard to spot their black fatigues in contrast with everyone else.
  18. The man behind her had his fatigues around his ankles and was rutting into.
  19. Even now, in military grade boots, winter fatigues and a Kevlar vest I was.
  20. He was dressed as the other two men, in camouflage fatigues, with a peaked.
  21. Whether in consequence of his great age, or of the fatigues and excitement of.
  22. An older man wearing his army fatigues believed it was his time to speak his mind.
  23. A dangerously underweight corporal in threadbare fatigues comes for Werner on foot.
  24. Coming up a ramp was Uncle Leo flanked by two armed men dressed in combat fatigues.
  25. Instead, a gray-haired man in crisp black military fatigues greeted her with a smile.
  26. Yes we know trust you to get a cushy job away from all the fatigues and proper work.
  27. Next morning, after the fatigues of their journey, the travelers slept till ten o’clock.
  28. Grant would enjoy it on Sunday after the fatigues of the day, will not keep beyond to-morrow.
  29. The military truck, with a driver and a passenger – both dressed in US Army fatigues - would.
  30. Instead he began stripping off his sweatpants and jacket, revealing camouflage fatigues beneath.
  31. James shrugged, his large set of shoulders tensing up his fatigues almost to the point of tearing.
  32. I dared to look towards the doorway, where I saw boots and green fatigues but they were different.
  33. That person turned out to be a young French woman wearing dirty fatigues and carrying a small pack.
  34. With their black fatigues and training rucksacks, their occupation was unmistakable even in the dark.
  35. We set off to do the inevitable fatigues Elijah and Johnny were in front I stopped beside Eli and said.
  36. Both wore a mix and match of fatigues and loose shirts, green-hued and quite appropriate for the jungle.
  37. At 0700 they reported as instructed to the training battalion commander’s office wearing their fatigues.
  38. During that time he changed out of his dress blues and into a set of fatigues he kept in the locker room.
  39. I don’t think she would have been out of place in combat fatigues and a rifle slung across the shoulders.
  40. He was dressed in army fatigues, was full of tattoos, and had a handgun in his belt as well as a rubber club.
  41. The soldier, amid all the fatigues and dangers he undergoes, knows no joy but conquest, no sorrow but defeat.
  42. This morning I slept late after the fatigues of yesterday, and though Jonathan was late too, he was the earlier.
  43. As the very act of breathing never fatigues you, same way the very act of loving never makes you feel bad or exhausted.
  44. He slid into the left-hand seat, and pulled an old, rather greasy, RAF peaked cap from the pocket of his combat fatigues.
  45. He was going to stuff it in the waistband of his fatigues for Dumond to examine but stopped when the screen came to life.
  46. The upper portion of both men's clothes, Travers's flight suit and Parker's fatigues, were crusted white with dried sweat.
  47. His salt and pepper hair was military short and yet still managed to be messy, and his army fatigues were rumpled and stained.
  48. He hadn’t asked why Ash was wearing combat fatigues that were too big and had another soldier’s name sewn into the material.
  49. Shit just look at those papers the Majors holding you can bet your life that there full of fatigues and guess whose names on them.
  50. The excessive fatigues to which the troops were subjected in clearing, ditching, and draining the ground on which they were encamped.
  51. After another few seconds, a man in military fatigues and toting an AK-47 walks over the small hill and finds John and Khalid together.
  52. Don’t tell me more fucking fatigues and working parties I hate the bloody things? George shot him a withering look and replied.
  53. The ranks part for the MAIN GUARD, a muscular swarthy man with a bandanna on his head, dressed in military fatigues and covered in tattoos.
  54. When we weren’t on fatigues or working parties I wrote to Helen every chance I got and it was only her letters that kept me going I think.
  55. However we didn’t get to rest for long as the same old fatigues and work parties were assigned added to these were camp guard and gas guard.
  56. I was lost, lost in the whirlpool of sea- where I was swallowed by frustrations, fatigues and tensions; and I was drifting and drifting in it.
  57. The usual number of freaks roamed close by, some wearing army fatigues, and the handful that picked up interest in the Murano were coming closer.
  58. Five days later we left the reserve trenches and made our way back to ‘Dead Man’s Farm’ where we received more fatigues and working parties.
  59. Shortly after this we were relieved and made our way back to ‘Dead Man’s Farm’ once again to the fatigues and working parties that awaited us there.
  60. We were sat round a fire that we had built from box wood that we had collected while on fatigues and which we had carried back up to the lines in our packs.
  61. My father still desired to delay our departure, fearful that I could not sustain the fatigues of a journey, for I was a shattered wreck—the shadow of a human being.
  62. A man in camouflaged fatigues stood in the doorway, his swarthy face glinting with a light sheen of sweat, his hard eyes locked on Terry, along with the gun he carried.
  63. Again our time in the line was finished and we headed back home to our lines at the farmstead were more fatigues and working parties waited for us just as an extra treat.
  64. Price having kindly kissed her daughter again, and commented a little on her growth, began with very natural solicitude to feel for their fatigues and wants as travellers.
  65. There were always fatigues and work parties that had to be done and you prayed for a rest but you didn’t get one and you were mentally and physically tired and worn out.
  66. We had finished our fatigues and it was someone else’s turn now so we were back in the front line trenches me Elijah and Johnny who seemed to have attached himself to us.
  67. What shocked the brigadier general was the presence in the small crowd of a distinctly Japanese-looking young woman wearing the insignias of a captain on her combat fatigues.
  68. Wopsle had imparted to me all that he could recall or I extract, and when I had treated him to a little appropriate refreshment, after the fatigues of the evening, we parted.
  69. My street wasn’t close enough to the center of town to be on any holiday parade routes, much less to have armed men in combat fatigues coursing down it in the dead of night.
  70. In fact quite a few of us didn’t mind going back up to the line especially if it was quite because you could get used to the front line and there weren’t as many fatigues.
  71. As every vehicle and each beast of burden was occupied by the sick and wounded, Cora had decided to endure the fatigues of a foot march, rather than interfere with their comforts.
  72. That was the trouble with the rest areas was that you were always shunted into working parties to do fatigues this and the constant shelling meant that you didn’t get that much rest.
  73. After the fatigues and impressions of the journey, his reception, and especially after having dined, Bolkonski felt that he could not take in the full significance of the words he heard.
  74. After the fatigues and impressions of the journey, his reception, and especially after having dined, Bolkónski felt that he could not take in the full significance of the words he heard.
  75. Elinor answered in some distress that she was, and then talked of head-aches, low spirits, and over fatigues; and of every thing to which she could decently attribute her sister's behaviour.
  76. Elinor answered in some distress that she was, and then talked of head-aches, low spirits, and over fatigues; and of every thing to which she could decently attribute her sister’s behaviour.
  77. Later on when everyone had returned they all disappeared on fatigues and working parties so I went off to the stores with my chit and was issued with my full kit in replacement for what I had lost.
  78. And so, for the first time ever, TSA employees are now screening our servicemen returning via commercial air from overseas duty, often with their fatigues still muddy and filled with gunshot residue.
  79. With him, through all the kingdoms of Europe she would have travelled from capital to capital, sharing his fatigues and his pride, picking up the flowers thrown to him, herself embroidering his costumes.
  80. Continuing south, she had cause to wonder at the state of relations between Costa Rica and Panama, for the squads of automatic weapon toting men in fatigues gathered along the north-bound side of the highway.
  81. The training kept up in its intensity but to tell the truth it became just a bit boring as did the fatigues and working parties though I wouldn’t complain after being stuck at home like I was before coming here.
  82. The irrepressible gaiety of the French soldiers vanished, and instead of the songs and jokes in which it had been their wont to forget the fatigues of their long marches, a death-like silence reigned in the camp.
  83. Five pale-skinned men in worn fatigues, grubby looking men with wild shocks of hair, were shown laying face down on the tarmac at Tunis airport, surrounded by black-clad soldiers in masks holding automatic weapons.
  84. Sometimes it wasn’t all bad being on fatigues if any of the boxes smashed we would keep whatever fell out of them and even better than this was that we got the chance to have a swim while we were down here on the beach.
  85. We knew better than to complain but we all knew that the same thing had happened again and once more we had been shafted it was nothing unusual whether it be fatigues or anything else we would always get lumbered or so it seemed.
  86. They were privates in fatigues who were obviously on some sort of work detail, and were uncertain what to do about this sergeant who was sitting with his head on the steering wheel of an ambulance parked in the kaserne quadrangle.
  87. It had taken forever to load but she set the screen to full size and she was practically drooling as she watched Shay Donovan in army fatigues running through the jungle, sweat dripping from his brow, his shirt torn open to the waist.
  88. How are you fettling lads I can see just how glad you are to be back, have you seen the amount of equipment that’s been stored round here then you will be able to guess the fatigues and working parties that we have been allocated? Frank replied.
  89. And that was just the people I could recognise: because there were hundreds of photos that I was in, wearing fatigues, those silly hats, examining crates of weird-looking stuff, some in exotic locations, others in what appeared to be laboratory facilities.
  90. They entered Oxford, but she could take only a hasty glimpse of Edmund's college as they passed along, and made no stop anywhere till they reached Newbury, where a comfortable meal, uniting dinner and supper, wound up the enjoyments and fatigues of the day.
  91. While we where here on Salisbury plain the training really intensified the route marches got longer and the whole physical training side was stepped up as well as firing practice and tactical problems bayonet drill and obviously fatigues and working parties.
  92. I’ve come to see old Charlie it will be gradley to see his ugly mug again, where is he then have they stuck him on fatigues that would be priceless? Suddenly I knew who he was and my mind flashed a picture of him and Charlie in the Kings Head I asked.
  93. When he had somewhat recovered from the fatigues of his journey, he gave the following explanation of the disastrous issue of the campaign—When I left Paris it was my intention, he said, to carry the war no further than the former confines of Poland.
  94. I observed with pleasure, that the fatigues and exercises of the night had not usurped in the least on the life of their complexion, or the freshness of their bloom: this I found, by their confession, was owing to the management and advice of our rare directress.
  95. A small crowd of male and female majors and captains dressed in either flight suits or combat fatigues were already standing at the foot of the plane’s access ladder and came to attention to salute when Whitehead and his two staff officers stepped out of their jeep.
  96. It was peculiar to see troops in sand fatigues manning barricades with armored cars better suited to Iraq, but just as unsettling to be driving out of one of the illuminated districts past a stretch of residential city blocks to which the power had still not been restored.
  97. The Wolf, dressed in the camouflaged fatigues known as Tiger suits, wearing his mashed and sweaty sun-faded green beret for the first time legally in eight months, was at the wheel of a jeep rumbling down a dusty road on Tan Son Nhut Air Base headed toward the O� Club to celebrate.
  98. The Quartermaster handed over a piece of paper to Siri and told him, ‘Keep that, you’ll need it later, that is, if you’re allowed to leave here as a free man!’ He then issued Siri with a pile of desert fatigues before turning his attention to some documents that lay in front of him.
  99. The only rest you are guaranteed Pte Woods is when your toes have curled up and you are thrown with the rest of the corpses until then you will get on with the fatigues you are given and carry them out quite cheerfully, and with this parting remark he proceeded to hand out the working parties and assignments.
  100. Two young females who appeared to be fourteen to sixteen years old and wearing green military fatigues with short swords sat cross-legged over a game board in the middle of the table, each with a fistful of coins they used to make fast and furious wagers as they quickly exchanged moves in their complex and indiscernible game.

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