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    1. He ordered his assistant to fetch some over-priced coffee from the nearby Starbucks and contemplated his next big deal, a large painting of Jesus and Lady Julep entwined in a strangely sexless pose

    2. ‘Yes, Stephen, she could pinpoint it pretty well because Henry had put his back out and couldn’t go to fetch the stuff himself once they had finished with it

    3. this on the edge of a chintzy Cotswold village should fetch a whacking price whatever

    4. He'll fetch a good price alright and I could use the money because my house needs redoing

    5. That cargo would fetch a million iron back in Bordzvek

    6. While Yarin went to fetch the jug, another guy came by and started making conversation about the ship

    7. The soldier really did want to see the young lady again, and so the dog was despatched the very next night to fetch her while she slept

    8. As he does this he glances at Ken and motions to him to go and fetch the little toe rag

    9. Bram was delegated to fetch more beer from the cellar, which meant

    10. “Sorry about the delay,” he said “It took longer than I expected to fetch these records

    11. As each new hole was created, measured and left to begin the next one, Harry was there to fill it and fetch another pole for the next

    12. Gehring was also a nice person; she often asked after 'those precious sisters' of his when she came by to fetch her husband, whom she knew would be in the aisles of the little store

    13. He bid Harry fetch the rest of the pile as he carefully fitted the base pieces into their elongated oval shape

    14. the back of his shop to fetch the preparation, Reynard tried

    15. He concluded his morning meeting with heads of departments and rushed home to fetch Harry along to the railway depot for an impromptu trip back to the college

    16. I’ll have them fetch it when

    17. They made plans to return together and fetch Chloe at the start of the week

    18. “I suppose I should freshen a bit before we fetch Kaitlyn,” commented Harry as they reentered the entrance hall

    19. It’s the truth – fetch

    20. went into another room to fetch it? We’ll probably never

    21. ask the clerk to fetch Giles Monchet,’ said the Advocate

    22. 'Aha!' she cried mockingly, 'you would fetch your dearest, but the beautiful bird sits no longer singing in the nest

    23. But first wait till I fetch you some more tea and toast

    24. As it was very dirty she began to rub it, that it might fetch a higher price

    25. Klarrain returned to fetch a floater and left again offering only the word 'Brancettrabble' in explanation

    26. Dad Perols said the grass was green and would not burn but Fred stuck to his guns and went to fetch his ride on mower with a capture unit attached whilst his neighbours tackled other jobs around the home

    27. "You have no personal papers or cards or license or tax certificates or anything to show me who you are?" the youth sneered, "I will fetch the manager, in the meantime I suggest you get that offensive goat out of here pronto

    28. Dingle invited them to sit on an large expanse of lawn close to the stream, then he went into the house to fetch them large plates of sandwiches and cakes

    29. He came to fetch

    30. After all, they had been designed not only to fetch and carry but also to provide entertainment for the soldiers after battle

    31. While Nathaniel kitted up the Professor went to fetch a map

    32. before I fetch my cane

    33. asked, he reluctantly shuffled off to fetch the Abbot

    34. returned to the Inn to fetch Marguerite

    35. to fetch her with the driver

    36. Now that Xonia was at home for a while, perhaps he should fetch Crissy for a visit and have her mother join them

    37. As she watched him throw some meat on the fire and fetch some bread, she began to realize what it was that she found so particularly endearing DRAFT

    38. Early that morning Zarko hitched the buggy and drove off to fetch Crissy and Mitzka

    39. Tei recovered, squeezed the Elf's hand a little tighter and began, “While GingerKat was the obvious ambassador, to fetch you up, introduce you to Sheranara and the One, it is my turn to fill in the blanks for you---being my sister and all!” She nodded to Tohm and Kate, “You heard GingerKat's introduction of the Nuncii;” the Elf nodded

    40. "I'll be right back,” I said as I ran to fetch the stew from where it sat in the front seat of the Murano

    41. I now needed to fetch some extra bedding from the storage shed, but as I headed for the backdoor something slowed me and I hesitated for a good thirty seconds before hastening outside to complete this task in record time

    42. I’ll fetch it

    43. “Listen to me when you pick up a box or whatever and transport it back to the beach to be stored on the way back pick up a rock and fetch it here

    44. I bathed him, keeping Jesus and the other children on the run to the well to fetch more water

    45. When we got there this medic took one look at the shit and blood caked on his trousers and went to fetch the doctor

    46. “Try not to talk too much yet I will go and fetch the doctor he wanted to be told when you woke up again”, and she disappeared from my line of sight

    47. Then they informed us that they would have to be leaving in a minute to get back to Mex Camp but they would come again when they could and they would fetch some supplies for us fruit and the like

    48. “Come on with this poor lads drink and fetch me a sherry with it while your at it your slower than a drunken slug

    49. Angela went upstairs to the kitchen to fetch

    50. The crying and screaming went on all night and was fraying our nerves a couple of our blokes went out to try to fetch them in but every time a Hun machine gun would open up so they had to come back empty handed

    1. The bartender sighed a wall of bubbles and swam up to the highest shelf, about thirty feet above, where he fetched a crystalline bottle glowing so brightly blue-white that she almost needed sunglasses

    2. His worldly goods fetched a laughable sum, but who would need money on the mountain? He did need good boots, but that was all

    3. that we fetched up in after the chaos of bailiffs and bank debentures

    4. He fetched one of his gardening books from an alcove shelf in the living room and leafed through the sections that showed keen gardeners how to build walls and fill holes with hardcore, and as he read the hints, tips and instructions, Ken realised that his weary bones ached for a change

    5. They went to the store room and fetched the large paint brushes and rags, then went to the wall of the nearest bungalow where their father waited for them to begin the chore

    6. After they were up over George's head with the siding, he fetched the ladder and Harry began levering one end of each plank to within George's reach, and in that way they had soon dried in and insulated the new room

    7. He fetched more pieces of pipe with other odd bits and then pulled away some boards laying on the ground, heretofore unnoticed by anyone, which revealed a trench leading over to the side of the outhouse

    8. Kaitlyn mothered her, read to her, fetched and cleaned her, dressed and bathed her until at last Yolanda was inured to the constant motion of shipboard life

    9. Scotty fetched me the sleeping bag

    10. Harry returned to Clive House, fetched his angling gear and found a comfortable shoal in the Arrow river to wet his line

    11. Gale fetched the orange juice out of the fridge, resisting

    12. Mohamed got out and fetched a trolley for the cases

    13. official would have to be fetched from a larger town, and

    14. So, she fetched a napkin and put into it the magic fruits from the enchanted garden

    15. of the cooking, fetched the water, and bought the food

    16. Clothier fetched his liquor then cleared a large space, and with Fizzicist humming a weird tune they managed to follow the instructions stamped on the inside of the case

    17. Whilst Lemoss drank the soup the others fetched spades and forks, trowels and various other things which seemed to all fit neatly into his cart

    18. Since the e-Book content is fetched Online its Content is Always Current and up-to-date and changes

    19. It was when she fetched the tar bucket with which she salved the lame ewe’s ankle

    20. And he fetched the other man a mug of cold water and gestured for him to follow him into the tent

    21. For after placing the armor inside the tent, he fetched a bedroll to place in with it

    22. Mr Snickerty fetched the bottle for himself, and he and Mr Pinscher spent the remainder of the evening in pleasant conversation, as they gradually picked the table clean

    23. ” I reckoned the Turks had about another three yards to go before they started their charge they hit two hundred yards and I could hear the yell starting in their throats to give them courage I watched as their rifles were fetched up and thrust forward in the classic on guard position

    24. We rallied round our pal and helped him as much as we could we wrapped him in a blanket and Elijah took his trousers which were covered in shit and blood down to the beach were he washed them as best he could in the sea he then dried them and fetched them back

    25. I left the rest of them and went further towards the rear were I could find a place to test the sight luckily Ted had fetched quite few clips for the Mauser and I was able to adjust the sights to fit me

    26. He stopped again and shouted for the nurse when she came he asked her for a glass of water she fetched one and he drank it down in one saying

    27. Also it will not have helped having you here Billy Boy I mean wounded and everything it must have fetched everything flooding back to her

    28. “How are you Billy Boy I am glad you made it in one piece because there aren’t many of us ‘White Slaves of Gallipoli’ left these days? I was worried I can tell you when they fetched Elijah and you in that night there was blood all over the two of you and I thought you were both goners

    29. A PT Sergeant drove us to a golf club and fetched us five hours later… if the good sergeant remembered

    30. We fetched the Gti’s at the factory in Port Elizabeth which was about a thousand mile away

    31. He fetched me at six-thirty and drove around the corner and up the road about fifty meters to his parents’ house

    32. Swinging her bag by its long leather strap, she fetched me a whack against the side of my head and I dropped to my knees, desperately trying to hang onto my reeling senses

    33. The boy slithered backwards on his buttocks, until he fetched up against the trunk of the bush and could go no further

    34. Hermann ushered them in a book-lined library off the entrance hall and asked them to remain there while he fetched the Countess

    35. She toasted with Veryn who along with several others had fetched supplies of food in the city

    36. Calras had carried him back to the carriage and fetched Ilmal

    37. Someone must have fetched him

    38. 6 And they came there into the middle of the house, as though they would have fetched wheat; and they struck him under the fifth rib,

    39. 5 Then King David sent, and fetched him out of the house of Machir, the son of Ammiel, from Lodebar

    40. 27 And when the mourning was past, David sent and fetched her to his house, and she became his wife, and bore him a son; But the

    41. 2 And Joab sent to Tekoah, and fetched then a wise woman, and said to her, I pray you, feign yourself to be a mourner, and put on

    42. his son fetched most of his booty from a used-book site on the Net

    43. 4 And the seventh year Jehoiada sent and fetched the rulers over hundreds, with the captains and the guard, and brought them to him

    44. Her father fetched her

    45. 17 And they fetched up, and brought out out of Egypt a chariot for six hundred shekels of silver,

    46. 11 And when the king entered into the house of the Lord, the guard came and fetched them, and

    47. 23 And they fetched out Urijah out of Egypt, and

    48. Cook fetched water to bathe Virginia’s wrists

    49. 38 Then Abel stood waiting in his innocence, but Cain, the forward one, fetched a staff and went out;

    50. 25 And his mother did so, and she fetched a kid, and made savory meat of it, and brought it to Abram, and Abram took the savory meat from his mother and brought it before his father's gods, and he drew near to those who they might eat; and Terah his father, did not know of it

    1. the whaler fetches up under the wall of gray

    2. Bex fetches a box of her Dad's wine from under the stairs when they empty the bottle

    3. With everything packed and the Beretta tucked safely in his jeans, the doctor goes to the kitchen and fetches the last bottle of red wine and two glasses, which he wipes on the bottom of his shirt

    4. "What yer mean, it's no use?" he objected "'Ave yer read what the meat fetches?"

    5. As scrap aluminium, which currently fetches 70 Baht a kilogram, they would be worth 50,000 Baht

    6. “Silly mermaids! How come they don’t keep their big mouth shut which always fetches them trouble? I feel sorry for her half body which totally went a waste,” after he said that both of them switched to their evil laughter

    7. 19 A very little is sufficient for a man well nurtured, and he fetches not his wind short on his bed

    8. the heavens round about, and fetches his course again to his own place in one day

    9. 5 As when a man goes into the wood with his neighbour to hew wood, and his hand fetches a stroke with the axe to cut down the tree, and the head slips from the helve, and alights on his neighbour, so that he die; he shall flee to one of those cities, and live:

    10. 34 O you men are not women strong? Great is the Earth high are the heavens swift is the sun in its course for he encompasses the heavens round about and fetches his course again to his own place in one day

    11. Hence, shoplist[0] fetches the first item and shoplist[3]

    12. Just consider how much each can fetches, how many you have to collect and from where will you get them? Then think about all the effort that is involved

    13. The model function select_data() fetches all the rows from the database table loop_table and returns it to the calling controller function

    14. So the boasts of men about their conquests would seem hollow since it’s the vulnerability of women that fetches them their favors

    15. “I’ve read in Benign Flame that the boasts of men about their conquests would sound hollow for it’s the vulnerability of women that fetches them their favors

    16. When he comes out again, he drives us over to the wood stalls at the end of the dirt road and fetches the silver suitcase he stashed in his trunk earlier

    17. Skuld nods and Anthony fetches the keycard from his wallet and hands it to her

    18. It fetches unbelievable sums on Earth

    19. Wise living, rather fast living fetches the fruits of a prosperous career

    20. her sinful, tanned heart--for the child who fetches her is the fruit of sin, and should have been in bed, curtained, asleep, instead of hearing in the lamplight her mother's wild song, where she sits against the Bank, singing not for coppers, with her dog against her breast

    21. In war he is the best backer of the war, he fetches artil ery as

    22. "Remember, Elinor," said she, "how very often Sir John fetches our letters himself from the post, and carries them to it

    23. "Why, I met on the road a lad that fetches milk here

    24. Ah, it's sublime, sublime! Always fetches the house

    25. “I wonder what fetches the most money?” she said

    26. “A year-old calf normally fetches ten to twelve shillings at market, though prices are down this season

    27. ‘Why, I met on the road a lad that fetches milk here,’ she stammered, ‘and he asked whether we weren’t in trouble at the Grange

    28. Takeover greed appeared to be supporting the price: Value Line said avoid, despite potential for near-term price rises if the company fetches another buy-out proposal

    29. Now, if after he fetches a few breaths you alarm him, so that he sounds, he will be always dodging up again to make good his regular allowance of air

    30. The peasant who fetches vodka—even though you are going to drink it and not he and he knows that beforehand—seems, as it were, to be enjoying part of your future gratification

    31. The Sahib's men need not watch, for they will not see who fetches it

    1. I’m in the pantry fetching the cereal for them when I hear Liz say quietly

    2. and the fetching and carrying of items from there was, as far as

    3. “You guys could have warned me! Oh, I’m so embarrassed!” She was still blushing, and James found it rather fetching

    4. The man with the horn brought the girls one by one to a small platform at the front of their stage, where she posed and tried to look as fetching as possible

    5. window when he was in the kitchen fetching

    6. fetching water from the communal well near the house,

    7. ” At that, the lad merely nodded, and the fetching servant disappeared in a blink

    8. The gun skittered across the hardwood floor, fetching up against the wall next to the open lounge door

    9. - I am just fetching Municantir! she yelled to explain and gestured averting before she continued into the hall

    10. ” She said and I stood up fetching it from my closet and she helped me into it

    11. ” It was just betting on football with Motorola co-workers, but Dixie made it plain after the first year of our marriage that she was tired of emptying ashtrays, fetching beer, and watching me “double down” and lose more than beer money

    12. running about the house, fetching anything they could, from

    13. With each dog fetching the equivalent of US $250, it is a lucrative industry

    14. “I remember Alex called me to say that he’ll be late in fetching me up here

    15. The curse restored Mark and Talia to life and health and restored their possessions as well, including fetching their swords by Translocation, all in less than another fifteenth of a second

    16. She would most probably have an unwelcome visitor shortly, as Sally would not let such an unusual event as the fetching of a suitcase, go by without investigating the cause of it and making a nuisance of herself

    17. "Quite fetching, Miss," he replied deadpan

    18. The mine’s wealth was legendary, fetching nearly eighty silver coins for a good crystal; he should have an ample opportunity to turn a good profit on this campaign

    19. humor was fetching and she chuckled happily

    20. I had to assist anyone who asked; Stage Manager, Director, wardrobe, prompt, set-building, fetching food, ironing costumes, sound effects, electrics, working the follow spot, pulling up and bringing down the curtain, clearing rubbish from back stage, carrying messages, going out for cigarettes, calling the actors… My job was everything and nothing

    21. A swathe of pink chiffon draped over the offending flesh was rather fetching, she thought – not stopping to wonder what it would fetch

    22. She looked so fetching

    23. Her shirt had been torn open in the struggle, and with cynical cruelty he rasped his thick beard across her bare breasts, bringing the blood to suffuse the fair skin, and fetching a cry of pain and outraged fury from her

    24. They pulled at her rags until she played puppy games with them, free-for-alls that included lots of pulling and fetching and piling on top of her

    25. When it comes to fetching commands, that’s one tough master

    26. Nancy was coming back from fetching water at the public fountain and was about to enter her house when a Jewish man ran down her street while shouting

    27. On the other hand, what she was proposing was quite far fetching indeed

    28. But not for fetching water

    29. His friend nodded his head in approval: in Athens, women had few precious rights and were not supposed to go around by themselves, being relegated to their houses unless fetching water

    30. the yarn girls caught him fetching his own yarn in their warehouse and

    31. “Sure!” Replied the waitress, bending under the counter and fetching both a menu and a copy of the day’s edition of the Washington Post before giving both to Ingrid

    32. Things then followed up quickly, with Closse providing two soldiers to Françoise and fetching Perrine Meunier and her four young children, which included a toddler girl

    33. So after fetching the ball out of the back of the Arcadia net, I did a

    34. Searching for a pair of sunglasses for myself, having ticked most of the other boxes, I was drawn to a fetching pair and asked the stall owner for the price

    35. What with the referrals from those philanderers helped her to develop a fetching clientele, her earnings far exceeded her man’s expectations, but as he worked harder than ever to augment their fund, she moved ever emotionally closer to him, and ironically, as if to lighten his burden, she endeared herself more than ever to other men

    36. fetching jars of wine for everyone

    37. Flower lay on her stomach next to Candy, facing Byron’s lounging form, he had been up and dressed, fetching them breakfast, lunch, and drinks, to command all day

    38. was fetching about $200 on the international market

    39. Copies of Sauce Force, the band’s last single put out on vinyl in 2001, are currently fetching up to £500

    40. She filled her days helping the women in the camp get through what seemed a never ending array of chores—preparing and cooking all the meals, fetching water for cleaning, scrubbing laundry by hand at the river’s edge, cleaning the bedding, bathing the children, swatting the voluminous dust and sand from rugs and eiderdowns with handmade brooms—it seemed as if every woman in the camp was busy from sun up till well after sundown

    41. 'My mother is fetching up some beer and will be here in a moment

    42. ’ He said finishing it and fetching some more

    43. Fetching things for her

    44. On every balcony families were sitting round tables waiting for the servant who was fetching their dinner from a restaurant

    45. The following weeks flew by quickly, and we were soon at the end of term and fetching our report cards

    46. “Don't you think this time it should be me who deals with shifty merchants?” he said, fetching a stout stone and the ball hammer

    47. Fetching it would give me a small reprieve

    48. He wore a flower in his buttonhole--a very fetching touch with some women

    49. Ironically enough, she’d been hit while fetching the morning paper

    50. It is the fetching

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