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    1. ’ Jeremy said warmly, managing to convey that he not only knows about the trials of the last few days but also that he is pleased they have concluded positively

    2. We stare at each other in the moonlight as I try to work out how I am to convey that I don’t want to ‘say the word’ as he put it

    3. ‘He says he will get a wagon to convey us down to the docks

    4. ROBERT: After a considerable amount of kissing, touching and groping, you changed into this garment to convey to a man he should leave?

    5. It was too soft to identify but loud enough to convey a mood

    6. Blue is also associated with loyalty and will convey a message to people that you

    7. your date that they are worth it but might also convey the feeling that there is another date in the future

    8. "The state changes are more like impulses, that's what I am trying to convey with this

    9. Words could never convey the utter despair and horror that

    10. hoped would convey the message that he was a complete

    11. emotional intention that our thoughts convey

    12. used to convey her here

    13. When at last the dinner bell sounded, she knew as much about Harry as Kaitlyn was willing to convey

    14. convey the impression that he'd be of no assistance in a

    15. barely above a whisper, managed to convey a considerable

    16. healing, this essay hopes to convey the child within)

    17. I descended a little on the side of that delicious vale, surveying it with a secret kind of pleasure, though mixed with my other afflicting thoughts, to think that this was all my own; that I was king and lord of all this country indefensibly, and had a right of possession; and if I could convey it, I might have it in inheritance as completely as any lord of a manor in England

    18. "Then why would Klarrain want to read them?" Klowa asked, hoping the question itself would be safe and didn't convey his belief that such a plan would never work unless it was clandestine

    19. She wouldn't hurry to get back into the rounds of practice and recording sessions, the arguments over why this or that word didn't quite convey the meaning and this or that riff was too twinkly or too dominant

    20. because he used it as an example, as a way to convey

    21. think to be the best, to convey to them what they feel

    22. convey the mentalities from one generation to the next

    23. age to convey their personal meditations

    24. We still consider his revenue as consisting in this power of purchasing or consuming, and not in the pieces which convey it

    25. My need to protect her, my amazement at her respect for every living being, my love… I couldn’t convey enough, but I tried

    26. “Okay, I’ll convey your request to Ashpenaz and get his view on the matter

    27. Xonia was murdered this morning,” Zarko replied, not knowing how else to convey the shocking message

    28. There was much he wanted to say, and much he could not find the words with which to convey

    29. Not because they were inquiries into the unknown or unknowable, but because the supporting knowledge required to convey the understanding was absent in her

    30. His mouth tried to form the answer, but it became clear that he couldn't convey the numbers

    31. The metal emblem stared back in all of its reticence, silence that spoke more than that which words could convey

    32. If the produce even of their own islands was much greater than what suited their market, the natives, they suspect, might find means to convey some part of it to other nations; and the best way, they imagine, to secure their own monopoly, is to take care that no more shall grow than what they themselves carry to market

    33. After a little time, however, I was able to convey the important purposes a watch can serve, and when I carefully pried off the back plate of one

    34. Please convey how you were treated to your superiors

    35. I stopped and looked up at him, attempting to convey my love

    36. They all, however, had exclusive charters, which, though not confirmed by act of parliament, were in those days supposed to convey a real exclusive privilege

    37. Their charter was exclusive, and, though not confirmed by act of parliament, was in those days supposed to convey a real exclusive privilege

    38. But in process of time, when the principles of liberty were better understood, it became every day more and more doubtful, how far a royal charter, not confirmed by act of parliament, could convey an exclusive privilege

    39. It is relatively easy to find 4 to 8-letter words or phrases in any text, but to have meaningful and relevant codes of 296-letters that convey an understandable message about a specific subject or person is a phenomenon that is only encountered in the Bible

    40. What is astonishing about this 187-letter ELS in the Bible, is the complexity of the fact that it actually contains 13 different codes that convey 85 different sentences, reading in both directions at various intervals and have the same negative outlook or describe something bad in each case

    41. Many of the new Bible versions that have been released will change or omit certain aspects, which will alter the message that a passage intended to convey

    42. Some may feel that a certain sentence may convey a literal message ‘A’, while others feel that it conveys an allegorical message ‘B’

    43. Their names would not only match the numerical structure, but in some cases even convey hidden messages and be part of other hidden messages that form part of ELS’s in remarkable complexity and detail

    44. Interest), go direct, go for the kiss, or just convey sensuality to a woman you’re interested in

    45. But it was enough to convey that she understood

    46. Frank didn't convey that he noticed

    47. As I attempted to convey the utter joy this curious creature has brought into our lives, I suddenly realized it was falling on deaf ears

    48. As we arrived at the connecting trenches that would convey us into the front line trenches we had to hug the walls as men who had been relieved stumbled past us in their haste to get to the reserve trenches where they could rest for a while

    49. She remembered a dolphin had pressed its nose against the glass as if it wanted to communicate – at least convey a message, not to say hello, but something sorrowful

    50. He tried to convey these thoughts to Jhordel, and was surprised when she told him she

    1. The mind of India can be defined as that conveyed by the most significant aspects of Indian Philosophy through scriptures and discourses

    2. She sat now at her desk and conveyed her desires to the mainframe

    3. That ancient bottle now conveyed by the

    4. equivalent – the number of meanings that could be conveyed by a

    5. language, which conveyed to anyone who cared to read it that the

    6. Spelman's conversation with Harry on the outbound journey to France conveyed from Harry solely in the letter to her

    7. Jameson listened attentively and had to agree that his writings did not have the flourish and general elegance Titania and Hipolyta's compositions conveyed

    8. Their gloomy presence conveyed the same

    9. conveyed by word of mouth, not only horizontally, but

    10. This was regarded, in those times, as so important an object, that it was always considered as belonging to the sovereign, and neither to the finder nor to the proprietor of the land, unless the right to it had been conveyed to the latter by an express clause in his charter

    11. his third wife, as had been conveyed to us by tayaji and at that

    12. conveyed the microbe of beauty at their

    13. message stand out and are conveyed short and sharp

    14. love hasn’t yet been conveyed to me, I can imagine what

    15. His eyes sought mine and in the space of seconds he conveyed his amusement at our attempt to confront him

    16. He was out of breath, but conveyed his message nonetheless

    17. He knew they would eventually come for him and he wasn’t concerned about the consequences; the message had to be conveyed to the king

    18. He rode back to Darniil’s house and conveyed the king’s order to him

    19. Thus equality is the key message conveyed by this characteristic

    20. Last but not least, I would like to share a message which was conveyed from the other side of the veil

    21. Every owner of wool, who carrieth, or causeth to be carried, any wool to any port or place on the sea coast, in order to be from thence transported by sea to any other place or port on the coast, must first cause an entry thereof to be made at the port from whence it is intended to be conveyed, containing the weight, marks, and number, of the packages, before he brings the same within five miles of that port, on pain of forfeiting the same, and also the horses, carts, and other carriages; and also of suffering and forfeiting, as by the other laws in force against the exportation of wool

    22. Zacharias conveyed his greetings by a big grin and welcome in his eyes, Elizabeth with a kiss and a sweet smile

    23. I literally shit myself and I was trembling like a leaf the look of horror on my face must have conveyed something

    24. The message that is conveyed by the four Gospels and other books of the New Testament was already hidden in a “watermark”-like feature in the very first book of the Bible, written around 1500BC

    25. Without knowing what to look for, the hidden information will not be conveyed and the person will just continue to read that which is visible in the surface text

    26. Please visit the websites below to see in detail what information is conveyed in the Mel Gibson code and how the Bible exhibits similar intricacies found within the DNA molecule:

    27. While Jews reject Jesus Christ as their Messiah and the New Testament in its entirety as being part of God’s Word, Christians are of the opinion that the information conveyed through Isaiah 53, as with many other passages and models that are used throughout the Bible, points to Jesus Christ as the Messiah

    28. conveyed many times that we should never add to His

    29. After all, everyone is entitled to his or her (own) opinion provided that what the viewing audience understands as reporting (the) news is correctly distinguished from ―spinning‖ or interpreting (the) news and that this distinction is properly conveyed to that audience

    30. ‖ Many individuals susceptible to teeming influences extending beyond their capacity to assimilate what is being conveyed and in what manner and why, for that matter, entirely dependent has the public become on its media ―mouthpieces‖ commissioned to do their thinking for them in a fruitless attempt at sorting out unintelligent pieces of information that, taken collectively, are even more meaningless, thereby frustrating further efforts to attain (true) knowledge while unsettling core beliefs

    31. ‖ Such carefree attitudes conveyed by teachers and school administrators oftentimes serve as self-fulfilling prophecies; whose (passive) acceptance continues to (willingly) lend its moral support to sexual tolerance; notwithstanding the waving of white flags seeking to override parental authority by withdrawing the support of schools that consider it their public duty to ―properly‖ instruct their (own) children

    32. Rachel reacted with surprise, and her reaction conveyed to William she disapproved of his tone

    33. Visibly, William conveyed the appearance of a lost, injured child

    34. He ignored the nurse’s comment and conveyed to Kate that the guard would be fine and he had not suffered a fractured jaw

    35. What sets our Nickelodeon Generation apart (in some manner) from prior generations is a troubling disregard for parental authenticity; a legacy passed down to them by their emotionally and morally stunted Boomer Parents whose puerile adolescence and (the) mixed messages conveyed to their offsprings have all but erased the traditional boundaries that formerly defined the (proper) role(s) of parent and child

    36. One afternoon this week, the boy conveyed to his mother what was foremost on his mind regarding a subject brought up by his teacher in class; that this teacher, we did not ask her name, stated that anyone killing an animal would ―go to Hell

    37. O‘Connor (privately) subscribes to the archaic notions oftentimes conveyed to his readers, his transparent agendum however, apparent to those properly schooled in divisive matters, must continue to sow confusion and reap resentment among the uninitiated and other individuals who are otherwise straddling the fence; whose (own) imbedded impressions about Race continue to color their thinking

    38. She stood with her horse between them, watching over its back to hide her smirk as she explained, in a voice that conveyed no awareness of Kevin’s plight that they should loosen the saddles while they rested

    39. The whispering trees had conveyed the urgency, taking note of the approaching army

    40. Meticulous instructions had been conveyed to the leaders at the sacred pond

    41. “A lot of information can be conveyed by dancing,” he explained

    42. Yes, it was music, yes, some type of information was being conveyed, but it was conveyed symbolically

    43. She felt his look conveyed that he had gained some kind of understanding of what she felt that she had failed in

    44. Her eyes suddenly took on that earlier piercing glint that conveyed her annoyance instantly

    45. wanted him to spend some time in Her vicinity and she conveyed her

    46. Shri Maharaj conveyed this to all and

    47. was conveyed to the priests from Wadi, they commenced their lunch

    48. Something must have happened in those eight years that would have conveyed to them the assurance that even killing the founder’s heir would not bring them down

    49. “You really need to eat baby,” I said, ignoring what she had just conveyed to me

    50. But always, some small germ of the truth conveyed, lay well hidden within this “haystack of Man’s conceit

    1. It is my belief from personal relationships with the people involved that we are conveying this crate to the most likely rightful owner

    2. ’ Berndt said, his expression conveying much

    3. The capital of the country would be the same, though a greater number of pieces might be requisite for conveying any equal portion of it from one hand to another

    4. ” Helda hesitated slightly before conveying the bad news

    5. If the serpent in the desert is in any way conveying a message about events that were to occur in the future, looking at this logically, we have in the desert people who dying because of their involvement with sin (being bitten by the serpents)

    6. It took me a while to put this sentence together so that it would both make sense when reading the sentence itself, as well as providing the appropriate letters in the desired positions for conveying the hidden message

    7. Remember?’ The honesty conveying through her eyes

    8. That an individual may suddenly ―feel‖ the unexpected ―loss‖ of a close friend or loved one who is still living; conveying an

    9. They had a range good enough to talk to the ship from here, and they seemed pretty competent at conveying inflections and little nuances of expression

    10. “I didn’t know you spoke Russian,” said Colling, the tone of his voice conveying his annoyance, both at her concealing her linguistic ability and her flirting with the two soldiers

    11. The Russian captain seated himself on the receptionist’s desk and said he would wait until Colling returned, a wink at Colling conveying his apparent intention to use the time to flirt with the pretty receptionist

    12. conveying the idea that the Laws of Moses no longer operate in the world of today

    13. “Oh?” Jarin Huss said, his expression conveying more surprise than he meant it to

    14. 46 And the report reached Esau, saying, Jacob died in Egypt, and his sons and all Egypt are conveying him to the land of Canaan to bury him

    15. 46 And the report reached Esau saying Jacob died in Egypt and his sons and all Egypt are conveying him to the land of Canaan to bury him

    16. ” He looked out over the assembly to see if his words were conveying the renewed urgency that he felt

    17. Somonik was honored for his communications brilliance, and it was pointed out that at one point he had been conveying or participating in over eighteen hundred different conversations simultaneously

    18. conveying the renewed urgency that he felt

    19. ‘Twas then I saw the butterfly in all of its magnificence, bow, waving its tremendous wings as if conveying its “good-bye

    20. I turned and looked into Her eyes, then touched Her forehead with My hand conveying how much I had changed, what I had seen, what Earth had said, that unbeknownst to anyone I had been gone a long, long time in preparation for what task was soon to call Me back to Earth

    21. wondering about conveying Barbara’s character

    22. A lovely thought quaintly expressed, but conveying the great truth that every

    23. conveying such a sense of resistless power that some have found themselves

    24. Hence, we should focus on conveying our

    25. Neither are we conveying new age, spiritual, or religious unconditional love such as ‘hug a tree’ type of love

    26. Thus they are capable of spreading the most outrageous rumours as well as conveying truth and light

    27. “Yes?" he answered, conveying his annoyance

    28. Often times there is not one singular person or entity conveying this information

    29. This knowledge was conceived as a method for conveying to the public the reason for the atrocities

    30. conveying the more important message that ―I know that you are a good

    31. It was obvious to him, to the person conveying the story to

    32. conveying her story, tears were rolling down her cheeks,

    33. victims are absolutely terrified of conveying their stories in

    34. After conveying my story the Prime Minister wholeheartedly

    35. I could think of nothing but conveying Linda’s message

    36. “So why do you believe you’re pathetic?” He reached into his shoulder bag for a pair of magnets to use as a therapeutic metaphor conveying that we attract negativity by thinking negative thoughts

    37. After conveying the good news to Toby he leaped up into the

    38. Recall what I said about putting who you are into your book and you can see that conveying hilarity may actually come quite easily for you

    39. bear to see you that way; when you were conveying your short

    40. this person, without properly conveying the full message to my

    41. is there a reward for conveying information leading

    42. Corey began to tremble as he was conveying the story to my

    43. My mother began to feel groggy, while Corey was conveying his

    44. With all of the stress and tension of conveying my story, I'd

    45. while Timmy was conveying his story

    46. After conveying my story to Greg, he agreed that something

    47. However, that didn't stop him from conveying an

    48. Mitchell kissed the top of her head, conveying the love he had for her

    49. behavior you have found a way of conveying information, using the art of communication

    50. Whether conveying meaning simple or complex, words are little pieces of imagination

    1. In usage it conveys the idea of looking upon with a view to inspection or control

    2. * This example is simplistic but conveys the idea that if a

    3. mother-country, its real price, the real command of the necessaries and conveniencies of life which it conveys to the labourer, must be higher in a still greater proportion

    4. When we talk of any particular sum of money, we sometimes mean nothing but the metal pieces of which it is composed, and sometimes we include in our meaning some obscure reference to the goods which can be had in exchange for it, or to the power of purchasing which the possession of it conveys

    5. Even in the monied interest, however, the money is, as it were, but the deed of assignment, which conveys from one hand to another those capitals which the owners do not care to employ themselves

    6. PR presents an image of you & your biz in a way that conveys exactly 365 what you want to say w/out being too obvious

    7. Used as a greeting or farewell, it conveys the meaning,

    8. In addition to this, if we know that the Bible is a document that was constructed by someone who is not bound by the same limitations that we as humans are bound by, what should we make of the information that it conveys? Can we trust it? Should we stop and listen to what it is saying? How should we treat the information when we have provable evidence that it was put together by someone, who is not only outside of our time and dimensional space, but who claims to be responsible for creating the environment in which we live? We will firstly set out to identify aspects in the Bible, relating to the presence of design and also consider aspects of design at different levels

    9. This relates to the physical text and the message it conveys

    10. This sentence reads forwards and backwards and conveys exactly the same message

    11. Furthermore, this code conveys a lot of relevant information about Buddhism, not only in the message itself, but also the way in which the message is designed

    12. Some may feel that a certain sentence may convey a literal message ‘A’, while others feel that it conveys an allegorical message ‘B’

    13. Or one can choose to rely on a document, which is scientifically proven to be far above human capability to construct, both in its structure and content, and which is proven to be 100% true in the information that it conveys

    14. Given these facts, what attitude should we adopt with respect to what is written in the Bible? Should we not pay careful attention to the message it conveys? If we know and can scientifically prove with 100% certainty that the Bible is the only Book on Earth that demonstrates that a supernatural Being was responsible for its construction in its entirety; that every letter in the original languages, in which this Book was written, was placed in their individual positions with intense purpose and that this Book has been preserved through the ages without changing, omitting or adding one letter, does this not give us enough reason to at least read it and try to understand what is our Creator’s purpose for us?

    15. You should realize that kissing- a simple kiss on the lips- is actually a comfort move that conveys direct interest, without escalating too fast

    16. I’m not sure that “intimidation” really conveys what Johnson is

    17. It is axiomatic that every individual who properly enjoys life, gives (reflective) pause to all that is meaningful and of certain value; held motionless by uncertain forms that have yet to take shape however aroused by such notions that (necessarily) compel he or she to probe deeper into their essential nature notwithstanding how they (may) oftentimes exceed the capacious limits of that individual‘s (private) understanding that nevertheless continues to intrigue inquiring minds cognizant of intuitive impressions part real / part imaginary yet real in the real sense of being One in All; (however separated) whose underlying presence, however, conveys a (higher) spiritual or moral standing…that the young, conditioned by the expectancies of youth united with the old seeking redemption for unfulfilled promises or missed opportunities; each converging toward the same starting/ending point, the one embarking on life and the other approaching its end, in some manner, however, occasioning a (new) beginning, a jubilee, an extension of life which becomes younger (while growing older), brought together, youth/age, childlike in all its manly/womanly innocence while the middle years patiently bide their appointed time

    18. Abstract Art conveys neither Reality nor Truth

    19. It conveys that

    20. conveys that our hearts are not in it, we are keeping

    21. more than the word conveys? Every atom may be a universe, as

    22. by it; it merely conveys an idea

    23. That in its kingdom always reigns, but in modesty conveys obedience

    24. However, it still only conveys the visual component of the Reading to Mark, here

    25. As the spell translates the sound of your words into Draconian, it also translates those more subtle human emotional signals into those of dragons, and conveys them by means of a small Illusion of a simplified dragon figure

    26. The only other course that has been proposed with any seriousness involves fighting a very long defensive war, and relying on the tactical advantage that such a defensive stance conveys

    27. Grunwald about health care conveys some truths about our health care system

    28. Viral marketing is more powerful than third-party advertising because it conveys an implied endorsement from a friend

    29. words will do it, what usually takes place when a Master conveys a message

    30. (for example) conveys a message, we may be quite certain that its sense is

    31. Over His head in response flashed forth the Blazing Star which conveys the

    32. This is so because the very essence of the word love conveys unseen subtle electromagnetic vibrations of light

    33. Although the use of the word self conveys a single, definite thing, rather than a set of multiple and complex interacting processes or constellations, various aspects of oneself actually become salient in different situations and at different times, depending upon a multitude of factors

    34. Conveys what you need it to convey

    35. ; Do they deserve to be punished for the rest of eternity, to be damned to hell? If you answered ‘yes’ you have failed the test of understanding what true unconditional love conveys

    36. conveys to the Bulldozer that you have heard him and that you want to

    37. couple of weeks later their bank conveys their

    38. (2) The wording of some bible versions conveys an alternative meaning; being that Nebuchadnezzar did remember the dream but deliberately withheld it in order to test the authenticity of the interpretation

    39. accuracy; with the optimal balance being that which most efficiently conveys accurate meaning

    40. A written instrument that, when executed and delivered, conveys

    41. It conveys a message of

    42. He conveys the message of ALLAH almighty to Prophets

    43. The mirror conveys both truth and lies

    44. It conveys its truth, its knowing, through a story, through muthos

    45. It conveys its many truths not by explaining them, but by imitating them, which in the end can only be done through poetry

    46. money goes for a good cause – and the content conveys a message we are all sorely

    47. It conveys years

    48. There could be moments in life when a mere touch of a dear one conveys more empathy than a score of sympathetic words

    49. It conveys trust

    50. His tight grip on my elbow conveys the message that he knew what I was attempting

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