fetch sätze

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Fetch sätze (in englisch)

  1. He told me to fetch.
  2. I went to fetch the car.
  3. She decided to fetch him.
  4. I was asked to fetch you.
  5. Fetch the gun and the men.

  6. I shall come to fetch you.
  7. I ordered one to fetch me.
  8. I went to fetch her myself.
  9. It’s the truth – fetch.
  10. Ooh, we can fetch him later.
  11. Then he roared: Fetch a sword!.
  12. Fetch that stool, said Mr.
  13. He told me to fetch some water.
  14. Fetch me a sword, he said.
  15. Please sir, fetch some water.

  16. Come in, I’ll fetch the keys.
  17. He told me to go and fetch you.
  18. I’ll fetch Celina for you.
  19. Albert ran to fetch a carriage.
  20. I’ll have them fetch it when.
  21. Ordering Bane to fetch what he.
  22. Go fetch a brush and ink for.
  23. If I fetch the priest, and he.
  24. She went to the kitchen to fetch.
  25. Just give me ten minutes to fetch.

  26. Wait a minute, I'll fetch Zossimov.
  27. However, I'll go and fetch Ladislaw.
  28. The Tartar girls went to fetch water.
  29. Thought that Belfast would fetch him.
  30. I must fetch my husband, said Mrs.
  31. And I believe, it is a fetch of wit:.
  32. Here stood a prize that would fetch.
  33. Go fetch a stick before I spit on you.
  34. I will send two men to fetch your sons.
  35. I told a small girl to fetch it for me.
  36. Valentine rose to fetch the dictionary.
  37. He comes to fetch his wife and daughter.
  38. A stuffed fox or cat could fetch three.
  39. I will go myself and fetch the lemonade.
  40. He has gone now to fetch some rusks; he.
  41. It was time to fetch the Master’s wine.
  42. Fetch in our wood, and serve in offices.
  43. So we rode up this morning to fetch her.
  44. Next he said Go and fetch lemon leaves.
  45. Gilarene, fetch me my pipe and cottle.
  46. Then fetch one of the monk-physicians.
  47. Send one of the men to fetch the sheriff.
  48. And he has sent men to fetch wood and oil.
  49. The first thing they did was to fetch Tim.
  50. Perhaps she would be too ill to fetch him.
  51. Fetch that woman back at once, this minute.
  52. Fetch me this herb, and be thou here again.
  53. I'm coming to fetch you, said Chinedu.
  54. Stop! you stay here; I'll fetch the porter.
  55. Perhaps he’s gone to fetch my luggage.
  56. He asked Atlas to help him fetch the apples.
  57. It's no good going down to fetch the truck.
  58. Up to fetch a chap and his family yonder.
  59. Nextval will fetch the incremented value as.
  60. Wait, I will fetch him so you may thank him.
  61. Oh no! It is time to fetch her toys and play.
  62. The squirrel's hoard, and fetch thee new nuts.
  63. When Beth shows up, he can come and fetch us.
  64. A man was sent in to fetch some more banana.
  65. Angela went upstairs to the kitchen to fetch.
  66. Yeah Pops, just have to fetch a few things.
  67. Shamu hurried to the bar to fetch the drinks.
  68. We’re sending someone there to fetch you.
  69. That’s why we had to fetch the Father Prior.
  70. Charlie has gone to fetch some paper and pens.
  71. Quick, Susannah, fetch my Garter, said I.
  72. Strider immediately went to fetch the landlord.
  73. At that, Dorro hoisted himself up to fetch Mrs.
  74. I fetch his glass and refill it, saying nothing.
  75. He went to fetch Billy while Robyn went to the.
  76. The servant had been to fetch him in the tumult.
  77. Aw, just fetch it us in here, said her mum.
  78. Why, I…I would have told her to fetch!.
  79. Just see! He must have come to fetch some straw.
  80. It wouldn't fetch more than twenty-five roubles.
  81. Fetch me that flow'r, the herb I showed thee once.
  82. Who told you to go and fetch it in the Capharnaum.
  83. So Pharaoh called for his soldiers to fetch Moses.
  84. No problem, I will fetch her for you, he said.
  85. Rouse out Bob and Tom, some of you, and fetch the.
  86. He was the one who had asked Laino to fetch Enilia.
  87. Paxton stumbled off to the kitchen to fetch the beer.
  88. Go, get thee to Yaughan: fetch me a stoup of liquor.
  89. She'll be here to fetch Emeka home, said Chinedu.
  90. When your great-grandmother asked someone to fetch.
  91. Hareton was anxious to enter; but I bade him fetch Dr.
  92. Why dont you boys have a seat while we fetch the.
  93. Senor, I refused to fetch a priest for a dying woman.
  94. And would fetch you whoever you are flush with myself.
  95. Trained by owner to fetch and carry, basket in mouth.
  96. Let’s go downstairs and fetch the last of the food.
  97. The doctor sent Jacques to fetch Sheriff Joel Tramell.
  98. The crystal, the crystal; fetch it from the tarot bag.
  99. He spoke again, Is it time to fetch the others?
  100. I'll come fetch you, where are you? asked Zoleka.
  1. But not for fetching water.
  2. Take your time fetching Theakston.
  3. Men were fetching water from the fall.
  4. Rushworth is so long fetching this key!.
  5. Fetching it would give me a small reprieve.
  6. So that, when your fetching day has come, you will.
  7. The day we got him he was at once put to fetching water.
  8. She was fetching me from her brother's home, said Ma.
  9. When it comes to fetching commands, that’s one tough master.
  10. Captain Nemo hadn't even suggested my fetching Ned or Conseil.
  11. I reckon I was right to think of fetching the little bags along.
  12. Not the superb ships with sail-power or steam-power, fetching and.
  13. A child said What is the grass? fetching it to me with full hands;.
  14. Jarvis (aside)—That’s a fetching way she has of raising her eyes.
  15. Ironically enough, she’d been hit while fetching the morning paper.
  16. On the other hand, what she was proposing was quite far fetching indeed.
  17. So after fetching the ball out of the back of the Arcadia net, I did a.
  18. He wore a flower in his buttonhole--a very fetching touch with some women.
  19. I’m in the pantry fetching the cereal for them when I hear Liz say quietly.
  20. But what wilt thou give me if I succeed in fetching thy plaything up again?
  21. With each dog fetching the equivalent of US $250, it is a lucrative industry.
  22. It has been pierced by a bomb, so the infantry-men are fetching more earth.
  23. He moves away for a moment, and I can hear him near the door fetching something.
  24. I remember Alex called me to say that he’ll be late in fetching me up here.
  25. I busied myself for some time in fetching water from the cistern for the wounded.
  26. The cow-tender said that she did not mind fetching it herself, if he would let her down.
  27. We start by fetching the network parameters for the main, production Bitcoin network ➊.
  28. She looked harmless enough, he recalled, and was actually rather fetching when she turned on her charm.
  29. The gun skittered across the hardwood floor, fetching up against the wall next to the open lounge door.
  30. The following weeks flew by quickly, and we were soon at the end of term and fetching our report cards.
  31. She went into her closet, and, fetching her crape hat from the shelf, began pinning it on before the glass.
  32. Copies of Sauce Force, the band’s last single put out on vinyl in 2001, are currently fetching up to £500.
  33. Consequently, the Costume I sought was to be found right in Coxtart’s Emporium—and a fetching one ’twas.
  34. We moved around each other in the kitchen, fetching milk, sugar, a teapot, exchanging polite queries about biscuits.
  35. You guys could have warned me! Oh, I’m so embarrassed! She was still blushing, and James found it rather fetching.
  36. On every balcony families were sitting round tables waiting for the servant who was fetching their dinner from a restaurant.
  37. Debby and Michelle hovered near, fetching tissues for Libby and fussing over her the way they should have done a good hour ago.
  38. Don't you think this time it should be me who deals with shifty merchants? he said, fetching a stout stone and the ball hammer.
  39. A swathe of pink chiffon draped over the offending flesh was rather fetching, she thought – not stopping to wonder what it would fetch.
  40. If I had made any difficulty about fetching the key, there might have been some excuse, but I went the very moment she said she wanted it.
  41. Linton who had been conveyed up to the little parlour soon after I left, was terrified into fetching the key before his father re-ascended.
  42. Linton, who had been conveyed up to the little parlour soon after I left, was terrified into fetching the key before his father re-ascended.
  43. The rye, for the price of which he had so long held out, had been sold for fifty kopecks a measure cheaper than it had been fetching a month ago.
  44. But, as before hinted, for some time there was a continual fetching and carrying on board of divers odds and ends of things, both large and small.
  45. Sokolov wrote that the corn could not be sold, that it was fetching only five and a half roubles, and that more than that could not be got for it.
  46. They pulled at her rags until she played puppy games with them, free-for-alls that included lots of pulling and fetching and piling on top of her.
  47. A shopman who entered told her that her husband had gone with others to the cathedral, whence they were fetching the wonder-working icon of Smolensk.
  48. Nancy was coming back from fetching water at the public fountain and was about to enter her house when a Jewish man ran down her street while shouting.
  49. A shopman who entered told her that her husband had gone with others to the cathedral, whence they were fetching the wonder-working icon of Smolénsk.
  50. Being a bit of a piper himself, he was giving "Jock" a lift and was incidentally the means of fetching this little band away from the clutches of the enemy.
  51. Searching for a pair of sunglasses for myself, having ticked most of the other boxes, I was drawn to a fetching pair and asked the stall owner for the price.
  52. The man with the horn brought the girls one by one to a small platform at the front of their stage, where she posed and tried to look as fetching as possible.
  53. I assure you I have reckoned it all out," he said, "and the forest is fetching a very good price—so much so that I'm afraid of this fellow's crying off, in fact.
  54. When there, at her own particular request, for she was impatient to pour forth her thanks to him for fetching her mother, Colonel Brandon was invited to visit her.
  55. Flower lay on her stomach next to Candy, facing Byron’s lounging form, he had been up and dressed, fetching them breakfast, lunch, and drinks, to command all day.
  56. The mine’s wealth was legendary, fetching nearly eighty silver coins for a good crystal; he should have an ample opportunity to turn a good profit on this campaign.
  57. Businessmen found themselves rubbing shoulders on Wall Street with shopkeepers or lift boys: Everyone wanted to buy shares while they were still fetching good prices.
  58. That business consisted in fetching the Commodore's craft such a thwack, that with all his pumps going he made straight for the nearest port to heave down and repair.
  59. Things then followed up quickly, with Closse providing two soldiers to Françoise and fetching Perrine Meunier and her four young children, which included a toddler girl.
  60. Sure! Replied the waitress, bending under the counter and fetching both a menu and a copy of the day’s edition of the Washington Post before giving both to Ingrid.
  61. I assure you I have reckoned it all out,’ he said, ‘and the forest is fetching a very good price—so much so that I’m afraid of this fellow’s crying off, in fact.
  62. You remember the day, two months ago, when we had such a sudden wind and rain storm, a regular cloud-burst? I was down here in this neighborhood fetching manuscripts from M.
  63. His friend nodded his head in approval: in Athens, women had few precious rights and were not supposed to go around by themselves, being relegated to their houses unless fetching water.
  64. When we lived here it was a great labour, morning and evening, to fetch water from the spring and I was sorry for your women when I thought of them, in England, fetching water all that way.
  65. The curse restored Mark and Talia to life and health and restored their possessions as well, including fetching their swords by Translocation, all in less than another fifteenth of a second.
  66. Colia was in an almost hysterical state; he cried continuously, but was running about all day, all the same; fetching doctors, of whom he collected three; going to the chemist’s, and so on.
  67. During the American Revolution, prices roughly tripled every year from 1777 through 1779, with a pound of butter costing $12 and a barrel of flour fetching nearly $1,600 in Revolutionary Massachusetts.
  68. She would most probably have an unwelcome visitor shortly, as Sally would not let such an unusual event as the fetching of a suitcase, go by without investigating the cause of it and making a nuisance of herself.
  69. Her shirt had been torn open in the struggle, and with cynical cruelty he rasped his thick beard across her bare breasts, bringing the blood to suffuse the fair skin, and fetching a cry of pain and outraged fury from her.
  70. The following day, with John Roosevelt—a tall, good-looking kid with his hair slicked back and a warm, fetching smile—riding along in the launch, Ulbrickson held one final trial, just to see what to expect on race day.
  71. When the Day of the Costume Ball came ’round, I sent Coxtart to White’s Chocolate House to purchase my Ticket, and I directed her as well to procure me the most fetching Spanish Nun’s Attire that could be found in all of London.
  72. Either she was taking the children of a Russian family home from the springs, or fetching a shawl for a sick lady, and wrapping her up in it, or trying to interest an irritable invalid, or selecting and buying cakes for tea for someone.
  73. Chief among those who did this fetching and carrying was Captain Bildad's sister, a lean old lady of a most determined and indefatigable spirit, but withal very kindhearted, who seemed resolved that, if SHE could help it, nothing should be found wanting in the Pequod, after once fairly getting to sea.
  74. What with the referrals from those philanderers helped her to develop a fetching clientele, her earnings far exceeded her man’s expectations, but as he worked harder than ever to augment their fund, she moved ever emotionally closer to him, and ironically, as if to lighten his burden, she endeared herself more than ever to other men.
  75. The prodigious scarecrow obeyed, and standing up, removed the veil from his face and disclosed the most enormous, the longest, the whitest and the thickest beard that human eyes had ever beheld until that moment, and then fetching up a grave, sonorous voice from the depths of his broad, capacious chest, and fixing his eyes on the duke, he said:.
  76. I had to assist anyone who asked; Stage Manager, Director, wardrobe, prompt, set-building, fetching food, ironing costumes, sound effects, electrics, working the follow spot, pulling up and bringing down the curtain, clearing rubbish from back stage, carrying messages, going out for cigarettes, calling the actors… My job was everything and nothing.
  77. Her exertions did not stop here; for she soon afterwards felt herself so heroically disposed as to determine, under pretence of fetching Marianne, to leave the others by themselves; and she really did it, and that in the handsomest manner, for she loitered away several minutes on the landing-place, with the most high-minded fortitude, before she went to her sister.
  78. Her exertions did not stop here; for she soon afterwards felt herself so heroically disposed as to determine, under pretence of fetching Marianne, to leave the others by themselves; and she really did it, and THAT in the handsomest manner, for she loitered away several minutes on the landing-place, with the most high-minded fortitude, before she went to her sister.
  79. And with that he had almost pressed him to death, so that Christian began to despair of life; but as God would have it, while Apollyon was fetching of his last blow, thereby to make a full end of this good man, Christian nimbly stretched out his hand for his sword, and caught it, saying, "Rejoice not against me, O mine enemy; when I fall I shall arise" [Micah 7:8];.
  80. As for Fanny’s being stupid at learning, she could only say it was very unlucky, but some people were stupid, and Fanny must take more pains: she did not know what else was to be done; and, except her being so dull, she must add she saw no harm in the poor little thing, and always found her very handy and quick in carrying messages, and fetching what she wanted.
  81. This was the man who had been a prophet among us for twenty years, a leader, a patriarch, the Kukolnik who had borne himself so loftily and majestically before all of us, before whom we bowed down with genuine reverence, feeling proud of doing so—and all of a sudden here he was sobbing, sobbing like a naughty child waiting for the rod which the teacher is fetching for him.
  82. Maslova declared that she did go to the Hotel Mauritania, as stated, for the purpose of fetching some money for the merchant, and that opening the trunk with the key given to her by the merchant, she took only forty rubles, as she was directed, but took no more, which fact can be substantiated by Bochkova and Kartinkin, in whose presence she took the money and locked the trunk.
  83. The price of weapons, of gold, of carts and horses, kept rising, but the value of paper money and city articles kept falling, so that by midday there were instances of carters removing valuable goods, such as cloth, and receiving in payment a half of what they carted, while peasant horses were fetching five hundred rubles each, and furniture, mirrors, and bronzes were being given away for nothing.
  84. Ladies, Don’t Mind Stephen! but she had also been chosen to represent the Spirit of She had looked most fetching, wearing a modestly draped Greek robe of white cheesecloth girdled with red and blue and holding the Stars and Bars in one hand, while with the other she stretched out to the kneeling Captain Carey Ashburn, of Alabama, the gold-hilted saber which had belonged to Charles and his father.
  85. She filled her days helping the women in the camp get through what seemed a never ending array of chores—preparing and cooking all the meals, fetching water for cleaning, scrubbing laundry by hand at the river’s edge, cleaning the bedding, bathing the children, swatting the voluminous dust and sand from rugs and eiderdowns with handmade brooms—it seemed as if every woman in the camp was busy from sun up till well after sundown.
  86. For in those plains and deserts where they engaged in combat and came out wounded, it was not always that there was some one to cure them, unless indeed they had for a friend some sage magician to succour them at once by fetching through the air upon a cloud some damsel or dwarf with a vial of water of such virtue that by tasting one drop of it they were cured of their hurts and wounds in an instant and left as sound as if they had not received any damage whatever.
  87. But thus we open our wants and our desires, and then refer ourselves to His wisdom and goodness: And hereby we give honour to Him as our protector and benefactor, and take the way which He Himself hath appointed of fetching in mercy from Him, and by faith plead His promise with Him; and if we are sincere herein, we are through His grace qualified according to the tenor of the new covenant to receive His favours, and are to be assured, that we do and shall receive them.
  88. Then, while the Rat busied himself fetching plates, and knives and forks, and mustard which he mixed in an egg-cup, the Mole, his bosom still heaving with the stress of his recent emotion, related—somewhat shyly at first, but with more freedom as he warmed to his subject—how this was planned, and how that was thought out, and how this was got through a windfall from an aunt, and that was a wonderful find and a bargain, and this other thing was bought out of laborious savings and a certain amount of 'going without.
  89. Above their heads was the lofty, starry sky, across which flashed the fiery streaks caused by the bombs; an arshin away, on the left, a tiny opening led to another bomb-proof, through which the feet and backs of the soldiers who lived there were visible, and through which their voices were audible; in front, the elevation produced by the powder-vault could be seen, and athwart it flitted the bent figures of men, and upon it, at the very summit, amid the bullets and the bombs which whistled past the spot incessantly, stood a tall form in a black paletot, with his hands in his pockets, and feet treading down the earth, which other men were fetching in sacks.
  90. Fetching the rest of the herd around to enjoy them a while,.
  1. He fetched a card from.
  2. He had been fetched by a.
  3. Now nothing fetched him up.
  4. Jeremy fetched her a chair.
  5. This is all a bit far fetched.
  6. Someone must have fetched him.
  7. Does this sound far fetched?
  8. Your friend fetched me here.
  9. She waited while Remy fetched it.
  10. Scotty fetched me the sleeping bag.
  11. I fetched one and threw it over him.
  12. She fetched him food from the fridge.
  13. Robert, however, would not be fetched.
  14. Will you have them fetched back?
  15. He fetched another piece of scrap paper.
  16. Have your captive Octavia fetched here.
  17. I don't know why he hadn't been fetched.
  18. Dutch, and he fetched us both cold drinks.
  19. Norris fetched breath, and went on again.
  20. Nick fetched her from the office next door.
  21. They fetched high prices too, Moisel told me.
  22. That was quickly fetched and placed before her.
  23. It could have fetched a reasonable price then.
  24. In any case, I have fetched a ball that we'll.
  25. Nanon fetched it from Fessard's; there was none.
  26. Cook fetched water to bathe Virginia’s wrists.
  27. I fetched them out of my trouser pocket and gave.
  28. From the library he fetched a copy of Shakespeare.
  29. She fetched her handbag, then she went to her car.
  30. Gail had fetched some cushions from the couch to.
  31. Families fetched their dinners with them from the.
  32. Mohamed got out and fetched a trolley for the cases.
  33. He went to the kitchen and fetched a glass of water.
  35. Gantry as he fetched his newspaper off the sidewalk.
  36. He snorted impatiently, and fetched the candle himself.
  37. I fetched the drinks and brought out some hors d'oeuvres.
  38. I stirred up the cinders, and fetched a scuttleful myself.
  39. A local resident had fetched blankets out for the victims.
  40. Alcor found himself fetched up somewhere away from the lab.
  41. Gale fetched the orange juice out of the fridge, resisting.
  42. The count had the father fetched, but the fellow stuck to it.
  43. The others fetched each their ores and they rowed out to sea.
  44. She fetched an ice-cream from inside and stood in the shade.
  45. Calras had carried him back to the carriage and fetched Ilmal.
  46. Russian, the two duty staff smiling widely as they fetched his.
  47. I grabbed a jack out of the trunk while Nick fetched the spare.
  48. Morel fetched a sheaf of long sound wheat-straws from the attic.
  49. The name fetched some zilion reminiscences affixed to that place.
  50. She rose and fetched a croissant with some fruit from the buffet.
  51. He was careful to close the case after he’d fetched the papers.
  52. She fetched a cup of cold water from the fountain in the cloisters.
  53. He got down from his car, fetched himself a cold beer and sat down.
  54. Padraig was shown to the library while the butler fetched his master.
  55. How are we going to prove the authority that has fetched us here?
  56. At last he rose, fetched in a large piece of coal, and raked the fire.
  57. He was one of those who were fetched there by forced Translocation.
  58. When I saw Alex’s car one night when he fetched you, David said.
  59. The agent immediately fetched a sleek glass bottle containing a potion.
  60. He fetched from an old secretary a sheet of white paper and pen and ink.
  61. If you think that’s a bit far fetched, know that recently there was a.
  62. The woman helped George into the house and fetched a wel -stocked first.
  63. The King fetched his cup from the saddle, and placed it under the water.
  64. He fetched the dockets from the cab, and when he returned, Jenkins had.
  65. And she fetched her head-dress; her trousers; her shoes with red tassels.
  66. Father shrugged in resignation, and fetched paper towels from the kitchen.
  67. Then he fetched yet another circular object to fit into the frame's rear.
  68. That wasn’t the issue at stake, for which Talus had run and fetched her.
  69. Fetched out his knife and slashed the side of the poly tunnel and led her.
  70. He fetched his bottle of sotol, started the fire, and then took a good swig.
  71. I reckoned Jim had fetched up on a snag, maybe, and it was all up with him.
  72. The marine who’d fetched the towel was there and looking totally pissed off.
  73. Queen of Beauty rose and went to her chamber, from which she fetched a knife.
  74. I went back to the house and fetched Dino and Arturo and they began to laugh.
  75. The maid heaved a sigh and asked me, grudgingly, to wait while she fetched her.
  76. As Crusher fetched McCoy’s tricorder, McCoy sat the ring down on top of his.
  77. So I fetched the water as he asked, and washed and rubbed him, after which he.
  78. Spiro got up and fetched another bottle saying this called for a celebration.
  79. He jumped up and fetched a lantern and looked over the gate at them in surprise.
  80. The Sultan had his own fetched, which they soon used, but to no purpose, for in.
  81. We fetched our cushions from the other end of the cavern, and sat down by Selim.
  82. The unconscionable impudence of the bare suggestion fetched a gasp from both men.
  83. When they entered the living room, Elizabeth fetched a jar of tea and three mugs.
  84. Ali Cogia fetched his vase and carried it to his room at the inn, where he opened.
  85. Zoleka fetched her belongings from Chinedu’s home then she drove to her own home.
  86. So, she fetched a napkin and put into it the magic fruits from the enchanted garden.
  87. He fetched the delivery note and unlocked the front door and then the security gate.
  88. The cart of hay was fetched, and the Cossacks, hiding behind it, pushed it forward.
  89. He was in an odd mood when I fetched him last night, and he couldn't wait to leave.
  90. Then he fetched a long breath and motioned with his head to Cap’n Jonadab and me.
  91. This story about angels telling her she would be pregnant seems far fetched to him.
  92. It was when she fetched the tar bucket with which she salved the lame ewe’s ankle.
  93. Relieved when the ring parted to let Hanor through, the one who had fetched him fell.
  94. Once there, Venkatesh went to his room and fetched the sabha pamphlets—six of them.
  95. Zoleka left the kitchen and fetched her belongings from the hut that she had slept in.
  96. We never got him till dark; then we fetched him over, and I started down for the raft.
  97. As the things would have fetched little in the market, they were looking for a dealer.
  98. For after placing the armor inside the tent, he fetched a bedroll to place in with it.
  99. William knew of pawnshops where a news camera could have fetched several hundred bucks.
  100. The doctor, who was fetched that same night, bled him and said that the prince had had.
  1. It fetches unbelievable sums on Earth.
  2. Ah, it's sublime, sublime! Always fetches the house.
  3. Why, I met on the road a lad that fetches milk here.
  4. I wonder what fetches the most money? she said.
  5. Hence, shoplist[0] fetches the first item and shoplist[3].
  6. In war he is the best backer of the war, he fetches artil ery as.
  7. The Sahib's men need not watch, for they will not see who fetches it.
  8. Wise living, rather fast living fetches the fruits of a prosperous career.
  9. Skuld nods and Anthony fetches the keycard from his wallet and hands it to her.
  10. Bex fetches a box of her Dad's wine from under the stairs when they empty the bottle.
  11. As scrap aluminium, which currently fetches 70 Baht a kilogram, they would be worth 50,000 Baht.
  12. A year-old calf normally fetches ten to twelve shillings at market, though prices are down this season.
  13. So the boasts of men about their conquests would seem hollow since it’s the vulnerability of women that fetches them their favors.
  14. The model function select_data() fetches all the rows from the database table loop_table and returns it to the calling controller function.
  15. Now, if after he fetches a few breaths you alarm him, so that he sounds, he will be always dodging up again to make good his regular allowance of air.
  16. Just consider how much each can fetches, how many you have to collect and from where will you get them? Then think about all the effort that is involved.
  17. When he comes out again, he drives us over to the wood stalls at the end of the dirt road and fetches the silver suitcase he stashed in his trunk earlier.
  18. I’ve read in Benign Flame that the boasts of men about their conquests would sound hollow for it’s the vulnerability of women that fetches them their favors.
  19. Takeover greed appeared to be supporting the price: Value Line said avoid, despite potential for near-term price rises if the company fetches another buy-out proposal.
  20. The peasant who fetches vodka—even though you are going to drink it and not he and he knows that beforehand—seems, as it were, to be enjoying part of your future gratification.
  21. With everything packed and the Beretta tucked safely in his jeans, the doctor goes to the kitchen and fetches the last bottle of red wine and two glasses, which he wipes on the bottom of his shirt.
  22. Silly mermaids! How come they don’t keep their big mouth shut which always fetches them trouble? I feel sorry for her half body which totally went a waste, after he said that both of them switched to their evil laughter.

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