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Frasi con flat (in inglese)

  1. A flat tax of 3.
  2. Not an F flat God.
  3. Of the F flat (E).
  4. Of our F flat minds.
  5. But my life is flat.

  6. Of the F flat given.
  7. The F flat male ego.
  8. There is only F flat.
  9. Of the F flat aerials.
  10. It is wide, flat and.
  11. Oh, I got you a flat.
  12. The E (F flat) signal.
  13. F flat is not creative.
  14. And F flat has nothing.
  15. It consists of a flat.

  16. Of the F flat waveform.
  17. Promoted by the F flat.
  18. Here it was fairly flat.
  19. Staring at a flat wall.
  20. And I busted them flat.
  21. I fall flat on my face.
  22. To the F flat influence.
  23. It was flat out murder.
  24. Of the F flat influence.
  25. He went back to the flat.

  26. The terrain is very flat.
  27. We were both flat broke.
  28. The F flat mind cannot.
  29. Of the F flat busy-body.
  30. It was flat and logical.
  31. Press flat with a spoon.
  32. Than F flat E gradients.
  33. We have the F flat spel.
  34. F flat has thrown at you.
  35. Of these F flat thoughts.
  36. It would have been flat.
  37. They were all flat lined.
  38. I plopped flat on my bed.
  39. Cam sent her a flat stare.
  40. I knew his parents' flat.
  41. She felt flat and foolish.
  42. She’d found a big flat.
  43. Of false F flat (E) given.
  44. Sam fell flat on his face.
  45. It is a flat energy field.
  46. The earth is not flat or.
  47. He was just flat out lazy.
  48. The ocean was a flat calm.
  49. Ganz gave him a flat stare.
  50. In the present F flat mix.
  51. Of F flat left hemisphere.
  52. Later they met at his flat.
  53. It was very flat where we.
  54. I sneaked out of the flat.
  55. Of the unwanted E (f flat).
  56. Your flat was almost empty.
  57. He began to search his flat.
  58. She rolled flat on her back.
  59. With F flat weakened light.
  60. Jack rushed back to the flat.
  61. He took her up into his flat.
  62. She fell flat on her face.
  63. When they reached the flat.
  64. Darek fell flat on his face.
  65. Your offside rear is flat.
  66. The F flat driven influence.
  67. By the F flat medical world.
  68. His flat voice made her stop.
  69. Jaden falls flat on his face.
  70. It was flat, oily, and brown.
  71. He could not stay at the flat.
  72. Cut to dad in his mates flat.
  73. It all flat out intrigues me.
  74. Horcheese kept her voice flat.
  75. This is how F flat wants you.
  76. Brent found himself flat on.
  77. Rearing F flat ugly animosity.
  78. But no, the flat was correct.
  79. This is the F flat hypnotic.
  80. His voice was quiet and flat.
  81. In front of them lay a flat.
  82. We should adopt the Flat Tax.
  83. It was flat and lifeless grey.
  84. He pulled in front of her flat.
  85. A flat rate, or a cut of the.
  86. Not the E being F flat signal.
  87. Lie flat on the floor face up.
  88. Is simply the F flat battery.
  89. Then she fell flat on her face.
  90. PA moving out of Flat 5 today.
  91. Never once had it fallen flat.
  92. Robbie was stalled with a flat.
  93. Then we have the F flat spel.
  94. And the stunted F flat outlook.
  95. Flat nylon halters do nothing.
  96. The lights in his flat went on.
  97. He slips quietly into the flat.
  98. She lays you flat, arms akimbo.
  99. She put on her newly flat shoes.
  1. What’s the flatted fifth?
  2. I was able to isolate the precise frequency: the flatted or diminished fifth.
  3. He flatted with another student, Basil, who was from a wealthy family in the country.
  4. When I called to see her in June, 1842, she was gone a-hunting in the woods, as was her wont (I am not sure whether it was a male or female, and so use the more common pronoun), but her mistress told me that she came into the neighborhood a little more than a year before, in April, and was finally taken into their house; that she was of a dark brownish-gray color, with a white spot on her throat, and white feet, and had a large bushy tail like a fox; that in the winter the fur grew thick and flatted out along her sides, forming stripes ten or twelve inches long by two and a half wide, and under her chin like a muff, the upper side loose, the under matted like felt, and in the spring these appendages dropped off.
  5. The mound above is flatted with the spades--silence,.
  1. And in between on the misty flats.
  2. The chapter on Rocky Flats in Take.
  3. This is a common scene in the flats.
  4. Mostly three floors flats situated there.
  5. Been subdivided into holiday flats for years.
  6. Eats not the flats with more impetuous haste.
  7. He loved crossing the Bonneville Salt Flats.
  8. It looked like a road in the industrial flats.
  9. The main losses included 13,000 workers flats.
  10. Matching a-size-too-big flats were on her feet.
  11. All encircled the block of flats as instructed.
  12. It was a room with a view of two flats opposite.
  13. Access to the flats always required verification.
  14. With a wave, he disappears back towards the flats.
  15. Any more flats or sharps were out of his territory.
  16. Must be three or maybe even four flats in this one.
  17. Everyone ran out on to the stairs from all the flats.
  18. It’s not too dense in here? All these flats?
  19. We went down onto the mud flats to see what we could.
  20. There were many flats in the great city, so polished.
  21. Frodo and Sam sat on one of the flats, resting their.
  22. Why are you wasting those flats on a kayaking trip?
  23. She had removed her flats when she took off her pants.
  24. Elizabeths dowry paid the deposit on a block of flats.
  25. Let’s have a look at that block of flats opposite.
  26. They had, with the help of Fergal, designed their own flats.
  27. On the other bank cattle were feeding on the desolate flats.
  28. There were four other flats in the house in which Owen lived.
  29. Flats would've been just as good, in my estimation, but nooo.
  30. Now they’d moved into Julia’s house in the Berkeley flats.
  31. Somewhere between the plane and the beach I had lost my flats.
  32. After that it was a quick stop at an older complex in the Flats.
  33. I see him walking up the stairs to the flats on the first floor.
  34. And it’s so handy having our two flats next door to one another.
  35. His block of flats was relatively modern, an ugly 1960s building.
  36. Space Force Flight Academy has since moved to the Utah Salt Flats.
  37. All their dinnerware, both flats and sharps, was made from alloys.
  38. Since we last went the flats have been re-let, but the agent will.
  39. But after a little while I seemed to have the whole flats to myself.
  40. A palace somewhere, not high in a city, but not in the flats either.
  41. The twenty-six children of the Santa Maria flats belonged to twenty.
  42. The rain has washed away all the snow and ice in the flats and left.
  43. Houses and blocks of flats were provided with 24- hour free security.
  44. Luray's silhouette was visible out on the flats with a bag for the lon.
  45. Ciere stumbles out of the car, ballet flats slipping on the icy ground.
  46. From the block of flats across the car park, he almost whispered.
  47. These shallow flats are visited by the bass to keep on with their diet.
  48. We passed over endless flats of dunes with tough bunches of salt grass.
  49. In the early spring, you can find the bass in the large flats with woods.
  50. We continuously searched for a change of flats and suddenly it was there.
  51. Alex checks the layout downstairs; two flats, one either side of the hall.
  52. On and on to shops and flats, which he owned, rented and had partnerships.
  53. At least the thin trees, in front of the three storey flats were still there.
  54. She figured his secret out though, she threw her heels away and went to flats.
  55. However, the flats were atrociously furnished, dirty and ridiculously expensive.
  56. A friend of hers who lives in the flats – satchel or something her name was.
  57. I’m by an estate of flats, the road I just past is called Clinton street.
  58. They offered them the house between them so that they could turn it into two flats.
  59. She looked incredible wearing it, perfectly complimented by simple matching flats.
  60. She was wearing a green jacket over a white T-shirt and rolled-up jeans with flats.
  61. Maguire looked back over his shoulder towards the block of flats they had just left.
  62. They decided that the only way to go was to convert the building into separate flats.
  63. The ghetto flats were a block of thirty or forty grey, depressing flats inhabited by.
  64. As we headed out of town, the shops became less frequent, and flats took their place.
  65. I lived near the Vozncsenky Bridge, in a huge block of flats overlookmg the courtyard.
  66. Mostly finding flats and so on for delegation staff, and acting as agents for them.
  67. Most that I had been familiar with were second or third story flats with broken front.
  68. He was sent to a Building site where apartments that were called flats were being built.
  69. But Turney disappeared from the front of the flats before the any action could be taken.
  70. Many of the large, formerly family homes around this area had been converted into flats.
  71. Kennedy paused and looked at a cheap apartment house on which was a sign, Flats to Let.
  72. Olsen looked to his left and eyed up several cramped looking flats built closely together.
  73. It was divided into flats, in an affluent, stable neighbourhood of genteel respectability.
  74. The Frys are new money in the Flats and won’t be missed as much as they think they will.
  75. Rakitin doesn't understand that; all he cares about is building a house and letting flats.
  76. All of them greeted one another as they passed by, offloading downstream towards the flats.
  77. The only shoes that fit are a pair of black ballet flats with clear rhinestones on the top.
  78. While Max kept a watch on the flats, Carla made a call from a nearby phone box to the police.
  79. Downstairs the back door to the flats opened into a garden bounded by a brick wall at its rear.
  80. Finally, I decided on the only pair of jeans I owned and a pair of my new black flats to match.
  81. Partitions installed when the house was converted into flats spoiled what must originally have.
  82. This she said would open the way for them to convert their large house into purpose built flats.
  83. The roads were in a really bad shape, and the houses or blocks of flats were in a terrible state.
  84. Foliage to its present size, and in ones and twos had bought flats in the area to let out until he.
  85. In 1867, the family came together again and lived in the squalid tenement flats at 3 Sciennes Place.
  86. She watched the view of all the back alleys of the neighborhood, other flats and beyond that the sea.
  87. On well-grassed flats the blooded Herefords grazed, only looking up as we drove by in a cloud of dust.
  88. It is not my fault that things cannot be so arranged, and that one must be satisfied with model flats.
  89. An important part of the socialization of any child in Bernal Flats demands a visit to the hot springs.
  90. When Dad died, there was the house here in Bath where Mum was still living and the two flats in Bristol.
  91. My sister comes in, wearing a pink top with a white haft sweater over it and a white skirt and ballet flats.
  92. Several of the women of the neighbouring flats were shouting, talking and protesting about something — Mr.
  93. All the officers immediately got back into their vans, and made their way to the suspect’s block of flats.
  94. Flats and meads of rough grass, grey now in the falling night, lay all about, but in front on the far side.
  95. It ran thru a seventy story tendril of city that knifed straight into the eastern flats for over four miles.
  96. For some time Anderson had realised that the rear of the flats must be providing Turney with a vantage point.
  97. She was wearing a white short-sleeved dress with a jewel neckline and her usual flats in black patent leather.
  98. I smacked the tops of her hands with the flats of my sword blades so hard that she dropped both of her swords.
  99. There were crabs burying themselves in the mud flats around the edge of the river which Gomes found intriguing.
  100. Four flats, interior walls torn down, a labyrinthine arrangement of corridors and rooms, kitchens and bathrooms.

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