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Frasi con plane (in inglese)

  1. My plane left at 10.
  2. I’m not on a plane.
  3. See? It was a plane.
  4. A plane flew above us.
  5. Force plane to fly me.

  6. So the plane I was in.
  7. It was a search plane.
  8. We soon left the plane.
  9. He had a plane to catch.
  10. Think of it as the plane.
  11. If a plane is going to.
  12. The crew of that plane.
  13. Bound are you in a plane.
  14. He died in a plane crash.
  15. Outside is a plane that.

  16. They walked to the plane.
  17. There is the plane of.
  18. He looked up at our plane.
  19. The UAE plane was waiting.
  20. I dashed back to the plane.
  21. But this plane is intact.
  22. She can eat on the plane.
  23. Who was flying the plane?
  24. Everyone on the plane died.
  25. He had leased a plane for.

  26. What a miracle! The plane.
  27. On the plane? he said.
  28. Less than an hour by plane.
  29. On the plane was painted a.
  30. He jumped on the next plane.
  31. Only I am not in the plane.
  32. You were in a plane crash.
  33. But on the buddhic plane it.
  34. The Paper Plane and the Moon.
  35. His plane had that advantage.
  36. The plane continued to climb.
  37. The plane flew high in the sky.
  38. I can still fly a plane, Kate.
  39. This is a nice flying plane.
  40. One plane or another, only a.
  41. His plane had a limited range.
  42. It was not going on the plane.
  43. I knew on the physical plane.
  44. Her plane left the next morning.
  45. The plane was flying over the.
  46. Astral plane, magic of the eye.
  47. Who else is on that plane?
  48. Hamilton must have used a plane.
  49. We didn’t put it in any plane.
  50. The other plane stopped suddenly.
  51. That was the end of the plane!.
  52. He was on a plane in two days!.
  53. We got to the side of the plane.
  54. No books to read on the plane.
  55. Stood in front of the plane, it.
  56. For the moment, they had no plane.
  57. What speed the plane was racing.
  58. So they’re on the plane?
  59. I need you on the physical plane.
  60. There was a plane crash not 247.
  61. In the physical plane there are.
  62. The plane should be leaving soon.
  63. First Class Section Of The Plane.
  64. How is the plane holding?
  65. When boarding the plane she can.
  66. He knew that the plane ride was.
  67. Cameron put the hose in the plane.
  68. He’s not in the plane either.
  69. The slot was in the vertical plane.
  70. They had a plane to catch to Maui.
  71. And the space plane itself?
  72. Get on the plane! he shouted.
  73. Our plane took off without mishap.
  74. We are still waiting for the plane.
  75. They had to have come in by plane.
  76. They had hijacked the plane using.
  77. What kind of plane was that?
  78. They are not of this Plane or Gaea.
  79. For some time he’d heard a plane.
  80. Melanie, we were in a plane crash.
  81. I drank more and more on the plane.
  82. Credit card receipt for the plane.
  83. Here are some swing plane golf tips.
  84. At noon, the plane reached the city.
  85. I took my diary with me on the plane.
  86. The engines started on the plane to.
  87. At that point, the plane would fly.
  88. They came off the plane cussin’ me.
  89. That is one deadly, dangerous plane.
  90. Let the daredevils get on the plane.
  91. That’s just to raise the plane up.
  92. My plane is due in at 11:23 tonight.
  93. Cuppernell began steering the plane.
  94. The storm rocked the plane a moment.
  95. He started to climb out of the plane.
  96. Look, I really have to catch a plane.
  97. This Plane is ours, said Zolgnath.
  98. Bert’s plane began to lose altitude.
  99. By plane? Just over an hour and $133.
  100. The plane started rising higher and.
  1. A Carpenter and Nicholas Ivánovich wearing a carpenter's apron are working at the bench, planing.
  2. They had a boat that took a multiple coppers in fuel to get here, it has a motor-driven planing hull!.
  3. I was planing and the Zodiac had a rigid hull, so I knew I was going to stay afloat, but only if I kept her in a straight line.
  4. Allcock's still made hooks, of course, but Harry was most taken by the planing machines and commercial lathes churning out components so quickly and efficiently.
  5. George had custom rod orders to fill and set Harry to the task of sectioning and planing the strips while he directed the girls in wrapping the guides, strippers and tips.
  6. I finished a business course on the side, and that’s when Monica mentioned she was planing to retire in a coupel of years and told me I could be a candidate to take over if I started helping out in the head office.
  7. Indeed, this is the measure of intelligence required over and above that of random chance, as in the designing and planing of the capability of a tornado restructuring the material and contents of a junkyard, into say, a high-rise building, Jumbo jet, and flora and fauna.
  1. In rooms too planed to really.
  2. He baked, cooked, sewed, planed, and mended boots.
  3. And since he planed to stay in this village for good, he.
  4. Normally, the extent of the surface to be planed will determine whether the.
  5. He adjusted hinges, oiled locks, screwed knockers tight, and planed doorjambs.
  6. They spent much time there and had presumably planed to use it as a retirement home.
  7. Normally, the extent of the surface to be planed will determine whether the procedure.
  8. The shove-ha'penny table was a planed mahogany board with a number of parallel lines scored across it.
  9. I’d sit and watch him has he planed a piece of wood or put a joint together, he didn’t talk much.
  10. Nevertheless, it is still planed to study weather forecasts for the specific period when such works are scheduled.
  11. This pledge was, however, only a smoothly planed piece of wood the size and thickness of a silver cigarette case.
  12. They had planed to leave far earlier but they had consumed too much alcohol to travel or care, and had overslept.
  13. The nameless ship planed along the mist, tufts of green-white spraying up to her bowsprit as she plunged through the foggy waves.
  14. Jane was a little in shock to know that her life was planed many years ago, that she was the one who carried the child to save Baja.
  15. Not to demolish whatever was out there, plant a few trees, and rule that the land was liable for a mudslide if the trees weren’t planed in a certain way.
  16. He floored the boat, which planed over the surface of the mist, eating up the distance between him and the far-off trees that stood spire-like on the horizon.
  17. The workbench was scattered with planed sticks and coloured paper, and labels, and bowls and packets of powders whose shades varied from silvery grey to white.
  18. We have explored and discussed probable theories with regard to the reality of the design and order of creation, human evolution, and the necessary complexity of such planed existence.
  19. When the last nail was driven, and the lid duly planed and fitted, he lightly shouldered the coffin and went forward with it, inquiring whether they were ready for it yet in that direction.
  20. At last, when the three lids had been planed down, nailed, soldered, it was placed outside in front of the door; the house was thrown open, and the people of Yonville began to flock round.
  21. A strange world thought the detective who appreciated the lesson of the day as he crested the Brynderwyns and released his vehicle on the downward straight that planed into the flatlands of Waipu almost 400 metres below.
  22. There is enough evidence to entertain the possibility that ‘God’ created the universe, and created it for a specific purpose by His will, and through His word, designed, ordered and planed through cause and effect.
  23. If it had been as the Millennialists say God planed it to be, Christ would not have been put to death, He would not have purchased the church with His blood, He would not have died our death, and we would still have our sins.
  24. If God had not planed on the rejection of Christ, it would not have been written that the Christ should suffer and rise again from the dead the third day; and that repentance and remission of sins should be preached in his name unto all the nation, beginning from Jerusalem.
  25. Premillennialists tell us that God planed to set up the kingdom when Christ was on earth, but because His rejection by the Jews, the kingdom was put off and the church, which was unseen by the prophecy of the Old Testament, was a substitution unto Christ comes a second time and sets up the kingdom.
  26. The same story is told still more plainly by faults—those great cracks along which the strata have been upheaved on one side, or thrown down on the other, to the height or depth of thousands of feet; for since the crust cracked, and it makes no great difference whether the upheaval was sudden, or, as most geologists now believe, was slow and effected by many starts, the surface of the land has been so completely planed down that no trace of these vast dislocations is externally visible.
  1. Most of the planes and.
  2. About five planes a week.
  3. He felt so cramped on planes.
  4. Just use the planes you have.
  5. There's no news of the planes.
  6. They are wiped off all planes.
  7. RC planes just move too fast.
  8. A couple of the guys had planes.
  9. Planes fly like eagles in the sky.
  10. In these higher planes thought-.
  11. Too many planes, too many people.
  12. When do the planes wear out?
  13. It however cost them a few planes.
  14. I was prepared to steal the planes.
  15. You are surrounded by these planes.
  16. All of your planes leave on Monday.
  17. Man lives his life at three planes.
  18. The planes will be ready in time.
  19. My planes will now start to fly out.
  20. What Liquids are Allowed on Planes?
  21. The planes are in good shape, though.
  22. Planes of tone, painting in the, 122.
  23. Now I could see the other two planes.
  24. Man lives his life at three planes i.
  25. The Americans had lost eighty planes.
  26. All six planes lumbered into the air.
  27. Take me out and show me the planes.
  28. The planes kept coming, nailing them.
  29. Most of the planes he bought needed.
  30. They gave him tanks, planes, and guns.
  31. No Japanese planes or guns engaged him.
  32. Huh, planes have cup holders? I thought.
  33. But no planes crash, no houses explode.
  34. The following day, back the planes came.
  35. They estimate the planes actual age at.
  36. And the same goes for pilots and planes.
  37. Our losses in planes were also crippling.
  38. This allows you to transcend other planes.
  39. In many cases, the problem was the planes.
  40. From Oahu, several planes would fly south.
  41. Not long after sunup, the planes took off.
  42. In the shadows he lurks on distant planes.
  43. That cost us three pilots and four planes.
  44. I wished I had about another fifty planes.
  45. The same goes for cars, planes, boats, etc.
  46. How are the model planes coming along?
  47. Five planes each about a quarter mile apart.
  48. The two other planes took off after Coxwell.
  49. He had to change planes but had no time to.
  50. Both of their planes are write-offs, though.
  51. In his dreams, planes dove at him, endlessly.
  52. Other Planes, similar to Gaea, exist as well.
  53. When the planes crashed into the World Trade.
  54. Most crews referred to their planes as she.
  55. There were no planes, no ships, no submarines.
  56. On our planes it’s rounded off, quite simply.
  57. I guess you’ve seen the planes on television.
  59. I believe that our planes are still using Suwon.
  60. None were truly on the planes that hit the towers.
  61. They say they are they new surveillance planes.
  62. He was spending on helicopters, planes, and trips.
  63. These different planes are not separated in space.
  64. The planes drop fireworks for almost half an hour.
  65. Pilots flew or drove their planes into each other.
  66. You fly planes and you swim with killer whales.
  67. Then more planes broke off in different directions.
  68. You can sneak planes in and out without being seen.
  69. They have those crazy names painted on their planes.
  70. Every day our losses from the American planes grow.
  71. The reason is that the submarines, jet planes, etc.
  72. Several of our planes were downed and pilots killed.
  73. One of those planes then crashed into your building.
  74. And the planes in Spain fall mainly in the rain [1].
  75. Their surveillance planes were coming to the rescue.
  76. His best work is full of squarer drawing and planes.
  77. I changed planes in Denver - where I had to wait 4hrs.
  78. They didn’t even have to build as many planes as us.
  79. He had seen planes land before and it looked violent.
  80. I could see two other planes near an unpainted shack.
  81. Model planes adorned the ceiling in the hospital room.
  82. Planes, inclined, in the construction of rail roads, J.
  83. We were still using our old planes, for the most part.
  84. When the planes came back, it was up to me to finish.
  85. I certainly would not want to ban planes and parachutes.
  86. There, they would switch planes and head out to Hawaii.
  87. I became aware of the absence of planes coming into the.
  88. Some you will meet physically, some on the inner planes.
  89. That meant that his planes would be grounded for a few.
  90. Behind her is a bald man with sharp planes in his skull.
  91. Hopping in and out of planes is exercise enough, you say.
  92. I like to lie on the bonnet and see the planes nicely.
  93. Chakras exist on the astral, etheric and physical planes.
  94. I have sensed recent movement in the Helix of the Planes.
  95. And the Agency’s planes aren’t his private limousines.
  96. Gianni spotted the line of planes after just a few minutes.
  97. They can move laterally in cars and jet planes and trains.
  98. If the planes had been packed with explosives in addition.
  99. Those bombs in London were done by planes from Scandinavia.
  100. There are no hard demarcations among these planes of being.

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