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Frasi con fling (in inglese)

  1. Yes you are a fling.
  2. They’ve got to have their fling.
  3. Had chosen thus to fling his soul.
  4. There was a fling a few years later.
  5. A fling with which I fathered a son.

  6. I want a future, not a passing fling.
  7. This was just his last fling, anyway.
  8. All because of a fling ten years ago.
  9. He is willing to fling away the worn-.
  10. It was nothing Sylvia, just a fling.
  11. Maybe she should fling herself off a cliff.
  12. Will wanted to fling up the window and call.
  13. It was a fling, we had fun, and it’s over.
  14. Not all the rapture of the birds that fling.
  15. More than this will I the creaking door fling wide.

  16. Will you be returning to her? Am I just a fling?
  17. When he took it out he had intended to fling it from.
  18. A fling that flung me long ago in the deepest depression.
  19. Stars fling old ones off and pick new ones up all the time.
  20. This convict was on his way to fling the body into the river.
  21. After my creative fling with Eli, I left the naming to others.
  22. Put everything on it, fling everything there, stick it all in.
  23. The white-topt mountains show in the distance, I fling out my.
  24. We had a lively affair, or was it a fling? Whatever it was, it.
  25. He had a fling with a married colleague that lasted a month or so.

  26. This fling with Rosemary and Frank was threatening to consume her.
  27. This was when the old man had his fling with the Smith woman, Hilda.
  28. He opened his mouth to fling a number in her face but caught himself.
  29. A blast of cold air nearly knocks me off my feet as I fling open the.
  30. I’ve no intention of having a fling with you or anything like that.
  31. It was a day to be out of bed, to pull curtains and fling open windows.
  32. Even they seemed to be having a final fling before the weather turned.
  33. Thea: I heard Jane had a quote-unquote fling with one of the fathers.
  34. But all at once something seemed to seize him and fling him at her feet.
  35. All they had to do was fling the seeds and the rich soil did the rest!.
  36. A last fling with youth, energy, and insatiable urges before the fadeout.
  37. Mei Yinxue coldly hummed and raised both her hands to fling the coffin to.
  38. Luka, said Andrei, go fling your shit around with the other monkeys.
  39. I fling another shell fragment in his direction, and the soldier pulls back.
  40. She wasn’t a proper lady and not suitable for more than an extended fling.
  41. Sandra rode opposite, dominant, like a Victory prepared to fling into the air.
  42. Janet told me it was just a fling and that she didn’t hold that against Mr.
  43. However, I used the falling sensation of the insomnia to literally fling myself.
  44. Even last year when Massie and Cayden had a very short lived fling, she hated her.
  45. What… I fling one of the pages over the railing, pressing my lips together.
  46. A hand touches my shoulder, and I fling a fist out, hitting something solid but soft.
  47. Hell, all they have to do is sit back and fling asteroids at us from a safe distance.
  48. You will, among other things, see in it Julius Cesar having his fling with Cleopatra.
  49. He smiled as he recalled their little fling there on this same bench a few days before.
  50. I knew that with Adrian, it wasn’t going to be a brief fling, like I’d ever had too.
  51. But I won't fling it around carelessly - I think many of the qualities are taught from.
  52. Last year, the Tessers found out that Dick had a daughter from a fling he had during the.
  53. All I did, however, was to halt before her, and fling upon the table my burden of wealth.
  54. It was just a fling, she said, laughing, but I really had fun and I have no regrets.
  55. But no throngs swarmed the white-paved streets to fling roses before the conqueror's hoofs.
  56. We are only distantly related, and that through intercourse, as my father had a fling with.
  57. The answer of AlonsoPérez was to fling down the weapon with which his son should bemurdered.
  58. Yet another saw her fling Nova’s letter back out the window and her life remained ordinary.
  59. But with enough strain, he was able to fling Peter from him and land, crouching, on his feet.
  60. She longed to jump up and fling her arms round Robert's neck and tell him she was off to Italy.
  61. A thoroughly thought-out camping trip has a greater chance of success than a last-minute fling.
  62. Don’t throw away our years of trust on a two week fling that screwed up your chance with Ava.
  63. Well, at least tomorrow it will be over, he’ll have his fling and be off looking for another.
  64. It certainly wasn’t even the last thing on Beverley Bennie’s mind when she had a brief fling.
  65. Was she really contemplating an on-the-job fling? Because of course, that’s all that it would be.
  66. I’d called a breathless halt to what would have been a hot fling with a short duration and no future.
  67. I rejoice in my spine, as in the firm audacious staff of that flag which I fling half out to the world.
  68. I stand bewildered, with you on one side and Vicki on the other, and fling exhortations at you in turn.
  69. So now that had come to an end, though it had certainly lasted longer than any other fling she’d had.
  70. I’d thought the portrait—a head shot from Amy’s brief fling with acting—beautiful but unsettling.
  71. I feel its weight and the prick of talons and fling my arm forward to shake it off, my hand batting at it.
  72. Then he was in the room, a tall, achingly gorgeous presence, and I resisted the urge to fling myself at him.
  73. The sylph’s cloven feet slipped on the pavement and she dismounted rapidly to fling herself into my arms.
  74. I had no idea what I could do against a vampire that could fling lightning at will, but I had to try to help.
  75. I had this mad desire to fling myself out to sprint down the middle of nothing with the Beast in fresh flight.
  76. Oh, he saw that till the very last moment the man had not known he would crumple up and fling away the notes.
  77. Oh, I truly hate that sometimes! Love to fling him into the next block and forget had proud warrior ass!.
  78. His own heart is beating quickly, and he is torn between decisions when his father’s fingers fling his arm away.
  79. Of course, you already knew that Peter Gordon was having a fling with Spalding’s wife, Wickland continued.
  80. If she had had any lingering notion of exposing Alfred Temple, Tom's offensive fling had driven it entirely away.
  81. So she had managed to fling it from her hand on the table at the moment when I had dashed into the further corner.
  82. I saw the fatal step, just six stairs from the bottom, tried to fling my leg out to catch me, but it was just too slow.
  83. Diomed! I called and he came down so that I could grasp his now grown out heavy mane to fling myself on his back.
  84. Philander was too much relieved at the happy outcome to their adventure to take umbrage at the professor's cruel fling.
  85. In all of this, who did he think he really owed? He didn’t owe Tdeshi anything, he’d been her last fling in Sinbara.
  86. She reflexively let her hand fling out and barely managed to cling onto the edge of the windowsill with her fingertips.
  87. That had long been settled: Fling them into the canal, and all traces hidden in the water, the thing would be at an end.
  88. Crashed against by the waves, these fling back fountains of spray; and curlews circling above, calling out in sad voices.
  89. There is four of it in that sentence: I fling them to you in a handful, only remarking that they are your fault, not mine.
  90. Suddenly she heard the well-known click of the chain, and she saw Paul fling open the gate, push his bicycle into the yard.
  91. Let us avenge him! Let us annihilate the foe, or let us all die together there!’ All shout, and fling themselves after me.
  92. Really, Caroline said glancing quickly in her direction then tossing her hair into the wind, a fling, that’s all.
  93. Can a fling, which becomes an obsession still be called a fling? Coming to think of it, perhaps, it is I that was your fling.
  94. What Job would have done, she knew, would be at once to go upstairs, fling the drawing-room door open, and thunder, Get out.
  95. When the alternative route appeared on the display, it took everything in Chuck's will not to fling the device out the window.
  96. He gave orders to strip the covers from the ikons and fling them, with the censers, crosses, and plates, into the melting-pot.
  97. Gripping the bat, she straightened up, mustered all her strength and used the momentum of her hips to fling her arms once more.
  98. One night with Mitch, a fling she only had out of spite when Max spent their last hundred bucks on a bet, had changed everything.
  99. When the big moment came she was prepared to fling off her black gown, switch broom for wand, and emerge as the fairy godmother.
  100. Thank you, Isabel said, her eyes as round as saucers as she resisted the urge to fling herself at him and burst into tears.
  1. I could see his hands flinging.
  2. I swore, flinging both the rope and.
  3. But there are ways and ways of flinging them.
  4. Bolg now flinging themselves at the Thane in.
  5. He sat flinging lumps of earth in the stream.
  6. For the enemy was flinging into the City all.
  7. There's the stuff, flinging the pouch upon the anvil.
  8. He had just arrived, and was wearily flinging down his hammer.
  9. He was flinging himself on his knees to pray, but broke into.
  10. The covers of dumpsters flinging open, a pack of dogs sprung.
  11. Finally striking her sword close to his hand and flinging it.
  12. Janelle sprang up in bed, flailing and flinging the blanket off.
  13. Warriors of the human world are flinging themselves into your.
  14. Damn! he swore, flinging himself off the bed, and going into.
  15. She swung her heavy head, flinging water from her frill, and sighed.
  16. Flinging the straw aside, he sat up abruptly, momentarily disoriented.
  17. He was kicking his legs skyward and flinging his arms as he spun around.
  18. Again! said the commander, flinging the paper angrily on the table.
  19. One gun never stopped firing and most of the time both were flinging led.
  20. And then Cherry was there, flinging the dwarf’s corpse off him, hauling.
  21. He leaned over, picking up the backpack and flinging it over his shoulder.
  22. Her own mother, wrenching her away and flinging her screaming out the door.
  23. And suddenly flinging up his hand, he threw the crumpled notes on the sand.
  24. I ran forward, half-stumbling with cold, flinging myself against his chest.
  25. He shook his head in admiration, flinging water in all directions from his hat.
  26. Here they come! Billy shouted, dropping his glass, and flinging up his head.
  27. Flinging away the cigar, Sergey Ivanovitch advanced with resolute steps towards.
  28. The car spilled crazily off the road into a ditch, flinging Teece against the glass.
  29. As he went into the house, flinging down his cap, his mother looked up at the clock.
  30. The spectators' "OH!" rhymed with each flinging of the stone, and that went on for a while.
  31. Flinging his backpack over his shoulder, he winced when it thumped against his bruised ribs.
  32. Flinging his hand wide he intoned, You are about to find out what pain is all about!.
  33. The King flew into a rage and killed him by flinging him against a stone with all his force.
  34. Then he turned back to her, flinging one arm across her shoulders and one leg over her thighs.
  35. My head jerks to the side and I cringe away from him, flinging my hands up to protect my face.
  36. We can stop at a gas station and ask for a map, Gary said, flinging his bangs from his face.
  37. Holmes edged his way round the wall and flinging the shutters together, he bolted them securely.
  38. And the leperos, flinging about the corners of their dirty white mantas, yelled their approbation.
  39. All you think of inquiring is whether a man is flinging money about; he is—then, ergo he is guilty.
  40. Also I threw the cushions on the floor before flinging myself on the sofa in the hall; and presently Mrs.
  41. I remembered flinging myself into similar obstinances as a child, but Royal was getting too old for this.
  42. He yanked out every tome, flinging it across the room, ripping, tearing, smashing everything he could find.
  43. Dunk was digging, plunging a spade into the hot, dry earth and flinging the fine sand back over his shoulder.
  44. Shut up, you fool, the prince yelled grabbing the demon captain by the neck, flinging him to the ground.
  45. Kara looked at him and, flinging a quick plea that Gotte would lend power to her words, assembled her thoughts.
  46. He ran into the cottage, flinging the back door open, his cheeks flushed with both pleasure and the cold wind.
  47. He swatted at it, and he dropped the bat and ripped the shirt off, flinging it at the still-advancing skeleton.
  48. He was flinging himself on his knees to pray, but broke into laughter—not at the idea of prayer, but at himself.
  49. He was flinging himself on his knees to pray, but broke into laughter —not at the idea of prayer, but at himself.
  50. He did not seem to know his touch tormented her insides, flinging all the calm places into the tumult of a tempest.
  51. Spears cried out, and spun to the ground spasmodic�ally flinging his weapon almost as high as the whirling blades.
  52. His icy eyes lit with pleasure at seeing me, and I couldn’t stop myself; I ran to him, flinging myself in his arms.
  53. Sir, it removed my veil from its gaunt head, rent it in two parts, and flinging both on the floor, trampled on them.
  54. She leaped up from her chair, and flinging her clasp on the ground, she gesticulated rapidly with her hands and said:.
  55. Then into the pool plunged the line of men, stamping, churning, moving in a crazy line up the pool, flinging their feet about.
  56. To the passion of love was added, by their attitudes, the passion of protectiveness, of flinging her body between him and them.
  57. The barbarian was swaying on his feet, the light in his unsteady hand flinging fantastic shadows back and forth along the wall.
  58. Hastily flinging her cloak around her she opened the door and followed, putting out the candles as if she were never coming back.
  59. One could feel oneself running out into it with one's face to the sun, flinging up one's arms in an ecstasy of release, of escape.
  60. But his face was so piteous, that she restrained her vexation, and flinging some clothes off an arm-chair, she sat down beside him.
  61. Every sewerman who felt the ground giving way beneath him began by flinging away his sack of tools, or his back-basket, or his hod.
  62. Danny wheeled himself round whilst Ben awkwardly took the brakes off his chair, nearly flinging himself out the seat with the effort.
  63. Is it true!? Her confrontational tone waned into astonishment at the youth, who was the recipient of her primate feces flinging.
  64. Now windows such as he would never have imagined were flinging themselves open at every turn, and the Otherworld was seeking him again.
  65. They grabbed each infant by the ankles, flinging the poor newborn into the air, running to impale the child on the tips of their swords.
  66. Already men were breaking away, flying wild and witless here and there, flinging away their weapons, crying out in fear, falling to the ground.
  67. Volmana, flinging the attackers right and left in his savage impatience, came plowing through and hacked murderously at Conan's unprotected head.
  68. His available air spent he fell forward flinging his hand out to close over the device, as the Hunter on his back weighed him down to the floor.
  69. The Demon hit out at Manna and caught him under the arm, flinging him across the cave and landing on Balzar’s bed, destroying the flimsy frame.
  70. Flinging aside the crumpled corpse, already forgetful of it, Thoth grasped the ring in both hands, his dark eyes blazing with a fearful avidness.
  71. Ingeborg was always taking the words out of his mouth and then flinging them back at him again with, as it were, a flower stuck behind their ear.
  72. She noticed a few desperate pirates flinging themselves into the ocean for salvation, but knew that in that surf they would be dead within minutes.
  73. One advantage of rescuing an admiral’s family! she said almost gaily, flinging out an arm in a broad, sweeping gesture, and Merlin had to nod.
  74. How could one catch the thief when he was flinging his money away all the time? Our peasants are robbers, you know; they have no care for their souls.
  75. After flinging his question at Stepan Trofimovitch he seemed to forget about him altogether, and I really believe he even forgot to speak to his hostess.
  76. Jai and Ceder burst out of the waves like two harpoons, flinging themselves over the side of the boat and dragging themselves aboard, panting and shivering.
  77. Instead of regarding Cheung as ridiculously overoptimistic, investors threw money at him, flinging more than $100 million into his fund over the next year.
  78. There, on the world's rim, the lovely snail-gleam of the railway tracks ran, flinging wild gesticulations of lemon or cherry-coloured semaphore to the stars.
  79. The fearful clangor, the collision of man and inspiration, the flinging about of metal, lumber, hammer, nails, T square, screwdriver, continued for many days.
  80. Then they fired their shrapnel shells at us and this with the bullets chopped the bush to pieces flinging greenery everywhere and cutting our lads to pieces.
  81. She knew how Delos felt, but she knew enough about humans to know that without those androids Alan would be flinging excrement and have the personality of a spider.
  82. As quick as lightning they came running and swinging towards the hobbit, flinging out their long threads in all directions, till the air seemed full of waving snares.
  83. And there, with nothing else to do but dance the time away, was my taxi driver, Mike himself, flinging his feet about in a self-involved rigadoon to Lightly o'er the Lea.
  84. Then he was reminded that he must crumble the bread and he was awfully excited, snatched up the bread and began pulling it to pieces and flinging the morsels on the grave.
  85. After Mike was done throwing up, he put his mouth back on the shit-pipe and blew again as a huge pocket of air escaped from the bowl, flinging fesses all over the bathroom.
  86. Oh, Robert," she cried, flinging out her hands and letting go all the rest of the things she had learned to say, "don't you think this persistent parenthood might end now?".
  87. It was much stronger than the first wolf and deftly pulled the stick out of Ailia’s hands, flinging it to the side as it continued its fixated pursuit without losing a beat.
  88. A conga line of crazy drunk POWs wrapped around camp and through the barracks, and one partier did a striptease, flinging off his clothes to reveal an emphatically unattractive body.
  89. He was busy as usual flinging her on to paper--the number of his studies of her was by this time something monstrous--and was glancing at her swiftly and professionally at every sentence.
  90. How it is she wasn't taken up, I can't understand! Now she is telling everyone, including Amalia Ivanovna; but it's difficult to understand her, she is screaming and flinging herself about.
  91. I hadn’t heard Roger laugh since he was a child, so I didn’t think it was him until the doors burst wide and he entered, flinging his arms about, unable to control his almost weeping hilarity.
  92. The pre-history of the inorganic baby earth: its traumatic premature birth: its father flinging her away before she was ready to be born: is connected to the inorganic baby earth creating volcanoes.
  93. It was more that these sailors were flinging themselves into the sea to reach the women on shore, when she was standing amongst them, wearing little but a smile, blatantly sexual but totally ignored.
  94. What? she yelled back in shock flinging her hair back as she spun to face him, causing him to laugh more and poke at his friend as he continued to walk around her like a predator circling its prey.
  95. Then the friend is led into the room here, talking in gasps as we all do on getting to the top of this house, and flinging cascades of good wishes for her _liebe Emilie_ on to the _liebe Emilie's_ head.
  96. Why had she toyed with the threatening catastrophe? Why toyed with the monster's heart? Why, in a final access of pity, had she insisted on flinging, as a last sop to that demon's soul, her divine song:.
  97. All at once he stands up in the middle of the room and says aloud, as though speaking to himself: 'If there's no God, how can I be a captain then?' He took up his cap and went out, flinging up his hands.
  98. Having jerked out these last words as soldiers do and waved his arms as if flinging something to the ground, the drummer- a lean, handsome soldier of forty- looked sternly at the singers and screwed up his eyes.
  99. Khemsa was drunk with freedom and the exercise of his power, glorying in his might and flinging his strength about as a young giant exercises his thews with unnecessary vigor in the exultant pride of his prowess.
  100. Having jerked out these last words as soldiers do and waved his arms as if flinging something to the ground, the drummer—a lean, handsome soldier of forty—looked sternly at the singers and screwed up his eyes.
  1. He flung it at her.
  2. I flung open the door.
  3. I flung myself at it.
  4. I flung my AR at them.
  5. He flung up his hands.
  6. Monty flung his arm off.
  7. She flung out her hands.
  8. He flung her off and away.
  9. And he flung up his hands.
  10. Herist flung his arms out.
  11. He flung out of the two-.
  12. The boat was flung wildly.
  13. He flung himself at the bar.
  14. Mitch flung himself from bed.
  15. In horror she flung it away.
  16. The vicious bird flung the.
  17. He flung his wooden pen away.
  18. He flung his arms in anguish.
  19. He flung in a third shovelful.
  20. Harry flung open the car door.
  21. She flung herself on the body.
  22. Double doors, flung wide open.
  23. He flung Jaume’s arm skyward.
  24. He flung the radio to the floor.
  25. A trap flung wide in the street.
  26. Holly flung her arms around her.
  27. We flung it open and rushed out.
  28. Sati had flung at him in Ayodhya.
  29. A snake of rope is flung upwards.
  30. He flung the rocks in succession.
  31. With that, the robe was flung off.
  32. His body was flung to the ground.
  33. She sat up and flung off her top.
  34. Betty flung herself into the room.
  35. Her bundle flung away on the snow.
  36. For it was you that flung me away.
  37. He flung the F word into the wind.
  38. Both were now flung open, for Mrs.
  39. Churches were flung open, but the.
  40. Australia was flung off after that.
  41. She flung the yo-yo down its string.
  42. I laughed and flung the mud at him.
  43. He flung the eldest over the flames.
  44. One arm flung out and dropped again.
  45. More stones were flung from the crowd.
  46. When he flung the front door of his.
  47. He flung the god statue to the ground.
  48. The gate of mind was flung wide open.
  49. He flung his head back and looked up.
  50. It flung up momently the sacred river.
  51. Jack ran to the door and flung it open.
  52. He opened the window and flung it out.
  53. He flung off his boots and went to bed.
  54. Some boys cheered and then flung stones.
  55. She flung open the door and stepped out.
  56. I flung the door open, but she was gone.
  57. Raised the lock then flung the door open.
  58. Does this bathroom stink! Hu Flung Dung?
  59. He read it and simply flung down the book.
  60. I flung open the door with my M4A1 ready.
  61. Alice flung it away from her and screamed.
  62. Sophia overheard it and flung a heavy sigh.
  63. Betsy flung an annoyed look at the ceiling.
  64. Still screaming, Simon flung out his arms.
  65. They flung up their hands to clap the air.
  66. His hood and his grey rags were flung away.
  67. Everything was flung to the linoleum floor.
  68. A door on the return landing is flung open.
  69. He caught hold of the liger and flung the.
  70. With a cry, he flung the black memories away.
  71. He grabbed the door handle and flung it open.
  72. The lion cages waited with doors flung wide.
  73. They've flung their caps over the windmills.
  74. The comet has flung them throughout Time.
  75. I darted towards the door and flung it open.
  76. He flung her to the ground and turned to look.
  77. She flung herself at Tom, crying, and says:.
  78. They’ve flung their caps over the windmills.
  79. Gaal grabbed a wing and flung it to the ground.
  80. He stood before the two and flung up his arms.
  81. Beth came to a screeching halt and flung the.
  82. They flung makeshift bombs from their aircraft.
  83. The shark whipped its tail and flung Louie off.
  84. The frenetic mother rushed over and flung the.
  85. He flung the car door open and hurried to the.
  86. She grabbed the knobs and flung the doors open.
  87. At once, he was flung into the man’s thoughts.
  88. The landlady flung the door open and rushed in.
  89. And he flung a shovelful of earth on the coffin.
  90. I must have flung it shut when I raced in here.
  91. The thought assured as his arms were flung away.
  92. I said leave me a… I flung open the door.
  93. A bit of flesh had been flung away with the gun.
  94. He strode to the door and flung it open with a.
  95. And he flung a thousand franc note at Thenardier.
  97. Yes, Libuse said, and flung open a wardrobe.
  98. Josh yelled an obscenity and flung open the door.
  99. I’ve chased the shouting wind along, and flung.
  100. Running up to my room, I flung open the door of it.
  2. With all of those two timin’ flings.
  3. Yes, we’ve had imperial flings in our past.
  4. Don’t give me that, Faith flings at him.
  5. She’s had her share of flings over the years.
  6. With that, Johan flings the herbs out into the sea.
  7. Like a prat! He flings as we reach the hollow.
  8. He grabs it off my lap and flings it out the window too.
  9. Then he flings out his hands as though pulling back a curtain.
  10. Emmy flings herself across your costume rolling over the bedspread.
  11. When he hears the splash, Larson flings away the cigarette and stands up.
  12. Blinking to clear his vision, he flings the grenade at the curtain of vines.
  13. Outside, Zachary flings his car keys to me and strides over to the passenger side.
  14. My mom doesn't hesitate and flings the gun onto the ground in front at Layla's feet.
  15. Emily raises her brow and flings her hands at us before walking back to sit in the car.
  16. Taking the next emerald out of the pouch he flings it at the two dogs a little ahead of the others.
  17. Sure, I’d had flings with several women, but I’d always cut them off the second they got a little.
  18. It flings my likeness after the rest and true as any on the shadow'd wilds, It coaxes me to the vapor and the dusk.
  19. I assume he’s going to set the plane on the runway for the takeoff, but instead the soldier flings it into the air.
  20. Landon was a straight out guy, except he had secretly wanted a steady relationship with a girl not one of those flings.
  21. Agamemnon, king of the heroes, flings to earth Elatos, born in the rocky city which is laved by the sounding river Satnois.
  22. He flings the cloak across its jaws and the beast howls, a muffled sound through the cloak’s fabric, and tumbles to the ground.
  23. With a great heave, Simon rips some of the crumbling stonework from the wall and flings it with all his strength in their direction.
  24. He had a few sporadic amorous flings here and there until he met Juliet, his future wife and sealed, at least romantically, the next twenty years of his life.
  25. He despises Women and the Negro Race and he hath no Use for his own Seamen, whom he uses as mere Beasts of Burden and flings into the Sea when they dye of Distempers.
  26. The young girl flings over her shoulder a load of hay which is also heavier than herself, advances a few steps, halts, and drops it, without the strength to carry it.
  27. Heart beating fast and his throat filled with all the words he longs to tell her, he leaps over the wolf and flings aside the heavy red velvet she made for his privacy.
  28. At last all confusion, transfigured, trembling and sobbing, she flings herself at my feet and says that I am her saviour, and that she loves me better than anything in the world.
  29. When its father comes up, the child tears itself away from the bosom, flings itself back, looks at its father, laughs, as though it were fearfully funny and falls to sucking again.
  30. When its father comes up, the child tears itself away from the bosom, flings itself back, looks at its father, laughs, as though it were fearfully funny, and falls to sucking again.
  31. Thus they are struggles of one against a hundred, which always end in crushing the barricade; unless the revolution, uprising suddenly, flings into the balance its flaming archangel's sword.
  32. The point to be emphasized is that Burdovsky will not accept your highness’s charity; he flings it back in your face, and it scarcely matters if there are a hundred roubles or two hundred and fifty.
  33. He means to offer liberal payment for permission to lodge at the Heights; and doubtless my brother's covetousness will prompt him to accept the terms: he was always greedy; though what he grasps with one hand he flings away with the other.
  34. He, however, never had even one mistress; just a few flings here and there, which anyway required him to ‘bear lots of crosses’—that was his pick-up line with his young and immature students—so what was the fuss all about, anyway?
  35. He means to offer liberal payment for permission to lodge at the Heights; and doubtless my brother’s covetousness will prompt him to accept the terms: he was always greedy; though what he grasps with one hand he flings away with the other.
  36. The officer sends for Auersperg; these gentlemen embrace the officers, crack jokes, sit on the cannon, and meanwhile a French battalion gets to the bridge unobserved, flings the bags of incendiary material into the water, and approaches the tete-de-pont.
  37. The officer sends for Auersperg; these gentlemen embrace the officers, crack jokes, sit on the cannon, and meanwhile a French battalion gets to the bridge unobserved, flings the bags of incendiary material into the water, and approaches the tête-de-pont.
  38. It is a matter of moments only to spin something that could save them and, as soon as he can, Duncan flings out the combined net they have created, a fluttering melding of blue, red and black, and watches as it wraps around the noise, the darkness and the terror.
  39. For although she does not avoid or shun the society and conversation of the shepherds, and treats them courteously and kindly, should any one of them come to declare his intention to her, though it be one as proper and holy as that of matrimony, she flings him from her like a catapult.
  40. While other students were worrying about the unemployment rate and whether there were enough good jobs to be had after graduation, Cynthia knew she could step smoothly into her father’s company, and that’s what she eventually did, after a year of travel and a couple of flings, of course.
  41. The credulous mass of young people, overwhelmed by the novelty of this authority, which has not yet been overthrown or even touched by criticism, flings itself into the study of natural sciences, into that sole path, which, according to the assertion of the reigning science, can lead to the elucidation of the problems of life.
  42. He betakes him thence to his chamber, flings himself on his bed, cannot sleep for sorrow at parting, rises early in the morning, goes to take leave of the king, queen, and princess, and, as he takes his leave of the pair, it is told him that the princess is indisposed and cannot receive a visit; the knight thinks it is from grief at his departure, his heart is pierced, and he is hardly able to keep from showing his pain.
  43. Only a person who cooks, who has to handle meat when it is raw, pick out the internals of geese, peel off the skins of rabbits, scrape away the scales of a fish that is still alive--my step-mother insisted on this, the flavour, she said, being so infinitely superior that way--can know with what a relief, what a feeling of personal purification and turning of the back on evil, one flings a cabbage into a pot of fair water or lets one's fingers linger lovingly among lentils.
  44. Observe, too, how the emperor turns away, and leaves Don Gaiferos fuming; and you see now how in a burst of anger, he flings the table and the board far from him and calls in haste for his armour, and asks his cousin Don Roland for the loan of his sword, Durindana, and how Don Roland refuses to lend it, offering him his company in the difficult enterprise he is undertaking; but he, in his valour and anger, will not accept it, and says that he alone will suffice to rescue his wife, even though she were imprisoned deep in the centre of the earth, and with this he retires to arm himself and set out on his journey at once.

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