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Fling in a sentence

Yes you are a fling.
has only one fling with.
At Over they fling oaths at one,.
I fling in River’s direction.
Had chosen thus to fling his soul.
They’ve got to have their fling.
A fling with which I fathered a son.

There was a fling a few years later.
I want a future, not a passing fling.
This was just his last fling, anyway.
was now ready to fling the final arrow.
He is willing to fling away the worn-.
It was nothing Sylvia, just a fling.
All because of a fling ten years ago.
book and made to fling it across the room.
Will wanted to fling up the window and call.
Maybe she should fling herself off a cliff.
It was a fling, we had fun, and it’s over.
worse, he may fling his money into the gutter.
Of pebbles which the waves draw back, and fling,.
easier ways to live than to fling yourself over a.
More than this will I the creaking door fling wide.
Will you be returning to her? Am I just a fling?.
When he took it out he had intended to fling it from.
just as flying insects fling themselves into the flame.
‘Once in his lifetime, every man should have his fling.
A fling that flung me long ago in the deepest depression.
Stars fling old ones off and pick new ones up all the time.
I could see his hands flinging.
I swore, flinging both the rope and.
But there are ways and ways of flinging them.
Bolg now flinging themselves at the Thane in.
He sat flinging lumps of earth in the stream.
For the enemy was flinging into the City all.
flinging mud and debris and the sound of hooves.
"Wait a minute!" she growled, flinging off his hand.
it! he cried hastily, flinging the case upon the bed.
abrupt u-turn in the pond, flinging droplets of water at them.
He had just arrived, and was wearily flinging down his hammer.
The covers of dumpsters flinging open, a pack of dogs sprung.
poking her head above the bush and flinging her hair to look.
He was flinging himself on his knees to pray, but broke into.
and flinging himself at his master's feet, implored his pardon.
Finally striking her sword close to his hand and flinging it.
Janelle sprang up in bed, flailing and flinging the blanket off.
‘Walter Griff, come back here!’ she wailed, flinging up her.
"Oh, Edgar, Edgar!" she panted, flinging her arms round his neck.
flinging it into the Temple sanctuary, scattering the coins all.
conclusion, and whirled around to retreat in a wave of flinging.
my hands cupped into a broad scoop, flinging arcs of it over the.
Warriors of the human world are flinging themselves into your.
You happy? Flinging the excess water from her hands, she said,.
Damn! he swore, flinging himself off the bed, and going into.
‘Oh, Edgar, Edgar!’ she panted, flinging her arms round his neck.
She swung her heavy head, flinging water from her frill, and sighed.
the ship was flinging us toward, and could see, in a brief flash of.
I flung it.
He flung it.
He flung it at her.
He flung open the.
I flung myself at it.
I flung open the door.
He flung up his hands.
I flung my AR at them.
Monty flung his arm off.
Weapons were flung down.
She flung out her hands.
When he flung it open,.
Herist flung his arms out.
And he flung up his hands.
He flung her off and away.
The flung bottle bounced.
He flung out of the two-.
each hand that flung them.
He flung the sword away,.
flung it over her shoulder.
The boat was flung wildly.
He flung himself at the bar.
flung him into the fountain.
In horror she flung it away.
Mitch flung himself from bed.
The vicious bird flung the.
found as the door flung open.
flung them down on the table.
With all of those two timin’ flings.
Yes, we’ve had imperial flings in our past.
Don’t give me that, Faith flings at him.
With that, Johan flings the herbs out into the sea.
She’s had her share of flings over the years.
Like a prat! He flings as we reach the hollow.
He grabs it off my lap and flings it out the window too.
Then he flings out his hands as though pulling back a curtain.
He flings at her, but Alex’s steely gaze tells him otherwise.
Emmy flings herself across your costume rolling over the bedspread.
When he hears the splash, Larson flings away the cigarette and stands up.
Blinking to clear his vision, he flings the grenade at the curtain of vines.
Outside, Zachary flings his car keys to me and strides over to the passenger side.
My mom doesn't hesitate and flings the gun onto the ground in front at Layla's feet.
Emily raises her brow and flings her hands at us before walking back to sit in the car.
relationships throughout his life, none really serious, just fleeting flings with women from.
Taking the next emerald out of the pouch he flings it at the two dogs a little ahead of the others.
Sure, I’d had flings with several women, but I’d always cut them off the second they got a little.
It flings my likeness after the rest and true as any on the shadow'd wilds, It coaxes me to the vapor and the dusk.
972 Oswald Chambers has said that when someone flings mud at us, if we try to wipe it off, we will stain our clothes.
I assume he’s going to set the plane on the runway for the takeoff, but instead the soldier flings it into the air.
Landon was a straight out guy, except he had secretly wanted a steady relationship with a girl not one of those flings.
Agamemnon, king of the heroes, flings to earth Elatos, born in the rocky city which is laved by the sounding river Satnois.
He flings the cloak across its jaws and the beast howls, a muffled sound through the cloak’s fabric, and tumbles to the ground.
With a great heave, Simon rips some of the crumbling stonework from the wall and flings it with all his strength in their direction.

Synonyms for fling

crack fling go offer pass whirl spree splurge discard dispose toss