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    1. More than this will I the creaking door fling wide

    2. I don't think they saw her fling down the shovel into the gravel or understood the curses she invoked, but certainly they felt the sting of the grit that flew from her hands and showered them like nettles

    3. “Oh, I truly hate that sometimes! Love to fling him into the next block and forget had proud warrior ass!”

    4. In all of this, who did he think he really owed? He didn’t owe Tdeshi anything, he’d been her last fling in Sinbara

    5. “Don’t throw away our years of trust on a two week fling that screwed up your chance with Ava

    6. What was she planning? The truth was that his relationship with Helez was too important to jeopardise with a quick fling, albeit exciting

    7. “She explained in detail how the two of you had had a lovely fling this morning,” Helez continued in a level voice, trying to contain her anger

    8. He smiled as he recalled their little fling there on this same bench a few days before

    9. He blew his nose into his hand, and though she’d also seen Tragus do this many times, he’d at least step outside, fling off the snot, then wipe his hand on his chiton

    10. ” Helez almost pleaded for their understanding, wanting them to see that it wasn’t just a romantic fling, but an intense love for each other that had brought them together

    11. He did not want to touch it, fearing that if he picked it up he would be unable to resist the urge to fling it forcibly across the meeting room

    12. Even they seemed to be having a final fling before the weather turned

    13. This fling with Rosemary and Frank was threatening to consume her

    14. After my creative fling with Eli, I left the naming to others

    15. Did he want on her list? Was this fling with Lori a ploy? One thing was sure, her list only contained one name - and he was on it

    16. So now that had come to an end, though it had certainly lasted longer than any other fling she’d had

    17. ” Beth groomed while Caroline distributed feed to the stalls and explained that, before meeting Brian, she had a brief fling with Sylvia’s son

    18. I saw the fatal step, just six stairs from the bottom, tried to fling my leg out to catch me, but it was just too slow

    19. “It was nothing Sylvia, just a fling

    20. “Really,” Caroline said glancing quickly in her direction then tossing her hair into the wind, “a fling, that’s all

    21. book and made to fling it across the room

    22. I feel its weight and the prick of talons and fling my arm forward to shake it off, my hand batting at it

    23. A hand touches my shoulder, and I fling a fist out, hitting something solid but soft

    24. “What…” I fling one of the pages over the railing, pressing my lips together

    25. She wasn’t a proper lady and not suitable for more than an extended fling

    26. I knew that with Adrian, it wasn’t going to be a brief fling, like I’d ever had too

    27. “And that’s when it all comes full circle little Katelyn, with Brandon, you have a harmless fling with him, not a full fledged relationship

    28. ” I did not date while there due to the shortage of women and after one horrible fling with a college first year my 1L

    29. brief fling with Mabila, but that had been mostly because they were

    30. We had a lively affair, or was it a fling? Whatever it was, it

    31. From instinct she wanted to fling her thoughts after it, catch it before it could fade away, but something told her such an act would be worse than useless

    32. His own heart is beating quickly, and he is torn between decisions when his father’s fingers fling his arm away

    33. At Over they fling oaths at one,

    34. It certainly wasn’t even the last thing on Beverley Bennie’s mind when she had a brief fling

    35. Didn't mean anything! Yes, that was how love went with them—it didn't mean a thing! A casual fling, the gain of bragging rights

    36. easier ways to live than to fling yourself over a

    37. What was their relationship while they were younger? I knew he liked Lily, but how about Lily? Could they have had a fling or something before she met her ex?

    38. It was a fling, we had fun, and it’s over

    39. high, or have these latest interpretations only led us up a sharp cliff from which to fling the dead carcass of vampire culture?

    40. But no throngs swarmed the white-paved streets to fling roses before the conqueror's hoofs

    41. “Diomed!” I called and he came down so that I could grasp his now grown out heavy mane to fling myself on his back

    42. The sylph’s cloven feet slipped on the pavement and she dismounted rapidly to fling herself into my arms

    43. A thoroughly thought-out camping trip has a greater chance of success than a last-minute fling

    44. has only one fling with

    45. This was when the old man had his fling with the Smith woman, Hilda

    46. Unfortunately, they plowed through the other girls who did fling themselves into their arms and as a pastime, hassled those who pretty much spat in their face

    47. Of pebbles which the waves draw back, and fling,

    48. Had chosen thus to fling his soul

    49. However, I used the falling sensation of the insomnia to literally fling myself

    50. Sarah would float back to the bar and stand with not many words and fling just a few sheepish glances at her new friend, Henry Schott

    1. Kara looked at him and, flinging a quick plea that Gotte would lend power to her words, assembled her thoughts

    2. flinging mud and debris and the sound of hooves

    3. Bolg now flinging themselves at the Thane in

    4. She knew how Delos felt, but she knew enough about humans to know that without those androids Alan would be flinging excrement and have the personality of a spider

    5. Danny wheeled himself round whilst Ben awkwardly took the brakes off his chair, nearly flinging himself out the seat with the effort

    6. Then they fired their shrapnel shells at us and this with the bullets chopped the bush to pieces flinging greenery everywhere and cutting our lads to pieces

    7. He yanked out every tome, flinging it across the room, ripping, tearing, smashing everything he could find

    8. The Demon hit out at Manna and caught him under the arm, flinging him across the cave and landing on Balzar’s bed, destroying the flimsy frame

    9. She noticed a few desperate pirates flinging themselves into the ocean for salvation, but knew that in that surf they would be dead within minutes

    10. I ran forward, half-stumbling with cold, flinging myself against his chest

    11. when she unconsciously rolled over onto her back, flinging her arms out across the white sheets, her breasts exposed, her lips parted, her breath coming soft and regular

    12. My head jerks to the side and I cringe away from him, flinging my hands up to protect my face

    13. Now windows such as he would never have imagined were flinging themselves open at every turn, and the Otherworld was seeking him again

    14. Spears cried out, and spun to the ground spasmodic�ally flinging his weapon almost as high as the whirling blades

    15. ” He leaned over the table and kissed her on the cheek, at the same time flinging his waiter’s hat in an arc to the floor

    16. I could see his hands flinging

    17. poking her head above the bush and flinging her hair to look

    18. the ship was flinging us toward, and could see, in a brief flash of

    19. my hands cupped into a broad scoop, flinging arcs of it over the

    20. I swore, flinging both the rope and

    21. conclusion, and whirled around to retreat in a wave of flinging

    22. enough, it would be Molly flinging open our back door, racing through the kitchen, into the

    23. “Shut up, you fool, ”the prince yelled grabbing the demon captain by the neck, flinging him to the ground

    24. “Damn!” he swore, flinging himself off the bed, and going into

    25. Jai and Ceder burst out of the waves like two harpoons, flinging themselves over the side of the boat and dragging themselves aboard, panting and shivering

    26. The barbarian was swaying on his feet, the light in his unsteady hand flinging fantastic shadows back and forth along the wall

    27. Khemsa was drunk with freedom and the exercise of his power, glorying in his might and flinging his strength about as a young giant exercises his thews with unnecessary vigor in the exultant pride of his prowess

    28. "Wait a minute!" she growled, flinging off his hand

    29. Flinging aside the crumpled corpse, already forgetful of it, Thoth grasped the ring in both hands, his dark eyes blazing with a fearful avidness

    30. Volmana, flinging the attackers right and left in his savage impatience, came plowing through and hacked murderously at Conan's unprotected head

    31. Her own mother, wrenching her away and flinging her screaming out the door

    32. "Here," Mitchell said, flinging back a black Louisville Slugger and his game mitt to his unknowing brother

    33. shuttle is one thing, but flinging myself across an open space with nothing but swings to catch hold of is another thing completely

    34. I remembered flinging myself into similar obstinances as a child, but Royal was getting too old for this

    35. It was more that these sailors were flinging themselves into the sea to reach the women on shore, when she was standing amongst them, wearing little but a smile, blatantly sexual but totally ignored

    36. slammed the door shut behind them, but then thought better of it, flinging it back open again

    37. And then Cherry was there, flinging the dwarf’s corpse off him, hauling

    38. It was much stronger than the first wolf and deftly pulled the stick out of Ailia’s hands, flinging it to the side as it continued its fixated pursuit without losing a beat

    39. They grabbed each infant by the ankles, flinging the poor newborn into the air, running to impale the child on the tips of their swords

    40. After Mike was done throwing up, he put his mouth back on the shit-pipe and blew again as a huge pocket of air escaped from the bowl, flinging fesses all over the bathroom

    41. well as I could, splashing at their backs to put out the flames and occasionally flinging a few

    42. According to him, young girls want long hair so they can flirt with it by flinging it,

    43. abrupt u-turn in the pond, flinging droplets of water at them

    44. “Warriors of the human world are flinging themselves into your

    45. You happy?” Flinging the excess water from her hands, she said,

    46. The covers of dumpsters flinging open, a pack of dogs sprung

    47. “Is it true!?” Her confrontational tone waned into astonishment at the youth, who was the recipient of her primate feces flinging

    48. He swatted at it, and he dropped the bat and ripped the shirt off, flinging it at the still-advancing skeleton

    49. Loose dirt and smaller debris fell through the sieves, and creatures that appeared to be over-sized and misshapen simians (if one did not look too closely) crouched around each screen platform, snatching larger rocks and roots and clods of dirt and flinging them away

    50. and starts grabbing and flinging burgers at the customers, at the drive

    1. With all of those two timin’ flings

    2. Yes, we’ve had imperial flings in our past

    3. relationships throughout his life, none really serious, just fleeting flings with women from

    4. He, however, never had even one mistress; just a few flings here and there, which anyway required him to ‘bear lots of crosses’—that was his pick-up line with his young and immature students—so what was the fuss all about, anyway?

    5. Emily raises her brow and flings her hands at us before walking back to sit in the car

    6. Outside, Zachary flings his car keys to me and strides over to the passenger side

    7. Heart beating fast and his throat filled with all the words he longs to tell her, he leaps over the wolf and flings aside the heavy red velvet she made for his privacy

    8. Taking the next emerald out of the pouch he flings it at the two dogs a little ahead of the others

    9. It is a matter of moments only to spin something that could save them and, as soon as he can, Duncan flings out the combined net they have created, a fluttering melding of blue, red and black, and watches as it wraps around the noise, the darkness and the terror

    10. He flings the cloak across its jaws and the beast howls, a muffled sound through the cloak’s fabric, and tumbles to the ground

    11. With that, Johan flings the herbs out into the sea

    12. With a great heave, Simon rips some of the crumbling stonework from the wall and flings it with all his strength in their direction

    13. Emmy flings herself across your costume rolling over the bedspread

    14. While other students were worrying about the unemployment rate and whether there were enough good jobs to be had after graduation, Cynthia knew she could step smoothly into her father’s company, and that’s what she eventually did, after a year of travel and a couple of flings, of course

    15. Sure, I’d had flings with several women, but I’d always cut them off the second they got a little

    16. Then he flings out his hands as though pulling back a curtain

    17. Blinking to clear his vision, he flings the grenade at the curtain of vines

    18. Only a person who cooks, who has to handle meat when it is raw, pick out the internals of geese, peel off the skins of rabbits, scrape away the scales of a fish that is still alive--my step-mother insisted on this, the flavour, she said, being so infinitely superior that way--can know with what a relief, what a feeling of personal purification and turning of the back on evil, one flings a cabbage into a pot of fair water or lets one's fingers linger lovingly among lentils

    19. He grabs it off my lap and flings it out the window too

    20. My mom doesn't hesitate and flings the gun onto the ground in front at Layla's feet

    21. “She’s had her share of flings over the years

    22. He had a few sporadic amorous flings here and there until he met Juliet, his future wife and sealed, at least romantically, the next twenty years of his life

    23. Landon was a straight out guy, except he had secretly wanted a steady relationship with a girl not one of those flings

    24. 972 Oswald Chambers has said that when someone flings mud at us, if we try to wipe it off, we will stain our clothes


    26. “Like a prat!” He flings as we reach the hollow

    27. “Don’t give me that,” Faith flings at him

    28. ” He flings at her, but Alex’s steely gaze tells him otherwise

    29. For although she does not avoid or shun the society and conversation of the shepherds, and treats them courteously and kindly, should any one of them come to declare his intention to her, though it be one as proper and holy as that of matrimony, she flings him from her like a catapult

    30. He betakes him thence to his chamber, flings himself on his bed, cannot sleep for sorrow at parting, rises early in the morning, goes to take leave of the king, queen, and princess, and, as he takes his leave of the pair, it is told him that the princess is indisposed and cannot receive a visit; the knight thinks it is from grief at his departure, his heart is pierced, and he is hardly able to keep from showing his pain

    31. It flings my likeness after the rest and true as any on the shadow'd wilds, It coaxes me to the vapor and the dusk

    32. Observe, too, how the emperor turns away, and leaves Don Gaiferos fuming; and you see now how in a burst of anger, he flings the table and the board far from him and calls in haste for his armour, and asks his cousin Don Roland for the loan of his sword, Durindana, and how Don Roland refuses to lend it, offering him his company in the difficult enterprise he is undertaking; but he, in his valour and anger, will not accept it, and says that he alone will suffice to rescue his wife, even though she were imprisoned deep in the centre of the earth, and with this he retires to arm himself and set out on his journey at once

    33. When its father comes up, the child tears itself away from the bosom, flings itself back, looks at its father, laughs, as though it were fearfully funny, and falls to sucking again

    34. At last all confusion, transfigured, trembling and sobbing, she flings herself at my feet and says that I am her saviour, and that she loves me better than anything in the world

    35. He means to offer liberal payment for permission to lodge at the Heights; and doubtless my brother's covetousness will prompt him to accept the terms: he was always greedy; though what he grasps with one hand he flings away with the other

    36. He despises Women and the Negro Race and he hath no Use for his own Seamen, whom he uses as mere Beasts of Burden and flings into the Sea when they dye of Distempers

    37. When he hears the splash, Larson flings away the cigarette and stands up

    38. I assume he’s going to set the plane on the runway for the takeoff, but instead the soldier flings it into the air

    39. The officer sends for Auersperg; these gentlemen embrace the officers, crack jokes, sit on the cannon, and meanwhile a French battalion gets to the bridge unobserved, flings the bags of incendiary material into the water, and approaches the tete-de-pont

    40. He means to offer liberal payment for permission to lodge at the Heights; and doubtless my brother’s covetousness will prompt him to accept the terms: he was always greedy; though what he grasps with one hand he flings away with the other

    41. Thus they are struggles of one against a hundred, which always end in crushing the barricade; unless the revolution, uprising suddenly, flings into the balance its flaming archangel's sword

    42. Agamemnon, king of the heroes, flings to earth Elatos, born in the rocky city which is laved by the sounding river Satnois

    43. ’ And so he tears open the envelope, takes out the money, and flings the envelope on the floor, conscious of being the owner and untroubled by any fears of leaving evidence

    44. The point to be emphasized is that Burdovsky will not accept your highness’s charity; he flings it back in your face, and it scarcely matters if there are a hundred roubles or two hundred and fifty

    45. When its father comes up, the child tears itself away from the bosom, flings itself back, looks at its father, laughs, as though it were fearfully funny and falls to sucking again

    46. The officer sends for Auersperg; these gentlemen embrace the officers, crack jokes, sit on the cannon, and meanwhile a French battalion gets to the bridge unobserved, flings the bags of incendiary material into the water, and approaches the tête-de-pont

    47. The young girl flings over her shoulder a load of hay which is also heavier than herself, advances a few steps, halts, and drops it, without the strength to carry it

    48. The credulous mass of young people, overwhelmed by the novelty of this authority, which has not yet been overthrown or even touched by criticism, flings itself into the study of natural sciences, into that sole path, which, according to the assertion of the reigning science, can lead to the elucidation of the problems of life

    1. far flung boundaries of the void Smith finally determined that the endlessly irritating

    2. And the last thing he saw was the cute little carry-on being flung into the belly of the jetliner that was destined to fly it straight into the glowing red sunset

    3. She flung the collar out of the bus as far as she could

    4. Lucy watched as the beast flung off the black cloak

    5. Across the far flung boundaries of the void Smith finally determined that the endlessly irritating sensation that underlay the void was deserving of a name

    6. He ran to the starboard rail and flung that ship's pin from his only previous voyage as far as he could into the river, then ran back to the port side and vaulted over the rail

    7. of a spiral of stars, flung out from the centre

    8. Most of the presumed boulders had fallen from the null spot, swooped by Narrulla, missing it by only a few hundred miles, and been flung out of the system in the direction of Kunae

    9. Cyberia flung her arms around her handsome, landed busker and hugged him so tightly that he thought he would burst

    10. In a small town set upon the flat plains of England’s far flung eastern lowlands there once lived a very pleasant young man

    11. In the living room he installed a fifty-six inch television monitor and was able to interact with online services in super-sized mode, which he found particularly useful when inspecting the assets and attributes of various potential brides from far flung lands such as the Czech Republic, the Ukraine and the Philippines

    12. ' I flung the jar high into the air and watched it arc into the sea without a splash

    13. I’m lying with my head resting on his chest, one arm flung round him, my eyes closed

    14. Without further hesitation, I flung the pool ball across the room

    15. When the door flung open, she felt she’d stepped into one of the pages from Gone with the wind

    16. A second later the youth again popped up, swiftly, the girl who’d been pushed to the ice, flung herself forward, across the jagged surface

    17. When the truck finished spinning and was still in one piece, she flung the door open and screamed, "You’re crazy

    18. then flung his gun a good twenty yards into the darkness

    19. flung the glass knife hrough the air and it landed next to the keys and door

    20. Heather kicked the jelly belly again several times, only to get flung

    21. " she flung it on the empty table and sat down with a thud on the wooden chair

    22. When Toad found himself in a dank and noisy dungeon, and knew that all the grim darkness of a medieval fortress lay between him and the outer world of sunshine and well-metalled high roads where he had lately been so happy, carrying himself as if he had bought up every road in England, he flung himself at full length on the floor, and shed bitter tears, and abandoned himself to dark despair

    23. " The imp clung to Tetloan's hair as the boy flung his head up and down, back and forth, desperately trying to track the focus of Emily and Solo Ki's pupils

    24. The princess then opened the door to Aladdin, and flung her arms round his neck, but Aladdin told her to leave him, as he had more to do

    25. He flung the eldest over the flames

    26. He dropped into a forward roll over it, without letting go of it and flung it over his head as he rose out of it, using his momentum to lift it but putting immense strain on his shoulders in so doing

    27. He flung her to the ground and turned to look

    28. She flung them to the ground before continuing on, “The steel of the dwarves is the hardest I have seen, yet it melts like butter when it touches their blood

    29. ” Aetes flung one of the dried fruits from his plate

    30. With Father straining at the helm to keep their ship from smashing against sheer walls of granite, Nerissa flung stone after stone

    31. because instead of biting through him, she flung him from the cliff

    32. “Remember that lizard you flung on that rat of a girl, ‘Heee is

    33. I darted towards the door and flung it open

    34. I laughed and flung the mud at him

    35. Each time the dragon’s ferocious mouth came by, she took a swing that broke skin and flung blood into the snow

    36. She flung the rock, but Tragus ducked it in the moonlight

    37. It turned to come at her, but Nerissa drove it off with a stone flung square into its nose

    38. As she reloaded for a tenth time, one stood up and flung his spear

    39. Except for Antechron, the phalanx all stood up and flung their spears

    40. A high-pitched canine scream tore through the air as the beast flung him away

    41. The gate of mind was flung wide open

    42. flung her legs across his body, as she was

    43. Meanwhile, the red-haired man in Sebastian’s arms flung curses and thrashed about

    44. He flung my hand away as though it were a detestable fly

    45. ” I flung his hands from my shoulders

    46. People moved carefully around the handlers because the drivers flung their straps into the air without any thought of who they might hit

    47. If we had not been standing in the pathway of several women watching the scene, I would have flung myself into his arms

    48. Obadiah flung his arms in the air, the crook nearing the animals, causing the donkeys to stamp their feet and bray in alarm

    49. And in that moment he was flung back at a speed too fast for his velocity meter to calculate

    50. “GO!” With that word, Russell was flung into the exit tunnel and a shower of rock fell behind him, blocking the way back in

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    Synonyms for "fling"

    fling spree crack go offer pass whirl cast aside cast away cast out chuck out discard dispose put away throw away throw out toss toss away toss out splurge hurl dump pitch sling party good time rush indulgence celebration

    "fling" definitions

    a usually brief attempt

    a brief indulgence of your impulses

    the act of flinging

    throw with force or recklessness

    move in an abrupt or headlong manner

    indulge oneself

    throw or cast away