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    1. far flung boundaries of the void Smith finally determined that the endlessly irritating

    2. And the last thing he saw was the cute little carry-on being flung into the belly of the jetliner that was destined to fly it straight into the glowing red sunset

    3. She flung the collar out of the bus as far as she could

    4. Lucy watched as the beast flung off the black cloak

    5. Across the far flung boundaries of the void Smith finally determined that the endlessly irritating sensation that underlay the void was deserving of a name

    6. He ran to the starboard rail and flung that ship's pin from his only previous voyage as far as he could into the river, then ran back to the port side and vaulted over the rail

    7. of a spiral of stars, flung out from the centre

    8. Most of the presumed boulders had fallen from the null spot, swooped by Narrulla, missing it by only a few hundred miles, and been flung out of the system in the direction of Kunae

    9. Cyberia flung her arms around her handsome, landed busker and hugged him so tightly that he thought he would burst

    10. In a small town set upon the flat plains of England’s far flung eastern lowlands there once lived a very pleasant young man

    1. Kara looked at him and, flinging a quick plea that Gotte would lend power to her words, assembled her thoughts

    2. flinging mud and debris and the sound of hooves

    3. Bolg now flinging themselves at the Thane in

    4. She knew how Delos felt, but she knew enough about humans to know that without those androids Alan would be flinging excrement and have the personality of a spider

    5. Danny wheeled himself round whilst Ben awkwardly took the brakes off his chair, nearly flinging himself out the seat with the effort

    6. Then they fired their shrapnel shells at us and this with the bullets chopped the bush to pieces flinging greenery everywhere and cutting our lads to pieces

    7. He yanked out every tome, flinging it across the room, ripping, tearing, smashing everything he could find

    8. The Demon hit out at Manna and caught him under the arm, flinging him across the cave and landing on Balzar’s bed, destroying the flimsy frame

    9. She noticed a few desperate pirates flinging themselves into the ocean for salvation, but knew that in that surf they would be dead within minutes

    10. I ran forward, half-stumbling with cold, flinging myself against his chest

    1. More than this will I the creaking door fling wide

    2. I don't think they saw her fling down the shovel into the gravel or understood the curses she invoked, but certainly they felt the sting of the grit that flew from her hands and showered them like nettles

    3. “Oh, I truly hate that sometimes! Love to fling him into the next block and forget had proud warrior ass!”

    4. In all of this, who did he think he really owed? He didn’t owe Tdeshi anything, he’d been her last fling in Sinbara

    5. “Don’t throw away our years of trust on a two week fling that screwed up your chance with Ava

    6. What was she planning? The truth was that his relationship with Helez was too important to jeopardise with a quick fling, albeit exciting

    7. “She explained in detail how the two of you had had a lovely fling this morning,” Helez continued in a level voice, trying to contain her anger

    8. He smiled as he recalled their little fling there on this same bench a few days before

    9. He blew his nose into his hand, and though she’d also seen Tragus do this many times, he’d at least step outside, fling off the snot, then wipe his hand on his chiton

    10. ” Helez almost pleaded for their understanding, wanting them to see that it wasn’t just a romantic fling, but an intense love for each other that had brought them together

    1. With all of those two timin’ flings

    2. Yes, we’ve had imperial flings in our past

    3. relationships throughout his life, none really serious, just fleeting flings with women from

    4. He, however, never had even one mistress; just a few flings here and there, which anyway required him to ‘bear lots of crosses’—that was his pick-up line with his young and immature students—so what was the fuss all about, anyway?

    5. Emily raises her brow and flings her hands at us before walking back to sit in the car

    6. Outside, Zachary flings his car keys to me and strides over to the passenger side

    7. Heart beating fast and his throat filled with all the words he longs to tell her, he leaps over the wolf and flings aside the heavy red velvet she made for his privacy

    8. Taking the next emerald out of the pouch he flings it at the two dogs a little ahead of the others

    9. It is a matter of moments only to spin something that could save them and, as soon as he can, Duncan flings out the combined net they have created, a fluttering melding of blue, red and black, and watches as it wraps around the noise, the darkness and the terror

    10. Heart beating fast and his throat filled with all the words he longs to tell her, he leaps over the wolf and flings aside the heavy red velvet she made for his privacy

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    hurl dump pitch sling toss party good time rush indulgence celebration

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    fling spree crack go offer pass whirl cast aside cast away cast out chuck out discard dispose put away throw away throw out toss toss away toss out splurge hurl dump pitch sling party good time rush indulgence celebration