fancy frasi

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Frasi con fancy (in inglese)

  1. No, I didn't fancy it.
  2. Be a warm day I fancy.
  3. That first half was fancy.
  4. More than a passing fancy.
  5. Not that it was very fancy.

  6. So I don't fancy anyone yet.
  7. This fancy phone ain't mine.
  8. It didn’t have big fancy.
  9. Takes you as cramp, I fancy.
  10. That fancy pair of shoes is.
  11. It was real pretty and fancy.
  12. Perhaps it was only my fancy.
  13. Look at the fancy stitching.
  14. That one is dead, I fancy.
  15. Not a theory; it was a fancy.

  16. Perhaps you did not fancy her.
  17. There are no fancy tricks here.
  18. Meanwhile I fancy it is not.
  19. He did not fancy the idea of.
  20. Fancy yard that a child guards.
  21. If it's my fancy, that's enough.
  22. I fancy it contains her letters.
  23. He wore his fancy dinner jacket.
  24. I won’t lie, I fancy Emily.
  25. I fancy I must have made a scene.

  26. It doesn't even have to be fancy.
  27. Can you fancy the figure he cut?
  28. I fancy he has a hard life of it.
  29. Boys like me don’t fancy combs.
  30. You don't need anything fancy here.
  31. Nothing fancy in this old house.
  32. Try to avoid building fancy slides.
  33. He dressed fancy and drove a high.
  34. But think of me, fancy my position.
  35. Do not use fancy colours or buttons.
  36. Like a reply to a fancy invitation.
  37. Is it passing fancy that rules all?
  38. In fancy, the voluptuous votary of.
  39. It's not fancy, but it does the job.
  40. Or rather, I fancy, of that goose.
  41. I sat silent—I fancy I bored them.
  42. Don't splash out on a fancy car fleet.
  43. And sleep with if the fancy took them.
  44. Fancy her noticing that, she thought.
  45. Just fancy: wants to be an hussar.
  46. They had their fancy degrees, while.
  47. Only fancy, he is jealous of the Pole.
  48. And fancy me having Connie's last cig.
  49. I rather fancy haunting the old witch.
  50. I still fancy you…’ she whispered.
  51. Over the years the fancy gadgets and.
  52. You've got something better, I fancy.
  53. Stick to the pelvic moves, fancy man.
  54. He didn't fancy living somewhere cold.
  55. And there is a little reward, I fancy.
  56. Don't go and fancy it's a love letter.
  57. Then we took a fancy to the valley and.
  58. True: yet I should scarcely fancy Mr.
  59. Without it I don’t fancy our chances.
  60. The rooms were far from fancy but they.
  61. That’s as fancy as the language got.
  62. Campbell, it's a fancy meeting you here.
  63. Ned, where the Captain's fancy takes us.
  64. Not a fancy one with all the dangly bits.
  65. This fancy Charly badly wanted to squelch.
  66. Only… it does not have a fancy package.
  67. Oh I really like this fancy play syndrome.
  68. The town spread out like a fancy graveyard.
  69. Darek didn’t have anything fancy to wear.
  70. Just what he needed, a witch in fancy dress.
  71. I fancy they are called "bank-note" papers.
  72. If it was just a passing fancy of mine, no.
  73. I fancy that he was a strong mathematician.
  74. Some ninny has taken a fancy to the mother.
  75. And I told you that you’d taken my fancy.
  76. The early shows that tickled our fancy toed.
  77. You can fancy what an effect that will have.
  78. Any other mount that strikes his fancy, he.
  79. Owns and manages a fancy hotel on Park Lane.
  80. Well, but you don't need it, I should fancy.
  81. Not at a fancy restaurant, probably, but I.
  82. So he began to fancy himself as a great gun.
  83. And he didn’t have no fancy pot to piss in.
  84. I fancy the first stage of your derangement.
  85. You can fancy what an effect that will have….
  86. Fancy a Chicken Curry with Rice? Try this out.
  87. He was driving one of those fancy Land Rovers.
  88. There was nothing fancy or high tech about it.
  89. He looked so handsome in his fancy blue tunic.
  90. It is a fancy of the occupant of that craft.
  91. Nothing particularly fancy, but just what was.
  92. And, I fancy, so far she does not want to know.
  93. I fancy she looked round at me in a very grim.
  94. I fancy she knows more about this than appears.
  95. The fancy philosophical term for this idea is.
  96. But luckily for me the fancy took me to stand.
  97. Only fancy, Rodya, what we got on to yesterday.
  98. Oh, is her? Well, that won't last long, I fancy.
  99. What we need are mittens, not fancy lady gloves.
  100. The ration books didn't cover such fancy things.
  1. And I cannot help fancying somebody is about the house.
  2. He was not at all the same as Konstantin had been fancying him.
  3. Anne turned toward her bed again, fancying that she had smelled.
  4. It was just after fancying this, that he met Alyosha in the street.
  5. When there's no outlet for it and it gets clotted, you begin fancying.
  6. He was still fancying that Grushenka really was somewhere in the house.
  7. Emma watched him with a look of anguish, fancying she saw an accusation.
  8. When there's no outlet for it and it gets clotted, you begin fancying things.
  9. When there’s no outlet for it and it gets clotted, you begin fancying things….
  10. He kept fancying that he was not asleep, and that Vasya was still lying on the bed.
  11. Danglars brightened up on beholding it, fancying that it gave some promise of safety.
  12. When you were writing your article, surely you couldn't have helped, he-he! fancying yourself.
  13. Emma watched him with a look of anguish, fancying she saw an accusation in every line of his face.
  14. I have no ground for the nonsensical vanity of fancying everybody who comes near me is in love with me.
  15. I went at five o'clock, and walked; fancying I might manage to creep into the house, and up to Linton's room, unobserved.
  16. I went at five o’clock, and walked; fancying I might manage to creep into the house, and up to Linton’s room, unobserved.
  17. He had never said a word to anyone, not even to Phil when he had confided in him about fancying Sabrina so many years before.
  18. Morel had white tips in her bonnet, and some white on her blouse, and was teased by both her sons for fancying herself so grand.
  19. I had had a strange idea in my head ever since the previous day: I kept fancying that he would be received with hisses as soon as he appeared.
  20. I sav’d the Bellars Missive for later, fancying that ’twould cause me the greatest Inquietude, and open’d the one that was splotch’d with Mud.
  21. She was always fancying that Kolya was unfeeling to her, and at times, dissolving into hysterical tears, she used to reproach him with his coldness.
  22. It is transparent, as I said before; and being laid upon the printed page, I have sometimes pleased myself with fancying it exerted a magnifying influence.
  23. This Cide Hamete Benengeli thought fit to reveal at once, not to keep the world in suspense, fancying that the head had some strange magical mystery in it.
  24. At last, unable to bear it any longer, and fancying she had gone to Rouen, he set out along the highroad, walked a mile, met no one, again waited, and returned home.
  25. I kept fancying how the little thing cried and moaned (a child of four years old understands, you know), and all the while the thought of pineapple compote haunted me.
  26. We fellows were always fancying that he would escape; but his hour did not come, or perhaps had come and gone; anyhow, he went through with his punishment without resistance.
  27. I debated a moment, wondering if this were a corpse partially buried, or a sick man, but as I looked, fancying I could see him breathing, I jumped down and pulled off the cloth.
  28. I am indeed always in terror over the ladies' opera-glasses which usually lie on the edge of the boxes; I am constantly fancying that they will fly down on some unsuspecting head.
  29. One of those, however, that stood near him, fancying he was mocking them, lifted up a long staff he had in his hand and smote him such a blow with it that Sancho dropped helpless to the ground.
  30. Deneb walked stealing covert looks at Cleo now and then under the star lit sky, fancying a morning walk with her, their hands entwined and her head on his shoulders, Cleo snuggling to him for warmth.
  31. Such statesmen, and such statesmen only, are capable of fancying that they will find some advantage in employing the blood and treasure of their fellow-citizens, to found and maintain such an empire.
  32. She looked and looked, longing to know which might be least valuable; and was determined in her choice at last, by fancying there was one necklace more frequently placed before her eyes than the rest.
  33. Fauchelevent arrived with Cosette, the porter had not been able to refrain from communicating to his wife this aside: I don't know why it is, but I can't help fancying that I've seen that face before.
  34. Don Quixote pursued his journey in the high spirits, satisfaction, and self-complacency already described, fancying himself the most valorous knight-errant of the age in the world because of his late victory.
  35. Deneb walked stealing covert looks at Cleo now and then under the star lit sky, fancying a morning walk with her, their hands entwined and her head on his shoulders, Cleo snuggling to him for warmth in the future.
  36. Charles sank back into his arm-chair overwhelmed, trying to discover what could be wrong with her, fancying some nervous illness, weeping, and vaguely feeling something fatal and incomprehensible whirling round him.
  37. I write "I suppose," though I know for a fact that I have made it up, but yet I keep fancying that it must have happened somewhere at some time, that it must have happened on Christmas Eve in some great town in a time of terrible frost.
  38. The manner in which Miss Steele had spoken of Edward, increased her curiosity; for it struck her as being rather ill-natured, and suggested the suspicion of that lady's knowing, or fancying herself to know something to his disadvantage.
  39. The manner in which Miss Steele had spoken of Edward, increased her curiosity; for it struck her as being rather ill-natured, and suggested the suspicion of that lady’s knowing, or fancying herself to know something to his disadvantage.
  40. Cosette, although this is a strange statement to make, in the profound ignorance of a girl brought up in a convent,—maternity being also absolutely unintelligible to virginity,—had ended by fancying that she had had as little mother as possible.
  41. In their very last conversation, Miss Crawford, in spite of some amiable sensations, and much personal kindness, had still been Miss Crawford; still shewn a mind led astray and bewildered, and without any suspicion of being so; darkened, yet fancying itself light.
  42. And though frequently, when she looked in to bid me good-night, I remarked a fresh colour in her cheeks and a pinkness over her slender fingers; instead of fancying the hue borrowed from a cold ride across the moors, I laid it to the charge of a hot fire in the library.
  43. And though frequently, when she looked in to bid me good-night, I remarked a fresh colour in her cheeks and a pinkness over her slender fingers, instead of fancying the line borrowed from a cold ride across the moors, I laid it to the charge of a hot fire in the library.
  44. Erkel evidently wanted to speak of something of importance in the last moments, though possibly he did not himself know exactly of what, but he could not bring himself to begin! He kept fancying that Pyotr Stepanovitch seemed anxious to get rid of him and was impatient for the last bell.
  45. Katerina Ivanovna, however, put off expressing her feelings for the time and contented herself with treating her coldly, though she decided inwardly that she would certainly have to put Amalia Ivanovna down and set her in her proper place, for goodness only knew what she was fancying herself.
  46. She feared she had been doing wrong: saying too much, overacting the caution which she had been fancying necessary; in guarding against one evil, laying herself open to another; and to have Miss Crawford's liveliness repeated to her at such a moment, and on such a subject, was a bitter aggravation.
  47. The viceroy, fancying it must be some fresh adventure got up by Don Antonio Moreno or some other gentleman of the city, hurried out at once to the beach accompanied by Don Antonio and several other gentlemen, just as Don Quixote was wheeling Rocinante round in order to take up the necessary distance.
  48. Then she let her head fall back, fancying she heard in space the music of seraphic harps, and perceived in an azure sky, on a golden throne in the midst of saints holding green palms, God the Father, resplendent with majesty, who with a sign sent to earth angels with wings of fire to carry her away in their arms.
  49. Second: To the native Indian of Peru, the continual sight of the snowhowdahed Andes conveys naught of dread, except, perhaps, in the mere fancying of the eternal frosted desolateness reigning at such vast altitudes, and the natural conceit of what a fearfulness it would be to lose oneself in such inhuman solitudes.
  50. As he fell he commended himself with all his heart to God, fancying he was not going to stop until he reached the depths of the bottomless pit; but it did not turn out so, for at little more than thrice a man's height Dapple touched bottom, and he found himself sitting on him without having received any hurt or damage whatever.
  51. As I contemplated his slightly rounded back and the soles of his feet (which somehow seemed to stick out in my direction in a sort of repentant fashion whenever he made his obeisances), I felt that I liked him more than ever, and debated within myself whether or not I should tell him all I had been fancying concerning our respective sisters.
  52. Well, then, do not be angry with them; for are they not as good as a play, trying their hand at paltry reforms such as I was describing; they are always fancying that by legislation they will make an end of frauds in contracts, and the other rascalities which I was mentioning, not knowing that they are in reality cutting off the heads of a hydra?
  53. Rochester, to witness their repeated failure—herself unconscious that they did fail; vainly fancying that each shaft launched hit the mark, and infatuatedly pluming herself on success, when her pride and self-complacency repelled further and further what she wished to allure—to witness this, was to be at once under ceaseless excitation and ruthless restraint.
  54. He was extremely pleased with his brother, he looked at him with respect and pride, fancying him his hero; but in some ways, so far as judgments on worldly culture, ability to talk French, behavior in the society of distinguished people, dancing, and so on, he was somewhat ashamed of him, looked down on him, and even cherished a hope of improving him if such a thing were possible.
  55. Why have I made up such a story, so out of keeping with an ordinary diary, and a writer's above all? And I promised two stories dealing with real events! But that is just it, I keep fancying that all this may have happened really—that is, what took place in the cellar and on the woodstack; but as for Christ's Christmas tree, I cannot tell you whether that could have happened or not.
  56. Madame Homais was very fond of these small, heavy turban-shaped loaves, that are eaten in Lent with salt butter; a last vestige of Gothic food that goes back, perhaps, to the time of the Crusades, and with which the robust Normans gorged themselves of yore, fancying they saw on the table, in the light of the yellow torches, between tankards of hippocras and huge boars' heads, the heads of Saracens to be devoured.
  57. Don Quixote, who was not used to dismount without having the stirrup held, fancying that Sancho had by this time come to hold it for him, threw himself off with a lurch and brought Rocinante's saddle after him, which was no doubt badly girthed, and saddle and he both came to the ground; not without discomfiture to him and abundant curses muttered between his teeth against the unlucky Sancho, who had his foot still in the shackles.
  58. The curate was holding Don Quixote's hands, who, fancying he had now ended the adventure and was in the presence of the Princess Micomicona, knelt before the curate and said, Exalted and beauteous lady, your highness may live from this day forth fearless of any harm this base being could do you; and I too from this day forth am released from the promise I gave you, since by the help of God on high and by the favour of her by whom I live and breathe, I have fulfilled it so successfully.
  59. If he was persuaded that this was true, and that his lady had wronged him, it is no wonder that he should have gone mad; but I, how am I to imitate him in his madness, unless I can imitate him in the cause of it? For my Dulcinea, I will venture to swear, never saw a Moor in her life, as he is, in his proper costume, and she is this day as the mother that bore her, and I should plainly be doing her a wrong if, fancying anything else, I were to go mad with the same kind of madness as Roland the Furious.
  60. Yes, indeed, I replied, and equally incompatible with the management of a house, an army, or an office of state; and, what is most important of all, irreconcileable with any kind of study or thought or self-reflection--there is a constant suspicion that headache and giddiness are to be ascribed to philosophy, and hence all practising or making trial of virtue in the higher sense is absolutely stopped; for a man is always fancying that he is being made ill, and is in constant anxiety about the state of his body.
  61. I say awakened, because time and London, business and dissipation, had in some measure quieted it, and I had been growing a fine hardened villain, fancying myself indifferent to her, and choosing to fancy that she too must have become indifferent to me; talking to myself of our past attachment as a mere idle, trifling business, shrugging up my shoulders in proof of its being so, and silencing every reproach, overcoming every scruple, by secretly saying now and then, 'I shall be heartily glad to hear she is well married.
  62. I say awakened, because time and London, business and dissipation, had in some measure quieted it, and I had been growing a fine hardened villain, fancying myself indifferent to her, and chusing to fancy that she too must have become indifferent to me; talking to myself of our past attachment as a mere idle, trifling business, shrugging up my shoulders in proof of its being so, and silencing every reproach, overcoming every scruple, by secretly saying now and then, ‘I shall be heartily glad to hear she is well married.
  63. Yes, I said; and there is another thing which is likely, or rather a necessary inference from what has preceded, that neither the uneducated and uninformed of the truth, nor yet those who never make an end of their education, will be able ministers of State; not the former, because they have no single aim of duty which is the rule of all their actions, private as well as public; nor the latter, because they will not act at all except upon compulsion, fancying that they are already dwelling apart in the islands of the blest.
  64. Don Quixote, fancying that his foe was coming down upon him flying, drove his spurs vigorously into Rocinante's lean flanks and made him scud along in such style that the history tells us that on this occasion only was he known to make something like running, for on all others it was a simple trot with him; and with this unparalleled fury he bore down where he of the Mirrors stood digging his spurs into his horse up to buttons, without being able to make him stir a finger's length from the spot where he had come to a standstill in his course.
  65. She started no difficulties that were not talked down in five minutes by her eldest nephew and niece, who were all-powerful with her; and as the whole arrangement was to bring very little expense to anybody, and none at all to herself, as she foresaw in it all the comforts of hurry, bustle, and importance, and derived the immediate advantage of fancying herself obliged to leave her own house, where she had been living a month at her own cost, and take up her abode in theirs, that every hour might be spent in their service, she was, in fact, exceedingly delighted with the project.
  1. So at least Ivan fancied.
  2. He reckoned he fancied her.
  3. I fancied they were coming up.
  4. He even fancied that he smiled.
  5. Jane fancied the pants off him.
  6. There was a time when I fancied.
  7. He fancied himself in a hen-roost.
  8. He fancied that Charlize Theron.
  9. He fancied that now his relations.
  10. Numerous soldiers have fancied they.
  11. True he fancied her like crazy, but.
  12. I rather fancied myself Orpheus, then.
  13. Misrepresentation fancied its own tail.
  14. I fancied that hv did not quite trust me.
  15. He must have fancied it when he came to.
  16. It was a crummy line, but I fancied you.
  17. Excuse me, I fancied so from your inquiry.
  18. I could have fancied it had been withdrawn.
  19. Almost Frodo fancied that he could hear a.
  20. I fancied I saw that yellow head of his.
  21. I fancied something of the sort yesterday.
  22. Golyadkin fancied, looked stern and anxious.
  23. Still, the woman he fancied was now with him.
  24. Some did it for nothing if they fancied you.
  25. He fancied himself as a real old time cowboy.
  26. Yer know, Peter boy, I've always fancied 'er.
  27. There was someone on the course who fancied me.
  28. And he fancied that if he were in fact a leaf.
  29. Did he assume that, simply because he fancied.
  30. They only succeed in attaining to the fancied.
  31. I fancied then that you were not quite yourself.
  32. Sometimes he fancied he had been lying there a.
  33. Thus I felt safe enough and fancied our chances.
  34. I fancied it could not be very prejudicial to Mrs.
  35. Alyosha fancied that he too had tears in his eyes.
  36. He often fancied himself a thrifty thinker of sorts.
  37. Raskolnikov fancied that the head clerk treated him.
  38. But perhaps this would not be as easy as he fancied.
  39. What about blonde? I always fancied being a blonde.
  40. He immediately fancied he heard something move inside.
  41. It was damp, and she fancied that it was a blood stain.
  42. But it was not only that I fancied it, it really was so.
  43. Gillenormand fancied that he detected a faint frown on.
  44. But she fancied me asleep while she was talking of it.
  45. Lenehan, very sad about a racer he fancied and Stephen D.
  46. By the same token I fancied him a more dangerous opponent.
  47. Don't you hear often? I fancied Jo would send you volumes.
  48. She fancied that in the mazurka everything must be decided.
  49. So you fancied a swim in the China Sea one morning, did.
  50. But, as he turned away, he fancied that he had seen something.
  51. I fancied there was a trace of sarcasm or jealousy in his tone.
  52. As she advanced she fancied she heard a voice speaking her name.
  53. And often in their criticisms he fancied that he had found this.
  54. No fancied benefit can compensate for the evil of such examples.
  55. I remained passive, unengaged, picking and choosing as I fancied.
  56. She sped on toward the landing, though I fancied she had seen us.
  57. I even fancied that I heard the expiring sighs of those who, like.
  58. The host fancied he called him Castellan because he took him for a.
  59. Despite Placid being the larger man, Caramarin fancied his chances.
  60. He fancied he heard the sound of a piece of furniture being removed.
  61. She was not worse, but different from what she had fancied her before.
  62. I always fancied that there had been a moment when he really loved me.
  63. Gareth wanted one who fancied him but was prepared to pay if he had to.
  64. Deirdre knows the landlord and I fancied me chances of gettin' afters.
  65. Sometimes in the silence of that barren country they fancied that they.
  66. The platform began to sway, and she fancied she was in the train again.
  67. He hadn't read it, but he fancied he had heard of it as a morbid story.
  68. And how should they have suspected it, they who fancied that Louis XVII.
  69. He fancied he saw a column of smoke rising out of the distant grey haze.
  70. It was an extraordinary land that she had long fancied visiting one day.
  71. He said Quick fancied some bird who was supposed to be a High Priestess.
  72. He didn't see it, but fancied he had seen it, and there's no shaking him.
  73. For a Moment, I almost fancied I was a Man and susceptible to her Charms.
  74. Angie tried to divert our attention by asking what we all fancied to eat.
  75. At that moment she fancied she could hear the breathing of persons within.
  76. At the outset Arjun is deeply agitated at the fancied prospect of loss of.
  77. I fancied I could see her—now here, now there, alive, happy, and smiling.
  78. I don't know why, but I had fancied she would flush when I spoke of Vassin.
  79. This chap obviously fancied your wife and was trying to make a move on her.
  80. One day I found a bathroom cabinet with a mirror door, which I quite fancied.
  81. He fancied it tough, sent away his plate, and has been suffering ever since.
  82. Wasn't it guarded, Gollum? ' As he said this, he caught or fancied he caught.
  83. Levin felt so resolute and serene that no answer, he fancied, could affect him.
  84. He could hardly be going out with my sister and tell me he fancied my granny.
  85. I fancied continually that I saw the figure of the Corsican between the branches.
  86. And he fancied that her eyes looked with strange fury at him from under the veil.
  87. In answer, let gentlemen beware how they yield to this fancied plea of necessity.
  88. I’d always suspected that Len fancied Nicky because of the way he stares at her.
  89. There was no answer, but I fancied I heard her footsteps, lower down on the stairs.
  90. At twenty-four I was already over the hill! The men I fancied no longer fancied me.
  91. The maid begged her pardon for coming in, saying that she had fancied the bell rang.
  92. He fancied that her mouth was unnaturally compressed in order to keep back the tears.
  93. Raskolnikoff fancied there was a gleam of mockery in her look as if she guessed all.
  94. He fancied that all was a dream, that the whole business was a piece of enchantment.
  95. There’s a little of Daddy’s cash left and I’ve always fancied a spell at the.
  96. He started when he saw Renee, for he fancied she was again about to plead for Dantes.
  97. Pyotr Stepanovitch even fancied that he exchanged significant glances with his chief.
  98. They fancied him the mouthpiece of Heaven's messages of wisdom, and rebuke, and love.
  99. There was a moment's silence, during which one could have fancied the hall empty, so.
  100. Just as Misery was about to commence he fancied he heard someone whispering somewhere.
  1. Hell is paved with such fancies.
  2. My cousin fancies you are an idiot.
  3. The fair, fond fancies dear to youth.
  4. And she appeared to have odd fancies.
  5. Her fancies were sometimes very strange.
  6. Painted with fancies of malignant power!.
  7. At heart she fancies youth and beauty too.
  8. He fancies he possesses an immense treasure.
  9. That's all nonsense, and one of your fancies.
  10. Upon my word! She fancies you can do anything.
  11. This barrier itself evoked gloomy fancies in the mind.
  12. He so sits at the front because he fancies that girl.
  13. I know, I responded carelessly, he fancies me.
  14. Nigel Choate fancies himself a ladies man, he said.
  15. According to the Unseelie King, it fancies itself a god.
  16. Well he's told me and some others that he fancies you.
  17. By the way she talked, I was sure she had the fancies for me.
  18. But such fancies receive no sanction from the Mosaic writings.
  19. These are mere chimeras, idle fancies that flit across my brain!.
  20. In a maze of wild fancies I heard the street door close behind him.
  21. One fancies he hears a mole crying, "I pity them with their sun!".
  22. Though Julia fancies she prefers tragedy, I would not trust her in it.
  23. But my mother was book-learned, sir, and town-bred, and had her fancies.
  24. Fancies himself a philosopher, due to the fact that he can quote Socrates.
  25. I walk by the rule of my Master; you walk by the rude working of your fancies.
  26. I just sharpen my sword, fill my pipe and gulp down what Mott fancies each time.
  27. They’re for the innkeeper- he fancies himself a writer and I’m his clerk.
  28. Carmen shouted the gang, Who fancies a farewell drink with Santos tonight?
  29. Thinking this to be another of her harmless fancies, I did not make a fuss about it.
  30. Separated lovers cheat absence by a thousand fancies which have their own reality.
  31. In the midst of these whimsical fancies she heard a new strange sound among the leaves.
  32. He can't be looking for food up here, not unless there's some kind of rock he fancies.
  33. Yes, and my poor grandmother fancies that her husband, whom she never left, has called.
  34. Domestic mediocrity drove her to lewd fancies, marriage tenderness to adulterous desires.
  35. Awful fancies would flush up into my happiness, turning it all into hatred for your past.
  36. This was one of his favourite fancies, his favourite whim, with which we were all familiar.
  37. He did not care to hear of her difficulties; his head was full of fancies and nothing else.
  38. In old times, there seem to have prevailed the most curious fancies concerning these blinds.
  39. He fancies a cold pint but doesn’t want to wait for a suitable break in the crowd at the bar.
  40. I seemed to become more wakeful, and myriads of horrible fancies began to crowd in upon my mind.
  41. With the destruction of all her fancies, the only thing left in her mind was Andrey Antonovitch.
  42. I find it hard enough to tackle facts, Holmes, without flying away after theories and fancies.
  43. But I swear that ’tis not so! Rather, as my Womb fill’d, my Head teem’d as well with Fancies.
  44. Isobel warn’d me not to go—tho’ the new and mellow Lancelot was e’er indulgent with my Fancies.
  45. Wedding reception venues are many and the whims and fancies of most every bride to be can be catered to.
  46. The word ‘appeared’ here means that they were shown to him to be mere fancies with no material quality.
  47. These monomaniacs will make a mountain out of a mole-hill … and see their fancies as solid realities….
  48. Now do not make yourself uneasy with any queer fancies because he has been spending a few days at Richmond.
  49. The mind is fickle and flighty, it flies after fancies wherever it likes: it is difficult indeed to restrain.
  50. Paul's address, which were mere "words and names" and raving fancies to his companion in the place of hearing.
  51. Who else is there? Oh yes, I expect you’ll meet Harvey Wadsworth … he’s a nuisance, fancies himself a bit.
  52. The next, `The theory of the book is bad, full of morbid fancies, spiritualistic ideas, and unnatural characters.
  53. Having catered to Sneha’s whims on Ocean Organics, Gautam began to address his fancies about Global Facilitators.
  54. These waft us back along a vista of years, peopled with scenes the most entrancing, and fancies the most pleasing.
  55. Nature, bristling and wild, takes alarm at certain approaches in which she fancies that she feels the supernatural.
  56. With the thunderbolts in his hands Jove is serene ; are his thunders often heard ? The fool fancies that he is asleep.
  57. One of her favorite fancies was that on "the outside," as she called it, thoughts were waiting for people to call them.
  58. Common reputation grows out of words rather than actions, and Felix suffered the just penalty of his sceptical fancies.
  59. These fancies to stray are most dangerous, and if the child were to remain out another night, it would probably be fatal.
  60. Who wears out last season's shoe when you heed the call of new and improved? Where rusts the slums of our passing fancies?
  61. I should think he fancies recounting his tales of seduction and love he encountered with other women while on his missions.
  62. But, dear Fanny, you must allow that you were not so absolutely unprepared to have the question asked as your cousin fancies.
  63. And she kisses and hugs me, comforts me, and you know she has such faith, such faith in her fancies! One can't contradict her.
  64. Many a Sunday-school teacher comes home on Sunday night with a heavy heart, and fancies that his or her labour is all in vain.
  65. And she kisses and hugs me, comforts me, and you know she has such faith, such faith in her fancies! One can’t contradict her.
  66. For, oft’ ’twas a Swain’s Desire to enjoy his Trollop in some curious Disguise which conjur’d voluptuous Fancies in his Brain.
  67. Then the devil can spiritually appear to people, allowing them to imagine such fancies (which are spiritual and not physical in nature).
  68. I rely much on external impressions; perhaps, with regard to you, they are immaterial, but I should be no artist if I had not some fancies.
  69. Of course, when he met you he vowed to me that he had never really loved before—that the previous affairs had been merely boyish fancies.
  70. I knew that an adult who likes sex with youths is called a pederast, but there was no word I could find for a youth who fancies sex with men.
  71. Here we are and here we shall have to stay, unless any one fancies tramping the long open miles back to the river with Smaug on the watch!.
  72. It must have been delirium; she fancies, too, that she saw a phantom enter her chamber and even heard the noise it made on touching her glass.
  73. He may travel from morning until night, and make good speed, but on looking around him, he fancies himself at the very spot whence he started.
  74. The whole truth is that false visions created by the magicians were shown to him, and he saw them to be mere fancies without physical reality.
  75. Clothing and lodging, household furniture, and what is called equipage, are the principal objects of the greater part of those wants and fancies.
  76. Indeed, her brain was only the seat of vague ideas, and confused forms, mingled with strange fancies, alone presented themselves before her eyes.
  77. I tell you, sir, life's a very easy business for Pyotr Stepanovitch, for he fancies a man to be this and that, and goes on as though he really was.
  78. He tried to hold in his mind that his friends were not far off and that he would see them again in thoughts broke up into the dismal fancies of anxiety.
  79. I discarded the wilder fancies, settling instead on asking for the small and the mundane, settling on things that might make me just a little more human.
  80. The audacity of youth reckons upon what it fancies an unlimited time at its disposal; but a millionaire has unlimited means in his hand—which is better.
  81. It was difficult to understand why these rumours, or rather fancies, persisted so obstinately, and why Yulia Mihailovna was so positively connected with it.
  82. As usual she had whispered--it was another of her fancies that she had lost her voice--and when he bent down he found that she was whispering the word _stuck_.
  83. They see fancies, and they think that they are seeing with their eyes, but what they are really seeing is a spiritual vision that is reflected onto their eyes.
  84. In such delicious fancies time quickly glides by, and the welcome hour arrives for her entrance into the Elysian world, of which she has had such bright dreams.
  85. The other half, therefore, or at least the greater part of them, can be employed in providing other things, or in satisfying the other wants and fancies of mankind.
  86. All vain, habitual thoughts, wild fancies, wrong feelings, cares, worries, anxieties, confused ideas, and all kinds of imaginary fears must be done away with in toto.
  87. Just a moment are you saying there is something wrong with any girl who fancies me because if you are you would have to include Mabel Smith in that statement?
  88. If you will permit me, Colonel, I will leave my friend Watson and you, and I will step round with the Inspector to test the truth of one or two little fancies of mine.
  89. You have some touches of the angel in you beyond what—not merely beyond what one sees, because one never sees anything like it—but beyond what one fancies might be.
  90. Too soon are the buoyant fancies of youth succeeded by the feverish anxieties of age, happy innocence by the consciousness of evil, confidence by doubt, faith by despair.
  91. Invisible and subtle is the mind, and it flies after fancies wherever it likes; but let the wise man guard well his mind, for a mind well guarded is a source of great joy.
  92. Confronted by this mixture of changing facts and fluctuating human fancies, the securities analyst is clearly incapable of passing judgment on common-stock prices generally.
  93. Well, all this was precisely what had just come to pass; all that accumulation of impossibilities was a fact, and God had permitted these wild fancies to become real things!.
  94. He also has an eye for the ladies, and although he is not married and is free to pursue any woman he fancies, I find it all somehow distasteful and I cannot quite explain why.
  95. You want to pull them down and erect new fabrics in their place, fabrics so frothy and unreal that they are hardly more than fancies and would have to be built up afresh every day.
  96. After a fatiguing day spent in continual fancies, in joyful day‐dreams and tears, Pulcheria Alexandrovna was taken ill in the night and by morning she was feverish and delirious.
  97. Ever since I had discovered Erik installed in the Opera, I lived in a perpetual terror of his horrible fancies, not in so far as I was concerned, but I dreaded everything for others.
  98. But, somehow, a sense of fear and of sadness crept into her mood, and it was humiliating to feel that an absurd tale should disturb her beloved fancies, and should agitate her so deeply.
  99. I have often wondered what manner of men and women they were who gave shape to these bright dreams and lovely fancies, and out of what gold mine of thought and imagination they dug them.
  100. But the idea that he, L’russe Besuhof, was destined to set a limit to the power of the Beast was as yet only one of the fancies that often passed through his mind and left no trace behind.

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