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Partiality in una frase (in inglese)

Speaker, by your partiality than by any merit of mine.
A bias is simply a partiality I hold toward some expected outcome.
The trouble about him was his partiality for playing a lone hand.
Glance at that couch, and say without any partiality whether you think.
Now I shall attend to the charge of partiality in our measures towards France.
Pierre had but to show a partiality for anything to get just what he liked done always.
Instead, she had to put up with the blatant partiality showed by her man towards her rival.

As for where it says, How long will you judge unjustly, and show partiality to the wicked?
She could not consider her partiality for Edward in so prosperous a state as Marianne had believed it.
For he who does wrong will receive the consequences of the wrong which he has done, and that without partiality.
It was enough for her that he appeared to be amiable, that he loved her daughter, and that Elinor returned the partiality.
If I have any feeling of partiality for either of the great belligerents, it is for the country, and the people of Great Britain.
The mother's eyes are not always deceived in their partiality: she at least can best judge who is the tender, filial-hearted child.
Such indeed was my mother's extravagant partiality, that, in comparison with her affection for him, she might be said not to love the rest of.
If I am not deceived by the uncertainty, the partiality of tender recollection, there is a very strong resemblance between them, as well in mind as person.
In making such purchases, partiality should evidently be shown to those companies in which most of the senior capital is in the form of preferred stock rather than bonds.
Colonel Brandon’s partiality for Marianne, which had so early been discovered by his friends, now first became perceptible to Elinor, when it ceased to be noticed by them.
Favoritism in the family or in the work place creates hostility and antagonism since there is preferential treatments or partiality bestowed to a special individual or group.
Let them make manifest by their conversation the government of their tongues; let them show love not according to partiality but equally to all that fear the Lord in holiness.
And now, when Wolf, though with great caution, showed undoubted partiality, Selenin became excited and expressed his opinion with more nervousness than an ordinary case would justify.
This will not contribute to your higher-quality refocusings but will only drag you for a long time into the swamp of delusions, reprehensions, preconceptions, partiality, and deception.
I bemoaned that, as I gazed on the feeble orphan; and I mentally abused old Linton for (what was only natural partiality) the securing his estate to his own daughter, instead of his son's.
I bemoaned that, as I gazed on the feeble orphan; and I mentally abused old Linton for (what was only natural partiality) the securing his estate to his own daughter, instead of his son’s.
Issues failing to meet these minimum requirements should be automatically disqualified as straight investments, regardless of high yield, attractive prospects, or other grounds for partiality.
And from what I heard, Joseph contributed much to his deterioration, by a narrow-minded partiality which prompted him to flatter and pet him, as a boy, because he was the head of the old family.
Issues failing to meet these minimum requirements should be automatically disqualified as straight investments, regardless of high yield, attractive prospects, or other grounds for partiality….
Norris had no affection for Fanny, and no wish of procuring her pleasure at any time; but her opposition to Edmund now, arose more from partiality for her own scheme, because it was her own, than from anything else.
There are moments when the extent of it seems doubtful; and till his sentiments are fully known, you cannot wonder at my wishing to avoid any encouragement of my own partiality, by believing or calling it more than it is.
Mr Jefferson had never been suspected of partiality for Great Britain, and then, indeed, the accepted time had come for a war with that Government; all parties were united, and pledged themselves to support him in the war.
In return, she flashed him a glance letting him know she had not forgotten his partiality for canvasbacks, and after that the rest of the dinner was a telegraphic communication between the pair of recognized intimacies of their married life.
This phenomenon seems explicable chiefly by the persistence of a strong enthusiasm and partiality exhibited by the market toward shares of book-publishing companies, several of which had been introduced to public trading in the later 1960s.
Whether improvements shall be made interesting to this, that, or the other section of the nation, will be left to chance; when made, the monopolies will be equal in their duration, and all will be equally exempt from partiality or oppression.
Their attention and wit were drawn off to his more fortunate rival; and the raillery which the other had incurred before any partiality arose, was removed when his feelings began really to call for the ridicule so justly annexed to sensibility.
The speech of the gentleman from New York, however well he may have covered it under mildness of manner and a fine-spun argument, is designed to convey to the people an idea, that the Executive has manifested partiality towards France in the late arrangement.
Add to that more teachers in the journalism schools who are dedicated to accurate newsgathering and reporting as opposed to the present drive to disseminate a collectivist prejudice that emphasizes, endorses, and promulgates the information that coincides with their partiality.
Your mother confirms this, and agrees with others in thinking that he loved you the more because you were a sickly child, stammering in your speech, and almost deformed—for it is known that all his life Nicolai Andreevitch had a partiality for unfortunates of every kind, especially children.
It has given much satisfaction to the Federal party here, because it promises an exemption from the evil most feared, (a war with England,) and justifies their partiality towards Great Britain, which they maintain was founded upon a full conviction of her justice, and sincere disposition to preserve peace.
It is a living addition to the power of the General Government, in preference to the power of the States; partiality for the Executive power, in distinction to that of the co-ordinate Departments of the Government; the support of great military and naval force, and of an "energetic" administration of the Government.
He may, perhaps, have been hurried by the torrent of popular prejudices into the belief that his disaster proceeded from the partiality of Becket towards the penitent Henry; and he might imagine that if equal honors were done in Scotland to the new saint as in England he might, on future occasions, observe a neutrality.
If we were to be governed by reference to expressions which existed in that country of our partiality to France, it did appear to him that this speech was entitled to weight, because it justified the course proposed by the bill, and stated a position which the British Government admitted was all that could be required from a neutral State.

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