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Fox en una oración (en ingles)

  1. He knew about the fox.
  2. The Fox and the Forest.
  3. Fox on January 8, 2008.
  4. And now a Fox news alert.
  5. The fox looked back at.

  6. Of you and the Fox still.
  7. Today, he was just a Fox.
  8. He must be an island fox.
  9. She truly was a fox.
  10. Fox was unhappy about it.
  11. Fox turned back to Silas.
  12. The fox didn’t run away.
  13. I play cards with the Fox.
  14. Saying hello to the fox.
  15. The Fox laughed, and said:.

  16. Fox, do not hunt their food.
  17. Fox seemed not to have heard.
  18. In came Samantha and Red Fox.
  19. Of course, said the fox.
  20. The Fox caught it and said:.
  21. He scanned the Fox Den floor.
  22. The fox was the last one to.
  23. How much is the fox worth? 2.
  24. Fox New England Theaters, Inc.
  25. I meant the blood of the fox.

  26. What about you, mister Fox?
  27. He is a sly fox, you'll agree.
  28. Mr Fox still hid in the bushes.
  29. So it’s true! said Fox.
  30. Fox, he's hired on mercenaries.
  31. I'm sorry the fox got him, sir.
  32. But no one has invited the fox.
  33. Talk about putting the fox in.
  34. The Fox Five morning News was on.
  35. He is in love with you, our Fox.
  36. He had the look of a fox to him.
  37. Not at all, replied the fox.
  38. What happened to the fox?
  39. Most Arctic Fox wear a white coat.
  40. Look for the Arctic Fox or moose.
  41. Berlin: The Hedgehog and the Fox.
  42. When I’m done with Fox —.
  43. Along comes a fox, out on a walk.
  44. I have to go back, Fox, I have to.
  45. He remembered what Fox had said:.
  46. They'd lost the fox, Fred was sure.
  47. Poppa Bear hit Fox across the face.
  48. Fox to be the cause of this order.
  49. Saul was as slick as a red-ass fox.
  50. LIEUTENANT: That's good, mister Fox.
  51. Kevin fixed his gaze on the red fox.
  52. Now Mr Fox wanted to hurt Mr Rabbit.
  53. A Man caught a Fox, and asked her:.
  54. The fox showed the same indecision.
  55. She glanced at the inquisitive Fox.
  56. Fox that we appreciate you heroism.
  57. Fox just can't get away with —.
  58. This is Kate with Keller and Fox.
  59. You see, Fox, Medraut told me.
  60. LP drove into Fox Glacier's car park.
  61. Kain said to Kevin, Catch the fox.
  62. I don’t want this, Fox, I don’t.
  63. The Swift fox was primarily a non-.
  64. But the father fox was also wounded.
  65. He laid it just in reach of the fox.
  66. It’ll be that fox, he gasped.
  67. We The Fox - Arlene Radasky – www.
  68. Fox, you are the best warrior I have.
  69. I think I saw a man, petting the fox.
  70. All who rode in with the Fox today.
  71. In the chest the Fox is sitting on.
  72. However, the fox is the most distant.
  73. He also had reddish hair, like a fox.
  74. It was the alert Fox who saw it first.
  75. ALBERT: How old are they, mister Fox?
  76. The Fox dens remain empty to this day.
  77. So Red Fox and the others let her lead.
  78. She started out with a temp job at Fox.
  79. Quill asked Fox what he was looking at.
  80. Shut it, Tony, Fox said, snarling.
  81. Fox had had all the leverage he needed.
  82. Out of Glenridge Forest there came a fox.
  83. Again he said into the radio, Fox one.
  84. Hadn’t Fox been ready to eat Harvey?
  85. Over the hill a fox was barking sharply.
  86. Obviously Fox is saying something —.
  87. A stuffed fox or cat could fetch three.
  88. It was The Fox - Arlene Radasky – www.
  89. Fox barked a laugh, a high, yipping laugh.
  90. I see the Fox and his family are here.
  91. Fox coming here stirred up a lot in Silas.
  93. They were primarily used for fox hunting.
  94. But you’re a fox, he pointed out.
  95. There was a scream as Fox hit the opossum.
  96. Fox stopped walking, not saying anything.
  97. The fox chewed off the string of the yoyo.
  98. The ghost of a man that turned into a fox.
  99. Born and bred in a briar patch, Brer Fox.
  100. Fox hounds are put to use for 5 to 7 years.

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  1. They foxed me, however.
  2. The foxed neck of his tee-shirt.
  1. O kay! They're not foxes.
  3. Thar's plenty o' foxes in this area.
  4. I do not want to sleep with foxes.
  5. The foxes ran according to his plan;.
  6. For want of ten foxes, a lion starves.
  7. Broadway production of The Little Foxes.
  8. I cannot work if the foxes are not here.
  9. All are good for pigs, foxes and badgers.
  10. Foxes and deprive the common man of their.
  11. We can speak to the foxes and the bears.
  12. For both Foxes and Lions, the common man is.
  13. Foxes and friends go togather under immigration.
  14. Suitable for animals such as rabbits and foxes.
  15. I told you they’re more like terriers than foxes.
  16. Lovern, do not be concerned about your sacred foxes.
  17. Harailt said, I have heard your foxes are doing well.
  18. The Black Fox banished all other Foxes from the forest.
  19. Wolves, coyotes, foxes, and jackals have been killed in.
  20. Four words flashed through my mind: Foxes in the henhouse.
  21. One such book widely available is: Foxes Book of Martyrs.
  22. But this time these foxes are underestimating their enemy.
  23. Something about foxes in the henhouse comes to mind.
  24. He saw the blood and the hungry foxes and the torn rabbits.
  25. Ralph also went after foxes and the occasional, rare, wolf.
  26. Wolves, foxes, and coyotes, have been trapped and killed by.
  27. He feeds the crows, the foxes, the worms and the vultures.
  28. These bags just invite dogs and urban foxes and cats and rats.
  29. The point is that it is "the little foxes that spoil the vines".
  30. We are the foxes, and society—is a chicken-run guarded by dogs.
  31. We seemed two foxes trying to calibrate the ferocity of the other.
  32. They blame the foxes and would trap them, but you have forbidden it.
  33. Meat eaters, such as wild cats and foxes, produce long tapering ones.
  34. What is it about?"Rabbit: "Oh, I'm writing about how rabbits eat foxes.
  35. I better round up the chickens before the local foxes and coyotes make.
  36. I know Arimid is pleased as long as I continue to have my foxes around me.
  37. Hats, veils and dead foxes were missing, but everything else seemed the same.
  38. He knew that there were still some sentinels who had never been neglectful of foxes.
  39. Foxes and coyotes don’t climb trees, and everyone knows what a raccoon looks like.
  40. How easily do they creep in! Jesus stated, Catch me the little foxes, the ones that.
  41. They re-stocked a lot o' wildlife in this state an� a lot a foxes �n� wild turkey.
  42. Edwin usually liked foxes, but now he was a chicken, and had no reason to like foxes at all.
  43. Some people have the idea that rabbits spend a good deal of their time running away from foxes.
  44. On the ceiling were carved figures of dolphins, sea lions, whales, pelicans, gulls, and foxes.
  45. They are like wily old foxes and they’ll pull the wool over your eyes every chance they get.
  46. Over their heads the flying foxes swept in the moonlight with a dry rustling of leathery wings.
  47. Well, what about the foxes that'll need those mice to survive? For want of ten mice, a fox dies.
  48. Chicks are delicate and they can easily be attacked by violent predators, such as falcons and foxes.
  49. Next time, I will look for the badger and if it is there, I will leave the foxes a message not to stay.
  50. Foxes, stoats, weasels -- any of these might be encountered, and the only recourse would be flight above ground.
  51. A dying fox; there were foxes in Central Park, weren’t there? The wind moaning over a plastic bag caught in a tree.
  52. I'm sure it's bad country for stoats as well as foxes, and I hadn't much idea what we were going to do if we met one.
  53. From my perspective, there was nothing but a tree trunk with a sinkhole big enough for a few foxes to squeeze through.
  54. Then again, watching for trees and putting forks in your hair is probably a good thing as it keeps out the flying foxes.
  55. Suitable for medium-sized animals such as foxes, this trap can be located in an open area as the bait will attract attention.
  56. How could people laugh? How could foxes and blue-jays and engines behave as if nothing were going to happen on the morrow?
  57. When Si started saying something about the foxes turning into humans I thought it was probably time to return to the monastery.
  58. This was also true for foxes and bears that lived on the islands and whalers went after them when they had nothing better to do.
  59. If you want to get rid of the hares and foxes, you must consent to have wire-netting, which is odious, right round your garden.
  60. For example, cats, lions, tigers, pumas, panthers, leopards, lynxes, foxes, squirrels, martens, sables, minks, bears and many others.
  61. Do you remember the foxes we watched this spring? The father fox came out of the den after the kits were born and started hunting.
  62. The body had not moved as Lewis knew that the only large scavengers would be rats; as it is well known that foxes do not eat their own.
  63. Underhill had the terrible sense of watching a den of foxes suddenly startled and looking up from the white, hairy ruin of a dead rabbit.
  64. Now then, you foxes! said another, laughing at some militiamen who, stooping low, entered the battery to carry away the wounded man.
  65. However, there were a lot of foxes around them who played their emotional trump on them to earn some faith of theirs for personal benefits.
  66. The raid will have a fighter cover of four YF-83s from the FOXES and a close air support of eight A-3 fighter-bombers from the HELL RAISERS.
  67. Foxes caught in snares will fight to the death to escape and would be wounded around their paws in their struggle, but this one was unmarked.
  68. There were tigers and elephants and bears and wolves and foxes and all the others in the natural history, and for a moment Dorothy was afraid.
  69. Erlandr, suspicious of foxes by sheepherder's instinct, decided he wouldn't be part of any deception in a place he wanted to make his new home.
  70. But even when they are free range, chickens must have a coop to roost in during the night so they are protected from foxes and other predators.
  71. I wouldn’t need to roam the spring nights then, I wouldn’t need to live in birds and dogs and cats and foxes, I’d need only to be with him.
  72. Jean entered the tent, the light within cast by one large, square lantern standing atop the oak desk that was carved with foxes chasing plump chickens.
  73. Agatha has the long horse bones of a small English girl who will grow to hunt foxes: Father’s equine stare, snort, stomp, and assemblage of skeleton.
  74. What good are the bloody cavalry fucking set of bum boy’s the only things they are good for is chasing bloody foxes their useless for modern warfare.
  75. They also had white foxes which would usually cuddle next to Elijah and her while they would sit in the snow and look at some birds flying over their heads.
  76. Can you believe the truth about me in the face of the fact that, though the foxes have holes and the birds of heaven have nests, I have not where to lay my head?
  77. Justices Summers and Ponti had been the unofficial left wing of the Supreme Court, beloved by half the country and foxes in the henhouse, basically, to the other half.
  78. Yet this hadn’t corresponded to his fantasy, painstakingly built up in a small woodlot outside of his home town, with rabbits, foxes; and the occasional turkey vulture.
  79. While man’s little ancestors were searching trees for insects and fruit, the ancestor of horses was the size of modern foxes and elephants were smaller than modern cattle.
  80. The different types of wildlife that could grace your garden - depending of course on where you live - include bats, deer, badgers, foxes, mice, moles, rabbits, hedgehogs and toads.
  81. Great flying foxes slowly flapped across the face of the moon, like Eblis and his satellites scanning the earth for prey, and the pack of jackals sat silently waiting for the body of the dead.
  82. There were pirate parts lying everywhere—legs, tattooed arms, ears with earrings attached—and all beginning to attract scavengers: buzzards and crows, foxes and raccoons, ants and beetles.
  83. Good for animals such as rabbits and foxes, it will trap game coming in both directions and is ideally situated on the game trail by a natural bottleneck caused by a dead fall or a rocky outcrop.
  84. Elijah sneaked into the Land of Ice and ordered his bears, foxes and other animals living in the cold to attack those which were not members of his family, to bite their necks and hold them to the ground.
  85. She wore a snow-white knee-length skirt and white silk blouse with blue-embroidered foxes on the cuffs and hem, pale blue silk stockings, and knee-high white leather boots worked with gold vertical lines.
  86. We thus have selected for importation from the past specimens of buffalos, dears, moose, black and brown bears, wolves, foxes, hares, ducks, Canadian geese, pheasants and of seven other types of indigenous birds.
  87. Although Sir James was a sportsman, he had some other feelings towards women than towards grouse and foxes, and did not regard his future wife in the light of prey, valuable chiefly for the excitements of the chase.
  88. They had exhausted all other subjects, hounds, horses, foxes, beers as against the hard stuff, lunatic mother-in-laws out of the bin and into your lives, and now the chat had arrived back to women in the pure state: unavailable.
  89. All the lords and ladies were present in the Feast Hall which was over three hundred paces deep and half as wide with thirty-feet-high red brick walls and a cathedral ceiling worked with stained glass of wolves, foxes, lions, and dragons.
  90. Jesus said to him The foxes have holes and the birds of the heaven have nests; but the Son of man has not a place in which to lay his head; And he said to another Follow me; And he said to him My Lord suffer me first to go and bury my father.
  91. If it is a prisoner who finds the treasure, he forwards the note to its destination; if it is a keeper, or one of the prisoners secretly sold who are called sheep in prisons and foxes in the galleys, the note is taken to the office and handed over to the police.
  92. How carefully it had inquired, ‘Who goes there? What’s the password?’ and, getting no answer from lonely foxes and whining cats, it had shut up its windows and drawn shades in an old-maidenly preoccupation with self-protection which bordered on a mechanical paranoia.
  93. How carefully it had inquired, Who goes there? What’s the password? and, getting no answer from lonely foxes and whining cats, it had shut up its windows and drawn shades in an old-maidenly preoccupation with self-protection which bordered on a mechanical paranoia.
  94. But just think, Baldazar, Homer replied, what beautiful country is waiting for us to explore and what new creatures we’ll meet in the land of the midnight sun! I’ve heard there are strange beasts that live in Alaska, polar bears, moose, foxes, and mountain goats.
  95. All wolves, foxes, jackals and species of the cat genus, when kept tame, are most eager to attack poultry, sheep and pigs; and this tendency has been found incurable in dogs which have been brought home as puppies from countries such as Tierra del Fuego and Australia, where the savages do not keep these domestic animals.
  96. Sometimes, after staying in a village parlor till the family had all retired, I have returned to the woods, and, partly with a view to the next day's dinner, spent the hours of midnight fishing from a boat by moonlight, serenaded by owls and foxes, and hearing, from time to time, the creaking note of some unknown bird close at hand.
  97. Thus, sir, a feast is spread before us; but it is served up, however splendidly and abundantly, in shallow dishes; and, while the foxes of the Eastern and Middle States lap up the soup with great dexterity, the storks of the Mississippi, Mobile, and Altamaha, look on, perhaps with admiration, but certainly with no satisfaction whatever.
  98. So that during winter… there is no sentinel to warn the farmer of approaching raiders? Or robbers? Or hungry animals, or foxes or bears or wolves? Or predators?… Just at the time when they are the most starved for meat, and cannot find wild animals, so domesticated animals are attacked and killed and eaten? huh? Something stinks about this custom.
  99. Tante Oscar was wearing at least three sets of clothes, dresses over dresses, and at least four fancy worked scarves around her neck, and topped by a long maroon coat with golden fur along the collar, I think it was foxes, little foxes with heads and tails, I don't know, and she had a ring on every bony finger, and a long oval face, and jet black hair, and huge egg-shaped yellow eyes.
  100. The Falkland Islands, which are inhabited by a wolf-like fox, come nearest to an exception; but this group cannot be considered as oceanic, as it lies on a bank in connection with the mainland at a distance of about 280 miles; moreover, icebergs formerly brought boulders to its western shores, and they may have formerly transported foxes, as now frequently happens in the arctic regions.

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