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Frasi con frenetic (in inglese)

1. The frenetic mother rushed over and flung the.
2. After another minute of frenetic calls, he suddenly shouted.
3. Notice how the 30-day is much more frenetic than the 90-day volatility.
4. She could hear the din of the crowd; she could feel the frenetic energy.
5. Frowning as he moved off to pace with frenetic irritation, she began to read.
6. Predictably my head was swimming with frenetic thoughts; but then suddenly I got the.
7. The next six weeks were filled with frenetic activity as the fleet prepared to depart.

8. War’s frenetic pace forced aviation through a growth pattern like a hothouse tomato.
9. She shopped with her mother in midtown, battling the crowds but enjoying the frenetic energy.
10. A price decline is the market’s frenetic, short-term interpretation of the stock’s worth.
11. I heard their excited voices again and the frenetic metallic clicking of guns being reloaded.
12. In the Lammas Lord’s courtyard, he stood trembling as Gelahn stopped his frenetic pace at last.
13. I went to bed early but the frenetic activity of my brain subsided only with the use of a tranquilizer.
14. On her part, she was struck at once by the frenetic atmosphere in the building, which bordered on panic.
15. She supposed this disoriented feeling would pass once she got used to the chaos and frenetic pace of the city.
16. The noon hour traffic on Miami's South Beach was frenetic with luxury convertibles and materialistic individuals.
17. Was Thomas Pierce watching us and laughing? He could be the ice-cream man, or anyone else in this frenetic mob scene.
18. Lea continued with her painting but as the years went by, slowed down considerably from her original, frenetic pace.
19. I stood motionless, watching this frenetic activity, and then suddenly he was stalking towards the door, car keys in hand.
20. There was minimal interference from the leadership which ensured quick decision-making, so crucial in a frenetic election campaign.
21. Now, we were into another general election in the age of private television where dozens of news channels were in frenetic competition.
22. Clive House was the scene of frenetic activity from their reception of the announcement forward to the named date of the blessed union.
23. With the frenetic side to side serpentine motion of a ruptured air hose the fired up boar raked the bull‘s hind legs as the bucking animal tried to turn and gore his tormentor.
24. I slipped in with just my head above the frenetic surface, and powerful jets pounded me from all angles as I sat facing the front of the boat, a three-quarter moon over head in a clear, starlit sky.
25. While she was still very young, a strong, able man whose face she never saw took her by surprise, threw her down on the jetty, ripped her clothes off, and made instantaneous and frenetic love to her.
26. The room was absolutely jammed with frenetic, shadowy figures, many of whom were shouting into phone receivers which they managed to cradle, in a practiced defiance of gravity, between jaw and shoulder.
27. A frenetic city searching for an identity looked back at them as they alternately rumbled beside avenues of the wealthy in their bright Victorian enclaves, then through the crowded and filthy streets of broken buildings, poverty and desolation.
28. In 1958, during the frenetic excitement of Jack’s fledgling presidential campaign, Eunice approached her father about channeling more of the Kennedy Foundation’s resources into researching the causes of, and treatment for, intellectual disabilities.
29. We meandered here and there, two dazed souls in the midst of frenetic activity and the agitated, tense noise of luggage moved, families bidding farewell to loved ones, instructions shouted by officials, complaints and protests voiced, all in a vast variety of decibel counts.
30. However, in the midst of so many tender memories, he could not elude his recollection of a helpless little bird whose name he never knew and with whom he spent no more than half a frenetic night, but that had been enough to ruin the innocent rowdiness of Carnival for him for the rest of his life.
31. His own curiosity having been piqued by the frenetic intrusion that had given no detailed information about the accident that had occurred, Lowell tossed his hat on a vacant chair and followed loyally without reservation, though his long strides brought him directly to Feltus’s side as soon as they reached the corridor.

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